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									         E X T E R N A L   FA B R I C   S Y S T E M S

                                                                                The Levolux 860 Façade System is an effective fabric

                                                                                solar protection system with numerous possibilities to
                  The Levolux range of external fabric roller systems are       enhance and complement the building’s design by their
                  ideally suited for all buildings, new build or                articulate form and colouring. Slim yet robust guiding
                  refurbishment, and are particularly suited where solar        profiles can be formed to follow the line of the building
                  heat gain and glare control is a problem.                     to integrate with the designer’s ideas and concept.
                  The Levolux 800 range provides designers with a               A wide range of folding arm awnings are also available.

                  selection of systems offering reliable, functional and
                  flexible solutions to help reduce solar heat gain, control
                                                                                System Construction
                  glare and provide light control.
                                                                                All components are subject to rigid quality standards and
                                                                                are designed to produce a high performance product
                  Features & Benefits
                                                                                with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The main
                  Energy Savings - External fabric systems can reduce the       components of the Levolux Fabric System are:
                  solar heat gain entering a building by up to 90%, limiting

                                                                                              • Fabric • Roller Housing
                  or even eliminating the need for air conditioning.
                                                                                               • Side Guides • Control
                  Aesthetically Pleasing - A wide range of fabric colours
                                                                                • Fabric - A selection of PVC coated open mesh glass
                  are available which can be complemented with a co-
                                                                                fibre fabrics are available. The Levolux Monotone,
                  ordinated polyester powder coated or anodised finish to
                                                                                Duotone and Darktone fabrics include a vast range of
                  the aluminium sections.
                                                                                modern colours to complement any building.
                  Maximum Control - Systems can be integrated with a
                                                                                Also available are the Dralon type fabrics which are man
                  sun control system to maximise protection.
                                                                                made, colourfast and look like canvas. These are tightly
                  Flexible - The designer has a totally versatile range of
                                                                                woven and greatly reduce “see through” from the outside.
                  systems to meet even the most demanding building
                                                                                Other fabrics can also be considered providing the
                                                                                performance data demonstrates that they are suitable for
                                                                                external use.
                  The Range                                                     • Roller Housing - Various shapes are formed from
                  The Levolux 830 Fall Arm awning is ideal where non-           extruded or rolled aluminium sections. Some systems are
                  standard window frames and transom details can create         also available with acrylic glass covers.
                  problems for external blinds. Two pivoting fall arms are      All aluminium sections can be polyester coated or
                  used to extend and adjust the angle of the blinds. This       anodised as standard. Other finishes can be considered.
                  gives good protection to the glazed areas while giving an
                                                                                • Side Guides - Either extruded aluminium profiles or
                  unobstructed view from the interior.
                                                                                stainless steel guide wires are available as standard.
                  The Levolux 840 Rollscreen is the obvious choice for an
                                                                                • Control - Operation is generally by electric motor,
                  uncomplicated external roller blind system. Supplied with
                                                                                however, some can be manually operated in certain
                  extruded aluminium headbox and side guide profiles or wires
                                                                                situations. They can be controlled individually or in a
                  as standard, the system provides an attractive, practical
                                                                                group and can be linked to a sun control system to
                  and cost effective solution to combat solar heat gain.
                                                                                maximise protection and to make best use of varying
                  The Levolux 850 Markisolette “Little Awning” is a             weather conditions.
                  fabric system based on a combination of a well proven
                  awning principle and external roller blinds. The system
                                                                                3 Year Warranty
                  provides colourful protection to all types of windows and
                  is particularly suited to tall, narrow glazed areas where a   All Levolux systems are made of a high grade material to
                  standard awning would prove impractical. In the down          exacting specifications. This enables us to offer a
                  position a standard 600mm pair of arms project the            guarantee providing free of charge replacement parts
                  fabric to the traditional awning style, but with the arms     should any system prove defective within 3 years of
                  retracted, the markisolette provides a vertical fabric        installation. This guarantee is conditional on
                  screen which can be raised and lowered as required.           manufacturer’s recommended fitting and operating
                                                                                instructions having been followed.

                                                                                                                       E X T E R N A L
General Layout
Levolux® 830 Fall Arm                                               Levolux® 840 Rollscreen

            Roller Housing


                                                                                                                       FA B R I C
                                             Fall Arm

                                                                                                                       S Y S T E M S
                                                                                   Guiding Side Wires
                                                                                   (Extruded aluminium
                                                                                   guides are also available)

 Levolux® 860 Façade System
                                                                     Diversion Roller
                  Roller Housing

                                                                              Levolux® 850 Markisolette

                                                                            Roller Housing

                                   Hem Bar

                                                        Diversion Roller                                        Fall


                                                                                   Hem Bar

                                    Design Parameters

                             (all maximum measurements in mm)                                                          Specification
                                                                                            Item: EXTERNAL FABRIC SYSTEMS
                                Levolux 830 Fall Arm Awning                                 External sunscreening to                      830 Fall Arm
                   Drive System                Width                 Height                 be Levolux                                    840 Rollscreen
                                                                                                                                          850 Markisolette
                   Manual Crank*                3200                  3000
                                                                                                                                          860 Facade*
                   Electric Motor+              4000                  4000                  All extruded aluminium sections to be Satin anodised/
                                                                                            Polyester Powder coated* from the standard Levolux
                                    Levolux 840 Rollscreen                                  colour range. Colour.................................................+

                   Drive System           Guide           Width          Height             Fabric to be ..............................................................+,
                   Manual Crank        Guide Rails         2200           2500              System to be manual/ electric* operation with switch/
                   (Max 2 joins)       Wire Cable          2800           3500              fully automatic solar* control.
                   Electric Motor      Guide Rails         2200           2500              To suit glazed areas ............................mm wide
                   (Max 2 joins)       Wire Cable          3250           3500              .................mm high + or in accordance with glazed
                                                                                            areas as detailed on drawing Nos...............................+
                                  Levolux 850 Markisolette
                                                                                            Supplied and installed by an approved Levolux

                   Drive System           Width                          Height             distributor.
                   Manual Crank*          Single          Joined          3000              + Insert as applicable *Delete as applicable.
                                           3250            5000
                                                                                            In line with our policy of continuous product
                   Electric Motor+         3250            9750           3000              development Levolux reserves the right to alter
                  *Max area 6sqm single. 12swm joined, max one join.                        specifications without prior notice.
                  +Max area 6sqm single. 18sqm joined, max two joins.

                                 Levolux 860 Façade System
                   Drive System            Type                                    Width                Vertical           Angled/ Vertical                Overall
                   Manual Crank            Vertical                                 2800                  3500                     /                           /
                   (max area 10sq m)       Angled                                   2800                    /                    2500                        2500
                   (Max 2 joins)           Vertical/Angled/Vertical                 2800                  2000                 1500/2000                     3500
                   Motor                   Vertical                                 3300                  4000                     /                         4000
                   (max area 25sq m)       Angled                                   2800                    /                    2500                        2500
                   (Max 2 joins)           Vertical/ Angled/ Vertical               2800                  2000                 1500/2000                     5500

                       In line with the policy of continuous product development Levolux reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.

                                        For further information on Levolux sunscreening systems and effective ways
                                                       to control light, heat and glare please contact:

                                           Levolux Limited
                                        Forward Drive, Harrow,
                                                                                  •                                Levolux A.T. Limited
                                                                                                            24 Eastville Close, Eastern Avenue,
                                         Middlesex HA3 8NT.                                                         Gloucester GL4 3SJ
                                           United Kingdom                                                            United Kingdom
                                   Telephone: (+44) 020 8863 9111                                            Telephone: (+44) 01452 500007
                                    Facsimile: (+44) 020 8863 8760                                            Facsimile: (+44) 01452 527496                                   E&OE

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