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					                                    Life News
                                 Long Island’s Monthly Pro-Life Newsletter

     Post Office Box 223, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779  631-243-1435 

Volume 37            No. 11         2010   November              Issue      Subscription $18.00 Annually

Election Day--Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Statewide Races: - The following will appear on all N.Y.S. Ballots:
______________ N.Y.S. Governor –
                Candidates: D-Andrew Cuomo            R-Carl Paladino
 ______________ N.Y.S. Lieutenant Governor –
                Candidates: D-Robert Duffy            R-Gregory Edwards
                                                                               Note: Due to space limits only
_______________ N.Y.S. Comptroller –                                           the names of the Democratic &
                Candidates: D-Thomas DiNapoli*         R-Harry Wilson          Republican Party candidates are
 ______________ N.Y.S. Attorney General –                                      printed. The same candidate
                Candidates: D-Eric Schneiderman         R-Dan Donovan          may be running on a minor
_______________ U.S. Senator -                                                 party line. In addition, minor
                Candidates: D-Charles Schumer*        R-Jay Townsend           parties may have their own
_______________ U.S. Senator –                                                 candidates.
                Candidates: D-Kirsten Gillibrand*      R-Joseph DioGuardi
All will be voting to fill the following offices (according to your voting district):
__________a House of Representatives Member to represent your Congressional District (CD) in Wash.
                   1st CD          D-Tim Bishop*         R-Randy Altschuler
                   2nd CD          D-Steve Israel*       R- John Gomez
                   3 CD            D-Howard Kudler       R-Peter King*
                   4th CD          D-Carolyn McCarthy* R-Francis Becker
                   5th CD          D-Gary Ackerman*      R- James Milano
All will be voting for the following:
_______________ a NY.S. Senator to represent your Senatorial District (SD) in Albany
_______________ a N.Y.S. Assembly Member to represent your Assembly District (AD) in Albany
_______________ a number of Surrogate’s Court, Family Court, District Court, County and Town Judges,
                   a Receiver of Taxes, Comptroller, County Clerk and Town Council and other countywide
                   and local races (not all races in all areas).
The names of candidates who returned the Long Island Coalition for Life (LICL) Candidate Questionnaire
(CQ) appear on Page 3. If a candidate is not listed, please call LICL at 631-243-1435 as additional CQs are
expected. For voting records of current NYS Senators & Assembly Members see Page 8 of October 2010 Life
News. For voting records of US Senators and House members see Page 5 of August 2010 Life News. Access
past copies of Life News at
 Need the names of candidates running in your area? Call your County Board of Elections office:
           Nassau 516-571-2411                           Suffolk 631-852-4500

  "Voters don't decide issues, they decide who will decide issues."
                                                                                               George Will
Life News-2-November 2010
                       Monsignor Joseph Curley, Pastor Emeritus of Assumption of the Blessed
                       Virgin Mary Church, Centereach will be the guest speaker on Monday,
                       November 22 at 7:45 p.m. prior to the general meeting of the LI Coalition
                       for Life. Msgr. Curley was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1962 and
has served in five parishes throughout the Diocese of Rockville Centre. He has been active in the
pro-life movement since 1988. He has been involved with Operation Rescue, and has been to
Washington, D.C. and Albany as a pro-life advocate. The topic of his talk will be: “The Death
Penalty and the Pro-life Effect On It.”
The meeting will be held at the St. Regis K of C Hall, Pond Rd. & Rosevale Ave., Ronkonkoma.
      Light refreshments upon arrival. For further information call 631-243-1435 (between 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.).
                                 All are welcome for all or part of the evening!

                                        LICL 2011 ORATORY CONTEST
              Sunday, April 10, 2011 - Grades 11and 12 Students (including Home Schooled), and Teachers
                                       Call: Maryjane McQuade at 516-599-5296

"BLOODMONEY: the Business of Abortion"-now available on DVD is a documentary
narrated by Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It features interviews with Carol
Everett, former abortion clinic owner and pro-life leaders, Fr. Frank Pavone, Joe Schiedler and others.
It exposes the abortion industry for what it is. Hiding behind the mask of helping women, in reality it is a
greed-driven industry that harms people and takes the lives of 50 million innocent children. The DVD is available
online at and the producers of the film are also licensing public screenings so that the truth
behind the abortion industry can be exposed for what it is.

 Susan G. Komen For the Cure Link to Planned Parenthood...true that Komen
gives grants to PP for breast cancer screening ($7.5M in 2009 according to but as Komen,
despite the evidence of multiple studies, refuses to list abortion as a risk factor for the development of
breast cancer and then gives money to PP, the largest provider of abortion in the U.S. and seller of
hormonal contraceptives, both cancer causing, they are not considered to be a good recipient of your pro-life
dollars! This is not to say that every woman who has breast cancer has had an abortion in her past anymore than to
say every lung cancer victim was a smoker. Abortion increases the risk that you could get breast cancer, therefore
should be considered a risk factor for the disease that could be caused by numerous other things. "...because in-
duced abortion is largely a choice that women make, it is a PREVENTABLE risk factor for this disease. Abortion
bound women have the right to make informed choices, just as much as tobacco smokers have the right to be
warned that tobacco use is a risk factor for lung cancer. Furthermore, women who have procured abortions have the
right to know that they need to take steps for early detection of possible tumors. Sadly, the abortion industry and its
supporters have a long history of censoring the research while, at the same time, asserting that women are
autonomous decision makers." Source: Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.
   It is disingenuous of Komen to portray themselves as doing all that they can to fight breast cancer if they
continue to partner with PP and ignore the research. For info

                                                  Boycott Update
       Life Decisions International has released the July 2010 version of The Boycott List. Corporations on The
      Boycott List have financially supported Planned Parenthood Federation (or one of its local affiliates) within
the past 5 years. For more information you can contact LDI at or 540-631-0380. Please contact
the companies named below, asking that they do not fund an entity that avidly champions the right to destroy
children living in the womb.
Whole Foods [512-477-4455,] remains on the List and is now joined by a similar
supermarket, Trader Joes [626-599-3700;]. Still on List are Walt Disney [], National
Amusements [movies; 781-461-1600,], Nike [800-344-6453,] and Levi
Strauss [800-872-5384,].
Please contact the following new additions to The Boycott List so these companies know pro-lifers care where their
consumer dollars go: Hilton Hotels [703-883-1000,]; Toys R Us [973-617-3500,], Kohls [262-703-7000,] and Staples [508-253-5000,].
                                                                                            Life News-3-November 2010

            FEDERAL LEGISLATION                                  Ponder these Reasons to Vote:
             Heading for President Obama’s desk as of Sept.          On the federal level-the Democratic Majority in both
             30: re-authorization of the pro-Life ‘Stem Cell     the Senate and House of Representatives could be
             Therapeutic & Research Act,’ (HR 2520), first       reversed.
             introduced in 2005 by Rep C. Smith [R-NJ]. It           On the New York State level-whichever party
             gives $106 million to the National Cord Blood       controls the Senate will redraw the legislative districts,
Inventory and the Bone Marrow Transplant program for 2011        from congressional districts to Assembly seats, as part of
-2015. And it increases cord blood R & D.                        the reapportionment process mandated every 10 years.
  On Sept. 23, the DISCLOSE act failed, by one vote (59-         Lines on that map will determine which party will hold
39), to overcome a GOP filibuster and move on to Senate          power.
floor debate. It’s now unlikely that DISCLOSE (S3628) will
affect the 2010 election, but it may be brought up again in a              CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRES
possible lame-duck session this December. We Oppose it.           The LICL has mailed a Candidate Questionnaire (CQ)
  Two pro-Life bills sit in Committee(s)- the ‘No Taxpayer        to all candidates on the Nassau and Suffolk Boards of
Funding for Abortion Act’ (HR5939), and (HR5111)- the             Election Candidates Lists. The LICL questionnaire
‘Protect Life Amendment’ to ObamaCare. On the plus side,          asks 6 questions (printed in 10/2020 Life News and
the ‘Stop Deceptive Advertising for Women's Services              available from LICL at 631-588-0168).
Act’ (HR5652), the ‘Repealing Ineffective and Incomplete                        CANDIDATE RESPONSES
Abstinence‑Only Program Funding Act’ HR6283/S3878),               The following Nassau/Suffolk candidates for election
and (HR4808)- the ‘Stem Cell Research Advancement Act of          on Tues. 11/2, have as of 10/13/10, returned a LICL
2009', (all three pro-abortion) also sit in Committee(s). This    CQ answering “Yes” to all 6 questions, except as
despite Democrats urging their colleagues to vote on HR4808       noted.
before the end of September, so as to provide federal funding     A “Yes” is the pro-life response to each question.
of Embryonic Stem Cell research.                                  For US Senate seat held by
  Other ESC news- On Aug 23, Judge Royce Lamberth issued                   Sen. Schumer: Jay Townsend
a preliminary injunction against the Executive Order allowing     For Governor: Carl Paladino
federal funding of research that destroys human embryos. On       For 1st Congressional District: Randy Altschuler
Sept 10, the US Court of Appeals in DC ordered a hold             For 2nd Congressional District: John Gomez
(which lets research go on), until Lamberth issues a final        For 2nd Congressional District: Anthony Tolda
ruling. and the science journal Nature both          For 4th Congressional District: Francis X. Becker, Jr.
report the National Institutes of Health began fast-tracking      For 5th Congressional District: James Milano
ESC research applications before Lamberth issues a                For 6th Congressional District: Asher Taub
permanent ruling. NIH was also telling scientists that ESC        For 9th Congressional District: Bob Turner
research grants issued before Aug 23 are "not affected" by the    For 1st Senatorial District: Kenneth LaValle
ruling, so don’t stop your ongoing research.                                (re: Question 6-Opposes cloning. Studying
  On Sept 28, the US Court of Appeals lifted Judge                          embryo-destructive stem cell research.)
Lamberth’s injunction, awaiting his final ruling.                 For 3rd Senatorial District: Lee Zeldin
  Meanwhile, there is a lot of discussion in the Science          For 5th Senatorial District: Carl Marcellino
journals between ESC proponents and Induced Pluripotent           For 3rd Assembly District: Dean Murray
Stem Cell researchers, on the pros and cons of each type.
                                                                  For 6th Assembly District: Mohsen Elsayed (Did not
   Writing in (9/20), Arie Friedman,
                                                                            answer Question 6.)
MD, says that ObamaCare- “Section 4302 literally opens up
                                                                  For 7th Assembly District: Michael Fitzpatrick
almost every medical record in this country for government
review and data collection.” The Health & Human Services          For 9th Assembly District: Andrew P. Raia
Secretary will gather, from everyone partaking in public or       For 10th Assembly District: James Conte (Answered
federally funded health programs, data on patient health,                   “No” to Question 6.)
demographics and (as yet) undefined “health disparities”.         For 12 Assembly District: Joseph Saladino (Did not
  Data can be obtained from a variety of health & medical                   answer Question 6-requested more specifics.)
facilities, and distributed to an alphabet soup of government     For 13th Assembly District: Robert A.Germino, Jr.
agencies. Via the Internet, the analysis will be available to     For 14th Assembly District: Brian Curran
non-government entities, researchers and the public. Dr.          For 15th Assembly District: Michael Montesano
Friedman believes the raw data will also be on the Web. He        For 16th Assembly District: Scott Diamond
concludes by asking knowingly, “Will the (HHS) Secretary          For Suffolk County Comptroller: Joseph Sawicki, Jr.
be gathering information on reproductive health?”                           (Did not answer Question 6.)
  A Comment to the article notes- ‘Why should we expect           Call LICL at 631-243-1435 for additional replies.
Doctor-Patient privacy, if Medicine is a Public program?’         Note: Long Island Coalition for Life does not
                                                                  endorse or rate candidates, we simply report their
To discuss Federal Legislation, e-mail Charles Feldman at         reply to the LICL Candidate Questionnaire. or 631-664-5744.
Life News - 4 - November 2010

HEALTH & SCIENCE                                      conjectured, the fetus diverts nutrients to its most im-
                                                      portant organ, the brain, while skimping on other
The Emerging Science of Fetal                         parts of its body — a debt that comes due decades
Origins — Part I of II                                later in the form of a weakened heart.” Janet Rich-
    The cover story for the October 4, 2010 edition ofEdwards, an epidemiologist at Brigham and Women's
TIME magazine is an article by Annie Murphy Paul      Hospital in Boston, used data from the Nurses’
entitled “How the first nine months shape the rest of Health Study to try to disprove Dr. Barker’s theory.
your life, the new science of fetal origins”. In addi-Her study and more than 2 dozen other studies have
tion to heredity, our environment growing up and our  supported Dr. Barker’s research.
lifestyle choices, scientists are now researching life in Two studies at Harvard Medical School found a
the womb to find answers to questions relating to our correlation between a woman’s weight gain during
mental and physical health.                           pregnancy and the risk of obesity in the child into
    Murphy writes, “the kind and quantity of nutritionadolescence. Comparisons were made of children
you received in the womb; the pollutants, drugs and   born before and after a woman’s anti-obesity surgery.
infections you were exposed to during gestation; your Children born after the surgery inherited similar
mother's health, stress level and state of mind while genes and had similar eating habits as those born
she was pregnant with you — all these factors shaped  prior to the surgery, but had different intrauterine ex-
you as a baby and a child and continue to affect you  periences. A study published in 2006 in Pediatrics
to this day. This is the provocative contention of a  found that the children born after the surgeries were
field known as fetal origins, who pioneers assert that52% less likely to be obese than those born prior to
the nine months of gestation constitute the most con- the surgeries. John Kral, co-author of the study, stated
sequential period of our lives, permanently influenc- that “the bodies of the children who were conceived
ing the wiring of the brain and the functioning of or-after their mothers had weight-loss surgery process
gans such as the heart, liver and pancreas. The condi-fats and carbohydrates in a healthier way than do the
tions we encounter in utero, they claim, shape our    bodies of their brothers and sisters who were con-
                                                      ceived at a time when their mothers were still over-
susceptibility to disease, our appetite and metabolism,
our intelligence and temperament. In the literature onweight.” It is believed that the process of epigenetic
the subject, which has exploded over the past 10      modification in which environmental influences af-
years, you can find references to the fetal origins offect genes without altering the DNA contributed to
cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies, asthma, hy-these outcomes. Kral theorizes that the fetal environ-
                                                      ment could be more important than genes or eating
pertension, diabetes, obesity, mental illness - even of
conditions associated with old age like arthritis, os-habits in terms of a propensity for obesity.
teoporosis and cognitive decline...Much of what a         Fetal origins are also being studied in relation to
pregnant woman encounters in her daily life — the     diabetes. The Pima Indians of Arizona have the high-
air she breathes, the food and drink she consumes, theest rate of Type 2 diabetes in the world. In addition to
chemicals she's exposed to, even the emotions she     a significant genetic cause, a study that began in 1965
feels — is shared in some fashion with her fetus. The also shows another cause — prenatal experience. Ms.
fetus incorporates these offerings into its own body, Paul writes, “during pregnancy, a diabetic woman’s
makes them part of its flesh and blood.”              high blood sugar appears to disrupt the developing
                                                      metabolism of the fetus, predisposing it to diabetes
    Ms. Paul reports that last year the National Insti-
tutes of Health began a multi-decade study to re-     and obesity.” Dana Dabelea of the University of
search subjects before they are born. Economist       Colorado at Denver states, “If we could intensively
Amartya Sen co-authored a paper relating prenatal     control diabetic women’s blood sugar during preg-
conditions to a population's health and productivity, nancy, we could really bring down the number of
concluding that “poor prenatal experience sows the    children who go on to develop diabetes.”
seeds of ailments that afflict adults.” Dr. David
                                                          Regina Carbonaro—516-795-7568—
Barker, a British physician, discovered an unexpected
link between small birth size — often an indication of To be concluded in the Dec. 2010 issue of Life News
poor prenatal nutrition - and heart disease in middle
age. Faced with an inadequate food supply, Barker
                                                                                 Life News-5-November 2010
    LICL Friends Cheer for Ducks
                                                        PANCAKE BREAKFAST
Nearly 150 friends of the LI Coalition for Life
                                                             Sun. 11/14 9 AM – 1 PM
enjoyed a fun day at
                                                    St. Isidore’s School, 515 Marcy Ave.,
the LI Ducks                                          Riverhead - $8 adults; $4 children
Ballpark on 8/7/10.                                       under 12. Tickets at door.
Even though the                                     Sponsored by: Peconic Respect Life Assn., & Im-
Ducks lost, it was a                                maculate Conception K of C Council, Riverhead
lovely night capped                                   For info call: Bill Matthews 631-288-3263,
off by a great display                                          Mary Burns 631-727-0654,
of fireworks. We                                              Bob Yeomans 631-722-3131 or
thank all of our                                        Dan Teresky 631-369-5543/631-741-0685
supporters for
coming out (even the
ones who ducked                                    Life Center of Long Island hosts a:
from the foul balls instead of catching them).               Mass of Thanksgiving
                                                        for Benefactors and Volunteers
     40 Days for Life Opening Day                              Tues., 11/23 - 12:15 PM
             Prayer Vigil                            SS. Cyril & Methodius R. C. Church
                                                   125 Half Hollow Rd., Deer Park
                                                      (Across from Life Center's
                                                          Deer Park Office)
                                                         Contact: 516-798-8746
                                                                      All Welcome!

                                                   The Future of the Pro-Life Movement
                                                            Mon., 11/29 - 10:45 AM-12 Noon
                                                   Hays Theater, Wilbur Arts Center, Molloy College in
                                                   Rockville Centre. Opposing views will be expressed.
                                                    Speakers: Dr. Michael Russo; Dr. Gerard A Nadal;
About 20 people took part in the prayer vigil in            Dr. Stephan Mayo and Prof. Scott Salvato.
front of Planned Parenthood in Hempstead on                   Faculty, students and general public are
September 22nd, marking the start of the 40 Days                       invited free of charge.
for Life Fall 2010 campaign. Prayers were led by                   Sponsored by Faculty for Life.
Fr. Stephen Maloney of the CEC Church of the                   Contact Jane Gilroy at 516-379-5409.
Intercessor with congregant Jim Miller providing
praise and worship guitar music. The 40 Days for
Life Fall 2010 campaign ends on October 31.             Pampers New iPad App
                                                      Pampers has created a revolutionary new
            Stand For Life in front of             iPad application called Hello Baby, which
         Congressman Tim Bishop’s Office           vividly illustrates prenatal development -
          Fridays. 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM             the life-affirming aspects of a baby’s growth in the
         137 Hampton Road, Southampton             womb.
            (opp. Southampton Town Hall)              Hello Baby is a free application from Pampers,
         Weather permitting. All welcome!          and can be downloaded onto the iPad from the Apple
        Please call prior to date to sponsor:      App Store.
                                                   Source: Adapted from Calendar for Life, August 2010
 Southampton Full Gospel Church - 631-283-6829.

                          REMEMBER: GET OUT THE VOTE!
Life News-6-November, 2010                                                                 “Whenever Two or More
                                                                                                    Are Gathered in My Name...”

NOVEMBER 2010 PRO-LIFE CALENDAR                                                   Key: (M) = MONTHLY (W) = WEEKLY

PRO-LIFE WITNESSING SITES                 Prayer and Witness Save Lives!
Prayer vigil schedules at local abortion provider/referral sites are listed below. To volunteer speak with the contact person listed
below before going to a site and never witness alone. PLEASE STAND WITH US. BE A VOICE FOR THE UNBORN!
Nassau County---Location                           Day/Time                Contact Phone (516)
540 Fulton Ave (Rt 24), Hempstead            (W) Sa 8 AM-1 PM                      741-3405
 “     “     “                               (M) 4th Sa 10 AM                        “                   IMPORTANT:
                                                Liturgy for Pre-born/Clergy                              Peaceful assembly on
35 Carmans Rd, Massapequa                    (W) Sa 10:30 AM-1 PM                  541-8056              public property near an
 444 Community Dr, Manhasset                 (W) Sa 7-8 AM                         546-0290              abortion site is a lawful
                                                                                                         First Amendment right.
Question: What site is missing from the list above?
Answer: Planned Parenthood in Glen Cove!

Suffolk County---Location                         Day/Time                  Contact Phone (631)
70 Maple Ave, Smithtown                       (W) Wed & Sa 7-11 AM                 979-7017
 “       “        “                           (M) 1st Sa 9 AM Prayer/Clergy        979-7017
498 Rt 111, Smithtown                         (W) Sa 7-9 AM                        751-7894
595 Hampton Rd, Southampton                   (W) Fr 11:30 AM                      283-6829
240 Meeting House Ln-Sthampton Hosp           (W) Fr 11:30 AM                      283-6829
42 First Ave, Brentwood                       (W) Sa 9:40-10:15 AM                 665-3630
200 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge                  (M) 1st Sa 10:15 -11:30 AM           588-0168
540 E. Main St, Riverhead                     (W) We 2-4 PM                        722-3111
755 New York Ave, Huntington                  (W) Sa 11 AM-1 PM                    796-7685
450 Waverly Ave, Patchogue                    (M) 1st Sa 10:15-11:30 AM            472-0033

Pro-Life Counseling Centers nearest to abortion sites: Life Center of LI, 35 Willow St, Massapequa at E end Sunrise Mall
behind White Castle, 516-798-9100, open Mn, Tu, Th, Fr 10 AM-4 PM, Wed 10 AM-8 PM & Sa 9 AM-Noon. Life Center
of LI, 507 Fulton Ave (Rt 24), Hempstead 516-408-6300 (Bilingual counseling) Now open five days: Tu-Fr 10 AM-4 PM &
Sa 9 AM-l PM. Birthright of Nassau/Suffolk, Smithtown, call for hours 631-360-7707.
New: Every Fri. 10 AM-3 PM (except holidays) Life Center’s RV Mobile unit offering free pregnancy tests and free counseling
will be in the parking lot of St. Isidore Church, 622 Pulaski St., Riverhead. Visit or call the RV 631-553-5243.

PRO-LIFE VIEWING AND LISTENING - Programs weekly except NYCF’s “Open Mic,” which is monthly.
LIFE ISSUES -LICL (631-243-1435 all on CableV Ch 20 9-10PM in Nass, West/Cent Suff & Rvhd
 Send comments & suggestions for programs to LICL.
American Family Assn. CableV Ch 20 Nass/W Suff Th 8 PM, Cent Suff Th 8 PM, Rvhd Sa 8 PM & Verizon Ch 40 (all LI)
Mn 8PM
Contemporary Social Issues CableV Ch 20 Nass/West Suff Th 9 PM & Cent Suff Fr 9 PM. Verizon Ch 40 (all LI) Mn 9 PM
 M. Crutcher’s Life Talk-CableV Ch 67 Brooklyn/Queens, RCN Ch 82, Verizon Ch 42, TimeW Ch all 9:30 AM; CableV Ch 20
Haup Th 10:30 AM & Rvhd Mo 3:30 PM
Telecare CableV Ch 29 & Verizon Ch 296-Respecting the Gift of Life, Mn 2 PM, We 1 AM, Sa 11:30 AM 
EWTN-TV CableV Ch 135, Verizon Ch 285, DirectTV Ch 370 & Dish Ch 261: Defending Life Th 11 PM, Sa 2:30 AM, Rosary
for Life Sa 3:30 PM; 5:30 PM Healing the Culture :A Pro-Life Philosophy
Gospel of Life-Priests for Life-Dish Ch 262 Mo 6:30 AM, DirectTV Ch 378 We 6 PM, Catholic Familyland Su 1 AM,
Mn 9 AM, We 3:30 AM & Th 11:30 PM
EWTN-Radio-Defending Life Su 5 AM, & 6:30 PM; Catholic Connection-Priests for Life Mn-Fr 9 AM
WMCA (570 AM) Focus on Family Mn-Fr 7:31 AM and 4:31 PM; American Center for Law & Justice Mn-Fr Noon & 6 PM
90.9 FM Rvhd/Mars Hill-Open Mic 3rd Fr 8-9 PM; Albany Update Mn-Fr 6:04 AM

PRO-LIFE PRAYER OPPORTUNITIES will be printed in Life News every second month except new entries.
Fr 11/19 12/17 (M) 9 PM-5 AM ALL NIGHT LIFE VIGIL, St Francis Assisi Church, 29 Clay Pitts Rd, Greenlawn. Masses
                10 PM - 5 AM. Call Anne Murphy, 631-224-1089.
We 11/24 12/29 (M) 2 PM ROSARY FOR REPEAL OF ABORTION LAWS, Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Eastport,
                                                                                             Life News-7-November, 2010
                                        SPECIAL EVENTS IN NOVEMBER
Tu 11/2 ELECTION DAY. Please work to get out the vote. See Pages 1 & 3.
Sa 11/13 6:30-9:30 PM NYFRF FALL BANQUET, Holiday Inn (at Airport), Ronkonkoma, $25. See Page 12.
Su 11/14 9 AM-1 PM PANCAKE BREAKFAST, St Isidore’s School, Marcy Ave, Riverhead. See Page 5.
Sa 11/20 11:30 AM FATHER & SON (13-15 years) BRUNCH, Chaminade HS, Mineola. See Page 8.
Sa 11/20 MASS, St Patrick, 39-38 29th St, Long Island City, followed by procession to abortion site. Helpers of God’s
         Precious Infants, 718-853-0599,
Mn 11/22 LICL GENERAL MEETING, Ronkonkoma. See Page 2.
Tu 11/23 KNIGHTS FOR LIFE Meeting, Msgr Delaney Hall, Farmingdale. Keith Wilson, 516-633-1435
Mn 11/29 10:45 AM-Noon FUTURE OF THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT, Molloy College, Rockville Centre. See Page 5.

                                                  LOOKING AHEAD
We 12/8 NATIONAL NIGHT OF PRAYER FOR LIFE, Contact Anne Murphy 631-224-1089. Sched in 12/2010 Life News.
1/24/2011 MARCH FOR LIFE, Washington, DC. See below.

be e-mailed to, or sent to Life News, PO Box 223, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. DEADLINE for December,
2010 Life News is the 1st of November. Permission is given for reproduction and distribution of contents of Life News. Credit
must be given to Life News and to other noted sources. Call by 5th of month prior to order extra copies of Life News.

                 Sale to Benefit Life Center of                 Sales to benefit Birthright of Nassau/
                         Long Island:                           Suffolk:
                    Christmas cards. 10 in pack $6.             PRO-LIFE CHRISTMAS CARDS $5 pack
                          Call 631-243-2373.                    of 10, Dick Campbell, 516-781-2608 and
                                                                ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS $25, available
                                                                at Birthright of Nassau/Suffolk, Wantagh. Pat Doering
New Book: “Bad Medicine”- a guide to                            (will deliver) 516-781-3483.
the real costs and consequences of the new
2500 page health care bill. Author: Michael
D. Tanner. Free download from “Bad                                                   Christmas Gift Idea:
Medicine,” Tanner or order for $10 from CATA Institute                       Take a teen to Wash, D.C. for the Monday,
bookstore.                                                                        January 24, 2011, March for Life.

Nellie Gray, since day one, urged marchers to visit their legislators. If 1/22 falls on a weekend, the March is
moved to a Monday, as in 1/24/2011, when offices are open. Due to the length of the March, plus security at
buildings, visiting legislators after the March has become next to impossible and many skip this vital part of the
March for Life. Suggested Alternatives include:
                         (a) arrive in Washington, D.C. at 10 or 10:30 AM to allow your group to visit
                         representatives before marching;
                         (b) arrive in Wash. at 11:30 AM with each group having designated four or five lobbyists to
                         go directly to the offices. These may miss the March, or part of, but your legislators will
                         know his/her constituents, your school, church, etc. attended the March.
(c) have the entire group lobby after the March if that has been successful.
Please let us know of other possible options. There is a serious need to lobby for pro-life legislation and to support
legislators who have supported or promised to support pro-life legislation Call LICL 631-243-1435 before January
5th as appointments with representatives must be made by your group or by the LICL.
Life News-8-November 2010
There was a chill in the Fall air but we had another beautiful Stand Up For Life witness in Huntington as well as in
Manorville. A very heartfelt thank you to all the volun-
teers, supporters, participants and those who stayed home
and prayed. We estimate the crowd in Huntington to be
approximately 885 and in Manorville 110 participants.
Isn’t it a great feeling to be part of Long Island’s largest pro
-life witness? Our faithfulness will turn the hearts of peo-
ple so that not only will Roe v. Wade be overturned, but the
thought of abortion will be unthinkable! If you would like
to volunteer to help with SUFL or if you have any concerns
or comments, please address them to LICL, P.O. Box 223,
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, Attn: SUFL. Our apologies to
SUFL, E. for the gaffe with the signs.

Diocese of Rockville Centre Pro-Life Student Programs:
 Father & Son Brunch - “God’s Plan for Growing Up” (13-15 year olds)
     Sat., 11/20/10 - 11:00 AM-2 PM at Chaminade High School (Activity-Athletic Center), 311 Jericho Tpke.,
     Mineola. $25 per family (parent and 2 children). Must reserve. DRVC 516-379-8292 x215
   Diocesan Advent Project - beginning Sun., 11/29/10 - “An Act of Kindness” assists
     women who have chosen life. Call 516-379-8292, ext. 215, e-mail: or go to
     the website at for your collection box and more information. Metro, phone and gift
     cards as well as monetary donations are most appreciated. Please send donations prior to 12/25/10.
 2011 Student Contest            - Theme: “The Measure of Love is to Love Without Measure”
       Level I: Grades 7-8—Level II: Grades 9-12 (including home-schooled, youth groups, altar servers, Boys &
                   Girls Scouts). Contest categories: Music, Bookmark, Poetry, Essay, Photography.
                                Prizes for each Level: 1st - $400, 2nd - $250, 3rd - $150.
           Coordinators must submit local winners to the Diocese by 1/28/11. Awards Ceremony on 3/24/11!
          Registration forms are available at your parish, school office or may be downloaded at
                                          click on Ministries/Respect Life Office.

               “Spiritual Adoption” - An “Adopt a Baby” Project
    An excellent “intercessory prayer” activity for the entire parish community, “Spiritual Adoption,” is a
very easy pro-life project.
    We know there are pre-born infants in danger of abortion. Therefore, this program invites the commu-
nity to commit themselves to praying every day for the nine months, praying that the mother and father of an
infant receive the strength by God’s Spirit to continue to choose life.
Where to start? Begin the program with a sign-up weekend. Participants sign a pledge card promising to pray every
day for a baby they spiritually adopt and for his/her parents. The pledge card suggests the “Spiritually Adopted” baby be
given a name.
Monthly Development Report: During each of the nine months the parish bulletin updates the child’s development.
For example:
3rd Month Developing Baby: Your baby is quite active now. If his/her mother’s womb had a window, you could watch
your “Spiritually Adopted” baby squint, swallow, and move his tongue. Your baby can make a tight fist if you touch his/
her palm. Baby obtains the oxygen his body needs through the umbilical cord. The baby you are praying for weighs one
Suggestions for concluding the program: A closing Mass or Service, a Communion Breakfast, a “Baby Shower” from
which the gifts, diapers, formula can be donated to a nearby pregnancy help center.
Need help in getting started? Many churches and Knights of Columbus Councils have run successful programs. If you
need assistance, you may call Joseph Welsh 631-698-4410.
Note: A series of posters showing development of the pre-born child can obtained from the DRVC Respect Life Office.
Call Diana Tellis at 516-379-8292 x215. Posters coincide with the nine-month project.
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_____ ABORTION IS NOT HEALTH CARE                      life messages, 10 of each shown:
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_____ Vote Pro-Life                                                   for All -                                  Life.
_____ Your Mother was PRO-LIFE
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       DESTROYING A GENERATION                            Mail this form with payment (prices                 Choice.
_____       ONE BABY AT A TIME                         include postage & handling) to:
_____ Choose Life!          < NEW
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      Abortion is Forever < NEW
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Name: ________________________________________________________ Phone: (______) _______ - _____________
Address: _____________________________________________City: ___________________ State: ____ Zip:_________
                                Please make checks payable to Long Island Coalition for Life and mail to:
                 Long Island Coalition for Life, P.O. Box 223, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (Donations are not tax-deductible).
                   When writing or changing your will, please consider remembering the Long Island Coalition for Life.
                                           Thank you for your support of our vital Pro-Life work.
             A copy of our latest annual report may be obtained from us or from the Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271

L.I. COALITION FOR LIFE – Info on pro-life activity, speakers, legislation 631-243-1435                                      LONG ISLAND
Life Center of L.I.-Pregnancy Care Center locations (AAA Pregnancy Options):                                                  COALITION
     Deer Park…631-243-0066 Hempstead….516-408-6300 Massapequa 516-798-9100
Baby Safe Haven-Don’t abandon your newborn – no questions asked ..............877-796-4673
                                                                                                                             for LIFE, Inc.
Bethany House: Roosevelt.................................................................................516-868-6866
Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center: Bayside .................................................718-281-4357                     Jerome B. Higgins, D.V.M.
Bridge to Life: Flushing.....................................................................................718-463-1810          Chairman
Birthright of Nassau/ Suffolk: Wantagh ...... 516-785-4070                            Islip ..............631-277-3888
                                    Floral Park. .. 516-502-4423                      Smithtown… 631-360-7707                   John J. Sandhaas
Long Island Birthright: Rocky Point ...............................................................631-821-9727              Presiding Vice-Chairman
Birthright of Peconic: Hampton Bays....... 631-728-8900                               Southold ........631-876-5138
Mommas House: Jericho, Glen Cove, Massapequa & Hempstead ....................516-781-8637                                          George Frost
Mother of Good Counsel Home: Roosevelt .....................................................516-223-1013                      Suffolk Vice-Chairman
The Care Center: Islandia .................................................................................631-630-9779
Expectant Mother Care: Corona, Richmond Hill, Hollis, Jackson Hts. ...........718-401-9400                                         Irene Muhs
Regina Residence & Mary Residence/Catholic Charities-DRVC, Merrick ....516-223-7888                                           Nassau Vice-Chairman
Perinatal Hospice (Hospice Care Network) ........................................... …631-666-6873x203
Int’l Pregnancy Help Line: 1-800-395-HELP Birthright Int’l Hot Line: 1-800-550-4900                                              Rosanne Jordan
Adoption, Foster Care, Maternity Services - Catholic Home Bureau..............800-592-4357                                          Secretary
                                   ADDITIONAL PROGRAMS
Post Abortion Counseling For Women & Men:
   Rachel’s Vineyard Healing Ministry………………516-523-0586................631-RACHELL                                             Celeste Broyles, Ph.D
   Rachel’s Helpers………718-939-6646 Restoring the Heart Ministries .....631-689-6686                                                  Treasurer
Natural Family Planning:
   Family Life Promotion of NY (Sympto-Thermal Method) ............................631-588-7495                                 Daniel Sherry
   Life Center Natural Family Planning (Creighton Model) ...............................516-798-9100                        Immediate Past Chairman
   Rockville Centre Diocese ...................................................................... 516-678-5800 x204
                     ABSTINENCE UNTIL MARRIAGE SPEAKERS                                                                         Kevin McQuade
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   Life News                                                        MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                  To promote the sanctity of human life from
                                                               fertilization to natural death through education,
              of Long Island                                   legislative action, prayer and peaceful presence.

Long Island Coalition for Life                                                                      NON PROFIT ORG.
Post Office Box 223                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-0223                                OUR FIRST RIGHT –                        HICKSVILLE, NY 11801
                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 263
                                                    THE     RIGHT TO LIFE


        40 DAYS FOR LIFE                                         Pro-Life Mass and Prayer Vigil
     CLOSING LITURGY & RALLY                                                                           Mass was
               Sun., Oct. 31 - 1:30 PM                                                                 celebrated at
                                                                                                       St. Ladislaus
         Planned Parenthood, 540 Fulton Ave.,
                                                                                                       in Hempstead
      (Rt. 24, Hempstead Tpke.), Hempstead                                                             on Sat., 10/9.
 Join us as we pray together for our unborn and our                                                    Fr. Charles
   nation. Come and sing of the goodness of God.                                                       Mangano and
     For information call LICL 631-243-1435.                                                           Msgr. Brian
                                                                                                       led the group
                   NY Family Research                       in prayer at Planned Parenthood in Hempstead. Padre
                    Foundation Banquet                      Nastro, Holy Trinity and Curé of Ars youth groups
           Sat. Nov. 13 - 6:30 - 9 PM Holiday Inn           participated. The Hempstead Police Dept. helped by
            MacArthur Airport, 3845 Veterans Hwy.,          escorting the group and controlling traffic.
              Ronkonkoma. An excellent update on
Federal and N.Y.S. pro-life/pro-family legislation from Inside:
 a Conservative Christian perspective. $25 full buffet Page 4 - Health & Science: The Emerging Science of
 dinner. Mail to NYFRF, P.O. Box 131, Spencerport,               Fetal Origins - Part I of II
  NY 14559. For information go to         Page 8 - 9-month Spiritual Adoption Program

 If you plan to be away for a month or more, please put a hold on Life News by calling LICL at 631-243-1435 with
 your current name and address and indicate month/s you will be away. The Post Office does not forward Life News
 to people who are away but instead returns them to us charging us return postage for each one. Another option is that
 you furnish to LICL a forwarding address for those months.

                      Election Day is Tuesday, November 2.
                Do your best to “get out the vote.” See Pages 1 & 3.

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