Getting Familiar with the Different Orchids Types by gyvwpgjmtx


									There would be more likely to have numerous and various hybrids and species of
orchids. However, you will be surprised to know that the truth is there are actually
only two types of orchids. Types of orchids are based on how they thrive. One popular
orchid type is the terrestrial orchid. These species of orchid generally grows on the
ground. The second orchid type is the epiphytes orchids. Epiphyte orchids grow on
rocks, in trees and even on poles.
  The Terrestrial orchid species happen to be amongst the most popular and most liked
orchids. Even if the roots of the terrestrial orchid grow underneath the face of the soil,
there are some terrestrial orchids that are considered to be semi-terrestrial.
Semi-terrestrial means that the specific type of orchid have both an underground and
above ground root system. One example of a terrestrial orchid is the Cymbidium
orchid. It has 40 different species types along with thousands of hybrids. These were
among the first orchid species that has been cultivated by the people. These orchids
are the best example of terrestrial orchid which does not only breed upon the ground
but, also on the rocks and trees. Movable humus of decayed leaves and also on wood
that is already rotten can be the best medium for cymbidium orchids. Pots can also be
another option from where you could grow this type of orchids. The Cymbidium
orchid can be found abundant in Japan to Southeast Asia, which is their natural habitat.
They can also be found in Australia. The Cymbidium orchid is very well-liked
because they are easy to grow. This characteristic of Cymbidium orchid makes them
the perfect choice for those who are still beginners in terms of gardening and
cultivating orchids. In addition to that, they bloom abundantly which provides their
growers with a beautiful set of blooms almost every year as long as they receive the
appropriate care.
  Epiphytes are the second type of orchids. However, this term is not only used
specifically on orchids but it actually refers to any plant which has its root system
grow above the ground. The Dendrobiums are the most common and well known
epiphytes orchid. Dendrobiums can be raised easily and they only require a little more
care as compared to the Cymbidiums. They also don't flower easily on a regular basis.
They grow upon structures which includes poles and trees. Although epiphytic orchid
grows upon the tree, it does not depend on the nutrients of the trees for its survival.
They make use of the organic matters that accumulates between the branches and
roots as the source of their nutrients. It's amazing that there are actually over 1000
species of this type of orchid. They are commonly found in their natural tropical
habitat in South East Asia, Northern India, Polynesia and Australia. Dendrobiums
grow well in balmy, moist growing circumstances and should be kept damp. Another
admired epiphyte variety of orchid is named Phalaenopsis. They are also easy to grow
orchids and have enduring flowers. These types are commonly used at ceremonies
and weddings. They also have varieties of colors which includes yellow, pink and
even stripes.
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