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Green Deal Double Glazed Sash Windows


									It's also worthwhile keeping appraised of breaking news within the window industry,
and the leading firms always aim to pass developments on to existing and potential
customers alike. Back in June of this year one company commented upon the
supposed governmental window scrappage scheme to assure customers that, although
no scheme currently existed, a petition had been delivered to the government
requesting the introduction of such an initiative. The new coalition government has
recently issued a response to this petition which bodes well for homeowners looking
to invest in new double glazed sash windows like this specialist's.
  The government's response was clear; a window scrappage scheme was not cost
effective due to the disproportionate cost of grade C windows when compared to the
proposed incentive amount, originally set at £1000.
  However there's hope on the horizon; the government pointed signatories to their
Green Deal, originally set to come into force later this year. Under new proposals,
households (and possibly businesses too) would be awarded up to £6,500 for energy
efficient home improvements and would then repay this amount using the money
saved on heating and energy bills.
  While the initiative is still being developed by the relevant departments, the
government has stated that it intends to list double glazing as one of the measures
covered by the plan. If this is the case, then homeowners could look forward to having
energy efficient sashes like this stunning range installed using funding from this
  The Green Deal comes as part of the coalition's £20 billion scheme to improve the
energy efficiency of countless domestic dwellings nationwide. While other measures
might include loft insulation or more energy efficient doors, the effect on the window
industry alone would be striking. The short term benefits to consumers are clear, but a
scheme like this would also stimulate a welcome long term increase in the
competitiveness of the window industry at large.
  This particular window expert welcomes any provision that assists homeowners in
acquiring high quality windows. They've developed their double glazed sash windows
range so that each design combines three integral elements; period beauty, matchless
quality and industry leading energy efficiency.
  Written by Jenny Pilley, content writer for Creare, specialists in internet marketing.

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