Has the romance gone out of Honeymoons- by gyvwpgjmtx


									Honeymoons are surely the most romantic interlude of our lives. But when it comes to
actually planning what should truly be a 鈥榦 nce in a lifetime 鈥?holiday, are we
losing our way, and dare it be said, missing the point perhaps?
      With an almost endless choice before us, and with the ever burgeoning
population of lesser-spotted 鈥楤 ridezilla 鈥?evolving from competing on their
respective wedding days to striving for the biggest, wildest, most extravagant
honeymoon, it is all to easy to forget why you are going in the first place!
 Firstly, where should a honeymoon take place? In these days of the 鈥済 lobal
village 鈥? the world is truly a smaller place than it once was. Generations gone by
perhaps lusted after a week in Benidorm, or a wet weekend in the Lakes, whereas
today, for some, it 鈥檚 not a honeymoon unless you need bug spray and come back
with jetlag. Caribbean or Far East? USA or Africa? Indian Ocean or Australia? Even
within each region, the choice is boggling. Which of the innumerable Caribbean all
inclusive hotels? Which of the array of equally beautiful luxury Maldives resorts?
And doesn 鈥檛 just about everywhere seem to say they 鈥檙 e perfect for
honeymooners? Is that even possible?
 The second question is when do you go? Some couples delay their honeymoon for a
few days, some for a few weeks, some indefinitely. Sometimes the financial and
emotional demands are simply too much for our fragile newlyweds. Perhaps a week
of nesting with a spot of DIY in the new home will suffice? Either way these days, far
fewer of us find ourselves leaving our receptions to the tinkling sound of tins on
 Perhaps the most important question we should ask is why we need to go in the first
place. In days gone by, the honeymoon would precede the move into the marital home,
a chance for the happy, normally young couple to bond emotionally, physically, to
consummate. But with couples these days more frequently co-habiting prior to
nuptials, often for years and commonly now also with their children in place already,
has that reasoning become irrelevant, dated even?
 It could perhaps be the best advise to put as much thought into a honeymoon as one
would into the wedding itself. What do you plan on getting from this trip? What
would make it special, personal, intimate? A candlelit dinner or some free fizz on
arrival just doesn 鈥檛 cut it. Neither does it have to be in complete isolation. As nice
as overwater bungalows in the Maldives are, perhaps it is healthier for one 鈥檚
relationship to be out exploring, discovering, not just places, but each other?
 Unfortunately, there is not a golden ticket for the perfect honeymoon, just like
perfect marriages don 鈥檛 come off the shelf either. Fortunately however, choice is
never limited and there is a honeymoon for every budget with everything from
exploring off the beaten track to escaping to a private island. Much like marriage,
follow your heart and don 鈥檛 do it until you 鈥檙 e sure of the commitment. Make
your trip as individual as you can, customise, create a tailor made honeymoon! We
don 鈥檛 all need luxury honeymoons, but we do all deserve perfect honeymoons.
And as with people, for honeymoons beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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