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					If you ever have the chance to visit a awesome Georgia attraction, you must visit
Brasstown Bald. Brasstown Bald is the highest elevation in the State of Georgia at
four thousand four hundrend and eighty foot. Brasstown bald is such a high elevation
that even on those scorching hot summer days in Georgia, the temperature rarely ever
rises above the low eighties.
  This attraction offers a three hundred and sixty degree view of the North Georgia
Mountains from its observation tower, which is accessible to visitors.
  There is a large museum at the top with mountain folk art, exhibits created to teach
about the history of the mountains. There are exhibit areas that focus on the history of
the Indians, as well as the development of, and the current conservation efforts of the
North Georgia Mountain regions.
  Just next to the museum is a nice small air-conditioned theatre with shows every
thirty minutes all about the North Georgia Mountains pin pointing the changes in the
mountains plant and animal life from season to season. The observation deck area
offers commercial binoculars on stands allowing visitors to view some amazing
scenery. And don't forget your camera gear. Brasstown Bald is a photographers dream,
and can be photographed several times throughout the year as season and scenery
changes offering new and more challenging photo opportunities.
  There are plenty of places where visitors can just sit and relax, including a few large
white country style rocking chairs where visitors can sit, relax, and take in the cool
mountain breeze while reading a book, or just enjoying the fantastic scenery.
  Brasstown Bald is an excellent Georgia destination for children of all ages. All the
exhibits are well designed in such a way as to bring wonder and discovery to maturing
minds. There are robotic lifelike characters that give educational lessons of what life
was like in the North Georgia Mountains many years ago, as well as lessons on what
future generations can do to keep this great natural wonder alive and well.
  Upon entering the parking area, there are two options for getting up to the
observation area. One option is to take the six tenths of a mile hike, which is not very
far, but is very steep. The incline of this hike makes it equivalent to a three-mile hike.
The other option is to take a small shuttle bus up to the observation deck. There is a
charge for the shuttle bus of three dollars roundtrip. There is also a three-dollar
parking fee.
  Brasstown Bald has a nice gift shop adjacent to the parking area, which offers a few
snacks, some books with mountain information, and various small gifts and mountain
souvenirs. Also adjacent to the parking area are a handful of nice picnic tables with
grills lending way to a perfect spot for a family picnic with a cool mountain breeze,
and some of the best scenery available in the State of Georgia.
  Brasstown Bald is located approximately twenty minutes outside of Helen Georgia
off Hwy 180. The attraction in general is a few hours, but one can easily make the
visit last for a full day if you choose to have a picnic, and decide to just have some
down time sitting around in the rocking chairs at the observation deck and catching up
on your reading.
  So if you live in, or are visiting Georgia, don't miss the opportunity to visit this
excellent attraction.
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