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					Green Card By Employment

There are hundreds of thousands of people - if not millions - all over the world who
want nothing more than to become a permanent resident of the United States. This
does not necessarily mean that they need to fill out a citizenship application, though.
There are many other ways that people can become LPRs, or Lawful Permanent
Residents of the USA. One of the best ways is to apply for a green card.
So what is a green card? In essence, it allows a person to live and work with the US
on an indefinite basis. It does not, however, grant citizenship status to its holder and
does not provide as many benefits and assurances as full citizenship. There are
various routes that can be taken by a person who is looking to secure a green card, and
one of the most popular is the employment green card.
Essentially, gaining a green card via employment involves a person who is living in
another country securing a job offer within the United States of America. This
employer can then choose to sponsor the application of the person for a green card.
This method is particularly recommended for those who are able to secure jobs with
the US government. Obviously, there is never a sure fire method of green card
application that will always work - but gaining a green card via employment has
proved successful for a great many LPRs currently living out their new lives in the
United States.
The United States government offer a limited number of green cards for each different
route of application. In the case of employment based green cards, only around
140,000 are offered on an annual basis. This may sound like a lot; however there are
many companies who prefer to source their employees internationally, so competition
can be fierce. With the right advice, however, the process can be made as smooth as
The process by which someone can apply for the employment green card can be a
lengthy one. There are a great many forms that must be filled out in the perfect way,
as well as numerous documents that must be submitted and checks that must be made.
This process would seem daunting to anyone. So it is always recommended that those
looking to apply for a green card invest in the best possible immigration advice.
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