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					News for Everyone within Brendoncare                                                              Issue 27 Spring 2010

Fabulous facelift for Froxfield
Residents at Froxfield
have newly extended and
refurbished living areas,
thanks to the generosity of
Scion Technical Services, part
of the Mears Group PLC. The
construction team, whose time
and skills were donated free of
charge by Scion, attended an
afternoon tea party at which
residents and staff presented
them with ‘thank you’ gifts.

Froxfield’s Centre Manager Hilary
Harding said: “We are thrilled with
our much-needed improvements.
The lounge and dining rooms have
been extended, unused window
seats have been removed and new,
bigger windows have been installed
giving residents a better view of the
garden and bringing more light into
the home. As social and mealtimes
are such an important part of our
residents’ days, this will make a real
difference to their quality of life.”

Chief Executive, Ron Staker, added:
“We are so grateful to Scion and
Mears Group for their generosity
and support. Although the exact
                                                                                    Looking towards
cost of the project is unknown,
Brendoncare would have had to
fundraise around £30,000 to carry
                                                                                    the future                           by Ron Staker,
                                                                                                                         Chief Executive
                                                                                    Rarely have the issues of old age commanded the
out these works, so this is a superb
contribution by these committed                                                     headlines for such a sustained period without any
businesses.”                                                                        convincing policy emerging from any political party.
                                                                                    The debate is succeeding in generating a great deal
A sincere ‘thank you’ also                                                          of heat without very much light.
to Froxfield’s Activities                   Speaking on behalf of Scion,             We have lost two valuable and highly respected Trustees in recent
Coordinator, Ruth Lee, whose               Andrew Lee said: “This was a great       months, Robert Dean after an illness and Roddy Morton suddenly.
husband Andrew works for                   project for us to get involved in.       We extend our heartfelt condolences to their families; they will be
Scion. Ruth was the inspiration            Brendoncare is a very worthwhile         greatly missed by us all. Peter Willan has resigned as a Trustee and
behind the project and worked              charity caring for frail older people,   become a Vice Patron instead. We are now mounting a national
tirelessly to bring it to fruition. Ruth   and we were only too pleased to          advertising campaign to find suitable replacements.
received flowers, and all the workers       be able to make this contribution
were given a mug as a reminder of          to their living environment by           I am especially grateful to all staff that made considerable sacrifices
the endless cups of tea and coffee         providing the labour and materials       during the Arctic weather conditions to ensure shifts were covered
prepared by Lily, the Laundress!           free of charge.”                         and services maintained. At times like these it is a privilege to know
                                                                                    our staff can and do pull out all the stops and deliver.
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Looking towards the future                         RGH team up with PCT
                                                   Ronald Gibson House has been working
                                                   in partnership with the local PCT,
                                                   hospital and rehabilitation team on
                                                   a project to address the situation of
                                                   patients being in hospital unnecessarily.

                                                   In order to free up acute beds and facilitate their
                                                   ongoing discharge home, some patients were
                                                   offered the chance to come to Brendoncare for
                                                   a couple of weeks. A social worker then works
                                                   closely with staff in order to facilitate their move
                                                   on to their permanent home.

                                                   Centre Manager Helen Moriarty said: “The
                                                   project has been very successful. Following
                                                   referrals, assessments have been completed
                                                   quickly and patients have been transferred to          A relative of two residents who came to the
An effective organisation is one that looks into   us. The only difficulty has been in getting some        home under this scheme said that Ronald
the future and prepares for what is to come.       clients to go home afterwards – most of them           Gibson House had transformed her impression
A new three year strategy has been approved        want to stay!”                                         of care homes. She was full of praise for the care
by the Board of Trustees and, in a climate of                                                             and attention paid to the residents by the staff.
anticipated restraint from the Public Sector
in terms of commissioning and funding,
is an ambitious plan to grow and improve
the quality of our services. Your Care Centre
Manager/Branch Manager will provide more
information soon.

I will be explaining some further aspects of the
plan during the Road Shows in May and June.
                                                   New logo and Mission
I hope you will make an effort to attend and
look forward to sharing the future with you.

Of course with limited finance the role and
contribution of Fundraising becomes ever more
important and I welcome Hugh Thompson as
                                                   Statement launched
our new Head of Fundraising. Hopefully you will
have the opportunity to meet him or one of his
team, Laura Bailey or Shelley Green. They have
some great ideas and deserve our support.

Regrettably for a second year we have decided
not to award a general salary increase. This is
a prudent measure to ensure our fee
increases/levels are held as low as possible
and in anticipation of increasing constraints
on public expenditure in the coming years.
We will however continue to look for ways
of rewarding those who take on additional
responsibility such as Link Nurses.

The Forum has been briefed about this
decision and will monitor the situation
during the year. To date it has proved to be
an effective meeting for the exchange of
information, views and opinions.                   As you’ll see, we have a new logo.                     of our mission. In true Ronseal style, the Mission
                                                   Actually it’s just an update of our                    Statement sets out to ‘do what it says on the tin’:
This year we are ringing the changes by            current logo but with the addition of a                Brendoncare’s mission is to care for older
holding the Annual Event in Winchester and                                           .
                                                   new strapline,“for older people” This                  people with dignity and respect, providing
combining it with the Clubs’ Annual Meetings
                                                   is a small but very important step in                  care for life in care centres, and tackling
as well, resulting in a jam-packed event for the
                                                   our branding to support the need to                    social isolation through friendship and
entire Brendoncare family. So please note 20th
                                                   spread the word about the valuable                     well-being clubs.
October in your diary.
                                                   work we do. The new logo will now be                   You may ask what the significance is of these
                                                   rolled out across all our promotional                  changes to front line staff, volunteers, club
Best wishes
                                                   materials.                                             members, residents and supporters.
Ron Staker,                                                                                               It’s about effective communication; we have
Chief Executive                                    We have also refreshed our Philosophy of
                                                                                                          been updating those key statements that
                                                   Care, added a new Mission Statement and
                                                                                                          inform people, both inside and outside the
                                                   identified nine key values to ensure delivery
                                                                                                          organisation, in a few words what we stand for.
                                                                                                New role for Sarah
Induction launch is imminent

                                                                                                Congratulations to Sarah Sally who
 We are about to launch an e-learning             volunteer learning and development in the     has joined the Finance Department in
 based core induction module for                  future. Once you’ve been allocated your       Central Office as a Financial Accountant.
 all staff and volunteers. It contains            username and password, please take the
                                                  time to watch it; those who have so far all   As many of you will know, Sarah was previously
 video clips, and tells you all about the                                                       the Administrator at our Alton care centre. In
                                                  report they have learnt something. Pictured
 Brendoncare organisation, its history,                                                         her new role, Sarah takes over from Graham
                                                  here are Ron Staker and Hugh Thompson
 key activities and much more.                    with the film crew.                            Camfield the task of managing the Central
                                                                                                Accounts Service and producing the monthly
 It is the beginning of a radical shift towards
                                                                                                payroll, whilst filling a number of important
 e-learning as the basic tool for staff and
                                                                                                gaps in our accounting service.
                                                                                                In relinquishing his Central Accounts and payroll
                                                                                                responsibilities, Graham has been freed up to
                                                                                                concentrate on the systems side of his role,
                                                                                                developing our services in this area, including

                                                  Park Road
                                                                                                providing support for the IT initiatives in the
                                                                                                caring side of Brendoncare.
                                                                                                Good luck to both Sarah and Graham.

                                                  Snippet                                        Edenbridge
                                                  A short but sweet news item from Park
                                                  Road was that a James Bond Casino
                                                                                                 planning application
                                                  Afternoon in February was combined
                                                  with a celebration of the 80th birthday
                                                  of Mrs Joan Smith to make a very happy
                                                  day for all those who attended.                We are waiting to hear the outcome
                                                                                                 of a planning application for a ‘Total
                                                                                                 Care Living’ scheme for older people in
                                                                                                 Edenbridge in Kent.

Top notch investment                                                                             The proposed £17million care facility will
                                                                                                 provide nursing care for physically frail older
                                                                                                 people and those with dementia. There will be
                                                                                                 48 ‘total care living’ apartments and a 40 bed
We recently received confirmation of the renewal of our Investors in People award,                nursing centre, along with extensive support
and with it a special certificate marking 10 continuous years of accreditation.                   services and facilities.

This is a testament to our commitment to all
our staff, in particular their ongoing learning
and development.
The Changing Shape of Care

Brendoncare heralded as
‘A Beacon of Quality’

Annual Event recognises achievements of top performers
This year’s Annual Event saw Professor             He went on to talk about the quality of life
Nick Bosanquet, Professor of Health                experienced by the “older old” and said that
Policy at Imperial College London,                 “Brendoncare has a very big role to play in
describing Brendoncare as a ‘Beacon of             the development of elderly care. It has been
                                                   a beacon of quality in residential and nursing
Quality’ for its innovative care solutions
                                                   home care and a pioneer in the development
and commitment to person-centred care              of care for the individual.” He also praised the
for older people.                                  work being undertaken in Brendoncare’s clubs,
Professor Bosanquet was our guest speaker at       particularly tackling social isolation.
the Royal College of Nursing event in London,      Awards were presented by Professor Bosanquet
entitled ‘The Changing Shape of Care’. In his      to top-performing staff and volunteers,
keynote address he highlighted important           spanning Innovation, Excellence in Care,
changes affecting older people that have           Improving Learning and Performance and
occurred over the past five years, most notably     Outstanding Achievement. In recognition of the
the ever increasing number of “older old” (those   importance of long-service within Brendoncare,
over the age of 85), the considerable difference   13 staff from The Old Parsonage and Park Road,
in lifestyle and affluence between “younger old”    whose combined service amounts to over 300
and “older old” and the higher levels of long      years, also received Long Service Awards.
term illness particularly for women.
Froxfield                                                                Alton
Volunteer Ann Gibb, Chairman of the Froxfield League of Friends,         Julia Perry, Daycare Manager, received an Outstanding Achievement
received an Outstanding Achievement Award, while Registered Nurses      Award, Activities Coordinator Louise Murkin was presented with an
Maria Motaung, Elizabeth Mahlangu, Joyce Scheepers, Mercy Chilengwe     Excellence in Care Award and Care Assistants Jessica Laney and Hilda
and Senior Care Assistant Brenda Cooper received a team award for       Cerias were acknowledged for Improving Learning and Performance
Excellence in Care.                                                     as was Registered Nurse Maria Malig who was unable to attend.


Team Leader Gill Price received an Improving Learning and Performance
Award, Administrator Chris Rotherforth-Thomas and Volunteer Diane
Stoneman both received Volunteering Awards while the Housekeeping
team of Bev Hayman, Marciano Pasion, Judith Broom, Carolyn Hands and
Shirley Upton received an award for their Problem Solving skills.

                                                                        Double winner Chris Holt, Chef Manager, received an Improving Learning
                                                                        and Performance Award and was also presented with the Kitchen of the
                                                                        Year Award, while Care Assistant Lynne Smith was acknowledged for her
                                                                        Problem Solving skills.

Park Road
Anne Simmonds, Anna Goddard, Jan Lewis, Kathy Hill, Miriam Masters,
Lorraine Magee, Kay Pond and Julie Haslet from Park Road all received
Long Service Awards.
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The Changing Shape of Care

 The Old Parsonage

 Long Servers – Christine Adams, Stephanie Freeman, Vivienne Hatchard,      Stildon
 Cathy Bruce and Barbara Ackroyd from The Old Parsonage.
                                                                            Chairman of the Stildon League of Friends John Sapwell received an
                                                                            Outstanding Achievement Award, while Daycare Coordinators Valerie
                                                                            Stiller and Cheryl Clark and Care Assistant Joyce Senna all received
                                                                            Excellence in Care Awards.

 Brendoncare Clubs
 Edwin Ingleton, Branch Manager for Club Hampshire, received an             The Old Parsonage Winners
 Outstanding Achievement Award, Christine Benham, Volunteer Leader
 of the Yateley Day Centre Club, received a Brendoncare Award as did        Chef Manager Nick Gould received an Outstanding Achievement
 Margaret Picken, Susan English, Brenda Bickerstaff and Ruth Braithwaite    Award and a second award for Improving Learning and Performance,
 all volunteers from the Yateley Brunch Club.                               Nurse Team Leader, Cathy Bruce, was presented with an Excellence in
                                                                            Care Award and Doreen Antell, Second Chef, was acknowledged for
                                                                            Improving Learning and Performance.

 Outstanding Achievers
 John Sapwell, Chairman of the Stildon League of Friends, Julia Perry,
 Daycare Manager at Alton, Ann Gibb, Chairman of the Froxfield League        Chiltern View
 of Friends, Christine Platt, Chairman of the Education & Research Group,   Second Chef Joanne Parish received an Improving Learning and
 Edwin Ingleton, Branch Manager of Brendoncare Club Hampshire, and          Performance Award.
 Nick Gould, Chef Manager at The Old Parsonage.
 RGH Round UP                                                                                        Stildon News
                                                                                                     There’s been plenty going on at Stildon.
                                                                                                     Residents were entertained by a government
                                                                                                     funded group ‘New Harmonie’ who combined
                                                                                                     a unique programme of music and exercise with
                                                                                                     the help of Activities Coordinator Jane White; the
                                                                                                     quartet played various pieces of music offering
                                                                                                     relaxation, movement and singing and was a
                                                                                                     great success with residents.

                                                   On the subject of food, staff took
                                                   residents out for a very successful pub
 Residents and staff at Ronald Gibson              lunch at their regular ‘watering hole’.
 House went to town at Halloween.                  The group were looked after very well and
 Bats, witches and spiders were among the          the Knicker Bocker Glories were talked about
 scary surprises hanging from the ceilings and     for days!
 staff wore masks, it was overheard to be said,
 to improve their looks! Residents joined in        Christmas was filled with lots of
 the fun by wearing witches wigs and hats. Far      festivities.                                     Relatives and staff pulled together to
 from being scary, the event gave everyone a                                                         provide essential clothing for Filipino
                                                    As well as enjoying some lovely carol
 good laugh.                                        singing from local churches and schools,
                                                                                                     colleagues whose families saw their
                                                    staff and residents were treated to a nativity   homes and livelihoods destroyed by
 St Nicholas Day was also celebrated in style.
 The dining room was decorated in blue              play performed by a group of toddlers and        the terrible floods.
 and white, and residents and relatives were        a Christmas Party hosted by St Anselm’s          The generosity was overwhelming, and Stildon
 served with a special menu. A big thank you        School. The highlight of the season was the      even got a mention on the Philippines’ news.
 to Catering Manager, Scott Thomas, and all         RGH Christmas Party which was attended           Thank you to everyone who contributed.
 the helpers.                                       by residents, relatives and friends and of
                                                    course a surprise visit from Santa! Thanks       Music from the war years gave a special touch
                                                    to the League of Friends for funding to          to Remembrance Day followed by a Memorial
                                                    support Santa!                                   Service; a time to remember residents past and
                                                                                                     present with their relatives.

All’s fair in love and war... and cooking!                                                           At Christmas, children from the local
                                                                                                     school helped with an art and craft
                                                                                                     session making lanterns and ended
                                                                                                     with Christmas Carols in French!

                                                                                                     Carols were played by the local Hand Bell ringers
                                                                                                     followed by the Carol Service which is always a
                                                                                                     special event for residents, families and friends.
                                                                                                     The day finished with mulled wine and mince
                                                                                                     pies supplied by the League of Friends.
                                                                                                     Snow ensured the year ended in true
                                                                                                     Christmas style with everything covered in a
There has been speculation over recent             Pictured here with Ron Staker are Hotel
                                                                                                     pretty white blanket but the weather did cause
years that the Kitchen of the Year dates           Services Manager David Higgins, and Area
                                                                                                     difficulties. Centre Manager Rita Blatcher said:
were fixed, a rumour hotly denied by                Operations Managers Sam Foti and
                                                                                                     “The staff rallied as usual with an array of walking
Ron Staker.                                        Karen Smith.
                                                                                                     gear and snow buddies to maintain the care to
So this year he invited witnesses and cameras      We were very sorry to say farewell to             our residents; thank you to all of you who battled
to check that all was totally unbiased and fair.   Karen in February – she left Brendoncare          through regardless!”
No evidence of any wrong doing was found.          to pursue a new career in recruitment. We
                                                   wish Karen the very best for the future.
Club Bournemouth &
Poole Update
                                                                                                   “Humbug!” says Hanson
                                                                                                   Sunrise Club members were treated to
                                                                                                   the acting talents of Tony Hanson when
                                                                                                   he performed as Scrooge in the run up to
                                                                                                   Christmas. Ann Lench wrote, produced and
                                                                                                   directed the adaptation of Charles Dickens’
                                                                                                   classic, A Christmas Carol, which went
                                                                                                   down a storm with the club members.
                                                                                                    Meanwhile, Tony has been in the wars. While
                                                                                                   delivering leaflets he had a rather nasty surprise.
                                                                                                   “Feeding a leaflet through a letterbox, a dog
                                                                                                   clamped its jaw and teeth around my poor
                                                                                                   little fingers and nearly pulled one off! I had
                                                                                                   no warning, no barking, no growling – it was
                                                                                                   just there waiting for me, probably starving!”
                                                                                                   Poor Tony had to have his index finger dressed
                                                                                                   by a nurse and was prescribed a course of
                                                                                                   antibiotics. Tony added: “I strongly recommend
                                                                                                   that delivering leaflets into innocent looking
                                                                                                   bungalows should be done with extreme
                                                                                                   caution and include danger money!”

New Club for Kinson
50 prospective club members and                 In promoting this new club, Brendoncare
volunteers flocked to the launch of the latest   worked alongside many local community
Brendoncare Club in Kinson in February. The     organisations. Branch Manager, Tony Hanson,
Mayor of Bournemouth, Cllr Mrs Beryl Baxter,    said: “This is our tenth club in Bournemouth
attended as the guest of honour along with      and Poole, and we are now benefiting around
Cllr Pat Lewis (Kinson North), the Champion     300 older people locally, showing this is a
for Older People.                               vital service.”

                                                                                                    Club Dorset
                                                                                                    Clubs remain strong in Dorset and John and
                                                                                                    Sandie Derben are spending a significant
                                                                                                    amount of time there to encourage more
                                                                                                    funding for the existing club operation.
Activity classes a big hit                      Centenarian Mary Celebrates
The exercise bug has definitely got to           with friends
Bournemouth and Poole’s older residents,        Mary Mawby celebrated her 100th Birthday
                                                                                                   We are delighted to report
thanks to activity classes launched by          on 25th February and enjoyed a party the day       that our grant from Hampshire
Brendoncare as part of a well-being
initiative with Bournemouth and Poole
                                                before with her friends at the Alpha Club. Mary    County Council has been
Teaching PCT. Aimed at the over 70s, the
                                                received many cards and there was a special
                                                cake cutting ceremony. The celebrations were
                                                                                                   renewed for a further year, an
classes have ranged from Mobilise (gentle       helped along with the lovely singer Dolly Brown    invaluable £118,000. Thanks
chair-based exercises) to Aqua Active (all      who sang lots of old favourites including one      also to the Borough of Poole for
round mobility exercises in the pool). These
have been arranged by Cindy Walker, the
                                                written the year Mary was born. Mary is pictured   grants of £58,000 in 2009/10 and
                                                here (right) with her friend Marjorie Williams,
newly-appointed Activities Organiser for        in her 90s, who she has know for many years.       a further £29,000 for the first
Brendoncare Clubs.                                                                                 half of 2010/11.
Club Hampshire
Recruitment of volunteers around the Hampshire clubs in 2009/10 has been the best
since Club Hampshire started back in 2002, attracting 67 newcomers to the team.
Edwin Ingleton, Branch Manager, said that the club service is in safe hands looking
forward and paid tribute to the tireless dedication of the volunteers.
Our sincere thanks to the members of the Club Hampshire Advisory Team, affectionately known as
CHAT, for their sterling efforts over the last few years. The team has now been disbanded and will be
replaced by a number of Clubs Volunteer Forums which will involve sharing of ideas and discussions
on activities, training and much more. We hope to update you on this in the next newsletter.

                                                                     At the Hampshire County
                                                                     Council Good Neighbour
                                                                     Awards in Winchester,
                                                                     Brendoncare received
                                                                     recognition again this year.
                                                                     Volunteers from the Petersfield
                                                                     Welcome Club were nominated
                                                                     by their members and received
                                                                                                        Congratulations to Ethel Lupton who
                                                                     awards from Tommy Walsh,
                                                                                                        celebrated her 99th birthday in December
                                                                     the BBC DIY personality. The
                                                                                                        with her friends at the Fleet Tuesday Club.
                                                                     Town Mayor, Mrs Hilary Ayer,
                                                                                                        Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the party and
                                                                     added her congratulations
                                                                                                        all are now looking forward to a really big ‘do’
                                                                     when she visited the club the
                                                                                                        next year – roll on 100.
                                                                     following week. Also receiving
                                                                     recognition were Bill and Beryl
                                                                     Bates, long standing volunteers
                                                                     at the Purbrook Friendly and
                                                                     Southsea Monday Clubs, who
                                                                     have been volunteering for
                                                                     a great deal of their lives.

Farewell to Jack Wilcock
Club Leader at the Solent Friends
Club, who has stepped down after
three years of tireless service.
Jack leaves with our warmest thanks and                                                                 Yateley Brunch Club members were so
very best wishes. Jack is pictured here                                                                 delighted that their stalwart volunteers were
with his wife, Doreen, and Ed Ingleton.                                                                 nominated for a Brendoncare Award at the
                                                                                                        Annual Event that they “clubbed together”
                                                                                                        to buy each of them a token of their thanks
                                                                                                        for all their hard work. Pictured receiving a
                                                                                                        beautiful Cyclamen each from Doris Martin
                                                                                                        are Susan English, Brenda Bickerstaff, and
                                                                                                        Ruth Braithwaite. Margaret Picken received
                                                                                                        hers later.

Triple Thursday                                                                                         Club Hampshire said goodbye to Lesley
                                                                                                        Lynton towards the end of last year and John

Celebration                                                                                             Murphy has joined the team as the Assistant
                                                                                                        Branch Manager on six month secondment
                                                                                                        from ROCC.
And the Southampton Thursday                                                                            Following consultation with members,
Club enjoyed a triple celebration in                                                                    clubs have closed in Kingsclere, Basingstoke
                                                                                                        and Fleet Monday, with all of the Fleet
February in the shape of a party to                                                                     members joining other clubs. The
celebrate three members’ birthdays.                                                                     Farnborough and Aldershot Clubs have now
Ernie Hanslip and Charlie Warren were                                                                   merged, the Three Parishes Club has merged
                                                                                                        into the Horndean Rainbow Club, and the
both 90 and Margorie Carter was 83.
                                                                                                        club at Havant has merged into the Silent
A lovely time was had with sandwiches,
                                                                                                        World and Friends Club and relocated to
trifle and birthday cake.                                                                                an improved venue in Leigh Park.
   Forum Report                                    Froxfield News

The Brendoncare Forum continues to
go from strength to strength and had
an excellent opportunity recently to
discuss real issues affecting Brendoncare.
Members looked at the business
planning process that managers have
been carrying out which included
discussing the links between the fees,             Froxfield has been in full party mode with
occupancy and the economy and the                  some very special celebrations. Surrounded
impact that these factors have on                  by about 50 family and friends, resident Nora
staff pay.                                         Rowell and her husband Jim celebrated 50
At the January Forum, there was also some          years of marriage with a lovely old fashioned
discussion about the Christmas 2009                sing-song.
pay arrangements due to the fact that              Staff, residents and volunteers all enjoyed
26th December was a Saturday, which affected       a fun filled run up to Christmas at Froxfield
which days were paid at enhanced rates.            despite the Christmas Party being called off
As a result of these discussions the Forum         because of the snow! The festivities included       Hilary Harding hit the local headlines
representatives were asked to consult with their   S & G’s production of the pantomime Jack and        when she spoke of the dedication of her staff
colleagues locally on options for the future,      the Beanstalk and visits by several schools.        who walked miles to work during the snowy
and these views are being fed back. If you have    Residents joined up with other elderly people       weather. As Froxfield is quite isolated up a
any comment to make on the subject, please         from in and around Hungerford to enjoy a            hilly lane many staff left their cars at home
do make sure that you speak to your local          Christmas Party with musical entertainment          and walked several miles to get to work while
representative.                                    put on by the John O’Gaunt Senior School in         others, including Hilary, chose to bed down
                                                   Hungerford. They also enjoyed carols around         for the night to ensure continuing care for the
                                                   the Christmas tree at the Village Hall and a        residents. “I would like to say a big thank you
  Alton: Tracy Crossman and
                                                   Carol Service at St Peter’s Church followed by                                                ,
                                                                                                       to the staff for pulling out all the stops” said
  Sandra Tabor
                                                   mulled wine and mince pies. And residents and       Hilary pictured here enjoying a snowball fight
  Central Office: Kim Berrett                       staff were thrilled to visit Mrs Judith Millar’s    with her Grandson Drew.
                                                   home where she put on a splendid Christmas
  Chiltern View: Hayley Nicholls and               Tea Party.
  Jenny Boundy
                                                   Congratulations to Senior Nurse Mercy
  Froxfield: Margaret Lawton                        Chilengwe who has been awarded a Degree
                                                   in Gerontology. This is a fantastic achievement
  Knightwood: Christine Davies
                                                   and is testament to Mercy’s commitment to
  Meadway: Maurie Bone                             older people.

  The Old Parsonage: Doreen Antell and
  Paula Williams
  Park Road: Anne Simmonds
                                                    Positive Days
  Ronald Gibson House: Wenna Hughes and             We recognise the importance of
  David Smith                                       ensuring the content of the whole of
                                                    the ‘Resident’s Day’ is built around
  Stildon: Lesley Phillips and Jacky
                                                    the wishes as well as the needs of the
  Volunteers: John Le Riche
                                                    We are delighted that Liz Gardener has
  Woodhayes: Judith Broom and                       changed her role from being responsible            And resident Dora Scott-Worthington
  Annette Flemming                                  for activities within Brendoncare Clubs            celebrated her 100th birthday with family and
                                                    to becoming Activities Adviser across the          friends including her sister Pamela who is also
                                                    whole organisation. She will be working            a Froxfield resident. On receipt of her card
                                                    closely with the Care Centre Activities            from HM The Queen, Dora suggested a cheque
Don’t forget you can have your say by               Coordinators to ensure all residents have          would have been nice! Dora puts her secret for
letting your representative know about              their own plan which reflects their choices         a long life down to keeping a sense of humour
                                                    and includes a varied and stimulating range        and never going without make-up! Ruth Lee,
any other issues you feel should be                 of activities. Liz will be visiting all the care   Activities Coordinator, said: “Dora keeps us all
discussed at the Forum.                             centres shortly.                                   smiling and she always looks glamorous.”
Knightwood News                                                                                   Some very
                                                                                                  We are constantly amazed and delighted
                                                                                                  at the lengths to which our volunteers go
                                                                                                  in helping older people.
                                                                                                  To mark the 70th anniversary of the start
                                                                                                  of World War II, members of Brownsea and
                                                                                                  Halfway Monday Clubs were invited to share
                                                                                                  their memories of the conflict. Volunteer Valerie
                                                                                                  Francis has produced a booklet capturing some
                                                                                                  of these very special moments – memories
                                                                                                  from club members as small children, teenagers
Residents and volunteers enjoyed a              Davies, Senior Care Assistant. With their vocal   or young adults. Some stories are sad and
mouth-watering Harvest Supper with              chords well oiled, the residents got singing      tragic, others are more light-hearted. Many of
tasty food washed down by a variety of          and gave new residents Frank and Doris            the incidents have never been spoken about
Apple and Pear ciders provided by Christine     Norris a warm welcome.                            before and it is hoped that this booklet will be
                                                                                                  cherished, not only by the contributors but by
                                                                                                  their relatives and friends.
                                                                                                  Printed below is an article submitted by Halfway
                                                                                                  Monday Club member, Dora Feather.

                                                                                                  A Fate Worse than Death?
                                                                                                  I was 17 years old when the War broke out in
                                                                                                  1939. I knew there would come a time when
                                                                                                  women would be called up to do war work, so I
                                                                                                  left school and took a job as a parlour maid in
                                                                                                  a big house with a lovely young family. As time
The singing theme continued when                Despite the cold weather in January,              went on, I was very happy there until the wife’s
residents enjoyed their first ever Christingle   resident Gwen Ayling had a warm welcome           elderly mother and father came to live with us.
Service. A change from the more traditional     and celebrated her 90th birthday in style,        About that time there were rumours that we
Lessons and Carols by Candlelight, residents    surrounded by her family and all the              would be invaded. Granddad called a family
each took home their Christingle to light up    residents.
                                                                                                  meeting, to which I was invited, and he showed
their own apartment!
                                                                                                  us a gun, and said if we were invaded he would
                                                                                                  shoot us all, and I would be first as everyone
                                                                                                  knew what the Germans did to young girls.
                                                                                                  I lived out the rest of the War in fear and
                                                                                                  trembling in case the Germans came!

Staff and residents invited their much          their friendly faces, uplifting chatter and
appreciated volunteers to a special supper      good humour undoubtedly help to make
to acknowledge their outstanding support.       Brendoncare Knightwood an inclusive and
Jane Bell said: “Undertaking tasks from tea     supportive environment for all our residents.
and coffee rounds on the nursing unit, to       We value them so highly, so it was lovely to be
accompanying the residents on outings           able to thank them.”
and manning the shop on a weekly basis,
         Focus on Fundraising
Fundraising Team News                                                                                       Fundraising Update
                                                                                                            We are delighted to announce that
                                                                                                            recently Capacity Builders, the Laing
                                                                                                            Family Trust and Sport Hampshire
                                                                                                            have all made donations to the charity
                                                                                                            totalling in excess of £20,000. Thank
                                                                                                            you for your support.

                                                                                                            Calling all Skydivers!
                                                                                                            Are there any daredevils out there willing
                                                                                                            to jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet?
                                                                                                            Parachutes available upon request! Following
                                                                                                            last year’s successful sponsorship by a number
                                                                                                            of staff and volunteers we are looking to
                                                                                                            repeat this exhilarating event on 10th July.
                                                                                                            If you would like to know more please
                                                                                                            contact Shelley Green on 01962 857090.

A very warm welcome to Hugh                         Emma Digance has gone on maternity
Thompson who has joined Brendoncare                 leave, and baby Isabella Alice arrived on 28
as the new Head of Fundraising.                     March. Shelley Green has joined the team as
                                                    Community Fundraiser. Shelley said: “My focus is
A professional fundraiser for more than 11          to work specifically with the clubs and the local
years, Hugh has focused principally within the      communities within their locality. It is vital that
hospice movement working with both adult            people understand the value of the work that
and children’s services. During his time at North   we are doing to help older people in our local
Devon Hospice as Director of Fundraising and,       communities. If they know what we do then we
closer to home, at Naomi House as Fundraising       are far more likely to raise money in support of
Manager, Hugh oversaw significant increases in       our work.”
income generation which allowed for essential
service development. Hugh lives in Oakley with      Laura Bailey and Anne Heathorn form the rest
his wife, Lini, and two boys Charlie and Alfie.      of the fundraising team and have responsibility
                                                    for grant making trusts and merchandise
He said: “I am delighted to join Brendoncare and    respectively.
return to Winchester. Brendoncare is a charity
that gives fantastic support to older people, but   The fundraising team are determined to focus
                                                    upon the charitable objectives of Brendoncare,
shockingly this is an area that is all too rarely
focused upon in the public arena. My aspiration
is that people give as much consideration to
                                                    to demonstrate how we are making a difference
                                                    to so many people. They will be making visits
                                                    to clubs and care centres and would like to
                                                                                                          Great South Run
elderly care as they do to other causes. I know                                                           This year the Great South Run will be
that others share this aspiration and I look        hear from you if you have any suggestions or          held on Sunday 24th October on the sea
forward to working with you all to achieve this     comments. By raising the profile of Brendoncare
                                                                                                          front at Southsea.
in the coming months and years.”                    as a charity we can raise more voluntary and
                                                    charitable income which we can invest in              Last year the 10 mile event was a sell out with
Hugh added: “The need for Brendoncare’s             delivering quality care to older people.              all available places taken so we have reserved
services has never been greater; the over 85                                                              a number of places for this event. If you or a
age group is the fastest growing age group                                                                friend are interested please do contact Shelley
in the UK and Brendoncare is a key player in                                                              Green on 01962 857090 or e-mail sgreen@
the development and provision of quality                                                        
care through its care centres and out in the
community through the clubs.”                                                                             Last year Terry Stafford, Andrea Griffin
                                                                                                          and Kathleen Houghton chose to run for
                                                                                                          Brendoncare, so our warm thanks to them.
                                                     Repeat for Raffle                                   Warm-hearted Caroline
Fundraising                                          Following last year’s successful raffle we
                                                     will be holding another Brendoncare-
                                                                                                       braved icy waters for
to a Tee!
                                                     wide raffle this year, with the draw
                                                     likely to be in September. Tickets will be
                                                     circulated in the late spring/early summer.       While most
                                                     Any donations of prizes, or suggestions of
                                                                                                       people were
                                                     people or organisations to contact, would
                                                     be most welcome. Please call Laura Bailey
                                                                                                       enjoying their
                                                     on 01962 857471.                                  first drink and
                                                                                                       tucking into
                                                                                                       mince pies
                                                   Win cash, with                                      on Christmas
                                                                                                       Day, Caroline

                                                   the 500 Club                                        Sampford,
                                                                                                       the Centre
                                                                                                       Manager at
                                                   A huge thank you to long-standing clubs
On Friday 10th September a                         volunteer Sylvia Gamblin who, amongst her
Brendoncare Golf Day will be held at               many roles, organises a monthly mini lottery,       Woodhayes, started her day with an
Hockley Golf Club near Winchester                  known as the 500 Club. Tickets are just £1          icy swim in the sea off Exmouth.
for teams of four. The event is kindly             each month and currently around 30 clubs            Our thanks and congratulations to Caroline
sponsored by Taylor Made Computer                  in Hampshire take part with typical winnings        who raised over £200 for Brendoncare
Solutions.                                         being around £100. We’d like to roll this out       which will be spent on garden furniture
                                                   across Brendoncare so any club or care centre       for Woodhayes residents.
If you would like to know more please              interested in taking part should please contact
contact Hugh Thompson on 01962 857096.             Hugh Thompson on 01962 857096.                                               ,
                                                                                                       “It was a fabulous day” Caroline said. “The
                                                                                                       sun shone and the sky was blue, there were
                                                                                                       literally hundreds of people watching and
                                                                                                       at least 100 in the water.” And what’s the

Fundraising firewalk                                                                                   secret to Caroline’s success? “The trick is
                                                                                                       to get cold first, chill down before you go
                                                                                                       in, so that the water feels a better option.
                                                                                                       It didn’t feel cold but it completely took
                                                                                                       my breath away!”

‘hot stuff ’                                                                                          Clothing sale
                                                                                                      a winner
                                                                                                      A big thank you to Sally Ayers from
                                                                                                      The Old Parsonage who raised £30
                                                                                                      from the Clothing Sale she ran just
                                                                                                      before Christmas.
                                                                                                      As well as helping to provide funds for
                                                                                                      Brendoncare, the sale provided lots of fun
                                                                                                      and merriment. Sally is now planning another
                                                                                                      sale so if you’re looking to spring clean your
                                                                                                      wardrobe, please pass on your recycled
                                                                                                      clothes to Sally who can be contacted
                                                                                                      on 01962 711020.

Nine fearless firewalkers walked
across coals burning at 1300°F to
                                                   Fundraising Manager Emma Digance said:
                                                   “This was a great evening and we are so
                                                   grateful to our nine walkers for their amazing
                                                                                                     Musical show
                                                                                                     got toes tapping
raise money for Brendoncare at the
Winchester Round Table fireworks                   support. They had a fantastic time, all putting
                                                   in at least one repeat performance, and
spectacular on Saturday
                                                   the large crowd watching showed their
7th November.                                      appreciation with cheers after each walk. We
                                                                                                     A musical and dancing extravaganza by
The walkers were a mix of staff, volunteers        now hope that next year even more people
                                                   will be bold and take up the challenge. Our
                                                                                                     the award-winning Southern Minstrels
and supporters, and they raised around
£1,800. Pictured left to right are: Kim Berrett,   sincere thanks to Winchester Round Table          was held for Brendoncare in February,
Caroline Hedges, Helen Harman, Laura Bailey,       for their valued support.”                        at Winchester’s Theatre Royal.
Lee Peck, Rosemary Clarkson (crouching),                                                             The performers, aged from three to adult, put
                                                   This event will be repeated this year on a
Keith Wilson, Gareth Bloomfield (Round                                                                on a great show with glamorous dance routines,
                                                   larger scale, so if you wish to know more
Table) and Jocelyn Jenkins.                                                                          gorgeous costumes and glittering lights.
                                                   please contact Laura Bailey on 01962 857471.
Fundraising continued
Hip hamper hooray! Hugh’s
                   Views                                                                                    Our new Head of Fundraising, Hugh
                                                                                                            Thompson, has spent much of his
                                                                                                            first couple of months travelling
                                                                                                            around the care centres and clubs,
                                                                                                            meeting as many people as possible,
                                                                                                            keen to understand the ins and outs
                                                                                                            of Brendoncare and what makes the
                                                                                                            charity tick.
                                                                                                            The more he and his team know about
                                                                                                            Brendoncare, the better able they are
                                                                                                            to raise much-need monies. Here Hugh
                                                                                                            shares a few observations from his early
                                                                                                            times with us:
We are very grateful for the support                   Bluefin employee Adrian Luff (pictured here           “I have been hugely impressed with the
of the Bournemouth branch of                           with Hugh Thompson) will be heading across
                                                                                                            high quality of care delivered throughout
Insurance Brokers, Bluefin, who                         the Atlantic in October to raise money for
                                                       Brendoncare, running the Chicago Marathon            the charity
donated a super hamper from John
                                                       on 10th October. We wish him all the best in his          At Chiltern View I witnessed staff
Lewis worth over £150 to Brendoncare
                                                       training and will bring you more news of his trip         treating the residents with dignity
Alton for their raffle.                                 to America and how much                                   and respect under difficult conditions
The hamper included a range of delicious treats        he raises for Brendoncare
and helped to raise money for Alton.                   later in the year.                                        In Gosport I met and talked with
                                                                                                                 Doris who, at 101 and totally blind,
                                                                                                                 finds it impossible to get out of the

  Angels                                               Join us for a ‘Quiz                                       house at all in the week save for her
                                                                                                                 Brendoncare Club

  Brendoncare’s Sunrise Club in Poole has
  recently raised £43 to support the costs of
                                                       and Curry Night’                                          The charity is forward thinking in,
                                                                                                                 for example, the intent to provide
                                                                                                                 dementia training to all staff
  running their club. Club members enjoyed                                           Tickle
  an arts and craft session and made some                                                                        Brendoncare is responsive to
  stunning angels which they then filled over                                         your taste                  demographics, looking at how to
  the festive season with change. The money                                          buds and                    address the growing demand for
  raised will go towards the £3,500 it costs to                                      get your                    quality dementia care
  run the club for a year.                                                           thinking                    We are measuring the difference that
                                                                                     caps on.                    we make to individuals’ lives through
Club Collection Tins                                                                  We’re hosting a
                                                                                      ‘Quiz and Curry
                                                                                                                 an important research project at
                                                                                                                 Bournemouth University
Each of our Brendoncare Clubs now has                                                 Night’ at the
a collecting tin. These offer members the                                             Concorde Club              We have a great volunteering ethos
opportunity to “help us to help you” by making                                        in Eastleigh on
a donation towards the cost of providing door-                                                                   More than anything I have been
                                                                                      25th May from
to-door transport for our members, and other                                                                     touched by the real and positive
                                                                                      7:30pm and are
running costs such as venue hire, insurance                                           looking for teams          difference that we make to people’s
and so on. We are delighted with the effort                                           of up to six people        lives on a daily basis throughout our
that the members have shown in supporting              to help raise money for Brendoncare. Tickets              care centres and our clubs
the work of Brendoncare Clubs. So far this year        cost £10 per person, which includes the curry
over £1,150 has been donated through the tins.                                                              Our job within the fundraising team is to
                                                       (alternatives available) and there will also
Special thanks must go to Brownsea Club and                                                                 highlight these differences and to bring
                                                       be a raffle. If you would like to attend, please
Halfway Monday Club who have raised over               contact Shelley Green on 01962 857090 or             them to the attention of potential funders –
£700 through their tins. The cost of providing         email:                     to demonstrate the impact of Brendoncare.”
transport in all of our clubs costs £150,000 a year.
Alton Update                                                                                         Chiltern View
                                                                                                     Chiltern View was overrun by canine
                                                                                                     activity when it staged its annual
                                                                                                     Fete and Dog Show.
                                                                                                     The event, which raised an amazing £900,
                                                                                                     proved to be a great success with many
                                                                                                     more dogs than the previous year being
                                                                                                     entered to show off their talents. The front
                                                                                                     lawns were full of stalls and a delicious
                                                                                                     aroma wafted over from the kitchens
                                                                                                     where Russell was preparing burgers and
                                                                                                     hot dogs. Josephine was also kept busy
                                                                                                     preparing cream teas helped by family,
                                                                                                     relatives and local residents of Stone who
                                                                                                     added their support in numbers.

                                                                                                     A bring your own beer ‘Pub Quiz’
                                                                                                     proved to be a very popular event.
                                                                                                     Six teams of five people were squeezed into
All at Brendoncare Alton are delighted            “Hope is what this new job is all about,”          the dining room as a mixture of relatives
to be getting to know one of the south’s          said Debbie, who is also a Lay Minister (or        and staff competed against each other in
most popular TV personalities. Former             Reader) in the Church of England.“I seek to        the hard fought quiz. The winning team
newsreader, Debbie Thrower (now using             come alongside not only older people but           ‘Stoned Crazy’ pipped the runners up by
                                                  also their relatives, carers and staff working
her married surname Thompson), has                                                                   just one point! Teams are already swotting
                                                  in residential care. It is the clearest possible   up for the next event.
been appointed as the new ‘Chaplain to            message from the churches I’ll represent that
Older People’ in Alton.                           older people matter.”
Debbie will be looking at the spiritual welfare   Debbie is a former BBC national newsreader
especially of those in residential care and       and presenter of South Today and was for
sheltered accommodation in Alton and as such      many years one of the best known faces in
has become a regular visitor to Brendoncare.      the region presenting ITV’s “Meridian Tonight”
                                                  with Fred Dinenage.

                                                                                                     Chiltern View kick-started its
                                                                                                     Christmas celebrations with a visit
                                                                                                     from Robert Wilson, the Reminiscence
                                                                                                     Man, with his daughter Sarah.
                                                                                                     Residents stirred the pud, smelled the spices
                                                                                                     and remembered the basins and boiling
                                                                                                     cloths. Inspired by Robert’s visit, Chiltern
A warm welcome to two new recruits                Caroline Cupples is the newly appointed            View made their own Christmas cake which
at Brendoncare Alton.                             Activities Assistant and will be working in both   was judged by all to be very tasty.
                                                  the elderly frail and the mentally frail wings.
Vicci Elliot joins the team as the                She has worked in the care sector for six years,
Administrator, taking over from Sarah                                                                The snowfall resulted in breathtaking
                                                  the last two with the elderly and those with
Sally who has moved to Central Office. A                                                              views over the Chiltern Hills. Centre
                                                  learning disabilities. Caroline wanted to be
committed Reading Football Club supporter,                                                           Manager Mike Tullett said: “Despite the
                                                  more involved with the social side of resident
Vicci travels the length and breadth of the                                                          difficulties heralded by the snow, staff and
                                                  care and is keen to help give residents fuller
country to see them play. She doesn’t only                                                           relatives made a magnificent effort to keep
                                                  and more enjoyable lives. She lives with her
watch from the stands however, Vicci also                                                            life as normal as possible, sometimes in
                                                  teenage son and two British Bulldogs.
keeps fit by playing for a lady’s team.                                                               quite tricky circumstances.”
News from Woodhayes
                                                       Christmas party
                                                       The Christmas party was
                                                       a colourful occasion with
                                                       staff dressing up, much to
                                                       the amusement of residents.
                                                       Pictured here are ‘Dames’
                                                       Peter Reynolds, Handyman,
                                                       sporting a blue wig, and
                                                       volunteer Eric Webster.

                                                       There’s been plenty going
                                                       on. Each month Woodhayes
                                                       organises a themed lunch and
                                                       no prizes for guessing what
                                                       the theme was for this event!
                                                       The Christmas fair was a great
                                                       success and they raised just
                                                       under £450. Thanks to Audrey
Mr Britten Edmunds, who is known as                    Smart, a resident at Woodhayes,
Ed, celebrated his 100th birthday and went             who helped by selling raffle
out for lunch with his family to his favourite         tickets.
restaurant and had a carvery, followed by              And finally, congratulations
a short trip to the seaside then back to               to Ailene Figueroa who has
Woodhayes for sherry and cake. Ed had a                achieved her NVQ2 in Health
lovely day and was very pleased with his               & Social Care.
telegram from the Queen.

TOP News
                                                       A very warm welcome to Julie Street who has
                                                       joined the team as Associate Nurse. Julie has lots
                                                       of new ideas for The Old Parsonage and has hit
                                                       the ground running.

The Old Parsonage has been as busy                     As spring approaches, residents are reflecting
as ever.                                               on their successes last year connecting with
                                                       nature. They grew their own sunflowers with
                                                       the tallest one reaching an impressive 8ft 3”!
                                                       The challenge is of course to top this in 2010.
                                                       And thanks to the careful daily watering and
                                                       tending of runner beans which were planted,
                                                       residents enjoyed a supply of fresh runner
                                                       beans throughout the Autumn. This will
                                                       definitely be repeated.
                                                       Fundraising has been going well. A Clothes
                                                       Swap generated plenty of fun and some cash,
                                                       while the Autumn Fair raised over £900 and
                                                       had a variety of new stalls which proved very
                                                       successful. Well done and thank you to all
A stirring ‘Last Night at the Proms’ event got         Staff and residents were delighted to
everyone singing and reminiscing. With Union           welcome a Harp Player and Otterbourne
Jacks galore, a great time was had and the             Primary School and they were enthralled by a
residents stood bolt upright for the National          very interesting talk from the Education Officer
Anthem, waving their flags.                             at Marwell Zoo who also paid them a visit.

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