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					Everyone in this day and age is aiming to save energy and cash as saving energy
simply means saving funds. This is the reason most people are using GU10 LED
bulbs over standard light bulbs. It is better to replace these types of bulbs with
traditional halogen lights installed in the home. It is correct that halogen lights use
more energy than LED bulbs but LED bulbs are a bit expensive as compared to the
opposition. The LED bulbs are said to be energy effective and nowadays most people
are opting for these types of bulbs in order to preserve more energy and money.
  Also, GU10 bulbs are environment friendly as one can prevent the damage caused
by standard light bulbs. Yes, LED bulbs are very energy efficient as compared to
others. These bulbs are also well known for producing more light per watt. The size of
the bulb always matters the most and yes LED bulbs are very lightweight and are
much smaller compared to the standard light bulb. Due to their small size and
lightweight, GU10 LED bulbs can be used in different types of appliances. Amazingly,
LED bulbs are available in different types of colours, so there is no need to add any
type of filters for impressive displays.
  When it comes to the age of GU10 LED bulbs, these types of bulbs are well known
for providing great durability and also these bulbs don’t just blow out they give you
warning signs such as dimming of the light to warn you they are nearly at the end of
their lives. On the other hand, the standard light bulbs fail with abruptly burn out, this
is the reason most people often prefer LED bulbs over others. The LED bulbs are
completely shock resistance and also there is no need to handle these types of bulbs
with great care as like others. Interestingly, the LEDs can provide over 50,000 hours
of time while standard light bulbs can give only 2500 to 3000 hours of time. Opting
for GU 10 bulbs is always a wise decision and it can also help in saving huge amounts
of money.
  There are plans to replace the LED lights in almost all streets and shops in the future.
The development of LED bulbs turned a new curve when Boeing Corp. announced to
introduce GU 10 LED room lighting in its 787 Dreamliner jet. So, it can be said that
in the future, there will be great desire for LED bulbs and also the chances of reduced
costs can be expected.

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