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Glittering Tourist Attractions of India

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					India is dotted with numerous attractions. It has golden past and charming present. Let
us known about the top five man made attractions of India that are worth visiting.
  Taj Mahal: Taj Mahal is the prime attraction of India. It is positioned in Agra, Uttar
Pradesh. It is one of the Seven Wonders of Modern World and is UNESCO World
Heritage Site. It is made of white marble and is truly marvelous in structure. It was
constructed by Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife Mumtaz Mahal. The
interior of the Taj is beautifully decorated with paintings of motifs, calligraphy,
murals, lavish carpets, etc. Taj Mahal is the major highlight of tours and travels in
  Konark Sun Temple: Konark Sun temple is one of the most astonishing religious
monuments in the world. It is known for its brilliant architectural design. This is a
World Heritage Site. The temple is devoted to Sun God or Surya Devata. The Konark
temple is very famous for its architectural splendor and exquisite and profusion of
sculptural work. The temple is made in a style that it represent chariot of Sun God
with 24 wheels dragged by the seven horses. It is situated in Orissa.
  Golden Temple: Golden Temple is situated in Amritsar, Punjab. It is one of the
holiest shrines of the Sikh. This is the only temple made of gold in India in present
scenario. The temple is situated in a pool of water.
  Lotus Temple: Lotus Temple is situated in Delhi and is prominent attraction of India
travel tours. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in India. It has won numerous
architectural awards. It has flower like structure and its structure generate positive
energy and gives complete peace to soul. It is one of the most visited buildings in the
world. Even the numbers of visitors surpassed than that of Eiffel Tower and Taj
  Khajuraho Temple: The Khajuraho group of monuments is UNESCO World
Heritage Site. Khajuraho is a small town situated in Chhatarpur district of Madhya
Pradesh. This small town has largest groups of Hindu and Jain temples. These temples
are famous for their erotic sculptures. These temples are devoted to sex and sexuality.
Apart from this, they show a celebration of love, life and worship
  These monuments are considered to be one of the "seven wonders" of India.
  These are the five glittering attractions of India. Tourists can also visit the royal land
of Rajasthan. There are many magnificent forts and palaces in Rajasthan. These forts
and palaces represent the royal past of the bygone eras. Visit popular forts and palaces
and make your India luxury travel delightful and historical.

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