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									After working hard, writing examinations, clearing papers, worries about results and
struggled with those sleepless nights, finally you are about to receive the reward for
your accomplishment on a golden day. Yes, it is going to be your graduation day. On
your special day you are going to capture that magical moment and preserve it for
your lifetime. Simply accentuate your best features in a natural way. It is the best idea
to look gorgeous in your graduation photography.

Unless your school offers color options for gowns, you'll be forced to wear a color
that may not complement your skin tone. You'll be facing a situation that is hot,
crowded and will last for several hours, so you want to feel comfortable and look
fresh whenever possible.

There will be a lot of different photo situations. Keep in mind that in addition to your
friends' candid shots and your family's posed portraits, there will also be the school's
professional portrait photographer positioned near the stage, your school's newspaper
photographer and even local or regional professional photojournalists there to cover
the event. Your lovely face could appear in a variety of places.

Your graduation gown will be the single most dominant feature of most photos,
especially full- length shots. Consider your skin tone and your gown's color for the
best balanced makeup. If you have a lighter skin tone, your main concern is not to be
washed out in photos. Go for a natural tone, with a slightly darker foundation. Opt out
of colors that could compete with your gown. If you have a darker skin tone, try to
add some light contrast to your facial tones by using a little blush and a slightly lighter
foundation color. This will increase the tone quality and make your face pop instead
of wash out in your photos. Darker lip colors should look fine, as long as they
complement your tones rather than contrast. Consider using collars.

If you have a digital SLR, you will want to have a few different lenses on you. At the
ceremony and depending on the types of shots you want to get may be wide, medium
or close-up, you will need a wide angle lens (35mm equivalent of 16-35mm), a
standard zoom lens (24-105mm equivalent), and a fast zoom lens (70-200mm F/2.8).
Ideally, you should have F/2.8 zoom lenses for maximum versatility and to blur the
background behind your subjects for very pleasing portraits. If the graduation is at
night or outside in natural light, it will also be a good idea to bring a flash and a
diffuser for those portraits to give some sot filled light.
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