Google Reader Notifer- Firefox add-on by gyvwpgjmtx


									Normal always two tabs open in Firefox, one for Pandora and one for Google Reader .
I would always go back and forth between the two cards in order to refresh the reader,
the type of obsessive compulsive thing. But now, with Google Reader Notifier , I can
only camp on the Pandora card until I get new stories.
due to no longer need to go to my card reader, because the built-in function allows
you to click on the Google Reader Notifier icon to refresh the number of unread
stories. Slick feature of the notifier that you can customize the mouse buttons to
different things such as update the count, as well as Google Reader open in a new tab.
You can also customize how often refreshing. Another great feature is that the count
will give the exact number, even if it is above 100
Thanks Ben!

Via: Google Reader Notifer: Firefox add-on
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