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									                    Drinks LIST                                                        Dessert
                                                              Sessame seed deep fried ice cream                                4.3
  SOFT DRINKS                                                 with lashings of honey
  COKE/D.COKE         2.2          sprite         2.2
  Root beer           2.2          MANGO JUICE    2.3         White chocolate & ginger cheesecake                              4.3
                                                              with raspberry cooli
  LYCHEE JUICE        2.3          GUANABANA      2.3
  PASSION JUICE       2.2          PINEAPPLE      2.2         BANANA & SWEET POTATO FRITERS                                    4.2
  GUAVA JUICE         2.2          CRANBERRY      2.3         AND VANILA ICE CREAM
  Still or sparkling water         sml/lrg    1.9/2.9
                                                              LEMONGRASS & CARDAMOM LECHE FLAN                                 4.2
  Freshly Pressed Carrot Juice                         2.8
                                                              HOME MADE CHOCOLATE & WALNUT                                     4.3
  Freshly Pressed Apple Juice                          2.8    BROWNIE WITH VANILA ICE CREAM
  Fresh Homemade Lime Lemonade                         2.6
                                                              Koi dada coconut filled pandan                                   4.2
  Aloe Vera Drink                                      2.6    pancakes with vanila ice cream
  Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice                        2.8
                                                                      USING ONLY THE FINEST INDONESIAN COFFEE BEANS
                                                                                 FROM JAVA AND SUMATRA
                                                                ESPRESSO             2.2              CUPPUCCINO         2.5
 COCKTAILS glass 3.5                     jug 9.9
                                                                DOUBLE ESPRESSO      2.9              LATTE              2.5
  PINACOLADA                                                    MACHIATO             2.2              AMERICANO          2.2
  PINEAPPLE, COCONUT, LIME & BROWN SUGAR                        DOUBLE MACHIATO      2.9              HOT CHOCOLATE      2.7
                                                                                  DECAFFEINATED ALSO AVAILABLE
  LYCHEE, MIXED BERRIES, LIME , BROWN SUGAR                                          tea - chai
                                                                               USING ONLY PREMIUM LOOSE LEAVES
  PINEAPPLE, BROWN SUGAR, LIME                                   BLACK TEA            2.               GINGER TEA        2..
                                                                 GREEN TEA            2.               HERBAL MINT TEA   2.
  Mint Crush                                                     WHITE TEA            2.               ARABIC MINT TEA   2.2
  Pineapple, mint, lime, brown sugar                             RED TEA              2.               CAMOMILE TEA      2.
                                                                 JASMINE TEA          2.               LEMONGRASS TEA    2.2
  Mojito                                                         OOLONG TEA           2.2              CARDAMOM TEA      2.1
  Muddled mint , lime , brown sugar
                                                                 CLOVE TEA            2.2              LEMON TEA         2.1
  Lychee mojito                                                  RICE TEA             2.2              BARLEY TEA        2.2
  lychee, mint, lime, bnrown sugar
                                                                         AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE CATERING
                                                                            ALL MEAT SERVED IS HALAL
                                                                                  WE DO NOT USE MSG

                                                                          DUE TO THE NATURE OF OUR COOKING
Bubble Tea 3.6                                                                  WE CANNOT GUARANTEE

                                                                                ANY OF OUR DISHES DO

                                                                                                                                                    since 1987
A cool refreshing sweet Taiwanese concoction with a pleasnt

surprise of tapioca pearls. A unique drinking experiance                          NOT CONTAIN NUTS

  Traditional Milk Teas          Fruit Bubble Tea
                                                                         CORKING / BYO POLICY
  Original Black Bubble Tea      Berry Milk Bubble Tea
                                                                CORKING IS CHARGED AT £2 PER 70CL BOTTLE, £1 FOR
  Green Bubble Tea               Melon Milk Bubble Tea
                                                              LARGE BEERS, .60P FOR SMALLER BEERS OTHER BEVERAGES &
  Almond Bubble Tea              Mango Milk Bubble Tea
                                                              SIZES WILL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY. FOR PARTIES OF 10
  Iced Coffee Bubble Tea         Watermelon Milk Bubble Tea      OR MORE CORKING IS CHARGED AT £2 PER PERSON.
  Mint Bubble Tea                Apple Milk Bubble Tea          NOTE: BYO POLICY DOES NOT EXTEND TO SOFT

  Dairy Free                     Strawberry Milk Bubble Tea     DRINKS OR JUICES OF ANY KIND. THEY WILL BE
  Honey & Lemon Bubble Tea       Lychee Milk Bubble Tea         REMOVED AND GIVEN BACK AFTER YOUR MEAL

  Black Bubble Tea               PIneapple Milk Bubble Tea
                                 Avocado Milk Bubble Tea      MINIMUM SPEND OF £12 PER PERSON REQUIRED ON FRIDAY & SATURDAY
  Green Bubble Tea
                                                                     a 10% service charged will be added to your bill      

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