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					The reward of raising a golden retriever is seeing that cute cuddly, furry, little creature
grow up into an adult dog. Being a parent to a golden retriever the, pride of seeing
your little furry friend grow up to be a well trained adult retriever is priceless. As a
puppy, golden retriever is indeed a ball of a nonstop fun. As a parent to a golden
retriever, it is really fun to watch this furry dynamo with an awkward 4 left feet grow
in to a gawky adolescent until such time that he becomes full trained adult dog.
  It’s always fun to guide a golden retriever pup as he matures. But mistakes are not
allowed in raising a golden. This lovable pet requires additional parenting skill and
long range of patience. But mind you, all your effort will pay in the end once you are
able to successfully raise a well trained golden retriever. If you are capable of
extending your patience an extra mile, then golden retriever puppy adoption is for you.
If you bond with your golden retriever early on, then you will have the chance to
discover more from this cuddly pet. This will give you a chance to build an
unbreakable bond between you and your golden retriever. This loving four legged
friend will never abandon you. But mind you, in order to achieve successful results,
you must pay attention to every particular detail of training your puppy, because if
you don’t the end result can be disastrous. More often than not, untrained golden
retriever pups will grow up to be an unruly, overgrown, excessively active dog. You
see, this is one way of saying that adopting a golden retriever puppy is not for
everyone. This is also the reason why there are those who would opt to adopt an adult
golden retriever.
  Adopting a full grown adult retriever is coupled with advantages and disadvantages.
A fully trained adult retriever is the best option for those who do not have sufficient
time to train a puppy. You don’t need to worry about the dog’s capacity to adjust to a
new owner. Well trained adult golden retrievers are very friendly; you’ll just notice
that they would begin to love you practically in day one. Adopting an adult retriever
will also save you a lot of time and money from puppy training project. However,
there is just one disadvantage in adopting a fully trained adult retriever. It will be very
difficult to correct them from skills and bad habits that you do not want.
  Whether to adopt an adult or a puppy golden retriever will depend on you. However,
in making a choice keep this in mind: Adopting a golden retriever puppy will give you
the chance to customize the training to your advantage.
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