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					Halloween and partying; dressing up in fancy costumes; trick or treating. All these are
one of the important aspects of the Halloween season and every year you have a wide
range of costume choices. Many of the themes will come from movies and others will
be based on classical themes (ghosts and ghouls, historical characters and many other
different personalities that come of with the witches). This year pirates will again be
popular and costumes will include both Pirates of the Caribbean characters as well as
traditional (but varied) pirates.
  The costume side of Halloween is one of the main ingredients. When the party or
trick or treating starts everyone will be looking at the costumes. Some will stand out
by not being recognizable, others by their originality and others still by how good the
costume makes them look.
  The costume is king. When you walk into the room, the party should stop for a
second as everyone turns around and sees you. Whispers and comments of admiration
will follow in your wake as you, the pirate, join the party. The costume and your props,
including make-up will reflect your personality and creative spirit. That is one of the
reasons why pirates are always popular.
  Halloween has to be a time for fun, sharing and even bonding. In previous
Halloween's there must be one that stands out. Perhaps as a child, or in an office party.
It does not matter which, just remember for a moment the feelings that made this one
particularly good. As you relive it, see your self, perhaps as a pirate (and definitely
with your own added touch of originality), and start building up the momentum that
will take you to another great Halloween.
  There will be many themed parties and these will vary according to the organizers
inspiration, and some of these will be pirate based, with Captain Sparrow of Pirates of
the Caribbean fame, leading the way but also followed by Mr. Turner, Elizabeth
Swann and Davy Jones. Now that Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is being filmed a lot of
interest is being generated. The great thing about Halloween and pirates is that they
are made for every age. Grandad can look just fine in one of these costumes and
grandma will be devastating as a pirate wench. The kids and adults will all be just a
step away from sailing of to the other side of the world in a quest for booty and
adventure. Play acting is a great way of enjoying this night and pirates are characters
just a little bit larger than life.
  Halloween is made for fun and fun is made up of good times with the people you
want to share with (can you have fun with people you have nothing in common with?).
Anticipation is also a good formula for a great night and this anticipation will have a
lot to do with how you are feeling. Your costume, the one you chose, will reflect
something about you and together with the memories explained above, the pirate (or
pirate wench-queen) you are will have taken the first steps to another Halloween that
will stand out in your memory.
  You will find for this years season a host of pirate costumes - these will include the
Caribbean Pirates of movie fame (Jack Sparrow, Turner, Miss Swann and others).
Some will make you look cute, some just simple dangerous and others sexily
attractive - after all danger does have its attractions. Your success is the result of your
attitude (built up over great memories or even corrected memories) and how you set
off your costume and this means both personality and how you carry it off.
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special one just waiting for you. Halloween is in the air and costumes can make the
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