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                                   The Buzz                                       Winter 2010
Anglicare SA
Housing Association
Diane Collins 82096617              Houseproud
Laura and Alfred West              Anglicare’s campaign on the steps
                                   of Parliament House on 17 March had colour,
Sue Jackson 82096614               life, kids, and more than 2000 cardboard
                                   bricks, signed by people who believe that
                                   social housing should be a priority for the new
Anglican Aged Pensioners
                                   state government.
Juliet Parkes 82096612             One intrepid staff member even modelled the
                                   ‘house’, which was magnificently engineered
                                   by our volunteer Paul Scrimgeour.
Community Development              We couldn’t quite see his face, but rumour has it that it was
                                   Andrew Davis, which, as he manages housing services, was only
  ASAHA Tenant
  Leads the way Switch over to digital television
 with Somali Youth
Meet Abdirahman Ibrahim who
 is the new youth delegate for
     the Somali Community.     Between 2010 and 2013 analogue free-to-air television (TV) signals will
                               be switched off and replaced with digital-only signals. The Victorian
                               region surrounding Mildura and some areas of southern New South
                               Wales will be first to switch to digital. This will occur over the period from
                               1 January to 30 June 2010. After the switch, you will not be able to get
                               television reception unless you have a digital television, set top box or a
                               similar device. Adelaide switches over in December 2013

                                              Household Assistance Scheme
                                   To help you make the switch to digital, Centrelink customers may be
                                   eligible for the Australian Government’s Household Assistance Scheme.
                                   The scheme includes a free high definition set top box and installation.
The role I play within the So-     If you or someone in your household is receiving the maximum rate of
malian Youth Community is to
bring the young Somalis to-        one of the following payments, such as Age Pension, Disability Support
gether, listen to their stories    Pension, Carer Payment, Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), DVA
and      help  them with any       Income Support Supplement and you do not al ready have access to
problems they may be having .      digital TV: you may be eligible for the scheme
I encourage Somalian
teenagers to talk about their
future and what they would                    More information call 1800 201 013.
like to do when they finish High
School.                                  If you have a hearing or speech impairment, call TTY service,
I also have fun playing soccer                           FreeCALL™ 1800 555 677.
on the weekend.                                   A TTY phone is required to use this service.
Thinking of buying a Personal Alarm?
Do you know that alarm systems are used not only for protecting your home, they are also
used for your personal safety. Medical or personal alarm systems can be easy to set up and
there are many options out there for you, depending on your needs. Alarm systems vary
depending on your personal needs, to name just a few, they can be:

   a pre-programmed telephone
   a household alarm
   an intercom system
   shower or toilet falling alarm
   location monitoring
   a personal alarm worn as a pendant
   medication reminder
   voice operated.

The Seniors Information Service have compiled a comprehensive list of personal
alarm providers and some general information for clients that is available at
The Independent Living Centre has also developed
A Buyers Guide to Monitored Personal Alarms that may
help you make the right choice for you. This publication is
available via their website at (search for alarms) or Ph: 82665260

 Talk with your tenancy officer or Community Development Worker Deidre Knight who
                      may be able to assist you with product discount.

 Dental Health
      Dental services under Medicare
Medicare dental items
(Medicare items 85011-87777)
are available for people with chronic
conditions and complex care needs,
on referral from a GP. Eligible patients can
access up to $4,250 in Medicare benefits
for dental services over two consecutive
calendar years.
   No Interest Loan Scheme ®
                            My electricity bills were so high and I just could not afford them. I
                            had electricity audit and they told me it was my old fridge which
                            was causing the problem. They told me about the NILS® scheme
                            and now I have a new fridge, my electricity bill has dropped so
                            much I can’t believe it. My kids and I are pleased to have our new
The NILS loan aims to assist people on low incomes and the best thing is you pay no interest and no
fees. Loans are available for essential household items like whitegoods and electrical goods as well as
essential items and services. You can borrow a minimum of $250 and the maximum is $1,200
Repayments are usually between $15 and $30 per fortnight and are made via Centrepay. Other options
are available and you can talk to us about this.

To be eligible you will need to have lived in your area for 12 months or more, be on a low income and
hold a Government Concession Card

If you are a couple, applications should be made as a household joint application showing all incomes
and expenses. If you are single and sharing rent and bills, you will need to provide proof of this.

All applications take up to four weeks for processing from the date Anglicare NILS® receives the
application. If you do not provide all the documents requested, this can delay your application

If you are having trouble repaying the loan We ask you to contact us so we can help you.
When you receive an Anglicare NILS® loan, you sign a contract to say you will repay it full.
If you do not repay, you prevent others from benefiting from the scheme, and you will be
refused further access to Anglicare NILS® loans until the debt is paid.

             If you would like to find your nearest NILS scheme please phone
                      Salisbury, Playford, Gawler and Barossa 8256 2170
                       Onkaparinga, Fleurieu, Kangaroo Island 8392 3170
                                   All other areas 8305 9382

South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS) attends a variety of calls, from work and
sports related injuries to beestings and births. Nobody ever wants to need an
ambulance. But if you do ever need one, the last thing you want to worry about is a bill.

Ambulance costs are not covered by Medicare. Ambulance Cover from SAAS provides pre-paid medical
emergency care, Australia-wide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It covers all your ambulance
transport costs, emergency or not. So it makes good sense to join Ambulance Cover today.

Ambulance Cover from SAAS provides pre-paid medical emergency care, Australia-wide, 24 hours a day,
seven days a week. Centrelink customers pay a reduced rate. It covers all your ambulance transport
costs, whether it's an emergency or not. So it makes good sense to join Ambulance cover today
                                     Call 1300    136272
Garden Corner
Flowers - Delphinium, Dianthus, Gypsophila, Linaria, Lupins, Statice.

Vegetables – Chinese cabbages, broccoli, cauliflowers and cold-loving Brussels sprouts – are ideally
suited to the winter garden. Broad beans and peas grow well in the winter months but they don’t always
set their pods until spring.
Winter is the season for leafy green vegetables, but leafy growth needs access to plenty of nitrogen.
Keep up a steady supply of this vital plant nutrient by watering plants at least once a fortnight with a
soluble plant food. Liquid fertilizer travels into the plant system virtually immediately and encourages as
much growth as possible – even during the cold weather.

Bulbs - Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Anemone, Blue Bells, Calla, Clivea, Crinum, Crocus, Cyclamen,
Daffodil, Eucharist Lily, Eucomis, Freesia, Grape Hyacinth, Hemerocallis, Hyacinths, Iris (flag), Jonquil,
Kniphofia, Lilium, Ranunculas, Snowdrop, Sparaxis, Tigridia, Tritonia, Tulip.

                       And now for a few winter rose pruning tips:

                      Prune using sharp secateurs and a good pruning saw.
                      Prune most roses in mid to late winter.
                      Climbers, weepers and roses that only bloom in spring
                       should be pruned after main flowering is over.
                      Clear the centre of the bush and shorten all growth.
                      Remove weak and spindly branches immediately after
                       pruning, while roses have no leaves,
                      spray with lime sulphur to clean up fungal diseases,
                       scales and mites

                            DO NOT CALL REGISTER
Legislation has been passed by the Federal Parliament to make a number of changes to the
Do Not Call Register. The changes include provision for the extension of the registration
period beyond the current three years.
The changes came into effect on 30 May 2010.
You can list your Australian fixed line and mobile numbers on the Do Not Call Register,
 provided the numbers are used primarily for private or domestic purposes.

           For online registration go to or call 1300792958

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