Wedding Checklist Wedding by sdsdfqw21


									                          Wedding Checklist
          6–12 months
□ Arrange your engagement party
□ Buy the engagement ring
□ Decide on what kind of wedding you want (i.e. the theme), date and time
□ Discuss the budget and decide who will pay for what
□ Decide on your attendants (i.e. Maid of honor, Bridesmaids, Best man, etc)
□ Book the wedding and reception venues
  □ Decide upon a minister and book him
  □ Book a florist and select your flowers
  □ Book a photographer
  □ Book a caterer
  □ Book a DJ
  □ Select a menu
  □ Select a cake
□ Discuss the guest list with the fiancé and families
□ Buy a diary and file to keep notes and brochures
□ Book a Hairdresser
□ Book a Make-up artist

         3-6 months
□ Decide on the honeymoon destination and make reservations
□ Select and register wedding gifts (bridal gift registry) of your favorite store
□ Decide on gifts for the attendants
□ Decide on a color scheme for the wedding
□ Order your wedding dress and accessories
  □ Order bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes and accessories
  □ Order men’s formal wear
  □ Shop for beautiful lingerie
  □ Buy wedding rings!
□ Get the new apartment ready
□ Draw up the guest list
□ Design your own wedding invitations or choose a design
 □ Order invitations
 □ Address and mail your wedding invitations

           2 months
□ Arrange accommodation and transport for guests that are out of town
□ Get the wedding rings engraved (optional)
□ Plan the ceremony, reception and organize the master of ceremonies
□ Plan the seating for the reception if necessary
□ Get a wedding contract (optional)

          1 month
□ Call to confirm all the arrangements and contracts
□ If you still need to attend final fittings, do it now
□ Arrange for transportation for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen to the ceremony and
   from the ceremony to the reception
□ Pick up the wedding rings
□ Go to the beauty salon for a trial of your hair & make-up
□ Call guests who have not yet replied
□ Book a room at a guest house where you can get dressed near or on the premises of the venue of
   the ceremony

         1-2 weeks
□ Arrange for the attire to be ready on the day of the wedding
□ Arrange with the minister for marriage license
□ Write your speeches

         Day before the wedding
□ Attend the rehearsal (optional)
□ Pack your bag for the church with all the necessities
□ Discuss order of the program with master of ceremony
□ Pack the honeymoon bags
□ Have a quiet moment with yourself and take a deep breath

         Wedding day
□ Say a prayer for strength for the day
□ Don’t forget to have a good breakfast
□ Get started on your hair and make-up
□ Remember that not everything will run according to plan, relax, because you are the
  only person that knows this
□ Enjoy your special day!


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