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					     My Best Holiday Ever!!
From 27th of January to 1st of February I went to the New Zealand’s
capital city called Wellington with my mum and my sister and that was
the best holiday I ever had.
When my mum told me that we have to go to Wellington with my
sister, I thought it’s gonna be boring, because my sister wanted go to
the Wellington for her ballet lesson and I always get bored when I go
with her, but this time it wasn’t because I get go to the Wellington
city and other fun places.

On the first day when we arrived at Wellington with our tour bus we
didn’t know how the Wellington bus goes down to our Motel so we
decided to take taxi, and we went the motel it was little motel but also
it was nice place.
Next day it was not good day so we didn’t go anywhere but we went
to the downtown for an hour and motel owner told us where the fun
place is, he told us about fun aquatic centre, Wellington Te papa
museum and about the Wellington city.

Third day was the best day at Wellington I and my mum walked down
to the Wellington city and we went to the Te Papa museum, at the
level 2 of the museum building there was heaps of animal

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