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					My Best Holiday ever!!!

We were heading our way to wahi beach that’s where were going to be
staying. It took about an hour and a half to get, when we got there it was
super hot, the thing that me and my brother wanted to do was swim but
couldn’t because we had to unpack all of our stuff. When we were all
finished my brother, my dad and I went for a swim there huge waves that
we were boogie boarding on. We went for a swim nearly every day and
some times my dad and my mum let us go and buy an ice-cream

Me and my brother were sleeping on bunk beds in our holiday home that
we were staying in the holiday home was good for a family of 4 maybe 5
but that bed was to small for me and my brother. My brother, my dad and I
walked up this big hill to the top of it we could see the whole beach. My
dad told my brother and I to run down the hill to the bottom and we did, it
didn’t take us long, We Walked back along the beach. We stayed there for
about 6 days then we went up the corrimandel.

It took about another an hour and a half to get there and my brother
vomited on the way there. When we got to the holiday park we stayed in a
cabin in hahei Holiday Park. I made group friends and I played around with
them for the time I was there. We went for swims more often then wahi
beach because we were closer to the beach. There were jelly fish but I
didn’t get stung by them. My dads friend came with us on there kayaks
and ours it was quite freaky because I was on my own kayak we went
through a cave by the sea we went through with the kayaks but when I
tried to kayak back I kept getting stuck so we had to go around that took
about half an hour we kayaked back and had a great holiday.

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