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									                                                                                                         Mobile Advertising

                                                                                                         RateCard                       2009/2010

                                                                                                                                  South AfRiCA

   About Mobile Advertising

       Habari Media’s mobile division has           in the world than all the televisions and            absolutely measurable that can offer age,
    partnered with South Africa’s largest           PCs combined. There are now around                   gender, location and handset targeting.
    cellular service provider, Vodacom, to sell     42 million registered SIM cards in South             The mobile medium offers unique moments
    its mobile advertising. Habari Media are        Africa in a population of 48 million people          of consumer engagement because of the
    also founding members of the recently           giving mobile as a channel huge reach of             close and personal relationship everyone
    created South African arm of the Mobile         around 88% penetration. South Africa is              has with their phones; moments that other
    Marketing Association (www.mmaglobal.           also one of the most active mobile countries         media platforms are unable to deliver.
    com).                                           in Africa.                                               Habari Mobile can structure a package
                                                       The advantages of using mobile media              suitable to your target market and provide
     Mobile has evolved into the “7th Mass          is that it offers advertising that is interactive,   you with a comprehensive mobile
    Media” channel with more cell phones            targeted, instantaneous, cost effective and          advertising strategy.

    Vodafone Demographics                             About Vodafone Live

                                                         Vodafone live! is a mobile Internet portal that allows customers to access content, news
    Male                             67%              and information on their mobile handsets. The content categories include Home & Search;
    Female               33%                          Mobile Fun; News & Weather; Entertainment; Sport; Travel & Location and My Services.
                                                         There is an average of 2.3 million unique visitors who generate 18 million page
                                                      impressions per month, all tech-savvy and connected individuals who are able to be
    19 - 34                    55%                    targeted via age, gender and location.
    Earn over R7000        47%
    Married              43%                          Ad types

    Single    8%                                      WAP banner adverts and hosted mini sites on the platform

    EDUCATION                                            Banner impressions                                    CPM
    Matriculated               52%                       >100 000                                              R250
    Further education 21%                                >300 000                                              R150
    RACE                                                 >600 000                                              R100
    Black                        58%                     >1 200 000                                             R80

    White                 28%                            >2 500 000                                             R60

                                                      hosted Mini Sites
    Gautang                30%
                                                      option 1              R150 000
    Western Cape 16%                                  *500 000 WAP banners & 50 000 downloads, or 25 days whichever is first. (Call for terms etc.)
    KZN            12%                                option 2              R75 000
                                                      * 250 000 WAP banners & 25 000 downloads, or 25 days whichever is first. (Call for terms etc.)

About Habari Media
Habari Media is a local Marketing Agency founded in 2004 comprising two principal business units: Media and Promotions. Habari Media is our
online media sales arm that has developed a portfolio with the largest online reach in Africa. Our second unit, Habari Direct, is a below-the-line
agency with a completely unique offering in the African market. Habari Direct boasts unrivaled sales promotion case studies, creative flair and
record results. Habari focuses its effort on providing service to clients across the entire African continent with a company policy that emphasises
meeting and exceeding customer expectation. See reverse for contact details.
 About AdMe
                                                                                                                   Male                              59%
   By opting into the AdMe community, consumers subscribed to any South African cellular                           Female                    41%
network, agree to receive one MMS or SMS advert per day on their phones from Monday to                             AGE
Friday. There are no subscription fees and members can opt out instantly whenever they choose to.
                                                                                                                   16 - 24                     43%
   In return members get 100% free access to a multitude of regularly updated competitions,
                                                                                                                   25 -34             33%
promotional give-aways and exclusive offers from brand partners through multiple community
interaction channels including mobile internet, fixed internet, USSD and SMS short-code.                           MARitAL StAtuS
   Brands can target relevant advertising to a base of 322 000 highly profiled national base                       Married         20%
of incentivised consumers through an array of rich, interactive and extremely measurable media
                                                                                                                   Single                        46%
formats such as Push SMS and MMS. Targeting is age, gender, operator and region.
                                                                                                                   Black                           52%
                                                                                                                   White              28%
 Ad types and Costs
 MMS - 4 page with no audio                     R1.70 per send
 MMS - 8 page with audio                        R1.85 per send                                                     Gautang                35%
 SMS                                            R1.35 per send                                                     Western Cape 19%
 *minimum send is 10 000 total and 2500 per day                                                                    KZN          13%

 About Please Call Me                                                                                              GENDER

   Please Call Me is a free network                                                                                Male                        49%
service to subscribers that can expose               Ad types and Costs                                            Female                        51%
your product or service to the average 18            Ads are sold per slot per day with 22 slots
to 22 million messages generated per day             per 24 hours.
                                                                                                                   19 - 34                            61%
by 2.4 million unique users.
   Vodacom subscribers can simply dial                                                                             MARitAL StAtuS
                                                     Banner impressions Per slot per day
*140*(target cell number)# to instantly                                                                            Married               27%
                                                     1 day                         R16 800
send a free call back request to another                                                                           Single                               68%
subscriber on any South African cellular             >5 days                       R8700
network. The call back request SMS that              >10 days                      R7500                           iNCoME
is tagged with a text-based advertising              >15 days                      R6500                           Earn less than R7000pm 33%
message is delivered to the sender and               >30 days                      R5400                           EDuCAtioN
the user specified cell phone subscriber.
                                                                                                                   Matriculated                  36%
   It has proven its effectiveness in the low
                                                     *add 25% loading for slots books more than
to mid LSM groups with exceptionally high
response rates.                                      30 days in advance.

   This brings you web-style video                   Based on requests from several brands, Vodacom                       Mobot is a new interactive
entertainment to the phone with                   Mobile Media has developed a mobile application for                  promotional technology that
videos range from web favourites to               capturing leads in a simple and ubiquitous way, via USSD.            allows consumers to receive instant
professional programming.                            USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is                 information on a product, simply by
   The video directory includes brand             a Global System for mobile communication technology                  taking a photo of an advertisement
names such as Fox and MTV and the                 that is used to send text between a cell phone and an                with their mobile phone.
content is easy to discover through               application program in the network.                                     Consumers can be encouraged
multiple search options, where                       USSD is similar to SMS, but unlike SMS, USSD                      to take a photo of an advertisement
users can utilize Stream Channels;                transactions occur during a continuous communication                 or product with their mobile phone,
Download Clips; Create Profiles;                  session that can last up to 4 minutes in duration.                   which they then send to receive an
Share favorites; Chat; Search; SMS                Subscribers are familiar with this technology as it is used to       automatic reply with details of the
Alerts and Invite Friends.                        recharge their airtime.                                              product and even special discount
   Your brand can reach this exciting                A user can activate a USSD session at a marginal per              vouchers and offers, WAP links and
109 000 unique user base through                  session cost by dialling a pre-specified number sequence             competitions.
banner advertising.                               and allow brands to leverage this platform to interact and
                                                  collect information.

                                                     contact : ■ T: +27 21 487 9100 ■ F: +27 21 487 9111 ■ E: ■ W:
                                                     postal address:    P.O. Box 16258, Vlaeberg, Cape Town, 8018
                                                     physical address: 5th floor, Elkay House, 186 Loop Street, Cape Town, 8001

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