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Equal Opportunities
Derbyshire Social Care Services will provide services fairly, valuing
diversity and with recognition for age, cultural background, disability,
gender, HIV status, marital status, race, religion and sexual orientation.
Extra Care Housing in Derbyshire
Derbyshire County Council is always trying
to improve services for local people.
In Derbyshire, we provide services for older
people to help them live full and active lives.
These include helping to make sure people
have a safe, secure and comfortable home
to live in.
Many people will have heard of care homes
and sheltered housing. However, some may
not have heard about Extra Care Housing.
We have a plan that aims to provide more
Extra Care Housing for local people.
Extra Care Housing is new. We are only just
getting started. However, if you want to find
out more, read on.
This booklet tells you more about Extra
Care Housing. It sets out:
Q How Extra Care Housing is different from
 care homes and sheltered housing
Q Some of the things people ask about Extra
 Care Housing like:
  - Who can benefit from Extra Care
  - Advice for people who own or rent
    their homes
  - The support you will get
  - Advice for people with dementia

     - The extra facilities that Extra Care
       Housing offers
     - Where Extra Care Housing can be found
       in Derbyshire
Q What it costs
Q Who to contact to get more information.

How Extra Care Housing is different
from care homes and sheltered
Extra Care Housing is different because:
Q You are living at home - not in a home
Q You have your own front door
    – you decide who comes in
Q Couples and friends can stay together
Q Residents have a mixture of abilities
Q It offers a safe and secure home for people
    who need support, including people with
    learning disabilities
Q 24 hour care services are available
    – if you need them
Q You get support to keep your independence
Q You can join in social activities
    – or you can be private
Q Extra Care aims to offer a home for life.

“Can I stay for the rest of my life?”
Extra Care Housing offers a new way of
supporting you to live independently for as
long as you possibly can. It gives you the
security and privacy of a home of your own, a
range of facilities on the premises and 24 hour
care services if you need them.
Extra Care Housing is sometimes called ‘very
sheltered housing’. The look of the housing
varies. Some are new purpose built retirement
villages, while others are modernised sheltered
housing schemes with extra services on site.
Many offer a choice of housing, such as, flats
or bungalows, either for sale or rent. What all
people living in Extra Care Housing have in
common is:
Q The security of owning or renting
 their own home
Q The peace of mind that goes with having
 24 hour care
Q Support, for example, help with filling
 in forms.

You may be thinking of moving or having to
leave your old home because of life changes,
health problems or you may just be unhappy
with where you are living now. If you value
your independence and privacy, and want
control and choices in your life, think about
Extra Care Housing.
To find out what is available in your area
see the ‘Contacts’ section (pages 10/11).
See the ‘Money Issues’ section (pages
9/10) if you want to find out about what
Extra Care costs and so on.
Some questions you may already
be asking yourself:
“I am managing on my own, but my
health is not good and I want to move.
Could Extra Care Housing be suitable
for me?”
Yes. Most Extra Care Housing projects have a
mix of people: those who are more independent
together with people who are very frail. Some
will be getting a lot of care and support, while
others will not need as much help. The housing
will be accessible and it should be easy for
you to manage.

“I own my own home, but my friend is a
council tenant. Could we both move into
Extra Care Housing?”
Yes. Some schemes offer homes to buy while
others offer only homes to rent. Some are a
mixture of both.
“I already live in ordinary sheltered
housing – how would Extra Care Housing
be different?”
The main difference is that care staff are
available 24 hours a day. There are usually
a range of communal facilities. Different types
of housing are available of various sizes and
there are a mix of residents with different
support needs. Your tenancy or ownership
of your home is secure. Unless you need long
term nursing care, you should not have to
move if your needs change.
“My husband is very unwell and we get
a lot of help from our family and friends.
Could we move into Extra Care Housing
Yes. You and your husband can stay together
and your family and friends can continue to
help, as before, if they want to, with the added
support of the Extra Care staff. There are
also a range of one and two-bedroomed
apartments available to meet different

“My doctor has said I should go into a
home. What are the advantages of
Extra Care Housing over a care home?”
The main differences are that you will have:
Q Your own home
Q More control over your money
Q Privacy and choice about how much you
    mix with the other residents
Q The chance to keep your independence
    for longer.
Care homes will continue to be there for
people who need more help than Extra Care
Housing can offer.
“What happens if my health gets worse
while I am living in Extra Care Housing?”
Your needs will change over time but not
always for the worse! There may be times
when you need a lot of care and support and
times when you need no support - or a mixture
of the two. The care staff will be flexible and
sensitive in assessing what you need, but they
cannot provide nursing care. If you require this
on a long-term basis you may benefit from a
move into a more appropriate facility.
However, we will aim to support you to stay
living in the same place as far as possible.

“My mother has early signs of Alzheimer’s
disease. Can she move into Extra Care
Possibly. Most people who develop dementia
after moving into Extra Care can continue to
be supported in their familiar home
surroundings by staff and friends, as before.
Some Extra Care Housing may be for new
residents with dementia; others mix residents
with different needs across the whole scheme.
“What facilities and services are available
on-site at Extra Care Housing?”
The facilities on offer will vary from scheme
to scheme, but can include:
Q Restaurants/cafes
Q Lounges
Q Hobby rooms
Q Shops
Q Hairdressers
Q Gyms.

People from the surrounding area may also
come in to use the facilities.
“Who is in charge of Extra Care Housing?”
Most Extra Care Housing Projects are built and
run by housing associations. Some are run by
private companies or the local council.
Usually, the care staff are employed by Social
Services or work under a contract from them.
“Is there an Extra Care Housing scheme
in my area?”
We are working with a range of housing
associations to build new Extra Care Housing.
At Wirksworth, we are working with Housing 21
to build 39 new homes. In Glossop, there will
be 45 new homes built by South Yorkshire
Housing Association. We are also working
with this association to develop a scheme in
Dronfield. In addition, to newly built provision,
there is a scheme in Chesterfield, formally a
sheltered housing complex, that has been
upgraded to provide Extra Care facilities.
Discussions are also under way with other
local councils to try and provide more Extra
Care Housing services in other parts
of the County.
“What do I do next if I am interested
in Extra Care Housing?”
You should get in touch with your local Social
Services office. They will be able to help you
make the next move. The addresses and
phone numbers of these offices are on the
inside back cover of this booklet.

Money Issues
How much does Extra Care Housing cost?
There are three parts to the cost of
Extra Care Housing:
Q The cost of buying or renting your own home
Q The service charges
Q Your support costs.

Can I afford Extra Care Housing?
You can pay rent under a tenancy agreement,
or you may be able to buy your home in an
Extra Care Housing Scheme. Sometimes,
another option is to part-buy and part-rent
your home (this is called shared ownership).
Whether you rent or buy, there will also be a
weekly service charge to cover provision and
upkeep of the communal facilities and other
services. The financial details will vary
depending upon the Extra Care Scheme you
are interested in. It is advisable to seek advice
from the relevant housing association, district
council or your local Social Services office.
You may also qualify for help with paying
the rent.
If you are thinking of moving into Extra Care
Housing, it is important to find out exactly what
it will cost you. You may qualify for benefits to
meet all or part of the costs.

Get advice and information from your
Citizens’ Advice Bureau or from the
organisations listed below:
Adult Social Services:
Sharon O’Hara
Planning and Project Officer (Housing and
Related Support)
c/o Derbyshire Adult Social Services
County Hall
Telephone: 01629 532451
e-mail: sharon.o’
Age Concern:
Head Office,
29A Market Place,
Heanor, DE75 7EG
Telephone: 01773 768240

Help the Aged:
Telephone: 0808 800 6565
South Yorkshire Housing Association:
Care and Supported Housing Administrator
43-47 Wellington Street,
Sheffield, S1 4HF
Telephone: 0114 290 0250

Housing 21:
1 Staithgate Lane,
Bradford, BD6 1YA
Lettings and marketing team: 0845 606 6363
Home ownership team: 0845 608 4021

Social Services Department
The Derbyshire Adult Social Services
Department offers a wide range of high quality
services. It provides support and advice,
as well as practical assistance, to the many
people in Derbyshire who need help to
improve their quality of life.
If you have a general enquiry about Adult
Social Services, please contact your nearest
Social Services office or Call Derbyshire
on 08456 058 058.
Social Services’ telephone numbers will be
changing during 2008: details will be given in
your local press. If you have any difficulties
contacting your local office please use the
Call Derbyshire number on 08456 058 058.

Derbyshire County Council
- Social Services area offices/sub Offices
High Peak and North Dales e-mail:
• Talbot Street, Glossop. SK13 9DG.
  Tel: (01457) 728888, Textphone: (01457) 861898 Fax: (01457) 728850
• Kents Bank Road, Buxton. SK17 9HJ
  Tel: (01298) 308000 Textphone: (01298) 23942 Fax: (01298) 308050
• Stancliffe House, Molyneux Business Park, Whitworth Road, Darley Dale,
  Matlock. DE4 2HJ Tel: (01629) 772323 Textphone: (01629) 57439 Fax:
  (01629) 772324
• Cromwell House, High Street, Chapel-en-le-Frith. SK23 OHD
  Tel: (01298) 308100 Textphone: (01298) 812556 Fax: (01298) 308150
Chesterfield e-mail:
• West Street, Chesterfield. S40 4TZ
  Tel: (01246) 347777 Textphone: (01246) 277249 Fax: (01246) 347867
• 19 High Street, Staveley. S43 3UU
  Tel: (01246) 348000 Textphone: (01246) 348068 Fax: (01246) 348057
North East Derbyshire e-mail:
• Market Street, Clay Cross, Chesterfield. S45 9JB
  Tel: (01246) 348888 Textphone: (01246) 861852 Fax: (01246) 348889
• Southgate House, 90 Southgate, Eckington. S21 4FT
  Tel: (01246) 348600 Textphone: (01246) 348602 Fax: (01246) 348601
Bolsover e-mail:
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  Tel: (01246) 348400 Textphone: (01246) 823105 Fax: (01246) 348415
• Byron Street, Shirebrook, Mansfield. NG20 8PJ
  Tel: (01623) 588058 Textphone: (01623) 588040 Fax: (01623) 588035
Amber Valley e-mail:
• Long Close, Cemetery Lane, Ripley. DE5 3HY
  Tel: (01773) 728000 Textphone: (01773) 570864 Fax: (01773) 728111
• Alfreton Primary Care Centre, Church Street, Alfreton. DE55 7BD
  Tel: (01773) 546874 Fax: (01773) 546875
Erewash e-mail:
• Rutland Mill, Market Street, Ilkeston. DE7 5RU
  Tel: (0115) 9098585 Textphone: (0115) 9303058 Fax: (0115) 9098586
South Derbyshire & South Dales e-mail:
• Civic Way, Swadlincote. DE11 OAQ
  Tel: (01283) 238000 Textphone: (01283) 226901 Fax: (01283) 238100
Single Point of Access (North East only)
• Tel: (01246) 347969 Textphone: (01246) 347985 Fax: (01246) 347986
Supporting People
• Derbyshire County Council, County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG
  Tel: 08456 058 058

Urgent Help
Social Services provides access to social services support out of normal office
hours on: Tel: (01773) 728222 Textphone: (01773) 742536 Fax: (01629) 585669
If you are in any doubt about what number to contact please telephone:
Call Derbyshire 08456 058 058
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