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High Availability Data Centers


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									With this backup service, providers can make a reliable backup without interrupting
the availability of the primary backup appliance. The very important characteristic of
HAP is support for replication of the primary backup appliance. This allows the user
to copy all incoming blocks and meta-information to the replication server.
In business world, high availability of data centers is a very important for everybody.
Hardware and systems availability increases the company’s productivity. Availability
of data is a large part of what keeps a company as one the leaders in the business. The
availability of a data center is only as good as the data center itself. These standards
ensure that a data center functions proper way and is easy available to its clients. Data
centers sometimes are facing the challenge of selecting. It is important to ensure that
these standards have been met when selecting a data center.
How to Evaluate High Availability- A data center interested in high availability of
systems will place a great deal of emphasis on operational processes. These service
assurance policies are expected, and lifecycle and maintenance strategies are
established and often reviewed. Before you will be choosing a data center for the
business you run, make sure that this data center has this service.
Standards for Physical Layout Because computers are sensitive to changes, physical
layout standards are an important part in every data center. The ideal physical
environment is a high priority for a lot of organizations. Backup power supplies have
to be available. This can be accomplished by a generator or by a power supply.
Effective fire protection systems are a must for all data centers Duplicate systems will
help to avoid single points of failure and a loss of data center availability. Air
conditioning needed to control the data center's ambient temperature. Raised flooring
generally is recommended for data centers. This allows air to circulate beneath the
equipment and assist in cooling. It also provides a space for cabling. Physical security
is also importance for data centers. The physical environment of a data center has a
direct impact on availability. The availability is dependent on the network's ability to
transmit information. That's why there are some standards. Cabling systems must be
flexible and capable of handling a wide range of technologies. Redundant cabling and
components reduce the risk of a loss of availability. Creating and maintaining simple
documentation ensures accurate knowledge transfer.
The Very Important Quality- Adhering to all these standards helps a data center to
increase its availability. Availability is very important quality to consider when
selecting a data center. Do not forget to ask about whether a data center adheres to
these industry standards. State-of-the-art data centers and offices strategically located
in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Quebec City. Offering Managed Hosting,
Application Services, Disaster Recovery and Professional Services.

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