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					                                 DEAN’S ADVISORY COMMITTEE

                                                     of the meeting held on
                                                 Friday 26 November 2010

Present: Stephen Thurgate (Chair), Peter Nelson, Steve Cassidy, Bernard Mans,
David Coutts, Joanne Jamie, Lesley Hughes, Mike Poulsen, Paul Smith, Sharyn
Eaton, Tony Parker, John ten Have, Phillip Corben, Andrea Lerche and Jane Edgson

1. Apologies: - Trish Fanning, Helena Nevalainen.

2. Matters Arising from the Minutes: - No matters arising.

3. Occupational Health and Safety
JtH reported that there had been a high level of cooperation in cleaning and clearing
the labs in CBMS.

4. Dean’s Report
ST enquired as to how the industrial action is affecting departments. The HoDs
advised they are still awaiting the protocols. They also felt that staff should be made
aware that missing a meeting incurs the loss of a whole day’s pay. Letters have been
sent to those members of staff who have advised they are not attending a meeting.
The HoDs enquired as to whether the contents of the letter can be sent to staff for
information. The Dean advised he is unclear on this and would check with Tim
Sprague. AL felt that to ensure consistency throughout the university, information
should be sent from Central HR. JJ enquired from the Head’s role, at what point is it
deemed the marks have been withheld? The Dean responded that if the marks aren’t
in when expected, the HoD should be asking why.
The Dean reminded the HoDs affected by the change proposal, that feedback is due
The Dean had received a communication from Cathy Gonzales regarding Information
Day on 5 January. Marketing are in the process of finalising the roster and currently
haven’t heard from some departments in the FoS. The Dean asked the HoDs to
provide information in the next week. It was pointed out that staff had been directed
to take leave at this time and this was causing problems.

5. Update on HR Policy
AL advised the committee that in future she would be using this forum to update staff
on new policies.
   o The Relocation Guideline had been circulated with the Agenda. PS pointed
      out that for insurance reasons, relocation firms will often only quote when
      they are responsible for the packing. AL to provide feedback to Central HR.
   o IT Acceptable use policy – comment is invited via Wiki; use staff portal to log
      in. A new policy is planned for the New Year.

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6. Any other Business
PN advised the committee on the following:-
   o He has met with various HoDs and collected information relating to the Visa
      issue and SIRVA. It has cost the Faculty approx $250,000 in visa costs during
      the past year. A memo to the Provost and Tim Sprague has been drafted and
      PN is meeting with ST and AL today to discuss the detail. It was hoped that
      the memo would be from all the Exec Deans to represent a collective position.
   o MQSIS (Research) – To facilitate the assessment and ranking of the
      submissions of departmental applications, it is proposed that:
       all applications will be forwarded to HoDs on Monday, 6 December for
       HoDs are not expected to assess their own applications;
       for assessment of each submission, use the following ranking system:
              3 – Yes (to be funded)
              2 – Maybe
              1 - No (not to be funded)
       forward rankings to by Tuesday, 5pm;
       the panel (all HoDs) chaired by the Dean will meet on Wednesday, 8
          December at 1pm (E7A-829) to discuss the ranking, priority and to
          finalise the recommendations;
       if the final four submissions are not decided by the rankings, the relevant
          HoDs will be asked to present their application to the panel for an
          immediate vote.
   o Safety Net – Those in the top 10 and 25% awarded a grant of $25K. All the
      rest are competing for $340K – there are 63 possible applicants. Letters have
      been sent to researchers advising them of their eligibility. Fellowship
      applicants are not eligible unless the CI is from MQ.

SC advised the committee that applications for MQSIS (Teaching) are due on 3
December. A ranking process following the same procedure as the MQSIS
(Research) will be used if required.

The meeting closed at 9:40.

Date of next meeting: 17 December 2010

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