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Growing Healthcare Jobs in UAE by gyvwpgjmtx


									UAE in Southwest Asia on the Persian Gulf constitutes of 7 states or emirates of
which Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most important. It is the 36th largest economy at
market exchange rates and has a high per capita GDP and Human Development Index
(HDI). UAE is among the most sought after career destinations in Middle East with
Dubai jobs being the favorite. This article highlights the career opportunities available
in healthcare industry of the United Arab Emirates.
  The healthcare of UAE is at 44th position in the world as per WHO (World Health
Organization) statistics. Its healthcare standards are usually considered to be high
owing to the large government spending with 78.5 years life expectancy at birth. It
now aims at reducing dependency on overseas treatments by improving access to
medical services at affordable costs. It has plans to raise the numbers of hospitals and
primary healthcare centers in the Emirates creating the demand for well trained
medical professionals. Since the country lacks the manpower with such specialized
skills, healthcare jobs in UAE are inviting well trained foreigners from various
regions. Those with appropriate qualification and experience in healthcare industry
can apply for medical jobs in Gulf countries like Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,
Oman, UAE, etc. since the need is almost doubling with every passing year.
  The economy of UAE has always been largely dominated by its 7th largest oil
reserves resulting in a total neglect of other important sectors. Consequently, it has
none of the skilled professionals in the industries related to finance, healthcare,
tourism, etc. With diversifying mission becoming a rage across the Middle East,
talented professionals from diverse backgrounds from around the world are hired.
Expats are attracted with lucrative offers extending hefty amounts of salaries that they
would never get in their home land. They are given high salaries with paid
accommodation, transportation and other benefits like insurance benefits, medical
cover, trips to native country, etc. In fact, employers are the ones responsible for
completing all the formalities related to the migration of expats into Gulf like paying
visa charges, sponsorship and documentation. With everything done by them, the only
thing left for professionals is to read and understand the work contact carefully and
then take a final decision to move. They are even allowed to move with their families
so that they don’t have to live away from their spouses and children while on a
contractual job.
  The dearth of qualified healthcare specialists and the lack of infrastructure kept UAE
dependent on outside help both in terms of procuring treatments and expert services.
So, to address this, on one hand employers offer healthcare jobs in UAE to qualified
migrants and on the other, government sends patients to other countries with better
facilities for treatment. This is why emphasis are now paid on healthcare education
and training so that some doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical experts can be
crafted out of the natives. UAE is also moving towards Emiratization, a policy
through which Government encourages employment of Emiratis in private sectors
across industries. But the paucity of skills among locals has become a drawback in
adhering to the policy. Therefore, medical jobs in UAE are still open in large numbers
to the professionals from outside the region.
  Healthcare jobs in UAE include career in nursing, pharmaceutics, physical therapy,
public health, dental care, etc. With 14th largest purchasing power in per capita,
Emiratis can afford foreign aide but Government continues to work toward making
UAE a totally self sufficient country through diversification and modernization. As
healthcare needs grow, the industry is expanding thereby producing plenty of medical
jobs in UAE.
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