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									Hair loss is such a common problem being faced by people of all ages nowadays and
there are many factors aggravating the condition. To know more about hair loss one
needs to know about basics of hairs first like what’s the normal pattern of hair growth
and how it’s been converted to hair loss?
  The growth of each hair is 1 cm per month during the normal hair growth cycle
which is for 2-3 years.10% of hairs are in resting phase on your scalp while 90percent
is in growing phase The resting 10% falls out after every 3-4 months to be replaced by
new ones. The disturbance in normal hair growth cycle results in hair loss and there is
new hair growth after these hair falls, but unfortunately these days due to poor eating
habits and hormonal imbalance people face rapid hair loss without replacement by
new hairs which results in thinning hair and ultimately to some degree of baldness.
Baldness is seen more commonly in men and it’s due to a condition known as
Androgenetic alopecia, and it is caused by increased levels of a component of
testosterone which is DHT. Females face this baldness to a less degree and the
hormones involved in it are estrogen and progesterone.
  After hereditary cause, diet plays a major role in hair fall. Take nutritious diet full of
proteins and vitamins. Use your fingertips to massage oil in your scalp as it increases
blood circulation and opening pores there to facilitate hair growth. Every day and
night do gentle combing or brushing of your hair which again open the clogged pores
with oil. 100-200 strokes of comb is recommended a day. Avoid too much use of hair
products like gel, mousse and hair sprays also avoid blow drying hairs frequently.
Hair loss is induced by heat, sunlight \and tight fitting hats as they causes excessive
sweat to weaken the hairs. Hair dyes also makes hair fragile causing damage to hairs
leading to hair breakage and then hair loss. Stressful life and improper sleep also
aggravates hair loss. Make a habit to use conditioner daily plus trim your hairs after
every two months.

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