Girl Bullies Schoolgirl Bullies Are Cruel In Their Bullying Strategies by gyvwpgjmtx


									Girl bullies are just as much an everyday occurrence in schools as boy bullies. The
girl bullies make use of different methods, however. While a number of them will
spread gossip about the other girls, or taunt girls about their body mass or overall look,
others school girl bullies will be inclined to act as a cluster, which gives the lead bully
far more power.
  Furthermore, because girl bullies operate in groups, they are unsurprisingly cheered
on when showing abuse to others girls. This provides them with the influence to carry
on picking on others. In some instances, they will use their assemblage to swell their
apparent authority which will result in after school physical altercations. This raises
quite an interesting issue. Girl bullies who partake in fighting are usually encircled by
boy bullies and their acquaintances. The attendance of the boys seems to almost
encourage the violence.
  Girls who bully other girls do so very easily. If they see a girl who is fresh to the
school or seems a bit introvert, maybe wearing different style clothing, she will
become a main target. So, too, will girls who are new to our country who wear their
native costume, and who are helpless in grasping the terminology used in every day
school life.
  In comparison to boys, schoolgirl bullies are cruel in their bullying strategies as well
as in their street combat. They display no regret or worry, but dwell exclusively on the
achievement of popularity amongst their peers.
  Most girl bullies can be rapidly identified by the amount of girls who goes around
with them. In addition, their outlook, their similar way of dressing and their verbal
communications are obvious indications that somebody in this bunch is a leader as
well as a bully. They show a blatant disrespect for authority of any kind and will make
use of whatever means necessary to cover up their deeds by intimidating those in their
group to stay quiet.
  Another issue is that school girl bullies frequently opt for targets who appear to get
on well with teachers, those who are academic, and who do not play the game of the
'gang-like' values most girl bullies enforce as leaders. According to the figures on
school misdeeds and safety, 26% of females have been caught up in bodily fights. In
addition, the Journal of the American Medical Association recognizes schoolgirl
bullies as "those who use verbal bullying and rumors to victimize other girls." It's
hardly surprising then, that 39% of middle school girls when asked, stated they do not
consider themselves to be protected at school.
  Incidents of girls who bully girls take place more often in sixth to eighth grade, and
the girls usually reside in built-up areas. Victims of school girl bullies are evidence of
to the fact that they are emotionally and spiritually mistreated.
  The bottom line is that for girl bullies, it is a passed down behavior. Proof indicates
that bullying starts from the tender ago of just two years old. Schoolgirl bullies can
create intense disturbing unease within their victims. For that reason it is up to the
parents, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and support staff to see the
signs and act to put an end to these incidents of girl bullying immediately.
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