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Buckle up to banish backache

A revolutionary new product, designed to enhance the driving skills of racetrack
drivers, is proving a godsend for those who suffer from backache.

For under £50, the CG-Lock is fitted in seconds to the seat-belt and can be transferred
to other vehicles as suits.

Originally designed to enable drivers to remain secure in their seats when subjected to
the forces created by driving and cornering at speed, the CG-Lock works to stabilise
drivers and passengers even at low speeds.

In helping the occupants in the vehicle to maintain correct posture, safety is enhanced
by reducing fatigue and increasing concentration.

We’ve all been warned that tiredness can kill, but tiredness and general discomfort
can create a lack of tolerance to others so perhaps the routine bickering and ‘road-
rage’ encountered on big journeys will be prevented too.

Contact Back In Action on 01494 434343 or visit the website for more information.

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