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					Saudi Arabia, one of the fastest growing countries in the world is the largest Arab
country in the Middle East. The expansion of various sectors like healthcare, banking,
real estate, tourism and telecom has created thousands of jobs in Saudi Arabia for both
skilled and semi-skilled workers. The healthcare sector of the state has been
employing large number of medical professionals from across the world.
  Saudi Arabia has a national healthcare system i.e. it is the government of the
Kingdom that provides medical services to the people. But the participation of private
players can be seen increasing with time to support the government in extending
healthcare facilities to the citizens. MOH or Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, a
major government agency that works on preventive, curative and rehabilitative
healthcare provides major medical facilities throughout the country. It looks after the
management, planning, financing and regulating of the sector and is greatly involved
in the overall supervision & follow-up of activities in the private sector. With a strong
base of hospitals both general and specialist, MOH is an important National Health
Service (NHS) along with 3 others- The Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MODA),
the Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG).
Healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia are apparently on a rise with privatization of the
sector and their increased controlling.
  A significant fraction of manpower in Saudi Arabia comes from other countries in
Middle East and South Asia. With healthcare industry growing steadily, medical jobs
in Saudi Arabia are also increasing in numbers for well qualified and experienced
professionals. Since, medical services are provided not only to Saudis but also to
expats in the public sector in form of benefits, it covers almost the entire population
thereby raising the need for medical experts. From pharmaceutical jobs to vacancies
for doctors and nurses, the country offers career opportunities to all kinds of
specialists in the field. The Finance Ministry spends over 11% of the Government
budget on public health that includes paying salaries, maintenance of medical
infrastructure, the upcoming projects and other such things. The division of funding
on health related activities goes like this- almost 80% for public sector and remaining
for private.
  The immense expenditure on maintaining health has produced some great results in
terms of health status, demography, etc. For instance, the growth rate of population
and total fertility rate of Saudi Arabia is not only highest in the Gulf region but is also
in top three in the Middle East North Africa (MENA). Also, the IMR (Infant Mortality
Ratio) in the Kingdom is lowest in the MENA region and 2nd lowest in entire Middle
East. Similarly, while its MMR (Maternal Mortality Ratio) is among the lowest in the
region, the life expectancy at birth is 2nd highest in the Gulf. According to a recent
RNCOS research report 鈥楽 audi Arabian Healthcare Market Forecast to 2012 鈥?
the medical device industry of the Kingdom is growing at a rate of 12%. With such
achievements in its kitty, the healthcare sector of the country is definitely undergoing
massive improvements. But since it is the manpower that supports the boom in an
industry, the numbers of medical jobs in Saudi Arabia is growing with its important
cities like Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Mecca and Medina hiring maximum
  The foreign companies find lucrative opportunities for investment in Saudi
healthcare segment, in fact, it is UK's 23rd largest export market. In addition to this, it
is the largest trading partner and export market in the Middle East for UK. Jobs in
Saudi Arabia pay handsomely and the country offers a relaxing lifestyle to the
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