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Cow Brush


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									A BouMatic company   Cow Brush
                     For loose housing barns
                     A clean cow is a happy cow

    Cow Brush
    For loose housing barns
    A clean cow is a happy cow

Cleaner cows, better well-being
It is important that your cows are clean and
calm to maximize milk yields.

In large loose-housing herds it can be time
consuming and impractical to manual brush
cows on regular basis.

This problem can be solved with the
STRANGKO automatic cow brush.

                                               A self service brush for your herd.
                                               The brushes rotate slowly, the cow enters and is brushed
                                               - it’s that simple!
                                               Experience shows that the cows very quickly learn how
                                               to use the cow brush.
                                               Resulting in cleaner cows, better well-being, a good
                                               basis for improved milk yields.

                                               The built-in slip clutch prevents injury to the cow.

 Materials:                                       Low maintenance design
    Frame manufactured in 80x40x5mm               Helps to keep your cows clean and healthy
    RHS galvanised Gear 0,18 HP

    32 brush rotations per minute

    Brush length 458 mm (1,8”)
                                                                  Your dealer:
    Brush diameter Ø 305 mm (1,2”)

    Maintanance free flange bearing

    25 mm drive shaft (0,1”)
                                                                                                                   D 160110 / 08-2007

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    A BouMatic company                                          Tel +32 (0) 19 54 42 66, Fax +32 (0) 19 54 55 44
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