Great Price Reductions On The Refrigerator Door Has Been disi Large Folder

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					Has been seen as high-end products in the market on the door Refrigerator Are quietly
lowering the price, currently over 600 liters capacity of the refrigerator door price had
fallen to 4,000 yuan to succeed, and even better than a lot of more than 200 liters
capacity, three refrigerators but also cheap, described as "Disi large folder" (low
volume Also feet).

 Reporter recently visited the city of Guangzhou more than Home Appliances Chain
stores found that almost all the brands on the refrigerator door in lower prices, which
cut prices of Korea's most powerful joint venture brands, previously priced at over a
million easily by side refrigerator is now generally priced at 5,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan,
only a very small number of machine Imported models prices remain at more than
10,000 yuan, "51" chain stores during the shot 2,999 yuan more super-cheap on the
refrigerator door. With Samsung A 540 liters capacity, frequency of the open
refrigerator, for example, last year's listing price 8499 yuan, the current dropped to
5,499 yuan; 548 liters of LG On the refrigerator door has 5,699 yuan a cheap option;
even higher price Siemens has also joined the price cut war, the 610 liters of
high-capacity on the refrigerator door below 8,000 yuan. In fact, consumers choose to
buy holiday home appliance store on the refrigerator door, then actual transaction
price but also lower, 2,999 yuan, 3,999 yuan can buy on the open refrigerator.

  Current general capacity of 300 liters in the following three door refrigerators are
generally priced around 4,000 yuan, compared with large capacity, high cost of the
open refrigerator. Canton States United States Canton Xuanjing Li Dong Lihui
introduction of various brands recently have appeared on the refrigerator door large
price declines, "drop of 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan, the pricing of large firms, each of the
major vendors are pushing large-capacity refrigerators" With the improvement of
living standards, on such a large capacity refrigerator door is gradually being
consumers. Canton 100 Electrical Purchasing Managers ZHANG Xiao-ping, told
reporters that a large capacity refrigerator trend, this year's major refrigerator
manufacturers are pushing more open the refrigerator, such as Haier's main push of
the Casa Imperial French door refrigerators and more; compared to the huge door
refrigerator volume, multi-door refrigerator set larger capacity and smaller size at an
area not much was under the kitchen can accommodate more than open the door

  If your kitchen is very large also need a large capacity of the refrigerator, taking
advantage of the collective price reduction now open the refrigerator, quickly select a
right on the refrigerator door. Hot on the refrigerator door

 Recommended Brand Model Capacity Features Reference Price

Samsung RSA2SQSW 540L variable speed compressor 5499 yuan

LG GR-A2074FDJ 548L drawer freezer 5699 yuan
Siemens KA62NV01TI 610L high-capacity 7,990 yuan Haier BCD-551WSY 510L

inverter compressor 4999 yuan Buy Tips 1. On the relative power door refrigerator,
three-door refrigerators are generally twice the ~ three times, should choose Energy
Power of the frequency of the open refrigerator.

 2. About two to use two separate systems side by side refrigerator freezer fresh,
cooling effect to be better.

 3. Small number of brands, models side by side refrigerator also features a change in
the greenhouse, but the price is relatively expensive.

 4. Buying on the open refrigerator before measuring out their kitchen, door height,
so that the refrigerator can not enter the house.
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