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									Got LSI? An important factor for SEO writers
  LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is another way that search engines find the most
relevant pages. This evolution in algorithms used by sites like Google, Bing and
Yahoo! looks beyond mere keywords and even past long tail keywords (AKA phrases)
to take an overall assessment of a content. While the name is somewhat fancy and
rather technical sounding the concept is rather basic. Words other than keywords
actually help define what the keywords mean specifically.
  Good SEO writing takes into account a number of factors. One must avoid using
important words too often or too rarely. The content must be readable and well done.
Search engines are now sophisticated enough to discern relevance, quality and
respectability. If you remember doing searches back in the 90's you can't help but be
impressed with how they work nowadays. LSI is one of the factors that help make
such an impression.
  Let's use an example: the word fan. A fan can be an item used for moving air or a
person as in short for fanatic. How does the search engine figure out which one is
being written about on a given page? LSI, that's how. Other words used in the content
besides keywords or long tail keywords give the spiders crawling through the pages
clues as to what is relevant and what is not.
  To continue with our example: if the content uses words like blade, speed, settings
air, flow, oscillating or cool, it's clearly about fan the item. Likewise if the search
finds words like athlete, actor, music, concert, game or performance, it knows that the
subject is fan the human. This ability to differentiate helps to assure that searchers
find precisely what they are looking for.
  As an SEO writer one of your jobs is to make sure you have your LSI ducks in a row.
Did you stop to think about multiple interpretations of your keywords? Did you add
language that will help both the search engine and readers figure out exactly what's
going on? If you want your content ranked high it is important for it to be obvious
what keywords it should be ranked high for. Keeping LSI in mind is one of the
aspects of the advanced SEO writer.
  If you would like to discuss LSI or SEO or you are in need of some copywriting,
please contact me, Kevin of the SEO, at I'd love to hear from
you. Happy writing.

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