Global Exchange Vacation Club Explains Facts about Vacation Ownership

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					Global Exchange Vacation Club Vacation Ownership Powered by RCI Points

Vacation Ownership & Exchange Club Membership Benefits
RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange
RCI has more than 4,000 affiliated resorts in over 100 countries
RCI Points offers the world's leading timeshare exchange services
RCI was founded in 1974
RCI has over 3.3 million members in over 200 countries
RCI has over 5,000 employees worldwide and has offices in the United States, Europe,
Latin America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East

General Facts About RCI Points & Vacation Ownership

RCI Points Exchange: One of the most exciting and significant benefits of our Global
Exchange Vacation Club vacation exchange club memberships is the ability to
exchange to over 4,000 resorts and the flexibility to break your Global Exchange
Vacation Club/RCI Points package into convenient nightly stays at the RCI Points
affiliated resorts.

Extra Vacations: Our vacation exchange club members can purchase additional
vacation time at Members-Only prices.

Cruise Vacations: Members have access to over 50 leading cruise lines and thousands
of itineraries for global vacations, taking them to ports of call all over the world.

RCI Points Partners Program: With the RCI Points Partners Program, Members can
use their Points for a variety of other travel related products and services like Airline
tickets, Car Rentals, Hotels and Activities.

RCI Points for Deposit: Members that currently own a Vacation Week at a RCI
affiliated resort can actually deposit that week and utilize that traditional vacation
week in the RCI Points world! Contact us for more information. With GEVC Powered
by RCI Points, is it just a membership (like at a health spa) or do I really own
As a Member of Global Exchange Vacation Club, the Membership and Points you
purchase are backed by Real Estate acquired for the Club, with a policy of Title
Insurance from Stewart Title Guaranty Company. Your Membership is in perpetuity.

How is GEVC Powered by RCI Points different from any other timeshare programs?
With our state of the art pure points based system, we provide our Global Exchange
Vacation Club members with more flexibility and choices in travel for global
vacations. With our vacation club memberships, your points actually work as currency
in the system, allowing you to choose length of stay, size of accommodations and
travel with the versatility you desire.
When can I use my Points?

Based on your date of purchase, you are assigned an anniversary date at which time
your Points will be activated in your account. Each year your Membership Points will
be activated in your account on that date.

David & Carole of San Clemente, CA wrote this about Global Exchange Vacation

"We received an invitation in the mail to attend a sales presentation for 90 minutes at
an off-site gallery with no obligation and in return would receive a great gift. Of
course we had no intention of BUYING ANYTHING, but we were so pleasantly
surprised at the quality of the organization, the features and benefits of the program
and the overall experience that we just knew we had to take advantage of the
opportunity that day. Three years later and our family is enjoying the benefits of that
fateful decision every time we travel together." We have enjoyed our experience with
Global Exchange Vacation Club and are happy we chose them.

Sandra Woodford