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Global Environment and Global Warming


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									The global environment is the entirety of our planet 鈥檚 natural systems. It
encompasses ecosystems, climate, geology, regional environments, and human
societies and artificial environments. It can also be termed as Mother Nature or
Mother Earth in a broader perspective. It can also be described simply as the state of
our surroundings.
  Global Warming Global warming is the phenomenon of abnormal changes in the
global environment because of continuously increasing temperatures of the Earth 鈥檚
near-surface air and oceans. One of the main causes of global warming is the thinning
of the ozone layer due to the release of ozone destructive chemicals in the atmosphere
that breakdown the O2 particles of the said layer. Such occurrence is also known as
ozone depletion.
  The green house effect is also considered a major, if not the biggest contributor to
global warming. The green house effect warms the earth by trapping the heat from the
sun, preventing it from rising out of our atmosphere. Carbon monoxide and other
pollutants make heat remain near the earth 鈥檚 surface, similar to how a green house
absorbs heat and prevents it from getting out.
  Through the years, global warming has become synonymous with climate change
because experts believe that of all the effects of the earth surface heating up, climate
change is the most disturbing and dangerous. 鈥?Abnormal amounts of rainfall occur
all over the world because of the change in weather patterns brought about by changes
in temperature. Days or even weeks equivalent of rain sometime pour down in a
matter of hours. Such heavy rainfall can cause destructive floodings. 鈥?Abnormally
high temperatures can also cause very high evaporation rates that lead to more
frequent and longer lasting droughts. Such droughts can lead to famine and food
shortage in some areas. 鈥?The rapid changes in temperature have caused more and
stronger hurricanes and storms. Another abnormal change in the global environment
brought about by global warming is the rapid rising of sea levels. This is because
abnormally high temperatures are melting the polar ice caps. Sea levels have already
risen severely in the past decades and some countries are beginning to become
submerged in water. Ocean waters in some regions have also become acidic and
dangerous to life. Acidic waters coupled with high sea-surface temperatures have
already claimed the life of over a quarter of the world 鈥檚 known coral reefs.
  Changes in the global environment due to climate change have caused sudden
changes in the planet 鈥檚 ecosystems. Hundreds of plant and animal species which
have failed to adapt to the abrupt changes have already faced extinction.
  Measures need to be taken now before even mankind is pushed to the brink of
extinction. One move being pushed by the United Nations is the use of green sources
of energy instead of the conventional ones that pollute the environment. Support for
the sustainability industry is being called for and waste-to-energy processes are under
extensive research and development. The newest discovery in green technologies is
the biosphere gasification process which involves the efficient and eco-friendly
conversion of solid wastes into green electricity.

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