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									Hemorrhoids /Piles/Hemroids/Hemoroids can cause make life very miserable and
distressful in those that are afflicted with the disease. Quite a number of times though,
most hemorrhoids do not cause any symptoms and are so mild that they heal
spontaneously without any treatment, but there are also more serious types of the
disease that will definitely require treatment. The best method of treatment for
hemorrhoids depends on the severity and the type of hemorrhoid the sufferer has.
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  One of the most fundamental ways of treating majority of hemroids is by making
certain lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes will involve a major change in diet
habits from eating highly processed fast foods to consumption of more nutritious fiber
rich foods that will help to overcome constipation and excessive straining during
defecation. There should also be a deliberate attempt to increase fluid consumption.
The Hemorrhoid sufferer will also have to make adjustments in his/her level of
activity and general sitting habits. Adoption of this lifestyle changes alone however
will not be able to cure the more serious cases of hemorrhoids. (Click here to learn
about a holistic means of treating hemorrhoids)
  The use of creams, ointments and suppositories can provide symptomatic relief for
severe pain irritation and discomfort. The disadvantage of these items however is that
they do not prevent the hemorrhoids from worsening nor do they give permanent cure.
These kinds of treatment options are at best used to achieve short term relief to the
symptoms of pain and itching that are associated with hemroids. Some people react to
the constituents of these creams and ointments so make sure you read the information
on the cover of the product to know the constituents of the agents to avoid
unnecessary allergic reactions, you should also endeavor to read the dosage
instructions and adhere strictly to the prescribed instructions. (For permanent healing
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  Moderate to severe hemorrhoids that require treatment can also be treated by the use
of minor surgery like banding and injections. Banding involves the use of rubber band
to tie blood vessels that supply blood to the hemroid swelling thus cutting off blood
supply. Injection makes use of chemical agent called a sclerosant which is injected
into the blood vessels of the hemroid swelling causing the blood vessels to dry up and
cut off blood supply to the swelling. In about a week after the use of either of these
procedures the swelling usually withers and fall. These forms of treatment though
useful for the treatment of mild to moderate hemorrhoids may not actually be very
effective in the treatment of more severe types of hemorrhoids where more extensive
surgery may be prescribed.
  More extensive major surgeries for hemorrhoids include the following options:
  - Hemorrhoidectomy - hemorrhoids are surgically cut off by the use of sutures or
  - Stapling 鈥?In this surgery hemorrhoids are pushed back into the rectum and are
stapled together thus occluding the blood vessels and reducing their supply of blood
into the hemorrhoid. This will eventually lead to the shrinking of the hemroids.
  - Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation 鈥?This operation involves the surgical tying of
the major arteries that supply blood to the hemorrhoids thus starving them of blood,
this leads to a gradual shrinking in size of the piles.
 Another form of treatment for hemorrhoids that works for all levels of severity of
plies is the use of Natural Home Treatment which has a natural mode of operation
making it the least toxic kind of treatment and it also attacks the root causes of
hemorrhoids thus giving a permanent cure. The use of natural treatments advocates
the use of simple herbs which are often very accessible at ridiculously cheap prices
and it also advocates adoption of healthier lifestyles which apart from helping to cure
hemorrhoids also help to improve the general well being of the hemorrhoid sufferer.
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