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Las Vegas - PowerPoint

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									Las Vegas
BY: Joey DiGiovanni
    Fun Facts
• Average number of Vegas weddings per day is 315.
• The Rio Suite Hotel has a wine cellar has about
  50,000 bottles of wine.
• A marriage license cost 55$ in Nevada.
• The Volcano at the Mirage circulates 119,000 gallons
  of water per minute.
• There are 22,286 conventions held each year in Las
• Gambling is the largest industry in
• Gambling was legalized in 1931
• Las Vegas made $6.8 billion dollars
• The average money sent per trip is
• Las Vegas is the biggest gambling city
  in the country.
17 of the 20 biggest hotels in the world are
  in Las Vegas.
There are 134,000 hotel rooms in Las
As of 2006 there were 647,362 hotel rooms
  in Las Vegas.
On November 26, 1996 Sands Hotel
  imploded to make way for the Venetian
  Resort Hotel.
Sahara Hotel and Casino is one of the first
  casinos and hotels in 1952, on Las Vegas
Tourism con’t
• Las Vegas hotels, on average 92% of rooms
  are taken.
• Las Vegas weekend occupancy is 95%.
• Las Vegas midweek occupancy is 86%.
• On average, it costs $90 per night at a Las
  Vegas Hotel.
• The average number of nights stayed is 3.6.
• The average age of a visitor to Las Vegas is 49.
• The percent of visitors to Las Vegas under 21 is
• The percent of first time visitors is 19%.
Strange Laws in Las Vegas
• A man is forbidden from buying drinks for more than
  three people other than himself at any one period
  during the day.
• In One city during one year everyone walking the
  streets is required to where a mask.
• It's against the law to pawn your dentures.
• In Las Vegas you can bet on any team--except The
  University of Nevada at Las Vegas.
• It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway.
• It's still legal to hang someone for shooting your dog
  on your property.
Sports Teams
• Las Vegas 51s
 Minor League Baseball
• Las Vegas Locomotives
• Las Vegas Wranglers
 Minor League Hockey
• Las Vegas Gladiators
• Las Vegas was given its name by , a
  scout for a Mexican trading party
  headed to Los Angeles, in 1829
• Las Vegas first casino was in the 1950’s
• It’s nickname was the Gateway to the
  Hoover Dam.
• Its present nickname is Sin City or
  Entertainment Capital of the World
The Mirage
• The Mirage is a 3,044 room hotel and casino
  resort located on the Las Vegas Strip in
  Paradise, Nevada.
• The Mirage was built by Steve Wynn and
  designed by Joel Bergman. It opened in
  November 1989.
• The Mirage was the most expensive hotel-
  casino in history, it cost of $630 million.
• There is a artificial volcano in the resort.
Most Famous Shows
•   Cher- 2009
•   Celine Dion- 1998
•   Phantom of the Opera
•   Las Vegas has almost 1,000 major
Las Vegas Strip
• Nickname for Las Vegas Boulevard
• It has shows, nightlife, hotels, and casinos
• The most famous hotel in the Las Vegas Strip
  is the Stratosphere, an enormous observation
  tower at the north end of Las Vegas
  Boulevard and has great views of the Las
  Vegas strip hotels when they light up at
• The Showcase Mall, Thomas and Mack, Sands
  Expo and the Fashion Show mall and more
  stores in the Las Vegas Strip.
Las Vegas Strip con’t
• There are 30 major hotels in the Vegas
  Strip, over 15 of them are 4-5 stars.
• The Four Seasons, Bellagio, Venetian,
  Caesar's Palace and the Luxor are the
  best hotels on the Las Vegas Strip..
584,539 total population of 2008
7.7% of people are under 5 years old
25.9% of people are under 18
49.2% of people are female
50.8% of people are male
69.9% of people are white
30.1% of people are other races
11.6% of people are 65 or older
Population con’t

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