Giving Your Lover Pleasure - What You Have to Know to Make Sure You Give Her INTENSE Pleasure Sexua by gyvwpgjmtx


									There is not a man alive that does not want to pleasure his girl in bed as intensely as
possible. In fact, most men want to know how to give her the most pleasure
imaginable. It's pretty basic, cunnilingus (oral sex) is by far the most outstanding way
to pleasure your woman in bed.
  Intercourse is excellent for a man, but most women rarely have orgasms from
vaginal sex (often times because the guy has not Taken Charge & Learn How to Last).
It is not uncommon for a woman to get the most pleasure and the most intense
orgasms from cunnilingus. Did you know that your woman's vagina and clitoris have
somewhere around 8000 nerve endings? One of the best ways to pleasure your lady is
to use your tongue.
  If you think about it, this makes absolute sense. Your girl's vagina and clitoris are
extremely sensitive. At the same time, your tongue is also highly sensitive and it is
also nice and soft. There is no better combination that will provide her with more
intense pleasure.
  When done correctly, oral sex can give your girl super intense orgasms which result
in her ultimate pleasure.
  On the other hand, if you do it incorrectly she may have very little chance of
reaching orgasm at all.
  Oral sex can be the most pleasurable thing in the world for a woman. It is funny
though 鈥?we are never taught how to correctly pleasure our ladies orally.
  I became highly interested in making sure that I always give my girl pleasure (an
orgasm) with my tongue. I set out to find out the proper techniques and I stumbled
across a book that was put out by Oprah's love expert Michael Webb. It is called
LICK BY LICK and it took my oral abilities through the roof. My girl is always
satisfied when I give her intense oral pleasure. Of course a satisfied girl equals a huge
smile on my face and plenty of sex. If you REALLY WANT to know how to give a
girl the most pleasure then you should study a cunnilingus guide such as LICK BY
LICK which will teach you beginner cunnilingus, all the way through to some pretty
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