Getting A Visa For Your Foreign Fiancee by gyvwpgjmtx


									What's the fiancee visa ? The fiancee visa is just like the identity card which can
prove your Identity and status in one country.
  If you want to marry with an foreign citizen and reside in this country , you must
have the Fiancee Visa of this country. There are the different fiancee visa in different
countries. For an instant, A citizen of a foreign country who would like to come to the
United States to marry an American citizen and reside in the U.S. will have to obtain a
K-1 visa. The K-1 visa is American Visa which can identity your status in American
  Before you go to apply for the fiancee visa, you must ask for the fiancee visa guide
which can make you know the whole procedure of getting the fiancee visa of one
  Commonly, if you go to apply for the fiancee visa of one country, you should submit
the petition first. Then, the people of consulate of that country will verify whether
your are ineligibility. They will check whether you have any communicable disease,or
dangerous physical or mental disorder as well as whether you are drug addicts or you
have committed serious criminal acts and so on. If you have any illegal or dangerous
acts, you will be considered as ineligibility. After you pass in this testing, The
consular officer will ask you to submit some files, such as birth certificate,valid
passport, Medical examination and so on..
  The fiance visa is very important for your marriage and immigration. If you have no
the fiancee visa, your immigration will become illegal act. If you immigrate to one
foreign country and marry with the citizen but have no the fiancee visa, you will be
arrested and punished by local government.
  To be quite frank, the process of getting fiancee visa is very complicate, so
sometimes, you should need a attorney and he will handle everything for you. Hiring
an attorney to do this job, it has been become very very popular in recent years.
Commonly, the applicant of fiancee visa is very anxious to get the approval and entry
the foreign country soon, so if you hire an attorney, you can save much time and
finish the job soon!
  As above said, the fiancee visa is the key point of the marriage in foreign country. In
the fast developing society of today, it is very important for people to masting the
relative knowledge of getting the fiancee visa. Most people will meet this kind of
question in his life. If you know this,you can handle this thing easily and successfully.
Generally, The process of getting fiancee visa is, mostly, a matter of getting your
papers filled in correctly. Masting the correct and detail information of yourself and
keeping all of your important file well will help you much in this course.
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