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					     A COMICAL
Between an Old Bachelor 65 years of age,
      and a Young Woman of 19
    The inhabitants of this town were highly
delighted and amused on the night of Tues-
day last, by a Wedding of rather a singular
and uncommon description which took place
here on that day, and afforded no little sport
to the young and old of both sexes, who had
assembled in great numbers to meet the
wedding-party returning from the house of
the Rev. Mr             ; but, which ended in
great trouble to the luckless bridegroom, by
name A        .M     -.     a bachelor of sixty.
five years of age, who was completely duped
by a young man named J-               B      , a
former lover of the fair but faithless bride.
The bride's name is Jane R          .    and she
has lately completed her nineteenth year.
    As soon as they made their appearance'
 the aged bridegroom was assailed by the
 most tremendous cheers, groans, and hisses,
 by the assembled crowd. He was evidently
 prepared for the reception he met with, but
 not so the bride, who being one who could
 out-run the most of the assailants, put mettle
 in her heels, and lost no time in making her
 escape, and arrived safe at the house which
  was intended for her new home.
   The remainder of the party having weather-
 ed the storm, got into port along with her. Af-
 ter all these things were over, they sat down
 to supper, which was followed by mighty
 rivers of Mountain Dew, and a great number
 of uninvited guests having arrived, among
 whom were J. B. the bride's former lover.
  Songs and mirth then commenced, and al
 went on BS happy as a marriage bell, till a
 trifling circumstance occured which com-
  pletely marred the prosperity of the evening-
  Their heads being now turned with drink,
  most of the party were completely mesmer-
  ized on the destructive bumps. This was
  occasioned by some unfavourable remark
  made on the singing of a song.
     The little spark soon kindled Into a flame,
  and a general battle ensued—glasses and
  tumblers were fly ing in all directions like
 snow balls, even the poker, tongs, and fen-
 der were put in requisition in this amusing
 scene. The engagement was so hot, that
 several tailors, shoemakers, barbers, old
 maids, and wanton widows were severely
 wounded in the affray. In the mid st of h
  confusion, the bridegroom escaped into an
 adjoining room, where, after the 'atigues of
 the night, he fell asleep ; but alas ! when he
 awoke out of his slumber, what was his sur-
 prise to find no one in the house but himself;
 and, to add to his difficulties, on going to his
 chest he found, to his amazement and grief,
 that Jane R., his fickle bride, had decamped
 with all his money, amounting to 180, 6s.,
 taking her former sweetheart J. B. along with
 her, leaving the bacbelor to look out for an-
 other help-mate more faithful than his last.
 Sanderson, Printer, High Street, Edinburgh.