Royal College of Psychiatrists

Faculty of Academic Psychiatry
Annual Residential Meeting
18-19 February 2009, Park Inn, Cardiff


                              Wednesday 18 February 2009

                    Am: Morning session for academic trainees only
08.00       Breakfast & registration for academic trainees’ morning only

09.00       Welcome & introduction
            Professor Nick Craddock, Chair of RCPsych Academic Faculty

09.10       Structured discussion of training issues
            Chairs: Professor Anne Farmer, London; Dr Ian Jones, Cardiff

10.00       Do’s and Don’ts in grant writing
            Dr John Williams, Wellcome Trust
            Professor Julie Williams, member of MRC Neuroscience and Mental Health Panel
            Professor Nick Craddock, Chair of RCPsych Academic Faculty

11.00       Tea and coffee

11.30       Career trajectories in academic psychiatry: some examples
            Chair: Professor Mike Owen, Cardiff
12.00       Competitive brief selected oral presentations
            Chair: Dr Ian Jones, Cardiff

13.00       Close of trainees’ morning

                                Pm: Main faculty meeting, open to all

13.00       Lunch & registration for main faculty meeting

14.00       Welcome & introduction
            Professor Nick Craddock, Chair of RCPsych Academic Faculty

14.15       Session 1: Understanding Psychosis
            Chair Professor Michael Owen, Cardiff
    14.15   Edinburgh high risk studies
            Professor Eve Johnstone, Edinburgh
    14.45   Genetic insights into psychosis
            Professor Michael O’Donovan, Cardiff
    15.15   Prenatal malnutrition and schizophrenia
            Professor David St Clair, Aberdeen

15.45       Tea and Coffee

16.15       Session 2: Looking into the future of academic psychiatry
            Chair: Professor Peter Woodruff. Sheffield
    16.15   Teaching Medical Students - more than my job's worth
            Professor Ania Korszun, London
    16.45   How should academics and academic institutions be assessed?
            Professor Peter McGuffin, London

    17.15   Academic psychiatry and the Royal College of Psychiatrists
            Professor Nick Craddock, Cardiff

    17.45   A Mental Health Research Charity
            Professor Clair Chilvers, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

17.55       End of session

19.00       Welsh banquet at Cardiff Castle

                                     Thursday 19 February 2009
                               All day: Main faculty meeting, open to all

08.30       Registration for main faculty meeting

09.00       Session 3: Seeking explanatory mechanisms in psychiatry
            Chair: Dr Tony O’Neill, Belfast
    09.00   Antisocial behaviour
            Professor Bill Deakin, Manchester
    09.30   A cognitive neuropsychological model of antidepressant action
            Dr Catherine Harmer, Oxford
    10.00   Brain connectivity
            Professor Mary Phillips, Pittsburgh & Cardiff

    10.30   Using a novel design to untangle prenatal and inherited effects
            Dr Kate Langley, Cardiff

11.00       Tea & coffee & poster viewing

12.00       Academic Faculty Business meeting – all participants welcome to attend
            Chair: Professor Nick Craddock, Chair of RCPsych Academic Faculty
            Acting Vice-Chair: Professor Peter Woodruff. Sheffield
            Treasurer: Professor Anne Farmer, London
            Including a talk by Professor Ilana Crome, Keele, about Clinical Excellence Awards and
            Academic Psychiatrists

13.00       Lunch

14.00       Session 4: Psychiatry across the lifespan
            Chair: Dr Nitin Purandre, Manchester

    14.00   The impact of parental mental health during pregnancy and the postnatal period
            on early child development: a global perspective
            Professor Alan Stein, Oxford
            How many unipolars are bipolar (and does it matter)?
            Dr Danny Smith, Cardiff
    15.00   Big science studies of Alzheimer’s disease
            Professor Julie Williams, Cardiff
    15.30   Dementias senilis and praecox: is there a shaggy connection?
            Professor Simon Lovestone, London
16.00       Tea, coffee and close
A pilot study of young carers in the South West London & St George’s Mental Health NHS
Dr Adil Akram, Dr Andy Kent, Ms Lani Teddy, Ms Niro Kuganenderan
Division of Mental Health, St George’s, University of London, London

A Retrospective Study of Aripiprazole Treatment in Patients with Refractory Mood Disorders
Dr Hamid A Alhaj; Ms Michaela O'Regan and Dr R Hamish McAllister-William
Psychobiology Research Group, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University, Newcastle UK

A Twin Study of Illness History Variables in Psychosis
Dr. Charlotte L Allan,a* Dr. Alastair G Cardno,a Dr. Frühling V Rijsdijk,b Dr. Sridevi Kalidindi,c,d Prof.
Robin M Murray,d Prof. Peter McGuffinb
  Academic Unit of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences, University of Leeds, UK
  MRC SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK
  South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Croydon Adult Directorate, London, UK
  Division of Psychological Medicine and Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK

Reducing Suicide and Deliberate Self-harm in Prison Inmates: Retrospective Analysis of an
Implemented Intervention
Dr Bernice Knight, FY2 Academic Psychiatry, Barts and the London NHS Trust
Dr Sally Price, FY1 Cardiology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Ian Ducker, Safer Custody Detox Centre Manager, HMP Leeds

Undergraduate psychiatry: Why, what, when, how?
Dr Teifion Davies, Chair of Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry &
Director of undergraduate psychiatry teaching, King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry, London

Keeping Professional Boundaries (KPBs):
Can we learn from Psychiatrists’ views and experience?
Mamdouh EL-Adl, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust (NHT), Northampton

Admission Process, Assessment and Outcome of Inpatient Care at Welland Centre,
Northamptonshire Healthcare Trust (NHT)
Dr Ganesan Jeyachandran 1, Dr Rajesh Jacob 2 and Dr Jugjinder Singh 3
Staff Grade Psychiatrist 1 Kettering Community Mental Health Team
Consultant Psychiatrist 2 Kettering Community Mental Health Team
CT3 Trainee 3 Kettering Community Mental Health Team

Higher or Lower? The functional neuroanatomy of perceived social hierarchies.
Jones, S.C., Kaylor-Hughes, C.J., Wilkinson, I.D., Spence, S.A.
SCANlab., Academic Clinical Psychiatry, Section of Neuroscience, University of Sheffield.

Noradrenergic responsiveness in Generalised Anxiety Disorder: a SPECT study
Nicola J Kalk1, Jan K Melichar1, Robin B Holmes1,4, Sean D Hood1,2, Lindsay G Taylor1, Mark RC Daglish1,
Victoria J Parkin3, Michael R Rees5, Alan Lenox-Smith6, Ann R Lingford-Hughes1, David J Nutt1
  Psychopharmacology Unit, University of Bristol
  School of Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Western Australia
  Radiology Department, UBHT
  Medical Physics Department, UHBT
  School of Medical Sciences, Bangor University
  Wyeth Laboratories, Maidenhead

Premorbid Intelligence and Schizophrenia- A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis and Meta-
Regression Analysis of the Population-based Studies
Dr Golam M Khandaker MPhil (Cantab) MRCPsych, 1 2 Dr Jennifer H Barnett PhD, 23 Dr Ian R White PhD,4
Prof. Peter B Jones MRCPsych PhD 2 5
  Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, UK
  Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
  Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
  Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge, UK
  Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Psychiatric and     behavioural disorders at 11 years of age in children born extremely preterm
Dr Puja Kochhar,    Dr Samantha Johnson, Prof Neil Marlow, Prof Chris Hollis
(1 & 4 University   of Nottingham)
(2 & 3 University   College London)

Deliberate self-harm in Oxford University students, 1993-2005:
Dr Su Mahadevan, Professor Keith Hawton, Ms Deborah Casey
Centre for Suicide Research, University Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Warneford
Hospital, Oxford

Monitoring of patients receiving Clozapine – “Experience of Therapeutic drug monitoring and
effect on prescription and clinical outcomes”
Dr Jayasankar Reddy Palle, MRCPsych, ST5; Dr Santhosh Dontham, CT1; North Essex Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust; Dr Caroline Mitchell, MRCPsych, Consultant Psychiatrist, Lanarkshire Primary care NHS

Predictors of Antipsychotics / Antidepressants Prescription outside the Therapeutic
Dr. Syed Naveed Asif Rizvi, Registrar/Tutor in Psychiatry, Dr. Raju Bangaru, Consultant Psychiatrist,

The Use of Electronic Medical Records in Psychiatric Research
James Rucker, Institute of Psychiatry, London

Genome-wide association scan in recurrent Major Depression using pooled DNA.
   Schosser Alexandra*, 1Pirlo Katrina, 1Gaysina Darya, 1Cohen-Woods Sarah, 1Elkin Amanda, 1Meaburn
Emma, 1Schalkwyk Leo, 2Craddock Nick, 2Owen Mike, 1Craig Ian, 1McGuffin Peter, 1Farmer Anne
  MRC SGDP Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London
  Department of Psychological Medicine, Cardiff University
  Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Medical University Vienna, Austria
*supported by an Erwin-Schroedinger-Fellowship (Ref. Nr. J2647) of the Austrian Science Funds

Mental Treatment Act and Management of Psychiatric Emergencies in Paediatric Hospital.
Dr. Irfan Ali Syed, Registrar, Our Lady’s Hospital of Sick Children, Dublin, Ireland
Dr. M. Doherty, Consultant, Our Lady’s Hospital of Sick Children, Dublin, Ireland
Professor Fiona Mc.Nicholas, Our Lady’s Hospital of Sick Children, Dublin, Ireland

Treatment Response In Child & Adolescent Depression: the effects of Expectation and
Personality style
Dr. Aaron K. Vallance
Honorary Lecturer in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Imperial College London, UK

ZNF804A, the top hit in the largest GWAS to date, influences performance IQ in schizophrenia
cases and healthy controls.
Walters J1, Owen MJ1, Donohoe G2, Williams H1, Moskvina V1, Rujescu D3, O’Donovan M1
  Department of Psychological Medicine, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Heath Park, Cardiff, UK.
  Neuropsychiatric Genetics Research Group, Dept of Psychiatry & Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity
College Dublin, Ireland.
  Molecular and Clinical Neurobiology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany.

Is a negative chronic life stressor antecedent to treatment for unipolar depression associated
with a worse prognosis?
Dr Louise Whyte MBChB, Professor Glyn Lewis PhD FRCPsych, Jean Mulligan PhD and the GENPOD study

Self–Harm In South Asian Women: A Literature Review Informed Approach to Assessment
and Formulation
Dr. Kamran Ahmed, Dr. Rajesh Mohan, Prof. Dinesh Bhugra, London

Corpus callosum damage in heavy marijuana use using Diffusion
Tensor Imaging techniques
Chengappa S3, Arnone D1, Barrick TR2, Mackay CE5, Clark CA4,
Abou-Saleh MT3
  University of Manchester, Neuroscience and Psychiatry Unit, Manchester
  Centre for Clinical Neuroscience, Division of Cardiac and Vascular Sciences, and 3Division of Mental
Health, St George’s University of London, London, UK
  Radiology and Physics Unit, UCL Institute of Child Health, London UK
  Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Warneford Hospital, Oxford, UK

Modulation by visual context of cortical response to auditory stimulation
M J Douglas1, D L Hyland1, M D Hunter1, T F D Farrow1, I D Wilkinson2, R Pheasant3, J Kang4, G Watts3, K
Horoshenkov3, P W R Woodruff1.
     SCANLab, Department of Academic Clinical Psychiatry; 2Academic Unit of Radiology, University of
 Sheffield, UK; 3School of Engineering, University of Bradford, UK; 4School of Architecture, University of
                                              Sheffield, UK.

National Survey of Assertive Outreach Team Managers in England

Dr. Ratna Ghosh, ST5 in General Adult Psychiatry, Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge, CB21 5EE
Dr. Helen Killaspy, Consultant Psychiatrist and Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Psychiatry, Department
of Mental Health Sciences, Hampstead Campus, University College London, Royal Free Hospital ,London

A cognitive neuropsychological model of antidepressant drug action
Harmer CJ, University Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Oxford

Suicide in High Security Hospital Patients
Dr Roland M Jones1, Dr Heidi Hales2, Dr Martin Butwell2, Dr Mike Ferriter3 , Prof Pamela J Taylor1
  Department of Psychological Medicine, School of Medicine, Cardiff University, Cardiff, CF14 4XN
  Broadmoor Hospital, Crowthorne, Berkshire
  Rampton Hospital, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Skin Conductance Responses To The Anticipation Of Reward Are Negatively Correlated With
Hedonic Tone In Healthy Females.
Author Block: Georgina Knott1, Anthony David1, Paul A. Keedwell2
  Psychological Medicine, Institute of Psychiatry, London, United Kingdom, 2Psychological Medicine,
Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom.

A functional MRI study of the cortical response to external speech in those who experience
hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations
L. L. Lewis-Hanna1, M. D. Hunter1, I. D. Wilkinson2, P. W. R. Woodruff1
  SCANLab, Academic Clinical Psychiatry, Section of Neuroscience and 2Academic Unit of Radiology,
School of Medicine, University of Sheffield, The Longley Centre, Norwood Grange Drive, Sheffield, United
Kingdom, S5 7JT.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of group-delivered mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in
highly recurrent unipolar depressive disorder with mild-to-moderate persistent symptoms:
patient satisfaction and overall improvement may not occur through the reduction of
depressive symptom severity
Dr. David Baldwin1, 2, Dr. Paul Chadwick 3, 2, Dr. Julia Sinclair 1,2, Dr. Lyn Ellett 2, Dr. Matthew Garner 1, 3,
Dr. Antonio T V Lopes2 , Dr. Khalil Ajel 2, Dr. Nupur Tiwari2, Catherine Carr 1
1. Clinical Neuroscience Division, School of Medicine, University of Southampton
2. Mood Disorders Service, Hampshire Partnership Trust
3. School of Psychology, University of Southampton

Jumping to decisions rather than conclusions: Bayesian models of paranoid decision-making
Dr. Michael Moutoussis a , Prof. Richard Bentall b,c ,
Dr. Wael El-Deredy c & Prof. Peter Dayan d
a Tolworth Hospital, Red Lion rd., Surbiton KT6 7QU, England,
b School of Psychology, University of Wales, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57
c Department of Psychology, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL, England
d Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square London WCIN 3AR,

The Importance of Ethnic, Socioeconomic and Health Related Factors in the Pressence of
Common Mental Disorders in England
Dr. Pablo Ronzoni, Dr. Vesna Jordanova
    University of Leicester, Leicester

An Audit to Assess Action Taken in the Event of a Patient Not Attending Outpatient Clinic
Dr Larissa J M Ryan, Speciality Registrar 2 Psychiatry, Oxford Deanery, Oxford

A Survey of Complementary and Alternative Treatments in Psychiatric Out-Patients
Dr. Richard Sankar (ST2 Trainee in Psychiatry) Hawthorn Lodge, Moorgreen Hospital, Botley Road, West
End, Southampton, SO30 3JB
Dr. Peter Childs (Consultant Psychiatrist) Hawthorn Lodge, Moorgreen Hospital, Botley Road, West End,
Southampton, SO30 3JB

Neuropsychological Functioning in Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Behaviour- Dr Sarah Seth, Dr Helen Smith, Dr David
Coghill and Professor Keith Matthews
University of Dundee, Centre for Neuroscience,Division of Medical Sciences

A systematic review of treatment options for osteopenia and osteoporosis in anorexia
Dr. S.Woerwag-Mehta, Dr. E. Skouta, Prof. I. Campbell, Prof. J. Treasure


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