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Collectors' Vinyl

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									Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                                   11/08/2005 01:50 PM

  7inches, 7inch E.P.s, 12inch and CD Singles

  Auction 218 - Closes Saturday January 7th, 2006.

  Minimum bid is as stipulated on each page. Please remember that where appropriate record condition is always graded first, sleeve second.

  The rules of set sale are very simple. Everything is available as seen on a first- come, first- served basis at the price quoted (see top of each set
  sale page). Price excludes postage and packing. This will be added at cost plus 25p per parcel (rounded up to nearest 10p) and posted second
  class unless you stipulate otherwise. We will advise postage after weighing parcel. Condition as found. If you are not totally happy with the goods
  you have only to contact us for full refund.

  To order or bid, please complete the response form, either by cut and paste or simply by typing the details as an e- mail. All orders will be dealt
  with strictly in order of receipt. If your bid has been successful we will reply about one week after closing date with payment details.

  European customers please pay in EUROS by cheque or cash. I will try to remember to advise you at the time of billing. You can also use Pay Pal if
  required but let me know as there is a small additional charge (about 5%). Non- European overseas customers, send sterling cheques payable on
  UK bank, dollars in cash, or ideally use Pay Pal.

  All Parcel Force packages are tracked. Where the contents are over £20 for UK customers, I'll add the necessary 75p to your bill up to £100 - up
  to £250 value I'll add £1.75, up to £500 I’ll add £3.00. You can elect to cancel this charge but will only qualify for £20 maximum insurance if
  parcel is lost. Please advise when bidding if you require an alternative method of delivery. Overseas parcels are sent by cheapest rate. Advise if
  you want higher cost with compensation.

  For a full list of cheap stuff – all formats together - send 50p plus stamped addressed envelope 6"x4" minimum. Alternatively, I can send this as
  an e- mail attachment. Just ask.

            Collectors' Vinyl,
            18 Grange Road,
            GU15 2DH

  Lists alternate between LP's, CD albums, print, memorabilia, etc., and singles and EP’s in all formats.

  All customers should be notified via email when the site is updated, provided I have your e- mail address.

  You can phone with any questions, auction bids, but NOT set sale orders, weekdays between 10.00am and 6.00pm, though there is no guarantee
  we will be in.

    ITEM ARTIST                        DESCRIPTION                                             CATALOGUE                              FORMAT
    1        ABBA                      Super trouper/The piper                                 Dutch Epic 9089; M-/M-; 1980           7inch

                                       You shook me all night long/Have a drink on
    2        AC/DC                                                                             K 11600; E; 1980                       7inch

                                                                                               TR-7873; SLM (name); VG+;
    3        ACES                      Working on it night and day/Take a look                                                        7inch

    4        ACTION                    Hey sha-lo-ney/Come on come with me                     E 5008; SLEEVE ONLY; M; 1984           7inch

    5        ADAM & ANTS               Friends/Kick/Physical                                   DUN 20; M-/M-; 1982                    7inch

    6        BRYAN ADAMS               Let me take you dancing/Don't turn away                 AMS 7460; DJ; M; 1979                  7inch

    7        OLETA ADAMS               Circle of one/Think again                               OLETA 2; M/M; 1990                     7inch

    8                                  Susie blue/Headlines                                    KUT 108; M/M;1984                      7inch

    9                                  This is my song/Wednesday's child                       F.12556; E-; 1967                      7inch
             ALDRICH/TWO PIAN

    10       RONNIE ALLEN              Juvenile delinquent/River of love                       US San 208; E-                         7inch

             AMAZING RHYTHM                                                                    US ABC 12359; DJ only; E;
    11                                 Burning the ballroom down/mono-stereo                                                          7inch
             ACES                                                                              1978                                                                                             Page 1 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

             ERNESTINE                 Be mine/I don't see me in your eyes any
    12                                                                                 45AMT 1035; DJ; E; 1959           7inch
             ANDERSON                  more

                                       Sad Simon lives again/You won't be seeing me
    13       TIM ANDREWS                                                               R 5656; E; 1967                   7inch

                                       The house of the rising sun/Don't let me be
    14       ANIMALS                                                                   RR 1; M; RAK reissue              7inch

                                       The house of the rising sun/Don't let me be
    15       ANIMALS                                                                   RR 1; E; RAK reissue              7inch

                                       I love you in the same old way/Hello young      45-DB 4504; green; SLM
    16       PAUL ANKA                                                                                                   7inch
                                       lovers                                          (sticker mark); E-;'60

                                       Put your head on my shoulder/Don't ever
    17       PAUL ANKA                                                                 45-DB 4355; SSLM; E-; 1959        7inch
                                       leave me

    18       PAUL ANKA                 The story of my love/Don't say you're sorry     US ABC 10168; E                   7inch

    19       PAUL ANKA                 I'd never find another you/Uh huh               US ABC 10311; VG                  7inch

                                       I don't like to sleep alone/How can anything
    20       PAUL ANKA                                                                 UP 35809; DJ; M; 1975             7inch
                                       be beautiful after you

                                       Nobody does it like me/Caravan/Step inside
    21       ANNE-MARIE/TONI                                                           DWARF 1; E-; AUTOGRAPHED          7inch
                                       love/Last farewell

    22       RAY ANTHONY ORCH. Passport to shame/Stockholm blues                       45-CL 15080; M-; 1959             7inch

                                                                                       F.121106; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    23       APPLEJACKS                Bye bye girl/It's not a game anymore                                              7inch
                                                                                       E-; 1965

                                                                                       F.11916; SLM (stickers); E-;
    24       APPLEJACKS                Everybody fall down/Like dreamers do                                              7inch

    25                                 I wrote/Highway                                 US Design 823; SSLM; VG+          7inch

                                                                                       EPC S 2147; DJ; SLM
    26       ARGENT                    Thunder and lightning/Keeper of the flame                                         7inch
                                                                                       (stamped); E; 1974

    27       LLOYD ARNOLD              Lonesome finds me/Next to me                    US Memphis 321964; M              7inch

                                       A likely piece of work/May the winds blow.      2058-061. LM (sticker damage);
    28       P.P.ARNOLD                                                                                                  7inch
                                       Jack Good prod.                                 E-; 1970

    29       ARRIVAL                   I will survive/See the Lord                     F 13026; E-; 1970                 7inch

    30       ARS NOVA                  Sunshine and shadows/Walk on the sand           US Atlantic 2625; DR; E           7inch

    31       AMY ARTHUR                I was wrong/It may never happen again           US Ascot 2141; E                  7inch

    32       BUD ASHTON                Telstar/RIKKI HENDERSON Don't that beat all     45-WB 525; VG+; 1962              7inch

    33       BUD ASHTON                Telstar/RIKKI HENDERSON Don't that beat all     45-WB 525; E; 1962                7inch

                                       The frightened city/DORIS LEE You'll never
    34       BUD ASHTON                                                                45-WB 451; VG; 1961               7inch

    35       BUD ASHTON                (Dance with the) guitar man/Gossip calypso      45-WB 537; SSLM; VG; 1962         7inch

    36       BUD ASHTON                Because they're young/Apache                    45-WB 409; E; 1960                7inch

    37       BUD ASHTON                Atlantis/HANK ROGERS Deck of cards              45-WB 569; M-; 1963               7inch

    38       ASSOCIATION               Never my love/Windy                             WB 7119; E-                       7inch

    39       ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80        Central Park/Dub version                        AMS 7566; DJ; M-; 1980            7inch

    40       ATTACCO                   I don't care how long it takes/Tears of blood   AON 004; M/M; 1988                7inch

    41       AU PAIR                   Casatschok/Don't boy                            MF 1126; E; 1969                  7inch

                                                                                       US Chancellor 1021;
    42       FRANKIE AVALON            Ginger bread/Blue Betty                                                           7inch
                                                                                       SLM(name); VG

    43       KEVIN AYERS               After the show/Thank you very much              WIP.6201; VG; 1974                7inch

    44       AZTEC CAMERA              Walk out to winter/Set the killing free         RT 132; M/M-;1983                 7inch

    45       AZTEC CAMERA              Deep and wide and tall/Bad education            YZ 154R; M/M; 1987                7inch

                                                                                       YZ 154; M/M; 1987; different
    46       AZTEC CAMERA              Deep and wide and tall/Bad education                                              7inch                                                                                Page 2 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                           11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    46       AZTEC CAMERA              Deep and wide and tall/Bad education                                                  7inch

    47       AZTEC CAMERA              Oblivious; other tracks unidentified              AZTEC 1F; dbl; sealed; 1983         7inch

    48       AZTEC CAMERA              The crying scene/True colors                      YZ 492; M/M-; 1990                  7inch

    49       AZTEC CAMERA              Working in a goldmine/I threw it all away         YZ 199; E/M; 1988                   7inch

    50       AZTEC CAMERA              Still on fire/Walk out to winter                  AC 2; M/M-;SSM; 1984                7inch

    51       AZTEC CAMERA              Still on fire/Walk out to winter                  AC 2; M-/M;1984                     7inch

                                                                                         INT 518; DJ; SLM (name); M;
    52       B.T.EXPRESS               Peace pipe/Whatcha think about that?                                                  7inch

    53       B.T.EXPRESS               Peace pipe/Whatcha think about that?              INT 518; DJ; M; 1975                7inch

    54       B.T.EXPRESS               Energy to burn/Time tunnel                        INT 526; DJ; M; 1976                7inch

    55       BACHELORS                 Charmaine/Old Bill                                45-F 11559; DJ; solid centre; E-    7inch

    56       BADFINGER                 Day after day/Sweet Tuesday morning               APPLE 40; VG+; 1972                 7inch

    57       HENRY BADOWSKI            Henry's in love/Lamb to the slaughter             AMS 8135; M-/E; 1981                7inch

             BAKER GURVITZ
    58                                 Dancing the night away/Night people               TOP 15; DJ; M-; 1976                7inch

             BAKER GURVITZ
    59                                 Tracks of my life/The artist                      TOP 10; M; 1976                     7inch

    60       ADRIAN BAKER              Sherry/I was only fooling                         MAG 34; E; 1975                     7inch

             GEORGE BAKER
    61                                 Love will be the answer/Marja                     K 17015; M-; 1977                   7inch

             GINGER                                                                      TOP 23; DJ; SLM (sticker); VG;
    62                                 Don Dorango/Candlestick taker                                                         7inch
             BAKER/FRIENDS                                                               1977

                                       You can't judge a book by the cover/Mother        US Warners 7617; SSLM; E;
    63       JOHN BALDRY                                                                                                     7inch
                                       ain't dead                                        1972

    64       KENNY BALL                So do I/Cornet chop suey                          7NJ. 2056; E; 1962                  7inch

    65       BAND                      Time to kill/Sleeping                             CL 15659; E; 1970                   7inch

             CHRIS BARBER'S                                                              45-SCD2187; DJ; SSLM(pencil
    66                                 Ory's creole trombone/Mood indigo                                                     7inch
             JAZZ BAN                                                                    name)M-

             CHRIS BARBER'S
    67                                 Saratoga swing/Ice cream                          45/A132; VG+                        7inch
             JAZZ BAN

                                       The baby boy/JAMES WRIGHT ORCH. Bless this
    68       CHRIS BARDELL                                                        45-WB 485; E-; 1961                        7inch

    69       RONNIE BARKER             Going straight/String bean queen                  EMI 2768; E; 1978                   7inch

    70       BARONS                    Cossack/Summertime                                45-CB 1608; SSLM; VG+; 1961         7inch

                                       Theme from 'The Persuaders'/The girls with
    71       JOHN BARRY                                                                  CBS 7469; M-; 1971                  7inch
                                       the sun in her hair

                                       My friend the sea/CHARLES YOUNG Johnny
    72       KAY BARRY                                                                   45-WB 486; E; 1961                  7inch

                                       It started all over again/It might as well rain
    73       KAY BARRY                                                                   45-WB 528; E-; 1962                 7inch
                                       until September

    74       KAY BARRY                 Bobby's girl/James (Hold the ladder steady)       45-WB 534; SSLM; VG+; 1962          7inch

                                       Tell me what he said/REDD WAYNE A little
    75       KAY BARRY                                                                   45-WB 496; VG+; 1962                7inch
                                       bitty tear

    76       KAY BARRY                 Terry/Girl don't come                             WB 674; M-; 1965                    7inch

    77       KAY BARRY                 Terry/Girl don't come                             WB 674; VG; 1965                    7inch

    78       KAY BARRY                 Be my baby/Bye bye birdie                         45-WB 599; E-; 1963                 7inch

    79       SHIRLEY BASSEY            As long as he needs me/So in love                 DB 4490; M-; 1960                   7inch

    80       JOAN BAXTER               You're my world/Walk on by                        WB 633; VG; 1964                    7inch

                                       I just don't know what to do with myself/DEL
    81       JOAN BAXTER                                                                 WB 643; VG+; 1964                   7inch
                                       MARTIN I won't                                                                                    Page 3 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    82       BEACH BOYS                Here comes the night/Baby blue                  CRB 7204; M-; 1979                  7inch

    83       BEACH BOYS                Heroes & villains/You're welcome                US Brother 1001; M                  7inch

    84       BEACH BOYS                Good vibrations/Wouldn't it be nice             CL 15875; DJ; M/M-; reissue         7inch

    85       CARL BEAN                 I was born this way/Instrumental                TMG 1108; E; 1977                   7inch

    86       BEAT                      Hands of...she's mine/Twist and crawl           FEET 1; M-; 1980                    7inch

    87       BEAT                      Best friend/Stand down Margaret                 FEET 3;M/M-; 1980                   7inch

    88       BEATLES                   All you need is love/Baby you're a rich man     R 5620; VG+; 1967                   7inch

    89       BEATLES                   All you need is love/Baby you're a rich man     R 5620; E 1967                      7inch

    90       BEATLES                   I want to hold your hand/This boy               R 5084; E; 1963                     7inch

    91       BEATLES                   I want to hold your hand/This boy               R 5084; M-; 1963                    7inch

                                                                                       R 5084; M/E; pose in front of
    92       BEATLES                   I want to hold your hand/This boy                                                   7inch
                                                                                       stage curtain

    93       BEATLES                   A hard day's night/Things we said today         R 5160; E; 1964                     7inch

                                                                                       R 4983; M/E- (couch shot); red
    94       BEATLES                   Please please me/Ask me why                                                         7inch
                                                                                       label reissue

    95       BEATLES                   She loves you/I'll get you                      R 5055; E; 1963                     7inch

                                                                                       R 5055; smaller label print; E-;
    96       BEATLES                   She loves you/I'll get you                                                          7inch

                                                                                       R 5055; M/E; browny studio
    97       BEATLES                   She loves you/I'll get you                                                          7inch

    98       BEATLES                   Ticket to ride/Yes it is                        R 5265; E; 1965                     7inch

    99       BEATLES                   We can work it out/Day tripper                  R 5389; E; 1965                     7inch

    100      BEATLES                   Can't buy me love/You can't do that             R 5114; E; 1964                     7inch

    101      BEATLES                   Can't buy me love/You can't do that             R 5114; M-; 1964                    7inch

                                                                                       R 6013; NC; E-/M-; from
    102      BEATLES                   Yesterday/I should have known better                                                7inch
                                                                                       Singles collection

                                                                                       R 6013; NC; E-/E; from Singles
    103      BEATLES                   Yesterday/I should have known better                                                7inch

                                                                                       45-R 4983; SSLM (sticker); E;
    104      BEATLES                   Please please me/Ask me why                                                         7inch
                                                                                       black label

    105      BEATLES                   Help!/I'm down                                  R 5305; M; 1965                     7inch

    106      BEATLES                   I feel fine/She's a woman                       R 5200; E; 1964                     7inch

    107      BEATLES                   Lady Madonna/The inner light                    R 5675; M; 1968                     7inch

                                                                                       R 5777; E-/E; Singles collection
    108      BEATLES                   Get back/Don't let me down                                                          7inch

                                       Let it be/You know my name (look up the
    109      BEATLES                                                                   R 5833; E-/E-; 1970                 7inch

                                       Movie medley/I'm happy just to dance with
    110      BEATLES                                                                   R 6055; E-/E-; 1982                 7inch

    111      BEATLES                   The ballad of John & Yoko/Old brown shoe        R 5786; E; 1969                     7inch

    112      BEATLES                   Day tripper/We can work it out                  R 5389; M; 1965                     7inch

    113      BEATLES                   All you need is love/Baby you're a rich man     R 5620; E; 1967                     7inch

    114      BEATLES                   Hello goodbye/I am the walrus                   R 5655; M-; 1967                    7inch

    115      BEATLES                   Hey Jude/Revolution                             R 5722; E; 1968                     7inch

    116      BEATLES                   Get back/Don't let me down                      R 5777; E; 1969                     7inch

    117      BEATLES                   Free as a bird/Christmas time (is here again)   R 6422; M/M; 1995                   7inch

    118      BEATLES                   Real love/Baby's in black                       R 6425; M/M; 1996                   7inch

    119      BEATLES                   Love me do/P.S. I love you                      45-R 4949; red but reissue; E       7inch                                                                                  Page 4 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    120      BEAU BRUMMELS             Just a little/They'll make you cry                US Autumn 10; VG+                  7inch

                                       Hi ho silver lining/Beck's bolero/Rock my
    121      JEFF BECK                                                                   RR 3; M; RAK reissue               7inch

    122      JEFF BECK                 Hi ho silver lining/Beck's bolero                 DB 8151; VG; 1967                  7inch

    123      BEE GEES                  Saw a new morning/My life has been a song         2090-105; M; 1973                  7inch

    124      BEE GEES                  Too much heaven/Rest your love on me              RSO 25; DJ; M-; 1978               7inch

    125      BEE GEES                  Tomorrow tomorrow/Sun in my morning               56 331; M; 1969                    7inch

             CELI BEE/BUZZY                                                              XB 2185; DJ; SLM (name); M;
    126                                Superman/Hurt me hurt me                                                             7inch
             BUNCH                                                                       1977

    127      HARRY BELAFONTE           Island in the sun/Cocoanut woman                  45-RCA 1007; TC; E                 7inch

                                                                                         US Time 1004; SSLM (pencil
    128      BELL NOTES                I've had it/Be mine                                                                  7inch
                                                                                         mark); VG

    129      BELL NOTES                Old Spanish town/She went that-a-way              US Time 1010; VG+                  7inch

    130      ARCHIE BELL/DRELLS Disco showdown/I've been missing you                     PIR 5580; M; 1977                  7inch

    131      ARCHIE BELL/DRELLS Look back over your shoulder/Instrumental                MARES 16; M; 1987                  7inch

             BENNETT AND
    132                                No no you don't know/do                           US Colossus 129; DJ; E             7inch

             CLIFF                     I have cried my last tear/As long as she looks    R 5317; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    133                                                                                                                     7inch
             BENNETT/REBEL RO          like you                                          VG+; 1965

    134                                Hold on I'm coming/Eyes for you                   R 5466; VG; 1966                   7inch
             BENNETT/REBEL RO

             DUSTER                                                                      57-3154; SLM (sticker mark);
    135                                Bright lights big city/Fresh country jam                                             7inch
             BENNETT/HOUSE                                                               DJ; E-; 1969

    136                        Black slacks/Boppin' rock boogie                          US ABC 9837; M-                    7inch

                                                                                         45-POP 732; turquoise label; E;
    137      SHELLEY BERMAN            Hold on /Pt.2                                                                        7inch

    138      CHUCK BERRY               No particular place to go/Liverpool drive         7N.25242; E-; 1964                 7inch

    139      DAVE BERRY                The crying game/Don't Gimme no lip child          F.11937; M-; 1964                  7inch

    140      DAVE BERRY                Mama/Walk walk talk talk                          F.12435; M-; 1966                  7inch

                                       One heart between two/You're gonna need
    141      DAVE BERRY                                                                  F.12020; VG+; 1964                 7inch

    142      MIKE BERRY                Tribute to Buddy Holly/Dial my number             2058 700; E-; 1976                 7inch

             BIG BEN HAWAIIAN
    143                                On the beach at Waikiki bossa nova/Aloha oe       DB 7022; DJ; SLM (sticker); E      7inch

             BIG JOHN'S
    144                                CIRCUS Lady (put the light on me)/Love            DJS. 301; E; 1974                  7inch

    145      ACKER BILK                Lonely/Acker's ;lacquer                           45-DB 4897; M-; 1962               7inch

    146      BILL & BUSTER             Bend over backwards/Going back in time            AMS 809; E-; 1970                  7inch

    147      BILL & BUSTER             Hold on to what you've got/Love is here           AMS 820; E; 1971                   7inch

             JANE BIRKIN/SERGE                                                           K 11511; M-/E- - nude cover
    148                                Je t' non plus/ Jane B.                                                    7inch
             GAINS                                                                       shot; 1969

    149      ELVIN BISHOP              Twist and shout/Sidelines                         2089 044; M; 1976                  7inch

    150      ELVIN BISHOP              Fooled around and fell in love/Slick titty boom   2089 024; M; 1975                  7inch

    151      BISMUTH                   Running out/Hold on                               AMS 7143; DJ; M; 1974              7inch

    152      BITTER ALMOND             In the morning/Silver                             WB 8008; DJ; E; 1970               7inch

    153      BLACK SABBATH             Die young/Heaven and hell                         SAB 4; E/E-; 1980                  7inch

                                                                                         6059 061; SLM (writing); G;
    154      BLACK SABBATH             Tomorrow's dream/Laguna sunrise                                                      7inch

    155      BLACK SABBATH             Never say die/She's gone                          SAB 001; M; 1978                   7inch                                                                                   Page 5 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    156      BLACK SABBATH             Neon knights/Children of the sea-live           SAB 3; E-; 1980                    7inch

    157      BLACK SABBATH             Mob rules/Die young-live                        SAB 5; M; 1981                     7inch

    158      BLACK SABBATH             Paranoid/The wizard                             6059 010; VG; 1970; O.I.           7inch

    159      BLACK VELVET              There must be a way/Domestic man                7N. 45228; E; 1973                 7inch

             BILL BLACK'S
    160                                Yogi/Ole buttermilk sky                         US Hi 2036; E                      7inch

             BILL BLACK'S
    161                                Josephine/Dry bones                             US Hi 2022; E                      7inch

                                                                                       R 5463; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    162      CILLA BLACK               Don't answer me/The right one is left                                              7inch
                                                                                       VG+; 1966

    163      BLACKFOOT SUE             Summer/Morning light                            JAM 44; VG; 1973                   7inch

    164      CHRIS BLAKE               Mixed blessings/Lost on a wing                  DJS 10855; M; 1978                 7inch

    165      BLASTERS                  I'm shakin'/No other girl                       XX 25; M/M; 1982                   7inch

    166      FRANKIE BLEU              I'm waiting for your love/do.                   US Unicorn 95004; DJ; 1981         7inch

                                       How does it feel the morning after?/Your love
    167      BLISS                                                                     R 6222; M/M; 1989                  7inch
                                       meant everything

    168      BLISS                     I hear you call/May it be on this earth         R 6202; M/M; 1989                  7inch

    169      BLISS                     Won't let go/Sweet lovin' child                 R 6216; M/M; 1989                  7inch

             BLOOD SWEAT &
    170                                Hi-de-ho (that old sweet roll)/The battle       CBS S5137; E; 1970                 7inch

    171      BLUE FEATHER              Let's funk tonight/It's love                    MER 109; M-; 1981                  7inch

                                       You'll never walk alone/Take away my heart      AMS 7056; DJ; SLM (sticker); E;
    172      BLUE HAZE                                                                                                    7inch
                                       Teresa                                          1973

    173      BLUE IN HEAVEN            I just wanna/Beating in my head                 IS 278; DJ; M; 1986                7inch

    174      BLUE MAXI                 Here comes summer/Famous last words             MM 705; M; 1970                    7inch

    175      BLUE MINK                 Good morning freedom/Mary Jane                  BF 1838; M-; 1970                  7inch

    176      BLUE MINK                 Count me in/Did you get it                      RZ 3043; DJ; M-; 1972              7inch

    177      BLUES PROJECT             Lost in the shuffle/Gentle dreams               US Verve Forecast 5063; DR; E      7inch

    178      COLIN BLUNSTONE           Say you don't mind/Let me come closer           EPC 7765; VG; 1972                 7inch

    179      COLIN BLUNSTONE           Wonderful/Beginning                             EPC S 1775; E; 1973                7inch

    180      BOB & MARCIA              Pied piper/Save me                              TR-7818; SLM; G; 1971              7inch

    181      WILLIE BOBO               Guajira/Bobo! do that thing                     US Tico 425; M-                    7inch

    182                                Disco stomp/edited version                      BR 19; DJ; M; 1975                 7inch

    183                                Dance your ass off/The stop and go              BR 36; M; 1976                     7inch

    184                                Let's start the dance/I wonder why              6167 700; M; 1978                  7inch

                                       Sing me a song/Endless sleep/The lilac hand     MBFS 001; M/E; 1981M-/E;
    185      MARC BOLAN                                                                                                   7inch
                                       of Menthol Dan                                  1981

                                       Jasper C. Debussy/Hippy gumbo/The perfumed      2094-013; LM (sticker damage);
    186      MARC BOLAN                                                                                                   7inch
                                       garden                                          E; no sl.

    187      FRANKIE BONDS             Keys to back door/Just skip it                  US Ramona 5; M                     7inch

    188      BONO/GAVIN FRIDAY         In the name of the father/GAVIN FRIDAY Eden     IS 593; M/M; 1994                  7inch

             BONZO DOG DOO-            I'm the urban spaceman/Canyons of your          LBF 15144; SLM (scuff/name);
    189                                                                                                                   7inch
             DAH BAN                   mind                                            VG+; 1968

    190      PAT BOONE                 Long tall Sally/Just as long as I'm with you    US Reo 8092; E-                    7inch

    191      PAT BOONE                 Memory mountain/Lovers lane                     HLD 9726; DJ; E-; 1963             7inch                                                                                 Page 6 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                       When the lovelight starts shining thru' his
    192      BOONES                                                                       MW 3025; VG+; 1975                7inch

    193      BOULEVARD                 Dream on/You and I                                 MCA 1308; M/M-; 1988              7inch

    194      DAVID BOWIE               Fashion/Scream like a baby                         Australian RCA 103709; E; 1980    7inch

             DAVID BOWIE/PAT
    195                                This is not America/Instrumental                   EA 190; M-/E; 1985                7inch

    196      JACQUELINE BOYER          Tim Pillibi/Ce soir-la                             45-DB 4452; E-; 1960              7inch

    197      BOYS FROM NYC             Goin' to California/A little bit harder            US Laurie 3443; M-                7inch

    198      BONNIE BRAMLETT           Let's go let's go let's go/Think                   2089 046; M; 1976                 7inch

    199      TERRY BRANDON             It's over/TYPHOONS A little loving                 WB 634; VG; 1964                  7inch

    200      BRECKER BROTHERS          Sneakin' up behind you/long version                ARISTA 14; DJ; M; 1975            7inch

                                       Tall dark stranger/The girl with the wistful
    201      ROSE BRENNAN                                                                 PB 1193; VG+; 1961                7inch

    202      TERESA BREWER             Walking the floor over you/Jealous heart           Q.72461; DJ; E; 1963              7inch

    203      ANNIE BRIGHT              Peaceful mountain/Heartbreak house                 DB 8717; DJ; SLM; VG; 1970        7inch

                                                                                          45-WB 481; SSLM (sticker); E;
    204      BOBBIE BRITTON            Moon river/The time has come                                                         7inch

             ARTHUR BROWN
    205                                WORLD OF) Nightmare/Music man                      604 026; VG; 1968                 7inch

             BOOTS                                                                        45-RCA-1102; TC; one prong
    206                                Jim Twangy/Trollin'                                                                  7inch
             BROWN/BLOCKBUS                                                               glued; E-;'59

    207                                Juicy/Cerveza                                      45-RCA 1078; TC; VG; 1958         7inch

    208                                Jet train/El brasero                               US RCA 7732; E                    7inch

                                       Merry Christmas baby/JIMMY LIGGINS I ain't
    209      CHARLES BROWN                                                                ALA 1; DJ only; M                 7inch

    210      JOE BROWN                 That's what love will do/Hava Nagila               7N.35106; M-;SSLM; 1963           7inch

             DAVE BRUBECK
    211                                Eleven four/Countdown                              AAG 112; E; 1962                  7inch

    212      B.BUMBLE/STINGERS         Nutrocker/Bumble boogie                            G45 40; reissue; M                7inch

             ERIC                                                                         MGM 1461; SLM (writing); E;
    213                                Ring of fire/I'm an animal                                                           7inch
             BURDON/ANIMALS                                                               1968

    214                                San Franciscan nights/Gratefully dead              MGM 1359; M-; 1967                7inch

    215      JOHNNY BURNETTE           Little boy sad/Pledge of love                      45-HLG 9315; M-; 1960             7inch

    216      GILLIAN BURNS             Mister it's your lucky day                         2014 120; E; 1978                 7inch

    217      KATE BUSH                 Man with the child in his eyes/Moving              EMI 2806; SSLM; M-; 1978          7inch

    218      MAX BYGRAVES              Cabaret/Jealous heart                              7N 17464; DJ; M-; 1968            7inch

                                                                                          US Columbia Hall of Fame
    219      BYRDS                     All I really want to do/Mr. tambourine man                                           7inch
                                                                                          33095; SLM; E

    220      C.C.& COMPANY             Boogie love/Day dreamer                            US Sussex 637; M; 1975            7inch

                                                                                          RAK 1216; SSLM (sticker); E-;
    221      C.C.S.                    Brother/Mister; what you can't have I cat get                                        7inch

    222      C.C.S.                    Walking/Salome                                     RAK 109; E; 1971                  7inch

    223      SUAN CADOGAN              Keep it coming/Little bit right little bit wrong   MAG 101; DJ; M; 1977              7inch

    224      CALLING HEARTS            Return to base/In the jungle                       ILL 6; M/M-; 1981                 7inch

    225      EDDIE CALVERT             Little serenade/Fanfare tango                      45-DB 4105; plum; M; 1958         7inch

    226      EDDIE CALVERT             Americano/The common touch                         45-DB 4187; green; M-; 1958       7inch

    227      ETHNA CAMPBELL            Girls like boys/Five minutes more                  MF 816; M; 1964                   7inch                                                                                   Page 7 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    228      JEAN CAMPBELL             You'll answer to me/JAMES WRIGHT Sucu sucu       45-WB 478; VG+; 1961                7inch

                                                                                        45-WB 461; SLM (sticker); E;
    229      JEAN CAMPBELL             reach for the stars/Together                                                         7inch

    230                                The Desperados/Cast your fate to the wind        45-F 11594; DJ; VG+                 7inch

    231      ANDY CAMERON              Ally's tartan army/I want to be a punk rocker    KLUB 03; M-; 1977                   7inch

    232      CANDLEWICK GREEN          The last bus home/Thing that we said             BU 3019; M; 1975                    7inch

             CANDY (FROM                                                                Ka 13; M-/E;SSM (sticker
    233                                T ROCK Candy/Pt.2                                                                    7inch
             PEPPERMIN                                                                  mark); 1982

    234      CANNED HEAT               On the road again/World in a jug                 LBF 15090; SSLM; VG+; 1968          7inch

    235      CANNED HEAT               On the road again/On the road again              G45 24; reissue; M                  7inch

    236      ACE CANNON                Summer time/Hoe down rock                        US Fernwood 135; M-                 7inch

    237      ACE CANNON                Swanee river/Moanin' the blues                   US Hi 2070; M/M                     7inch

    238      FREDDY CANNON             Palisades Park/June July and August              45SS-101; VG+; 1962                 7inch

    239      CAPRIS                    There's a moon out tonight/Indian girl           US Old Town 1094; VG                7inch

    240      CAPTAIN & TENNILLE I'm on my way/We never really say goodbye               AMS 7350; DJ; M; 1978               7inch

                                       Want to love you again/I had to walk myself
    241      CARAVELLES                                                                 56 156; LM (stickers); E-; 1967     7inch

    242      CARAVELLES                I really don't want to know/I was wrong          F.11758; E;SSSM; 1963               7inch

    243      DAVE CAREY                Drum beat/Come light your fire                   PB.1231; G; 1962                    7inch

             DAVE CAREY JAZZ                                                            45/A 122; NC; SLM (circle
    244                                Kansas City Kitty/Kater Street rag                                                   7inch
             BAND                                                                       lines); E

                                       The night has a thousand eyes/Like I've never
    245      LES CARLE                                                                  45-WB 552; SSLM; E; 1963            7inch
                                       been gone

    246      LES CARLE                 The first time/Someone else's girl               45-WB 595; E; 1963                  7inch

                                       Santa Claus is coming to town/Merry
    247      CARPENTERS                                                                 AMS 7144; DJ; M/M; 1974             7inch
                                       Christmas darling

    248      CATHY CARR                Ivory tower/Please please believe me             US Fraternity 734; E                7inch

                                       Golden door night club/I've never met an
    249      EDDIE CARROLL                                                              US Fernwood 138; VG                 7inch
                                       angel before

    250      RONNIE CARROLL            Dear heart/We almost made it                     BF 1386; E; 1965                    7inch

                                       Lemon balloon and a blue sky/Make me belong
    251      CARROLLS                                                              CBS 3875; DJ; VG; 1968                   7inch
                                       to you

                                                                                        US Capitol 3645; SLM (stickers);
    252      JOE CARSON                Love transfusion/Passion and pride                                                   7inch

    253      CARTER U.S.M.             The only living boy in New Cross/Panic           USM 4M/M; 1992                      7inch

    254                                CARRACK Oh how happy/Billy                       XX 18; M; 1981                      7inch

    255      LISA CARTER               Doctor's orders/Good medicine-instrumental       NHS 1; M/M-; 1988                   7inch

                                       I'm askin' but I'm not gettin'/What's in store
    256      LEE CARZLE                                                                 US Erwin; SSLM(name); VG            7inch
                                       for me

    257      CASCADES                  Rhythm of the rain/Let me be                     WB.88; E; 1963                      7inch

    258      CASCADES                  Shy girl/The last leaf                           WB. 98; E; 1963                     7inch

    259      JOHNNY CASH               The matador/Still in town                        US Columbia 42880; M-               7inch

             JOHNNY CASH/JUNE                                                           CBS S1994; DJ; SLM (stamp);
    260                                Jackson/We're for love                                                               7inch
             CART                                                                       VG+; 1973

    261      MAMA CASS                 Dream a little dream of me/Midnight voyage       RCA-1726; E; 1968                   7inch

                                                                                        BELL 1334; DJ; LM (sticker
    262      DAVID CASSIDY             Daydreamer/The puppy song                                                            7inch
                                                                                        damage); M-;'73

                                                                                        PB 0921; DJ; SSLM (writing); E;                                                                                   Page 8 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                                                                       PB 0921; DJ; SSLM (writing); E;
    263      DAVID CASSIDY             Saying goodbye ain't easy/Rosa's cantina                                           7inch

    264      DAVID CASSIDY             Gettin' it in the street/I'll have to go away   RCA 2749; DJ; M-; 1976             7inch

    265      DAVID CASSIDY             Darlin'/This could be the night                 RCA 2622; DJ; VG; 1975             7inch

    266      CASTAWAYS                 Liar liar/Sam                                   US Soma 1433; VG                   7inch

    267      VINCE CASTRO              Bong bong (I love you madly)/You're my girl     US APT 25007; SLM; VG              7inch

    268      CASUALS                   Toy/Touched                                     F 22852; E; 1968                   7inch

    269      CENTRAL PARK              Julia love/Hi-cool woman                        7N 46006; DJ; M-; 1977             7inch

    270      CENTRAL PARK              When winter kept us warm/The girl next door     7N 46040; DJ; M-; 1977             7inch

                                                                                       US End 1005; SLM (name); G;
    271      CHANTELS                  Maybe/Come on my little baby                                                       7inch
                                                                                       no jumps

    272      RAY CHARLES               You don't know me/Careless love                 45-POP 1064; blue; M-; 1962        7inch

    273      CHARTBUSTERS              Why (doncha be my girl)/Stop the music          US Mutual 508; E-; 1978            7inch

    274      CHUBBY CHECKER            Loddy lo/Hooka tooka                            P.890; SSLM; G; 1963               7inch

             CHEMISTRY                 Charles Aznavour song/Stevie Wonder/I might
    275                                                                                CHEM 02; E/M                       7inch
             EXPERIMENT                cry/Are you a slave

    276      CHER                      The way of love/Fire and rain                   MU 1148; DJ; M-; 1972              7inch

    277      CHER                      Sunny/She's no better than me                   LIB 12038; M-; 1966                7inch

    278      MAURICE CHEVALIER         Just in time/If you knew Suzie                  45-MGM-1092; M-; 1958              7inch

                                                                                       US Tag 444; warp;
    279      CHIMES                    Summer night/Once in awhile                                                        7inch
                                                                                       SLM(sticker); VG+

    280      CHORDS                    Turn away again/Version                         POSP 288; M/M-; 1981               7inch

    281                                Answer me/I reached for you                     MM 628; NC; VG+; 1969              7inch

    282      CLANNAD                   Why worry?/Goathbearra                          PB44371; M/M; 1991                 7inch

                                                                                       DB 8638; E;LM (small tear)/E-;
    283      DAVE CLARK FIVE           Play good old rock'n'roll/more                                                     7inch

    284      DAVE CLARK FIVE           You got what it takes/Sitting here baby         DB 8152; M-; 1967                  7inch

    285      GENE CLARK                Life's greatest fool/From a silver phial        AYM 540; DJ; M; 1974               7inch

                                       I'm betting my life on you/I wasn't born
    286      ALLAN CLARKE                                                              2059 025; M; 1978                  7inch

    287      CLASSIX NOUVEAUX          The end...or the beginning?/Chemin chagrin      BPP 414; PICTURE; E-(?); 1982      7inch

             JUDY CLAY/WILLIAM
    288                                Private number/Love-eye-tis                     STAX 101; M-; EMI release          7inch

    289      CLEVELANDS                Little girl in calico/Ev'rything is fine        BF 1342; M-; 1964                  7inch

             CLIMAX CHICAGO
    290                                Reap what I've sowed/Spoonful                   HAR 5029; DJ; M; 1970              7inch
             BLUES B

             CLYDE VALLEY
    291                                Istanbul/Casbah                                 R 5043; M-; 1963                   7inch

    292      EDDIE COCHRAN             C'mon everybody/Don't ever let me go            45-HLU 8792; TC; E-; 1958          7inch

                                                                                       EDDIE 501; M/M-; 1988 Levi's
    293      EDDIE COCHRAN             C'mon everybody/Don't ever let me go                                               7inch

    294      EDDIE COCHRAN             Sittin' in the balcony/Summertime blues         Japanese UA 118; M/M; 1978         7inch

                                                                                       UP 36520; M; Silver Spotlight
    295      EDDIE COCHRAN             Three steps to heaven/Cut across Shorty                                            7inch

    296      EDDIE COCHRAN             Somethin' else/Boll weevil song                 EDDIE 502; M/M-; 1988              7inch

    297      EDDIE COCHRAN             20th Anniversary album sampler - six tracks     FREE 16; DJ only; M-; 1980         7inch

    298      EDDIE COCHRAN             Lonely/Sweetie pie                              45-HLG 9196; NC; VG+; 1960         7inch

                                       Shipwrecked at the stable door/Gospel of
    299      BRUCE COCKBURN                                                            REV 53; GREEN; M; 1989             7inch
                                       bondage                                                                                 Page 9 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    300      JOE COCKER                Delta lady/She's so good to me                 RZ 3024; E; 1969                   7inch

    301      JOE COCKER                Don't you love me any more/All our tomorrows   CL 493; M/M; 1986                  7inch

    302      JOE COCKER                Shelter me/One more time                       CL 362; M/E; 1985                  7inch

    303      COCKNEY REBEL             Mr. Soft/Such a dream                          EMI 2101; M-; 1974                 7inch

    304      COCKTAIL CABINET          Puppet on a string/Breathalyser                POF 046; E-; 1967                  7inch

    305      JUDY COLLINS              Bread and roses/King David                     K 12239; M-/M-; 1976               7inch

    306      COLOSSEUM 11              Lament/The scorch                              MCA 311; M-; 1977                  7inch

             KEN COLYER'S
    307                                The entertainer/If I ever cease to love        45-F 10519; TC; VG+                7inch

    308      COMMODORES                Sail on/Captain quick draw                     TMG 1155; DJ; M/E; 1979            7inch

    309      COMMODORES                Just to be close to you/X-rated movie          TMG 1127; DJ; E/E; 1976            7inch

    310      COMMODORES                High on sunshine/Thumpin' music                TMG 1034; DJ; M; 1976              7inch

    311      COMMODORES                Slippery when wet/The bump                     TMG 952; DJ; M; 1975               7inch

    312      PERRY COMO                I know/You are in love                         45-RCA 1126; TC; E; 1959           7inch

                                                                                      US Jubilee 5215; SSLM(sticker);
    313      CONEY ISLAND KIDS         Baby baby you/Moonlight beach                                                     7inch

                                                                                      DB 8906; SLM (sticker); M-;
    314      CONGREGATION              Jesahel/Sing me a love song                                                       7inch

    315      RAY CONNIFF               Here comes Santa Claus/Winter wonderland       PB. 1071; E; 1959                  7inch

    316                                SHIP ORCH. Lovin' you/I am your melody         CL 485; M/M; 1988                  7inch

    317      CONRAD'S FOOT             Mellow yellow/The letter                       DJS. 219; DJ; VG+; 1970            7inch

                                       Ease on down the road/Go on with your bad
    318      CONSUMER RAPPORT                                                         K 10614; E; 1975                   7inch

                                                                                      K 10684; SSLM (sticker); M-;
    319      CONSUMER RAPPORT          Everybody join hands/Love takes tears                                             7inch

             CONTINENTAL                                                              HLU 10558; DJ; SLM (pencil); E;
    320                                Glad all over/Stay awhile                                                         7inch
             MINIATURES                                                               1978

    321      RUSS CONWAY               Flamenco/Tell me in September                  DB 7071; DJ; E                     7inch

                                                                                      45-RCA-1202; VG+;SLM (sticker
    322      SAM COOKE                 Chain gang/I fall in love everyday                                                7inch
                                                                                      mark); 1960

    323      SAM COOKE                 Chain gang/I fall in love everyday             45-RCA-1202; E; 1960               7inch

    324      SAM COOKE                 Farewell my darling                            45-RCA 1242; M-; 1961              7inch

    325      SAM COOKE                 You send me/Only sixteen                       G45 44; M; reissue                 7inch

    326      ALICE COOPER              Under my wheels -live/For Britain only         K 17940; M; 1982                   7inch

                                                                                      US Warners Back to Back; E;
    327      ALICE COOPER              Caught in a dream/Eighteen                                                        7inch

    328      ALICE COOPER              Slick black limousine/five LP extracts         NME flexi; M; 1973                 7inch

    329      CORNBREAD & JERRY Li'l ole me/Loco moto                                  45-HLG 9352; M-; 1960              7inch

    330      BILL COSBY                Ben/Yes yes yes                                US Capitol 4258; M; 1976           7inch

    331      ELVIS COSTELLO            Radio radio/Tiny steps                         ADA 24; M-/M-; 1978                7inch

                                                                                      US Columbia 10762; DR; M;
    332      ELVIS COSTELLO            This year's girl/Big tears                                                        7inch

    333      DON COSTA                 The misfits/Chi chi                            45-HLT 9320; VG+; 1960             7inch

    334      ELVIS COSTELLO            Clubland/Clean money/Hoover factory            XX12; M/M-; 1980                   7inch

             MIKE COTTON                                                              MGM 1398; SLM (sticker); E-;
    335                                Soul serenade/We got a thing going baby                                           7inch
             SOUND                                                                    1968

                                                                                      JCM 1; M/E-;SM; sticker
    336      JOHN COUGAR               Crumblin' down/Golden gates                                                       7inch                                                                                Page 10 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    336      JOHN COUGAR               Crumblin' down/Golden gates                                                        7inch
                                                                                       damage; 1983

    337                                Penny for the wind/Tea and toast Mr Watson?     F 12786; M-; 1968                  7inch

    338      COUNT BISHOPS             Baby you're wrong/Stay free                     S 12; E/M-; 1977                   7inch

    339      COUNT BISHOPS             Baby you're wrong/Stay free                     S 12; M/M-; 1977                   7inch

                                       Walking in the park with Eloise/Bridge on the
    340      COUNTRY HAMS                                                              EMI 2220; NC; VG+< 1974            7inch
                                       river suite

    341      COUNTRYMEN                Shadrack/Carlos Dominguez                       7N. 35184; DJ; SLM (sticker); M    7inch

    342      DON COVAY                 Travelin' in heavy traffic/Once you had it      PIR S4663; DJ; E; 1976             7inch

             BILLY 'CRASH'
    343                                Easy as pie/She's mine                          ABC 4092; DJ; M; 1975              7inch

             BILLY 'CRASH'
    344                                Think I'll go somewhere/do.                     US ABC 12357; DJ; M; 1975          7inch

    345      ANNA CRAIG                Nobody loves me/Can't beat love                 US 20th Century 540; M-            7inch

    346      MIKEY CRAIG               I'm a believer/Love's a demon                   VS 1131; M/M-; 1988                7inch

    347      FLOYD CRAMER              Let's go/Chattanooga choo choo                  45-RCA-1275; VG+; 1962             7inch

    348      FLOYD CRAMER              Your last goodbye/Hang on                       45-RCA 1259; VG; 1961              7inch

    349      FLOYD CRAMER              Hot pepper/For those that cry                   45-RCA 1301; E; 1962               7inch

    350      JOHNNY CRAWFORD           Donna/Patti Ann                                 US Del Fi 4172; VG+                7inch

    351      ROBERT CRAY BAND          Smoking gun/Fantasized                          CRAY 2; M/M-; 1986                 7inch

    352      ROBERT CRAY BAND          I guess I showed her/Divided heart              CRAY 1; M/M; 1986                  7inch

                                                                                       Dutch Mercury 872152; M/M-;
    353      ROBERT CRAY BAND          Acting this way/Laugh out loud                                                     7inch

    354      ROBERT CRAY BAND          Acting this way/Laugh out loud                  CRAY 7; M/E; 1988                  7inch

    355      ROBERT CRAY BAND          Right next door/New blood                       CRAY 3; M/E; 1986                  7inch

    356      CRAZY ELEPHANT            There's a better day a comin'/Space buggy       MM 672; E-; 1970                   7inch

                                       Gimme gimme good loving/Dark part of my
    357      CRAZY ELEPHANT                                                            MM 609; VG+; 1969                  7inch

    358      CREAM                     Badge/What a bringdown                          2058-285; E; 1969                  7inch

    359      CREATION                  It's gotta be this way/It's gonna be alright    K 10437; M-; 1974                  7inch

    360                                Travelin' band/Who'll stop the rain             US Fantasy 637; M                  7inch

    361                                Travelin' band/Who'll stop the rain             LBF 15310; E; 1970                 7inch

             CREEDENCE                 I heard it through the grapevine/Good golly
    362                                                                                FTC 128; M-; 1975                  7inch
             CLEARWATER                Miss Molly

    363      CRESTS                    Step by step/Gee                                US Coed 525; SSLM(sticker); VG 7inch

    364      CREW-CUTS                 Susie-Q/Such a shame                            US Mercury 71125; VG+              7inch

    365      CREW-CUTS                 Mostly Martha/Angels in the sky                 US mercury; SLM (sticker); E-      7inch

    366      CRICKETS                  When you ask about love/Deborah                 45-Q 72382; VG+; 1959              7inch

                                       He's old enough to know better/I'm feeling
    367      CRICKETS                                                                  45-HLG 9486; SSLM; E-; 1961        7inch

    368      CRISTINA                  Disco clone/Disco O                             WIP 6466; M/M-; 1978               7inch

             CROSBY STILLS &
    369                                Fair game/Anything at all                       K 11024; M; 1977                   7inch

    370      BING CROSBY               Church bells/Rain                               45-05790; TC; E-; 1958             7inch

             BING                                                                      DAS 401; SLM (sticker); DJ; M-;
    371                                Gonna build a mountain/Sugar don't you know                                        7inch
             CROSBY/COUNT BAS                                                          1973

             BING                      True love/w. FRANK SINATRA Well did you
    372                                                                                CL 315; M-; reissue                7inch                                                                                 Page 11 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    372                                                                                 CL 315; M-; reissue                 7inch
             CROSBY/GRACE KEL          evah?

    373      SHERYL CROW               Strong enough/No one said it would be easy       A&M 580918; M/M-; 1993              7inch

    374      CROWDED HOUSE             Sister madly/Mansion in the slums                CL 509; M/M; 1988                   7inch

             CROWN HEIGHTS
    375                                Every beat of my heart/long version              2001 623; M; 1975                   7inch

             CROWN HEIGHTS
    376                                Dreaming a dream/Instrumental                    2001 602; M; 1975                   7inch

             CROWN HEIGHTS
    377                                Galaxy of love/Cherry                            6168 801; M; 1978                   7inch

    378      RAY CRUMLEY               It's uncanny/All the way in love with you        MAG 103; DJ; M; 1976                7inch

    379      CRUSADERS                 Feel it/The way we was                           ABC 4183; DJ; M; 1977               7inch

    380      CRUSADERS                 Stomp and buck dance/A ballad for Joe (Louis)    ABC 4051; M; 1974                   7inch

    381      CRUSADERS                 Creole/I felt the love                           ABC 4088; M-; 1975                  7inch

    382      BILLY CRYSTAL             You look marvelous/Instrumental                  AM 353; M/M-; 1985                  7inch

    383      LARRY CUNNINGHAM          There's that smile again/Lovely Leitrim          KG. 1030; E-; 1965                  7inch

    384      LARRY CUNNINGHAM          There's that smile again/Lovely Leitrim          KG. 1030; VG/SSM; 1965              7inch

    385      CURE                      Boys don't cry-now voice new mix/Pillbox tales   FICS 24; M/M-; 1986                 7inch

    386      CURE                      Edie/Album version                               CULT 13; DJ; M/M-; 1989             7inch

    387      JOHNNY CYMBAL             Mr. bass man/Sacred lovers vow                   45-HL-R.9682; VG+; 1963             7inch

    388      DAKOTAS                   The cruel sea/The millionaire                    R 5044; E-; 1963                    7inch

    389      DALE & GRACE              Stop and think it over/Bad luck                  US Montel 922; SSLM (name); E       7inch

                                       White Christmas/FOUR-IN-A-CHORD Rudolph
    390      BOB DALE                                                                   45-WB 159; E; 1956                  7inch
                                       the red-nosed

    391      BOB DALE                  Mary's boy child/A night to remember             45-WB 263; VG+; 1957                7inch

    392      TONY DALLARA              L'autnno no Ž triste/Come prima                  Italian Music 2217;M                7inch

                                                                                        45-R 4890; SLM (stickers);
    393      TONY DALLO                Navarone-Twist/I'm a real twist                                                      7inch
                                                                                        VG+; 1961

    394      ROGER DALTREY             Giving it all away/The way of the world          2094-110; M-; 1973                  7inch

    395      ROGER DALTREY             Free me/McVicar                                  2001 980; M-; 1980                  7inch

    396      DALYS                     Me Japanese boy/Never kind of love               TF 546; E; 1965                     7inch

    397      DALYS                     Let me go lover/A place in the sun               TF 907; E-; 1968                    7inch

    398      DAMON                     Can I wish you a merry Christmas/Welcome         NOMAD 1001; M-; 1975                7inch

    399      VIC DAMONE                Didn't we/Almost close to you                    EMB S280; E; will clean; 1970       7inch

    400      VIC DANA                  I will/Proud                                     LIB 51; VG+; 1962                   7inch

                                                                                        LIB 92; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    401      VIC DANA                  Warm and tender/Shangri-la                                                           7inch

                                                                                        LIB 319; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    402      VIC DANA                  I-love-you drops/Sunny skies                                                         7inch

                                       Morning side of the mountain/AUDREY Show
    403      DANDY & AUDREY                                                             DT-462; NC; M; 1970                 7inch
                                       me baby

    404      DANLEERS                  One summer night/Wheelin' and a-dealin'          US Mercury 71322; VG                7inch

                                                                                        45-POP 436; plum; SLM
    405      DANNY & JUNIORS           At the hop/Sometimes                                                                 7inch
                                                                                        (initials); VG+; 1957

    406      EDDIE DANO                While our hearts are young/Hot kisses            US Vik 0293; VG                     7inch

                                       Say it again/Fade away/Sensimilla/Treat me
    407      DANSE SOCIETY                                                              SOC 8; dbl; M/M-; 1985              7inch

                                                                                        AT. 4002; DJ; SLM (stickers); E-
    408      BOBBY DARIN               Milord/Golden earrings                                                               7inch
                                                                                        ; 1964

                                                                                        584 014; SLM (sticker); E-;                                                                                   Page 12 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                    11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                                                                     584 014; SLM (sticker); E-;
    409      BOBBY DARIN               Mame/Walking in the shadow of love                                             7inch

    410      JAMES DARREN              Conscience/Dream big                          7N. 25138; VG; 1962              7inch

                                                                                     6006 195; SLM (sticker); E;
    411      DAVE DAVANI               King Kong blues/Come back baby                                                 7inch

                                       Here comes the fuzz (nic nic)/Old fashioned
    412      JIM DAVIDSON                                                            7N 46070; DJ; M; 1978            7inch

                                                                                     7N.25194; SLM (sticker); E;
    413      CYRIL DAVIES              Country line special/Chicago calling                                           7inch

    414      DAVE DAVIES               Suzannah's still alive/Funny face             7N. 17429; VG; 1967              7inch

    415      FREDDIE DAVIES            So lucky/If you never went away               7N.45157; VG+; 1972              7inch

    416      FREDDIE DAVIES            Sentimental songs/Cynthia Crisp               MM 536; M-; 1967                 7inch

    417      NICOLA DAVIES             Infatuation/My boy                            55-3627; VG+; 1968               7inch

    418      BILLY DAVIS               Tell him/I'm thankful                         45-F 11572; VG+; 1963            7inch

    419      DANNY DAVIS               Rome wasn't built in a day/Tell me            7N. 15427; E-; 1962              7inch

                                                                                     CBS 2703; SLM (sticker); E-;
    420      MAC DAVIS                 Stop and smell the roses/Poor boy boogie                                       7inch

                                                                                     CBS 2398; SLM (sticker); E;
    421      MAC DAVIS                 One hell of a woman/A poor man's gold                                          7inch

    422      DAVE DAY                  Jelly Billy/Deep in my heart                  US Fee Bee 215; VG+              7inch

                                       Today will be yesterday tomorrow!/Twelve      JK 1020; jukebox record;
    423      DORIS DAY                                                                                                7inch
                                       o'clock tonight                               VG+;SLM(sticker)

             DORIS DAY/JOHNNIE
    424                                Ma says pa says/A full time job               US Columbia 39898; M             7inch

    425      CHICO DE BARGE            Talk to me/If it takes all night              ZB 40887; E/M-; 1986             7inch

    426      DE LA SOUL                The magic number/Buddy                        BLR 14; M-/M-; 1989              7inch

             WILLIAM DE                Be thankful for what you've got-new
    427                                                                              EMI 5101; DJ; M; 1980            7inch
             VAUGHN                    version/I've never found a girl

    428      MINK DE VILLE             Cadillac walk/Can't do without it             CL 15952; M-/E; 1977             7inch

                                                                                     45-POP 973; VG+; 1962;
    429      CAROL DEENE               Norman/On the outside looking in                                               7inch
                                                                                     turquoise label

                                                                                     Spanish Purple 94583; VG/VG+;
    430      DEEP PURPLE               Smoke on the water/live version                                                7inch

                                       Smoke on the water/Woman from Tokyo/Child
    431      DEEP PURPLE                                                             PUR 132; M; 1973                 7inch
                                       in time

    432      DEEP PURPLE               Strange kind of woman/I'm alone               HAR 5033; M-; 1971               7inch

    433      DEEP PURPLE               Black night/Strange kind of woman             HAR 5178; reissue; M             7inch

                                       New Live & Rare: Black night/Painted
    434      DEEP PURPLE                                                             PUR 135; PURPLE; M-/E; 1977      7inch
                                       horse/When a blind man

    435      DEEP PURPLE               Emmaretta/The bird has flown                  US Tetragrammaton 1519; M        7inch

    436      DEEP PURPLE               Hush/One more rainy day                       US Tetragrammaton 1503; E        7inch

    437      DELTA 5                   Shadow/Leaving                                PRE 16; M; 1981                  7inch

    438      CATHY DENNIS              Just another dream/Version                    CATH 2; M/M-; 1990               7inch

    439      DENNY DENNIS              Sugar moon/Return to me                       45-WB 291; VG; 1958              7inch

                                                                                     WRS 100; SLM (sticker); M;
    440      JEANNIE DENVER            The great snowman/Pretty papers                                                7inch

                                       Rock and roll hoochie koo/Time warp-
    441      RICK DERRINGER                                                          US Blue Sky 2751; E; 1973        7inch

    442      DESIGN                    Mayday/Yellow bird (have you no home)         RZ 3060; E; 1972                 7inch

                                       You want it you got it/Whatcha gonna wear
    443      DETROIT EMERALDS                                                        6146 103; M-; 1973               7inch
                                       tomorrow                                                                             Page 13 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    444      DEVO                      Be stiff/Social fools                           BOY 2; E-; 1978                   7inch

             DEXY'S MIDNIGHT
    445                                Dance stance/I'm just looking                   R 6028; M/M-; 1979                7inch

    446      NEIL DIAMOND              Girl you'll be a woman soon/You'll forget       HLZ 10126; VG+; 1967              7inch

                                       From the bottom of my heart/She say (oom
    447      DIAMONDS                                                                  US Mercury 71404; VG+             7inch
                                       dooby doom)

    448      DIAMONDS                  The stroll/Land of beauty                       US Mercury 71242; VG              7inch

                                                                                       US Mercury 70934; SSLM
    449      DIAMONDS                  Ka-ding-dong/Soft summer breeze                                                   7inch
                                                                                       (pencil); VG+

                                       Muleskinner blues/MARIA VINCENT
    450      DEKE DICKERSON                                                            German Dynamite 39; M; 2004       7inch
                                       Scorched/LONESOME DR

                                                                                       US Capitol 2947; DJ;
    451      DUB DICKERSON             Look look look/My gal Gerties                                                     7inch
                                                                                       SLM(sticker); E

    452      NEVILLE DICKIE            The ronin's return/Brandon bounce               MM 644; M-; 1969                  7inch

                                                                                       AMS 7469; WHITE; E-?/E-;
    453      DICKIES                   Nights in white satin/Waterslide                                                  7inch

                                                                                       USA 7; DJ; M; 1972 + handout
    454      DION                      Abraham Martin & John/Daddy rollin'                                               7inch
                                                                                       (J.King signatu

    455      TED DIXON                 I had to let you go/Mind full of memories       US Stomper Time 1158; E           7inch

             DOCTORS OF
    456                                Bulletin/Waiting                                2058 921; E/M-; 1977              7inch

    457      KEN DODD                  Don't leave me lonely/In the morning            EMI 2140; E; 1974                 7inch

                                                                                       UP 36524; Silver Spotlight
    458      FATS DOMINO               Blueberry Hill/It keeps rainin'                                                   7inch
                                                                                       reissue; M

    459      FATS DOMINO               Ain't that a shame/The fat man                  G45 17; M; reissue                7inch

    460      DON & DEWEY               Jungle hop/A little love                        US Specialty 599; VG              7inch

    461      LONNIE DONEGAN            The battle of New Orleans/Darling Corey         7N.15206; E                       7inch

                                       On a Christmas Day/Take my hand precious        45-DB 3850; gold; SLM
    462      LONNIE DONEGAN                                                                                              7inch
                                       Lord                                            (sticker);VG

    463      DONOVAN                   Goo goo barabajagal (love is hot)/Bed with me   7N. 17778; SLM; E; 1969           7inch

                                                                                       DNS. 1007; SLM (sticker mark);
    464      DONOVAN                   Celia of the seals/Mr. wind                                                       7inch
                                                                                       E-; 1970

    465      DONOVAN                   Maria Magenta/The intergalactic laxative        EPC 1644; E/E-; 1973              7inch

    466      DONOVAN                   Sunshine superman/The trip                      7N. 17241; E; 1966                7inch

             DICKIE DOO &
    467                                Did you cry/Click-clack                         US Swan 4001; VG+                 7inch

                                                                                       US Salsoul 2091; DJ only; M;
    468      DOUBLE EXPOSURE           I got the hots for ya/do                                                          7inch

    469      CARL DOUGLAS              Choose between two lovers/Shame                 7N 46155; RED; DJ; M; 1979        7inch

                                       Headline news/Boy you know just what I'm        RCA 2613; DJ; SSLM (name); M;
    470      CAROL DOUGLAS                                                                                           7inch
                                       after                                           1975

    471                                I know you're fooling around/Uptown caballero   US ABC 10637; DJ; VG+             7inch

    472      DOVELLS                   You can't sit down/Bristol stomp                US Gusto 2064; M-; 1979           7inch

    473      DR. FEELGOOD              Roxette (live)/Keep it out of sight             UP 36171; M; 1976                 7inch

    474      DR. FEELGOOD              She's a windup/Hi-rise                          UP 36304; M; 1977                 7inch

    475      DR. FEELGOOD              Sneakin' suspicion/Lights out                   UP 36255; M; 1977                 7inch

    476      DR. STRUT                 Struttin'/Blue lodge                            TMG 1190; DJ; M; 1980             7inch

    477      CHARLIE DRAKE             Itchy twitchy feeling/Volare                    45-R 4478; red; VG+; 1958         7inch

    478      RUSTY DRAPER              Freight train/Seven come eleven                 US mercury 266; E-                7inch                                                                                Page 14 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                      11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    479      JUDGE DREAD               Big 10/DREAD & I Rasta chat                      CT 77; E                        7inch

    480      DRIFTERS                  Save the last dance for me/Nobody but me         45-HLK 9201; E; 1960            7inch

    481      DRISCOLL/BRIAN            Road to Cairo/Shadows of you                     598 011; VG; 1968               7inch

                                       Eldorado/Jungle of people - Autographed by
    482      DRUM THEATRE                                                               EMU 1; M/M; 1985                7inch

                                                                                        POF 005; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    483      LEE DRUMMOND              At a time like this/Baby I know                                                  7inch

                                       Hand me down my Bible/Scorn not his
    484      DUBLINERS                                                                  DB 8773; E; 1971                7inch

                                                                                        EMB S153; NC; SSSLM (initials);
    485      BILLY DUKE                Walking cane/Amen                                                                7inch
                                                                                        VG+; 1962

                                                                                        45-WB 444; SLM (writing);
    486      DON DUKE                  Lazy river/Pony time                                                             7inch
                                                                                        VG+; 1961

                                       Get lost/JEAN CAMPBELL Walkin' back to
    487      DON DUKE                                                                   45-WB 466; VG; 1961             7inch

    488      JOHN DUMMER BAND Medicine weasel/The endgame                               6006 176; VG+; 1971             7inch

    489      CAREY DUNCAN              Ragsy/I don't want to get over you               MAM 180; DJ; M/M-; 1978         7inch

    490                                Last train to San Fernando/Rock-a-billy baby/    45-DB 3959; plum; E; 1957       7inch
             DUNCAN/BLUE GR

    491      DURAN DURAN               Careless memories/Khanada                        EMI 5168; M-; 1981              7inch

                                       The olive tree/The non-performing lion           DB 8207; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    492      JUDITH DURHAM                                                                                              7inch
                                       quickstep                                        VG+; 1967

             IAN                       Hit me with your rhythm stick '91/Original
    493                                                                                 FLYR 1; M/M; 1991               7inch
             DURY/BLOCKHEADS           version

    494                                Sueperman's big sister/You'll see glimpses       BUY 100; M-/M; 1980             7inch

    495                                Sueperman's big sister/You'll see glimpses       BUY 100; DJ; M/M; 1980          7inch

    496      BILLY DYCE                Opportunity/TENNORS ALL STARS version            W. Indian MM;E                  7inch

    497      BOB DYLAN                 Is your love in vain?/We better talk this over   CBS S6718; M; 1978              7inch

    498      BOB DYLAN                 Heart of mine/Let it be me                       CBS A1406; M; 1981              7inch

    499      BOB DYLAN                 Baby stop crying/New pony                        CBS S6499; M-; 1978             7inch

    500      BOB DYLAN                 Hurricane/Part 1                                 CBS S3878; E/E-; 1975           7inch

    501                                Deception/One-nighter                            TMG 1016; SDJ; M; 1975          7inch

                                                                                        45-JAR 275; VG+/SSLM
    502      VINCE EAGER               Why/El Paso                                                                      7inch
                                                                                        (initials); 1960

    503      CHARLES EARLAND           Let the music play/Broken heart                  6167 703; M; 1978               7inch

                                                                                        LON 396; g/f; inner; M/M/M;
    504      ECHO & BUNNYMEN           Nothing lasts forever/Hurracaine/Jonny                                           7inch

    505      ECHO VALLEY BOYS          Cool water/Detour                                US Kentucky 561; VG             7inch

                                       The power and the glory/Highlands one
    506      EDDIE & HOT RODS                                                           WIP 6474; E/E; 1979             7inch
                                       hopefuls two

    507      DUANE EDDY                Your baby's gone surfin'/Shuckin'                RCA-1357; M-; 1963              7inch

                                                                                        45-RCA 1329; SLM (writing);
    508      DUANE EDDY                Boss guitar/The desert rat                                                       7inch
                                                                                        VG+; 1963

                                                                                        US Crest 1075; VG;SSLM
    509      BOBBY EDWARDS             I'm a fool for loving you/You're the reason                                      7inch

    510      J.VINCENT EDWARDS Too hot to handle/Bye bye big bad girl                   7N 45687; DJ; E; 1977           7inch

    511      JIMMY EDWARDS             Toys/Hard heart                                  2059 240; M-/E; 1980            7inch                                                                               Page 15 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    512      VINCENT EDWARDS           Growing up too young/Never too late              POSP 346; M; 1981                 7inch

    513      ELEGANTS                  Little star/Getting dizzy                        US APT 25005; VG+                 7inch

    514      SHIRLEY ELLIS             The name game/Ever see a diver kiss his wife     MCA 134; SDJ; M; reissue          7inch

    515      EMBASSY SINGERS           Little donkey/Little drummer boy                 45-WB 424; E; 1960                7inch

    516      END                       Shades of orange/Loving sacred loving            F 22750; VG; plays well; 1968     7inch

    517      ENIGMA                    Principles of lust/Sadness Pt.1                  DINS 110; M-/M-; 1991             7inch

    518      ERUPTION                  One way ticket/Left me in the rain               K 11266; M-/M-; 1979              7inch

                                                                                        45-RCA 1122; SLM (writing); E-
    519      BARBARA EVANS             Pray for me mother/Souvenirs                                                       7inch
                                                                                        ; 1959

                                       Seven little girls sitting in the back
    520      PAUL EVANS                                                                 45-HLL 8968; E; 1959              7inch
                                       seat/Worshipping an idol

                                       Tells you all about the 1973 advertising for
    521      KENNY EVERETT                                                              Pepsi flexi-disc; VG+             7inch
                                       Pepsi Cola

    522      EVERLY BROTHERS           Carolina in my mind/My little yellow bird        US Warners 7326; DJ; E            7inch

                                                                                        WB.5639; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    523      EVERLY BROTHERS           I'll never get over you/Follow me                                                  7inch

    524      EVERLY BROTHERS           ('Til) I kissed you/Oh what a feeling            US Cadence 1369; E-               7inch

    525      EVERLY BROTHERS           When will I be loved/Be-bop-a-lula               45-HL-A. 9157; VG+; 1960          7inch

    526      DON EVERLY                Warming up the band/Evelyn swing                 ODS 66046; DJ; SLM; E-; 1974      7inch

    527      EXECUTIVE SUITE           I'm a winner now/You got the kind of love        US North Bay 309; M-              7inch

    528      EXPLAINER                 Lorraine/Leave mih man                           EXP 1; E-; 1981                   7inch

    529      EXPLOITED                 Dogs of war/Blown to bits                        SHH 110; E/E; 1981                7inch

    530      SHELLEY FABARES           Johnny Angel/Where's it gonna get me?            Us Colpix 621; VG                 7inch

    531                                Blowin' in the wind/House of the rising sun      F.12007; VG+; 1964                7inch

    532      FALCONS                   Let's kiss and make up/Take this love I've got   US Atlantic 2179; G               7inch

                                       There's a ghost in my house/Half found
    533      FALL                                                                       BEG 187H; M-/E; 1987              7inch

             FAME & PRICE;PRICE
    534                                Follow me/Serjeant Jobsworth                     CBS 7602; E-; 1971                7inch
             & FA

                                                                                        US Reprise 0809; DJ; SLM
    535      FAMILY                    Second generation woman/Hometown                                                   7inch
                                                                                        (sticker); M-

                                                                                        US Reprise 0786; DJ;
    536      FAMILY                    Old songs new songs/Hey Mr. policeman                                              7inch

    537      FAMILY                    My friend the sun/Glove                          K14218; E; 1972                   7inch

    538      FAMILY                    Burlesque/The rocking r's                        K 14196; E-; 1972                 7inch

    539      FAMILY DOGG               Brown-eyed girl/Let it rain                      TF 968; VG+; 1968                 7inch

             FAMOUS FLAMINGO
    540                                The Red Arrows theme/Talk back                   RAF 1; M/M; 1980                  7inch

    541      FAMOUS NAMES              Modern mums/Blind date                           BN 123; M; 1980                   7inch

                                                                                        YB 1027; SLM (stickers); VG;
    542      DON FARDON                Follow your drum/Get away John                                                     7inch

    543      BILL FARRELL              Rock love/It may sound silly                     US Mercury 70539; E               7inch

                                                                                        FATS 1; M/M; SSM (sticker);
    544      FAT & FRANTIC             Last night my wife hoovered my head/It's you                                       7inch

    545      FAT LARRY'S BAND          Straight from the heart/Dub version              VS 652; M; 1983                   7inch

                                       (Do the) boogie woogie/Freak the freak the
    546      FATBACK                                                                    POPSP 46; M; 1979                 7inch

    547      JOSE FELICIANO            Lonely teardrops/Cuidado!                        TMG 1305; M; 1983                 7inch                                                                                 Page 16 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    548      JOSE FELICIANO            I'm comin' home again                            US ALA 109; M; 1980                7inch

    549      JULIE FELIX               Heaven is here/Soon                              RAK 105; M; 1970                   7inch

    550      JULIE FELIX               I've got nothing but time/Someday soon           F.12246; E-; 1965                  7inch

    551      GRAHAM FELLOWS            Through the line/Sleeping beauty                 TOADSTOOL 1; M/M-; 1983            7inch

    552      GEORGE FENTON             Shoestring/Tumpy                                 RESL 67; E; 1979                   7inch

    553      SANDRA FEVA               If you want it you got it/The need to be         US Venture 109; M; 1979            7inch

    554      TONY FIELD                Loving arms/Nobody will love you                 2058 937; M; 1977                  7inch

             FIELDS OF THE
    555                                Psychonaut/Celebrate                             SIT 57; M/M; 1989                  7inch

    556      54-46                     You'll never get to heaven/Instrumental          MNX 743; M/M; 1990                 7inch

    557      TIM FINN                  Carve you in marble/Hole in my heart             VS 866; M-/E; 1986                 7inch

    558      VINCE FIORINO TRIO Tuba square dance/Red canary                            US Okeh 6947; E-                   7inch

                                                                                        45-POP 273; gold/plum; SLM;
    559      EDDIE FISHER              Cindy; oh Cindy/Fanny                                                               7inch

                                                                                        US Capitol 3738; LM (sticker
    560      FIVE KEYS                 The blues don't care/This I promise you                                             7inch
                                                                                        damage); F

    561      FIVE SAPPHIRES            Love music/Where did all the good times go?      ROKN 539; DJ; E; 1978              7inch

    562      FLAMIN' GROOVIES          Shake some action/Teenage head                   ABCS015M-/E; 1987                  7inch

                                                                                        US Reprise 0860; DJ;
    563      FLEETWOOD MAC             Rattlesnake shake/Coming your way                                                   7inch
                                                                                        SLM(sticker); M-

                                                                                        US Reprise 1159; DJ; SLM
    564      FLEETWOOD MAC             Remember me/Dissatisfied                                                            7inch
                                                                                        (sticker); M-

                                                                                        US Reprise 1093; DJ; SLM
    565      FLEETWOOD MAC             Sentimental lady/Sunny side of heaven                                               7inch
                                                                                        (sticker); M-; 1972

                                       (Hey you) you're like a magnet/Another time
    566      FLINTLOCK                                                                  PIN 65; E; 1978                    7inch
                                       another place

                                       He's the kind of boy you can't forget/Give him
    567      FLIRTS                                                                     MAG 153;M/M-; 1979                 7inch
                                       a great big kiss

                                       Never an everyday thing/Waiting for a break
    568      WAYNE FONTANA                                                              TF 976; SSLM (name); E; 1968       7inch
                                       in the clouds

    569      WAYNE FONTANA             Um um um um um um/First taste of love            TF 497; NC; M; 1964                7inch

    570      FONTANE SISTERS           Adorable/Daddy-o                                 US Dot 15428; VG                   7inch

                                                                                        US Dot 15450; VG; SLM
    571      FONTANE SISTERS           Eddie my love/Yum yum                                                               7inch

    572      FONTANE SISTERS           Rock love/You're mine                            US Dot 15333; E-                   7inch

    573      CHUCK FOOTE               You're running out of kisses/Come on back        US Soncraft 401; VG+               7inch

             MARTYN FORD                                                                TOP 26; SSSLM (timings); M;
    574                                Let your body go downtown/Horny                                                     7inch
             ORCH.                                                                      1977

                                                                                        US Jubilee 5557; DJ; VG+;
    575      FOREVER AND EVER          Saints and sinners/Froday woman                                                     7inch
                                                                                        SSLM (number)

    576      FORTUNES                  Caroline/If you don't want me now                F.11809; VG+; 1964                 7inch

    577      FOSTER BROTHERS           Count me out/Amazin                              ROKN 524; DJ; M; 1977              7inch

                                       Baby now that I've found you/Back on my feet     PMM.103; SSLM (sticker mark);
    578      FOUNDATIONS                                                                                                   7inch
                                       again/Build me up                                E; reissue

    579      FOUR ACES                 Always keep me in your heart/Didn't we           US Radnor 301; VG                  7inch

    580      FOUR PENNIES              Keep the freeway open/Square peg                 BF 1491; E; 1966                   7inch

    581      FOUR PENNIES              Tell me girl/Juliet                              BF 1322; E; 1964                   7inch

    582      FOUR SEASONS              Electric stories/Pity                            US Philips 40577; DR; M            7inch

    583      FOUR SEASONS              Beggin'/Dody                                     US Philips 40433; E; blue label    7inch

                                                                                        US Philips 40433; DR; M; black                                                                                  Page 17 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                                                                         US Philips 40433; DR; M; black
    584      FOUR SEASONS              Beggin'/Dody                                                                        7inch

    585      FOUR SEASONS              C'mon Marianne/Let's ride again                   US Philips 40460; DR; M-          7inch

    586      FOUR SEASONS              Cry myself to sleep/Girl come running             US Philips 40305; DR; M           7inch

                                       You don't have to say you love me/It takes
    587      FOUR SONICS                                                                 US Sport 110; E                   7inch

                                                                                         TMG 698; SLM (sticker mark);
    588      FOUR TOPS                 What is a man/Don't bring back memories                                             7inch
                                                                                         E-; 1969

    589      FOUR TOPS                 So deep within you/Happy (is a bumpy road)        TMG 850; M-; 1972                 7inch

    590      CONNIE FRANCIS            My heart has a mind of its own/Malguena           Dutch MGM 5021; E                 7inch

    591      CONNIE FRANCIS            Hollywood/(He's my) dreamboat                     Dutch MGM 5075; E                 7inch

    592      CONNIE FRANCIS            It would be worth it/Valentino                    45-MGM-1060; E; 1960              7inch

    593      CONNIE FRANCIS            Lipstick on your collar/Frankie                   45-MGM-1018; E; 1959              7inch

    594      BARRY FRANK               When I'm with you/TONY WILSON The stroll          US Bell 67; VG                    7inch

    595      ARETHA FRANKLIN           Bridge over troubled water/Brand new me           US Atlantic 2796; DR; M-          7inch

             GORDON FRANKS                                                               45-WB 312; SLM (writing);
    596                                Hoots mon/JOHNNY WORTH Tom Dooley                                                   7inch
             ORCH.                                                                       VG+; 1958

             FREDDIE &
    597                                I love you baby/Don't make me cry                 Dutch Columbia 7286; E/E          7inch

             FREDDIE &                                                                   DB 7929; DJ; SLM (sticker);
    598                                Playboy/Some day                                                                    7inch
             DREAMERS                                                                    VG+; 1966

             FREDDIE &                 If you got a minute baby/When I'm home with DB 7857; DJ; SLM (sticker); E-;
    599                                                                                                                    7inch
             DREAMERS                  you                                         1966

    600      BILL FREDERICKS           Almost/Wind of change                             2059 035; M; 1978                 7inch

                                       You're more than I'm worth/Sweethearts in
    601      CHARLIE FREEMAN                                                             US E-volve 813; M-                7inch

    602      CHARLIE FREEMAN           Sweethearts in melody/I couldn't help it          US Holiday Inn 2216; M            7inch

    603      ERNIE FREEMAN             Raunchy/Jivin' around pt.2                        US Imperial Golden 019; E         7inch

    604      FRESHIES                  Amoco Cadiz/Children of the world/Octopus         RAZZ 3; M-/M-; 1979               7inch

                                       I can't get 'Bouncing Babies' by the Teardrop
    605      FRESHIES                                                                    MCA 725; M; 1981                  7inch
                                       Explodes/Tell her

    606      LORRAINE FRISAURA         Jimmy Mack/It's really alright                    PB 9116; DJ; M; 1976              7inch

             RAYMOND                                                                     56 284; E-; will clean; SDJ;
    607                                The red balloon/Lost autumn                                                         7inch
             FROGGATT                                                                    1968

    608      MARY FROST                Latin lover/Kiss me                               GO 101; M; 1977                   7inch

    609      LOWELL FULSON             Do you love me/Monday morning blues               JET 770; M; 1975                  7inch

                                                                                         F. 12048; SSLM (writing); E;
    610      BILLY FURY                I'm lost without you/You better believe it baby                                     7inch

    611      BILLY FURY                I will/Nothin' shakin'                            F.11888; VG; 1964                 7inch

             FUTURE SOUND OF
    612                                Papua New Guinea/Version                          TOT 17; M/M; 1992                 7inch

    613      FUZZ                      I'm so glad/All about love                        DDS. 104; M-; 1974                7inch

    614      G BAND                    Lay your love on me/Hard to settle down           CBS 4710;M; 1976                  7inch

    615      PATSY GALLANT             Stay a while with me/Why                          EMI 2794; DJ; M; 1977             7inch

    616      GAP BAND                  Open up your mind(wide)/do.                       US Mercury DJ only; M; 1979       7inch

    617      LEIF GARRETT              You had to go and change on me/mono-stereo US Scotti Bros 610; DJ; M; 1980 7inch

    618      MARVIN GAYE               One more heartache/When I had your love           US Tamla 54129; DR; E; 1966       7inch

                                       I'll be doggone/You've been a long time           TMG 510; SLM (sticker); VG;
    619      MARVIN GAYE                                                                                                   7inch
                                       coming                                            1965

                                       Who's gonna take you to the prom/Bella
    620      GAYLORDS                                                                    US Mercury 70834; VG+             7inch                                                                                  Page 18 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                      11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    620      GAYLORDS                                                                 US Mercury 70834; VG+             7inch

    621      GAYLORDS                  I'm longin' for love/Flamingo l'amore          US Mercury 71369; VG+             7inch

                                                                                      US Mercury 70403; SSLM
    622      GAYLORDS                  The little shoemaker/Mecque mecque                                               7inch
                                                                                      (sticker); E

                                                                                      US Polydor 14558; DJ only; M;
    623      GLORIA GAYNOR             Anybody wanna party?/do.                                                         7inch

    624                                Stand and deliver/Sax with a stranger          US Atlantic 89018; M-; 1988       7inch

             GERRY &                   You'll never walk alone/How do you do it?/I
    625                                                                               EMI 2086; M                       7inch
             PACEMAKERS                like it

             STEVE GIBBONS
    626                                Johnny Cool/Speed kills                        2058 745; M; 1976                 7inch

             STEVE GIBBONS
    627                                Get up and dance/Any road up                   POSP 15; RED; M; 1979             7inch

    628      DON GIBSON                Look who's blue/Give myself a party            45-RCA 1098; TC; VG; 1958         7inch

    629      DON GIBSON                Just one time/I may never get to heaven        45-RCA 1183; M-; 1960             7inch

    630                                Daisy petal pickin'/When my tears have dried   US Dot 16539; E-                  7inch

    631      DAVID GILMOUR             Blue light/Cruise                              HAR 5226; M-/E; 1984              7inch

                                       Tiptoe through the tulips/When we all go in    7N 45155; M-/E; 1972 (all
    632      GLADIATORS                                                                                                 7inch
                                       the ring                                       wrestlers!)

                                       Off shopping trolley/Let's go down the
    633      SIMON GOALPOST                                                           FRIDGE002; M-/M; 1990             7inch
                                       allotment/Whatever the

    634      GOLANT PISTONS            Friday on my mind/Break the spell              SON 2184; M; 1979                 7inch

                                                                                      7N. 25587; SLM (sticker); M-;
    635      GOOM                      Massai Pt.1/Pt.2                                                                 7inch

    636      EYDIE GORME               Everybody go home/The message                  AAG 170; E-; 1963                 7inch

    637      CHARLIE GRACIE            Fabulous/Just lookin'                          US Cameo 107; VG                  7inch

                                                                                      US Cameo 105; SSLM (initials);
    638      CHARLIE GRACIE            Ninety nine ways/Butterfly                                                       7inch

    639      CHARLIE GRACIE            Wandering eyes/I love you so much it hurts     45-HL.8467; SSLM; VG              7inch

    640      RON GRAINER ORCH. Tales of the unexpected/Paul Temple                    RK 1018; SSLM; E-; 1979           7inch

    641                                L/FURIOUS FIVE Beat Street Breakdown/Pt.11     A 9659; E/E; 1984                 7inch
             MELLE ME

    642      COGI GRANT                The wayward wind/No more than forever          Us Era 1013; VG+                  7inch

    643      DOBIE GRAY                You can do it/Sharing the night together       INF-101; DJ; M; 1978              7inch

    644      DOBIE GRAY                Find 'em fool 'em forget 'em/Mellow man        2089 047; M; 1976                 7inch

    645      JOHNNY B.GREAT            Acapulco 1922/You'll never leave him           F.11804; E-; 1964                 7inch

             NORMAN                                                                   US Reprise 1134; DJ; SSLM
    646                                Dairy Queen/Petaluma                                                             7inch
             GREENBAUM                                                                (writing); M; 1972

             NORMAN                                                                   US Reprise 0752; DJ; SLM
    647                                School for sweet talk/Children of paradise                                       7inch
             GREENBAUM                                                                (writing; E

                                       This time long ago/There's no getting away
    648      GUESS WHO                                                                TF 831; M-; 1967                  7inch
                                       from you

    649      GUESS WHO                 Clap for the wolfman/Road food                 US RCA 0324; M; 1974              7inch

                                                                                      CODS 21P; DJ only; SSLM
    650      CLAIRE HAMILL             Domesday Glastonbury (jerusalem)/do                                              7inch
                                                                                      (sticker); M-; 1986

    651      HAPPY MONDAYS             Step on/Version                                FAC 272; M/M-; 1990               7inch

    652      JOE HARNELL ORCH.         Diane/Clopin-clopant                           HLR 9716; E; 1963                 7inch

                                                                                      45-POP. 376; gold/plum; E-;
    653      JANICE HARPER             Bon voyage/Tell me that you love me tonight                                      7inch
                                                                                      will clean; 1957                                                                               Page 19 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                           11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                                                                          US Warners 7172; DJ; SLM
    654      HARPERS BIZARRE           Cotton candy sandman/Virginia City                                                    7inch
                                                                                          (writing; M

    655      HARPERS BIZARRE           Poly high/Knock on wood                            US Warners 7647; DJ; M-            7inch

    656      ANITA HARRIS              Le blon/Dusty road                                 CBS 3765; DJ; VG+; 1968            7inch

                                       Little bitty pretty one/I hope you won't hold it   US Aladdin 3398;SSLM
    657      THURSTON HARRIS                                                                                                 7inch
                                       against me                                         (writing); F

    658      GEORGE HARRISON           Cheer down/Poor little girl                        W 2696; M/M + handout; 1989        7inch

    659      GEORGE HARRISON           When we was fab/Zig zag                            W 8131; M/M; 1987                  7inch

    660      GEORGE HARRISON           My sweet Lord/What is life                         R 5884; E; 1970                    7inch

    661      GEORGE HARRISON           Wake up my love/Greece - instrumental              Dark Horse 929864; M; 1982         7inch

                                       Give me love (give me peace on earth)/Miss
    662      GEORGE HARRISON                                                              R 5988; E; 1973                    7inch

    663      GEORGE HARRISON           Bangla-Desh/Deep blue                              R 5912; E; 1971                    7inch

    664      NOEL HARRISON             In your childhood/Santa Monica pier                US Reprise 0682; DJ; E             7inch

                                       The great electric experiment is over/I'll be
    665      NOEL HARRISON                                                                US Reprise 0795; DJ; E             7inch
                                       your baby tonight

                                                                                          TOW 79; M-/M- (sticker on label
    666      JUSTIN HAYWARD            The best is yet to come/Marie                                                         7inch
                                                                                          & sleeve);'85

                                                                                          MGM 1310; DJ; SLM (sticker); E;
    667      LEE HAZLEWOOD             Sand/My autumn's done gone                                                         7inch

                                                                                          RS 20613; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    668      LEE HAZLEWOOD             Ode to Billie Joe/Charlie Bill Nelson                                                 7inch
                                                                                          E; 1967

    669      LEE HAZLEWOOD             Morning dew/The house song                         US Reprise 0699; DJ; M-            7inch

             HEAVEN 17/JIMMY           The foolish thing to do/My sensitivity (gets in    VS 859; M-/E;SM (sticker tear);
    670                                                                                                                      7inch
             RUFFIN                    the way)                                           1986

                                       Wired up/Ain't got time AUTOGRAPHED by
    671      HECTOR                                                                       DJS. 289; M-; 1973                 7inch
                                       four members

    672      HECTOR                    Bye bye bad days/Lady                              DJS. 303; M-; 1974                 7inch

                                                                                          F.11768; SSLM (sticker); E;
    673      HEINZ                     Country boy/Long tall Jack                                                            7inch

    674      DICKIE HENDERSON          I believe in you/Theme from 'Carnival'             F.11609; DJ; solid centre; E-      7inch

                                                                                          45-WB 399; SLM (sticker &
    675      RIKKI HENDERSON           The urge/Three steps to heaven                                                        7inch
                                                                                          writing); VG; 1960

                                                                                          45-WB 574; SLM (sticker); E-;
    676      RIKKI HENDERSON           Hey mama/Welcome to my world                                                          7inch
                                                                                          will clean; 1963

    677      CHUCK HENDON              Nadine/Cold water                                  US Allison 21227; E-               7inch

             JIMI HENDRIX                                                                 604029; LM (sticker damage);
    678                                Cross town traffic/Gipsy eyes                                                         7inch
             EXPERIENCE                                                                   E; 1968

             JIMI HENDRIX
    679                                Red house/Spanish castle magic                     Rolling Stone flexi; E-; 1967      7inch

    680      HIGHWAY 101               Every moment/I want you again                      ROKN 528; DJ; M-; 1977             7inch

                                       (Ain't that) just like me/Hey what's wrong with R 50030; DJ; SSLM (X mark);
    681      HOLLIES                                                                                                         7inch
                                       me                                              VG; 1963

                                       Reunion of the heart/Too many hearts get
    682      HOLLIES                                                                      DB 9151; M/M; 1987                 7inch

    683      HOLLIES                   Listen to me/Do the best you can                   R 5733; SDJ; VG; 1968              7inch

                                       I can't tell the bottom from the top/Mad
    684      HOLLIES                                                                      Canadian Epic 10613; M-            7inch
                                       Professor Blyth

    685      HOLLIES                   I'm alive/You know he did                          R 5287; M-; 1965                   7inch

    686      HOMER & JETHRO            Waterloo/The battle of Kookamonga                  45-RCA 1148; TC; E; 1959           7inch

    687      HONOR SOCIETY             Sweet September/do                                 US Jubilee 5703; DJ; VG            7inch                                                                                    Page 20 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

             JOHN LEE                  CRAY Baby Lee/Cuttin' out (with CANNED
    688                                                                                  ORE 21; M/M + handout; 1991     7inch
             HOOKER/ROBER              HEAT)

    689      HOOTERS                   Satellite/One way home                            US Columbia 07607; E; 1987      7inch

                                                                                         Indian Apple DPE.191; VG+;
    690      MARY HOPKIN               Those were the days/Turn turn turn                                                7inch

    691      BARRY HOPKINS             1927 Kansas City/Today                            7N 46004; DJ; M-; 1977          7inch

                                       Neanderthal man/You didn't like it because        6007 019; SSLM (name); VG;
    692      HOTLEGS                                                                                                     7inch
                                       you didn't think of it                            1970

    693      HOUSE OF LOVE             Destroy the heart/Blind                           CRE 057; M; 1998                7inch

    694      HOUSEMARTINS              Happy hour/The mighty ship                        GOD 11; M-/E; 1986              7inch

                                                                                         US Sun Int. 1127; SSLM
    695      DAVID HOUSTON             Miss Brown/Sherry's lips                                                          7inch
                                                                                         (initial); E

                                                                                         CL 15529; SLM (stamp); M-;
    696      HUMAN BEINZ               Sueno/Nobody but me                                                               7inch
                                                                                         boxed logo; 1967

    697      HUMBLE PIE                Oh la de da/The outcrowd                          AMS 7090; DJ; E-; 1973          7inch

             ENGELBERT                 Loving you losing you/Put a light in your
    698                                                                                  EMI 2799; DJ; M; 1977           7inch
             HUMPERDINCK               window

                                                                                         604030; LM (sticker damage);
    699      MARSHA HUNT               Walk on gilded splinters/Hot rod poppa                                            7inch
                                                                                         E; 1969

                                       The bed's too big without you/Give me your
    700      SHEILA HYLTON                                                               WIP 6671; M; 1980               7inch

    701      SHEILA HYLTON             Don't ask my neighbour/Jam down rocker            WIP 6441; M/M; 1978             7inch

    702      JANIS IAN                 Have mercy love/Jenny (Iowa surprise)             CBS S8136; DJ; M; 1979          7inch

    703      ICE MC                    Easy/Rock your body                               COOL 202; M/M; 1990             7inch

    704      ICICLE WORKS              High time/Broken hearted fool                     BEG 203; M/M-; 1987             7inch

    705      IDLE RACE                 Impostors of life's magazine/Sitting in my tree   LBF 15026; VG+; 1967            7inch

                                                                                         IDOL 16; g/f; M/E;
    706      BILLY IDOL                Prodigal blues/The loveless                                                       7inch
                                                                                         SSM(stickers); 1990

                                       Ain't gonna take no for an answer/Count up to
    707      FRANK IFIELD                                                                SRL 1136; M; 1975               7inch

             FRANK                     BOYS She taught me how to yodel/I
    708                                                                                  7YODEL 1; M/M-                  7inch
             IFIELD/BACKROOM           remember you

                                                                                         POP 1498; SLM (name taped
    709      IMPRESSIONS               You've been cheatin'/Just one kiss from you                                       7inch
                                                                                         on); M-; 1965

    710      JORGEN INGMANN            Apache/Echo boogie                                US Atco 6184; VG                7inch

    711      INTELLECTUALS             I may be wrong/Strictly confidential              US Fox 727; M/E; 1987           7inch

    712      INTERVIEW                 You didn't have to lie to me/That kind of boy     VS 249; E/E; 1979               7inch

    713      INVADERS                  Girl's in action/No secrets                       2059 111; M/M-; 1979            7inch

             INVISIBLE MAN'S           9 x's out of ten/Love can't come-love has
    714                                                                                  WIP 6642; DJ; E; 1980           7inch
             BAND                      come

    715      TIPPA IRIE                Complain neighbour/Lyric maker                    TIPPA 2; M/M; 1985              7inch

                                                                                         R 5864; SSLM (sticker); E-;
    716      IRONBELLY                 Whoa! buck/Wild about my lovin'                                                   7inch

    717      CHRIS ISAAK               Blue hotel/Waiting for the rain to fall           W8374; M/M; 1987                7inch

                                       You owe me some kind of love/Waiting for the
    718      CHRIS ISAAK                                                                 W8467; M/M; 1987                7inch
                                       rain to fall

                                                                                         TMG 555; SSLM (writing); E-;
    719      ISLEY BROTHERS            This old heart of mine/There's no love left                                       7inch

                                       I turned you on/I know who you been socking       MM 631; SSLM (sticker); E;
    720      ISLEY BROTHERS                                                                                              7inch
                                       it to                                             1969

                                       Take some time out for love/Who could ever        TMG 719; VG+; SLM (sticker);
    721      ISLEY BROTHERS                                                                                              7inch                                                                                Page 21 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    721      ISLEY BROTHERS                                                                                               7inch
                                       doubt my love                                    1966

    722      PREACHER JACK             Break up/Preacher's boogie woogie                SON 2210; M-; 1980                7inch

    723      TERRY JACKS               If you go away/Me and you                        BELL 1362; NC; E; 1974            7inch

                                       Cut-out disc (from Cornflakes box?) Says
    724      JACKSON FIVE                                                               flexi on card; cut out; E         7inch
                                       there are 5 tracks!

                                                                                        TMG 746; VG+; SLM (sticker);
    725      JACKSON FIVE              The love you save/I found that girl                                                7inch

                                       Honey come back/What am I gonna do without TMG 729; VG+; SLM (sticker);
    726      CHUCK JACKSON                                                                                                7inch
                                       you                                        1969

                                       Do what you do/Tell me I'm not dreamin'(too
    727      JERMAINE JACKSON                                                           ARIST 609; E/E; 1984              7inch
                                       good to be true)

    728      MILLIE JACKSON            This is it/Not on your life                      POSP 159; M; 1980                 7inch

    729      SKIP JACKSON              Teddy bear/Stay with me lay with me              UK 149; SLM (sticker); E; 1976    7inch

                                                                                        US Capitol 4635; SSLM (name);
    730      WANDA JACKSON             In the middle of a heartache/I'd be ashamed                                        7inch

    731      JACKSONS                  Even though you're gone/Different kind of lady   EPC 5919; DJ; M; 1978             7inch

    732      SCOTT JACOBY              Easy my love/Mr. pilot take me home              RCA 2544; DJ; M; 1975             7inch

    733      JAM                       Funeral pyre/Disguises                           POSP 257; M/M; 1981               7inch

                                       The bitterest pill(I ever had to swallow)/Pity
    734      JAM                                                                        POSP 505; M/M; 1982               7inch
                                       poor Alfie/Fever

                                       Just who is the 5-o-clock hero/The great
    735      JAM                                                                        2059 504; M-/M-; 1982             7inch

                                       News of the world/Aunties and uncles/Innocent
    736      JAM                                                                        2058 995; M; 1978                 7inch

                                                                                        US Cadet 5594; DR;
    737      ETTA JAMES                Security/I'm gonna take what he's got                                              7inch
                                                                                        SLM(name); VG+

    738                                Help yourself/Why                                MIA 404; M; 1975                  7inch

    739                                Now is the time/Want you so much                 7N 45606; E; 1976                 7inch

    740      NICKY JAMES               I guess I've always loved you/My style           US Threshold 67016; M; 1973       7inch

    741                                Stay close/Betsu-ni                              RIM 1; M; 1986                    7inch

    742      JAY & TECHNIQUES          Apples peaches pumpkin pie/Contact               6052 302; SLM (name); E; 1967     7inch

    743      JAYBIRDS                  Not fade away/Over you                           WB 621; VG+; 1964                 7inch

                                       Good golly Miss Molly/MIKE REDWAY & LES
    744      JAYBIRDS                                                                   WB 626; E-; 1964                  7inch
                                       CARLE World with

    745      JELLY BEANS               I wanna love him so bad/So long                  7N. 25252; VG+; 1964              7inch

    746                                Good hearted woman/Heaven or hell                RCA 2665; DJ; M; 1975             7inch

    747      JIM & JEAN                What's that got to do with me/Stalemate          US Verve 5035; DJ; G              7inch

    748      JIVE FIVE                 My true story/When I was single                  US Beltone 1006; G                7inch

                                       You showed me the light of love/If you let me
    749      JIVE FYVE                                                                  MU 1129; M; 1970                  7inch
                                       make love to you

                                                                                        TMG 737; E-; SLM;(sticker);
    750      MARV JOHNSON              So glad you chose me/I'm not a plaything                                           7inch

    751      GLORIA JONES              Tainted love/SANDY WYNNS A touch of Venus        HEAT 6; M-                        7inch

    752      GRACE JONES               Do or die/Comme un oiseau qui s'envole           WIP 6450; DJ; M/E; 1978           7inch

                                                                                        HLR 10012; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    753      JACK JONES                Love bug/And I love her                                                            7inch
                                                                                        VG+; 1965

                                       A day in the life of a fool/The impossible       HLR 10088; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    754      JACK JONES                                                                                                   7inch                                                                                 Page 22 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    754      JACK JONES                                                                                                    7inch
                                       dream                                             E-; 1966

                                                                                         HLR 10108; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    755      JACK JONES                Lady/Afraid to love                                                                 7inch
                                                                                         VG+; 1967

    756      JUDGE DREAD               Big eight/Mind the doors                          BI-619; E-; 1973                  7inch

    757      JUDGE DREAD               Big seven/Dread                                   BI-613; VG+; 1972                 7inch

    758      JOE JULIAN                China tea/GERRY GRANT High hopes                  45-WB 350; VG; 1959               7inch

    759      JUNGLE BROTHERS           What u waitin' 4/Promo No.2                       W9865; M/M; 1990                  7inch

    760                         It's grim up north Pt.1/Pt/2                             JAMS 028; NC; E                   7inch
             OF M

                                       Nursey nursey/Awake I lie + three assorted        BOB 23; M; Bucketful of Brains
    761      KALEIDOSCOPE                                                                                                  7inch
                                       flexi discs                                       freebies

    762      KALIN TWINS               Moody/Sweet sugar lips                            US Decca 30911; VG                7inch

                                                                                         US Decca 30807; SSLM (pencil
    763      KALIN TWINS               It's only the beginning/Oh my goodness                                              7inch
                                                                                         name); VG

    764      KAMAHL                    She's not easy/Sing a song of soul                6037 086; M-; 1976                7inch

    765      EDEN KANE                 Boys cry/Don't come crying to me                  TF 438; M-; 1964                  7inch

                                                                                         TMG 873; E-; SSLM (stain);
    766      EDDIE KENDRICKS           Keep on truckin'/Pt.2                                                               7inch

    767                                Hungry for love/Ecstasy                           POP 1228; M-; 1963                7inch

    768                                I'll never get over you/Then I got everything     POP 1173; M-; 1963                7inch

                                                                                         US V.I.P. 25061; SSLM (name);
    769      KING FLOYD                Together we can do anything/Heartaches                                              7inch

    770      KING SISTERS              That old feeling/Easy to love                     45-CL 14777; SDJ; M-; 1957        7inch

    771      PEE WEE KING BAND         Plantation boogie/I don't mind                    US RCA 4655; DJ; E                7inch

    772      PEE WEE KING BAND         Changing partners/Bimbo                           US RCA Victor 5537; E-            7inch

    773      KINKS                     Set me free/I need you                            7N. 15854; VG+; 1965              7inch

    774      KINKS                     See my friend/Never met a girl like you before    7N.15919; E-; 1965                7inch

                                                                                         7N. 17724; SLM (name); E;
    775      KINKS                     Plastic man/King Kong                                                               7inch

                                                                                         ARISTA 97; DJ; SLM (sticker);
    776      KINKS                     Sleepwalker/Full moon                                                               7inch
                                                                                         E; 1977

    777      KINKS                     Father Christmas/Prince of the punks              ARISTA 153; E/E; 1977             7inch

    778      KATHY KIRBY               Let me go lover/The sweetest sounds/              F.11832; M-; 1964                 7inch

             KLEENEX GIRL
    779                                Long live the Pelican Express: six track single   US MOC ; KGW; 33rpm; M/M          7inch

             GLADYS                    Didn't you know (you'd have to cry                US Soul 35057; DR; SSLM; E-;
    780                                                                                                                    7inch
             KNIGHT/PIPS               sometimes)/Keep an eyes                           1968

             GLADYS                                                                      TMG 714; SLM; (sticker); E-;
    781                                Nitty gritty/Got myself a good man                                                  7inch
             KNIGHT/PIPS                                                                 1969

    782      KONGAS                    Gimme some lovin'-Africanism/Tatoo woman          2001 772; M; 1977                 7inch

    783      BILLY J.KRAMER            San Diego/Warm summer rain                        EMI 2661; DJ; M-; 1977            7inch

    784                                Little children/They remind me of you             R 5105; E; 1964                   7inch

                                       Mr cab driver/Blues for sister someone/Does
    785      LENNY KRAVITZ                                                               VUS 20; M/M< 1990                 7inch
                                       anyone out there

    786                                Sneaky Sue/The back                               US Kapp 563; VG+                  7inch

    787      FRANKIE LAINE             The swan song/My Ohio home                        SCM 5073; gold/plum; E; 1953      7inch

             FRANKIE LAINE/JO                                                                                  Page 23 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

             FRANKIE LAINE/JO
    788                                Chow Willy/September in the rain                 SCM 5064; gold/plum; E; 1953       7inch

    789      AL LANCE                  Goodbye Maria/I'm walkin' out                    US Columbia 42741; M               7inch

                                                                                        05970; DJ; SLM (sticker); VG;
    790      BRENDA LEE                Ride ride ride/Lonely people do foolish things                                      7inch

    791      JOE LEE COMBO             Stagger Lee/Too much blues                       US Alley 1022; M                   7inch

                                       Theme from 'Lawrence of Arabia'/The
    792      BERNIE LEIGHTON                                                            7N.25177; VG+; 1963                7inch
                                       wonderful world we live in

    793      LENNON/ONO                Instant Karma!/Who has seen the wind?            APPLES 1003; SDJ; M; 1970          7inch

    794      JOHN LENNON               #9 dream/What you got                            R 6003; SDJ; M; 1974               7inch

    795      JOHN LENNON               Stand by me/Move over Ms. L                      R 6005; SDJ; M; 1975               7inch

    796      JOHN LENNON               Nobody told me/YOKO ONO Sanity                   POSP 700; E/E-; 1984               7inch

                                                                                        US Capitol 44230; DJ; M/M-;
    797      JOHN LENNON               Imagine/Jealous guy                                                                 7inch
                                                                                        1988 reissue

    798      JOHN LENNON               Love/Give me some truth                          R 6059;M-/E; reissue               7inch

                                       Every man has a woman who loves him/SEAN
    799      JOHN LENNON                                                                POSP 712; M-/E; 1984               7inch
                                       ONO LENNON It

                                                                                        45-POP 947; turquoise; E-;
    800      HANK LEVINE ORCH.         Image Pt.1/Pt.11                                                                    7inch

                                                                                        6052 141; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    801      JERRY LEE LEWIS           Chantilly lace/Think about it darlin'                                               7inch

    802      JERRY LEE LEWIS           Breathless/Down the line                         45-HLS 8592; TC; VG+               7inch

                                                                                        US Reprise 1168; DJ; SSLM
    803      LINDA LEWIS               Rock a doodle doo/Reach for the truth                                               7inch
                                                                                        (writing); E-;'73

    804      RAMSEY LEWIS              Wade in the water/Ain't that peculiar            6145 004; VG+; 1972                7inch

    805      TAMALA LEWIS              You won't say nothing/If you can stand me        DS 1010; E-;                       7inch

    806      TAMALA LEWIS              You won't say nothing/If you can stand me        DS 1010; M                         7inch

             ENOCH LIGHT/LIGHT         I cried for you/With my eyes open I'm
    807                                                                                 45-JAR 134; M-; 1959               7inch
             BRIG                      dreaming

    808      GORDON LIGHTFOOT          Beautiful/Don Qixote                             US Reprise 1088; DJ; E; 1972       7inch

                                       The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald/The house
    809      GORDON LIGHTFOOT                                                       K 14451; E; 1976                       7inch
                                       you live in

    810      LITTLE BIG HORN           Another man's song/do                            US Fantasy 650; DJ only; M-        7inch

                                                                                        US Checker 1217; SSLM
    811      LITTLE MILTON             Spring/Just a little bit                                                            7inch
                                                                                        (name); VG+

    812      LITTLE RICHARD            Poor boy Paul/Wonderin'                          SON 5001; M-; Specialty reissue    7inch

    813      LITTLE RICHARD            Long tall Sally/Tutti frutti                     Epic A4593; VG+                    7inch

    814      JOHN LODGE                Say you love me/Natural Avenue                   F 13682; DJ; M; 1977               7inch

                                                                                        APPLE 23; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    815      JACKIE LOMAX              How the web was woven/Thumbing a ride                                               7inch

                                       I found love/If you don't like rain/Sweet
    816      LONE JUSTICE                                                               GEF 18F; dbl; M/M-; 1987           7inch
                                       Jane/Don't toss us away

    817      BOBBY LONERO              One more time/Wham-bam                           US Spinett 1003; VG                7inch

                                                                                        K 17491; SLM (number); E;
    818      LONG TALL SHORTY          By your love/1970's boy                                                             7inch

                                                                                        CBS 4300; SSLM (name); VG+;
    819      LOVE AFFAIR               Bringing on back the good times/Another day                                         7inch

                                                                                        US Dot 15665; SLM (sellotape
    820      JIM LOWE                  Rock-a-chicka/The bright light                                                      7inch

                                       Be careful of stones that you throw/Why don't    US MGM 11309; VG+ (Hank
    821      LUKE THE DRIFTER                                                                                              7inch
                                       you make up your                                 Williams)                                                                                  Page 24 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    822      LULU                      The man who sold the world/Watch that man          2001 490; E; 1974                7inch

    823      KENNY LYNCH               Stand by me/Baby it's true                         POP 1280; E; 1964                7inch

    824      RALPH MACDONALD           Calypso breakdown/long version                     TKR S6035; DJ; M; 1976           7inch

                                       & HONOR BLACKMAN Kinky boots/Let's keep it
    825      PATRICK MACNEE                                                               KINKY 1; E/E; 1990               7inch

    826      MAJOR HARRIS              Gotta make up your mind/Instrumental               KHAN 29; M-; 1984                7inch

                                       The right trick/Ain't no soul (left in these old
    827      MAJOR LANCE                                                                  CS. 9015; E; 1973                7inch

    828      MAJOR LANCE               Um um um um um um/The right track                  C 1; VG+; reissue                7inch

    829      SIV MALMKVIST             Sermonette/The preacher                            45-CB 1486; M-; 1959             7inch

    830      HENRY MANCINI             How soon/The tiber twist                           RCA-1414; M; 1964                7inch

    831      MANHATTANS                Tomorrow/Happiness                                 CBS S6386; DJ; M; 1978           7inch

    832      MARK IV                   I got a wife/Ah-ooo-gah                            US Mercury 71403; VG+            7inch

    833      MARCELS                   Summertime/Teeter totter love                      7N.25083; gold; E-; 1961         7inch

                                                                                          Dutch? Dureco Benelux 4196;
    834      ERNIE MARESCA             Shout shout/Driving like a baby over you                                            7inch

    835      BRYAN MARSHALL            As time goes by/Melanie                            7N 45603; DJ; M-; 1976           7inch

                                                                                          US Mercury 70682; SSLM (X);
    836      RALPH MARTERIE            Maybellene/The toy tiger                                                            7inch

    837      DEAN MARTIN               One cup of happiness/Crying time                   US Reprise 0857; DJ; M-          7inch

                                       I take a lot of pride in what I am/Drowning in
    838      DEAN MARTIN                                                                  US Reprise 0841; DJ; M           7inch

    839      DEAN MARTIN               Guess who/I can give you what you want now         US Reprise 1085; DJ; M; 1972     7inch

    840      DEAN MARTIN               What's yesterday/The right kind of woman           US Reprise 1060; DJ; M           7inch

             MARVIN WELCH &
    841                                Marmaduke/Strike a light                           RZ 3048; E; 1972                 7inch

    842      HANK MARVIN               Goodnight Dick/Wahine                              DB 8552; E; 1969                 7inch

             JOHNNY                    WILLIAMS Until you come back to me/Just the
    843                                                                                   CBS 6700; DJ; M; 1978            7inch
             MATHIS/DENIECE            way you are

             TOBY MATTHEWS &
    844                                Steel guitar rag/The Irish washerwoman             US Chief 7024; SLM (name); G     7inch

    845      MAYPOLE                   Show me the way/Johnny                             US Colossus 131; M-              7inch

    846      PAUL McCARTNEY            The world tonight/Used to be bad                   RP 6472;PICTURE; M/M; 1997       7inch

    847      PAUL McCARTNEY            C'mon people/I can't imagine                       R 6338; M/M; 1993                7inch

    848      PAUL McCARTNEY            This one/The first stone                           R 6223; M/M; 1989                7inch

    849      PAUL McCARTNEY            This one/The first stone                           R 6223; E/M-; 1989               7inch

    850      PAUL McCARTNEY            Put it there/Mama's little girl                    R 6246; M/M; 1989                7inch

    851      PAUL McCARTNEY            Figure of eight/Ou est le soleil?                  R 6235; M/M; 1989                7inch

    852      PAUL McCARTNEY            Once upon a long ago/Back on my feet               R 6170; M-/M-; 1987              7inch

    853      PAUL McCARTNEY            My brave face/Flying to my home                    R 6213; M/M; 1989                7inch

    854      PAUL McCARTNEY            All my trials/C moon                               R 6278; M/E; 1990                7inch

             PAUL McCARTNEY'S          POOL ORATORIO Save the child/The drinking
    855                                                                                   KIRIS 2; M/M                     7inch
             LIVER                     song

                                                                                          BDS 418; SSLM (name); E;
    856      VAN McCOY                 Soul improvisations/Pt.2                                                            7inch

                                                                                          REDZ 7100; E-;SLM(sticker)/E;
    857      JIMMY McCRACKLIN          The walk/I'm to blame                                                               7inch

    858      EDDIE McDUFF              Suddenly/Car trouble                               US Arho 5335; E                  7inch                                                                                  Page 25 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                       Walking my cat named dog/I'd have to be          RCA 1508; DJ; SLM (stickers);E-
    859      BARRY McGUIRE                                                                                                 7inch
                                       outa my mind                                     ; 1966

                                                                                        CON 004; SLM (name); VG+;
    860      MEL & TIM                 Backfield in motion/Do right baby                                                   7inch

                                                                                        US Neighborhood; DJ only; M-;
    861      MELANIE                   Together alone/do                                                                   7inch

                                                                                        US Neighborhood 4210; E-;
    862      MELANIE                   Do you believe/Bitter bad                                                           7inch

             HAROLD                                                                     CBS S8291; DJ; SLM (stamp);
    863                                I miss you Pt.1/Pt.2                                                                7inch
             MELVIN/BLUENOT                                                             E-; 1972

    864                                Where are all my friends/Let it be you           PIR S2819; M-; 1974                7inch

    865      MERSEYBEATS               Don't turn around/Really mystified               TF 459; E; 1964                    7inch

    866      METAL GURUS               Merry Xmas everybody/Metal guru                  GURU 1; M/M; SSSM; 1990            7inch

    867      MIGHTY WAH!               Weekends/Shambeko                                BEG 117T;M-/M-; 1984               7inch

    868      MIKE & BILL               Things won't be this bad always/Instrumental     ARISTA 95; DJ; M; 1976             7inch

    869      NED MILLER                From a jack to a king/Parade of broken hearts    45-HL 9658; DJ; E-; O.I.           7inch

    870      ROGER MILLER              England swings/The good old days                 BF 1456; E; 1965                   7inch

    871      STEVE MILLER BAND         Going to the country/Never kill another man      CL 15656; E-; 1970                 7inch

    872      MILVA                     Love is a feeling/Seasons of love                MM 510; VG+; 1967                  7inch

    873      MINTS                     Night air/KEN COPELAND Pledge of love            US Imperial 5432; VG               7inch

                                       Over the mountain across the sea/Let sleeping
    874      MISS JOHNNIE                                                               US Zells 3379; E                   7inch
                                       dogs lie

    875      GUY MITCHELL              My heart cries for you/The roving kind           US Columbia 918; VG                7inch

    876      REUBEN MITCHELL           Mambo after hours/Tropical blues                 US Okeh; E                         7inch

    877      MO-DETTES                 Paint it black/Bitta truth                       DET-R1; E/E; 1980                  7inch

             DOMENICO                                                                   Italian Fonit 30208; BLUE; E-;
    878                                Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)/Strada 'nfosa                                       7inch
             MODUGNO                                                                    1958

                                                                                        US Argo 5290; SSLM (writing);
    879      MONOTONES                 Book of love/You never loved me                                                     7inch

                                                                                        CL 15477; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    880      MATT MONRO                Wednesday's child/When you become a man                                             7inch
                                                                                        E-; 1966

                                                                                        CL 15448; DJ; SLM (stickers);
    881      MATT MONRO                Honey on the vine/ single sided demo                                                7inch
                                                                                        E; 1966

    882      MOOD                      Passion in dark rooms/The Munich thing           RCA 276; POSTER; M/E; 1982         7inch

    883      MOODS                     Let me have your love/Broke up                   US Sarg 179; SLM (stickers); M- 7inch

             CLYDE                     FERRY FOUR I need the prayers/Through the
    884                                                                                 CMSP.11; NC; gold/plum; VG         7inch
             MOODY/BROWNS              pearly gates

                                       Cry like a baby/Just the one I've been looking
    885      DOROTHY MOORE                                                              US GSF 6908; E; 1973               7inch

    886      GARY MOORE                Parisienne walkways/Fanatical fascists           MCA 419; M-; 1978                  7inch

    887      VAN MORRISON              Brown eyed girl/Goodbye baby (baby goodbye)      HLM 10453; E-; 1967                7inch

                                                                                        US Warners 7642; DJ; SSLM
    888      VAN MORRISON              Blue money/Sweet thing                                                              7inch
                                                                                        (number); M-

    889      MICKIE MOST               Mr. Porter/Yes indeed I do                       F 11664; E-; 1963                  7inch

                                                                                        TMG 755; SSLM (sticker); VG;
    890      MOTOWN SPINNERS           It's a shame/Sweet thing                                                            7inch

    891      MOVE                      Curly/This time tomorrow                         RZ 3021; SSLM; E-; 1969            7inch

    892      MOVE                      Fire brigade/Walk upon the water                 RZ 3005; M; 1968                   7inch

    893      MR. BIG                   Senora/Death boy                                 EMI 2819; M-/E; 1978               7inch                                                                                  Page 26 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    894      MUMMY CALLS               Mary I swear/Unicorn Jones                       MC12; E/E-; 1983                  7inch

                                       What's her name what's her number/Why
    895      MUNGO JERRY                                                                SATS 1001; M                      7inch
                                       d'you lie to me

             JERRY MURAD'S             Cherry pink and apple blossom white/Lonely
    896                                                                                 PB. 1105; VG+; 1960               7inch
             HARMONI                   love

    897      MUSIQUE                   Summer love/Summer love theme                    CBS 6579; DJ; SSLM; M; 1978       7inch

             MY BLOODY
    898                                Feed me with your kiss/Emptiness inside          CRE 061; M; 1988                  7inch

                                       Honey bee/The joker (that's what they call
    899      BILLY MYLES                                                                US Ember 1026; VG                 7inch

    900      GRAHAM NASH               On the line/I miss you                           K 10425; M-; 1973                 7inch

                                                                                        CBS S1992; DJ; SSLM (name);
    901      JOHNNY NASH               Loving you/Gonna open my heart again                                               7inch
                                                                                        E; 1973

                                                                                        F.12089; DJ; SLM (sticker); E;
    902      NASHVILLE TEENS           Find my way back home/Devil-in-law                                                 7inch

    903      NAZARETH                  Whatever you want babe/Telegram                  NAZ 004; E/VG+; 1979              7inch

                                                                                        MOON 22; DJ; SSLM (number);
    904      NAZARETH                  Shanghai's in Shanghai/Love now you're gone                                        7inch
                                                                                        E-; 1974

    905      NAZARETH                  Gone dead train/Greens/Desolation Road           NAZ 2; E/E; 1977                  7inch

    906      NAZARETH                  Star/Born to love                                TOP 45; E/E; 1978                 7inch

                                                                                        US A&M Forget-me-nots 8585;
    907      NAZARETH                  Love hurts/This flight tonight                                                     7inch

    908      RICKY NELSON              Someday/I got a feeling                          NZ London 364; NC; E-             7inch

    909      SANDY NELSON              Let there be drums/Quite a beat                  45-HLP 9466; E; 1961              7inch

    910      ROBBIE NEVIL              Dominoes/Neighbors                               US Manhattan 50053; E; 1986       7inch

    911      NEW BLOCKBUSTERS          Rock & roll guitar Pt.1/Instrumental             US Antler 4001; F                 7inch

                                       What have they done to my song ma/It's a
    912      NEW SEEKERS                                                                6006 027; M-; 1970                7inch
                                       beautiful day

    913      NEWBEATS                  Bread and butter/Tough little buggy              45-1269; NC; VG; 1964             7inch

    914      ANTHONY NEWLEY            Personality/My blue angel                        45-F 11142; TC; E; 1959           7inch

                                       I've waited so long/Sat'day night rock-a-
    915      ANTHONY NEWLEY                                                             45-F. 1127; TC; E; 1959           7inch

                                                                                        US Reprise 0771; DJ; SSLM
    916      RANDY NEWMAN              Last night I had a dream/I think he's hiding                                       7inch
                                                                                        (sticker); E

    917      NEWS                      A world without love/Streetwalker                NEWS 1; E-/E-; 1981               7inch

                                                                                        F.12477; SLM (sticker); VG;
    918      NEWS                      This is the moment/Ya ya da da                                                     7inch

                                       America/The diamond hard blue apple of the       IM 068; SSLM (number); VG;
    919      NICE                                                                                                         7inch
                                       moon                                             O.I.56

    920      JIMMY NICOL               Husky/Don't come back                            7N. 15666; SSLM; E; 1964          7inch

    921      NIGHTBIRDS                The square/Cat on a cool tin roof                45-CB 1490; VG; 1959              7inch

    922      NILSSON                   As time goes by/Makin' whoopee!                  RCA 2395; M-; 1973                7inch

                                       Lil red riding hood/Wait for your number to be
    923      999                                                                        ION 1017; M-; 1981                7inch
                                       called/I ain't gonna

             NINO & APRIL              Put it whre you want it/I can't get over you     AMS 7075; DJ; SSLM (number);
    924                                                                                                                   7inch
             (Tempo & Stev             baby                                             E-; 1973

                                                                                        AMS 7030; DJ; SLM
    925      RAB NOAKES                Drunk again/Miles away                                                             7inch
                                                                                        (sticker);VG+; 1972

                                                                                        US Herald 452; SLM (writing);
    926      NUTMEGS                   Story untold/Make me lose my mind                                                  7inch

    927      O BAND                    Almost Saturday night/Love ain't a keeper        UP 36276; E-; 1977                7inch                                                                                 Page 27 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                      11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    928      ALAN O'DAY                Soldier of fortune/Angie baby                  K 11025; M-; 1977                 7inch

    929      O'JAYS                    Brandy/Take me to the stars                    PIR S6658; DJ; M; 1978            7inch

             OBSCURE BY
    930                                I'm dying/A woman like you                     KA 10; M-/E-; 1981                7inch

             OCEAN COLOUR
    931                                Sway/Talk on                                   FIT 001; M/M; 1990                7inch

             OCEAN COLOUR              Hundred mile high city/The face smiles back
    932                                                                               MCS 40133; g/f; M/M; 1997         7inch
             SCENE                     easily

                                                                                      CBS 7963; SLM (stamp); M-;
    933      ONLY ONES                 Trouble in the world/Your chosen life                                            7inch

                                                                                      US Geffen 49683; E + lyric
    934      YOKO ONO                  Walking on thin ice/It happened                                                  7inch
                                                                                      sheet; 1980

    935      ORANGE JUICE              Rip it up/Snake charmer                        POSP 547; E/E; 1983               7inch

    936      ROY ORBISON               Pistolero/Cry softly lonely one                HLU 10143; E-; 1967               7inch

                                       Memphis Tennessee/I can read between the       HLU 10388; LM (sticker
    937      ROY ORBISON                                                                                                7inch
                                       lines (export copy)                            damage); E; 1972

                                                                                      EMB S209; SLM (sticker); E-;
    938      ROY ORBISON               Sweet and easy to love/You're gonna cry                                          7inch

    939      ROY ORBISON               Oh pretty woman/Yo te amo Maria                HLU 9919; M-; 1964                7inch

    940      ORIGINAL MIRRORS          Dancing with the rebels/Sure yeah              MER 65; M-/E; 1981                7inch

    941      OSBORNE BROTHERS Mule skinner blues/Lovey told me goodbye                US MGM 13126; VG+                 7inch

                                                                                      US Guyden 2001; LM (sticker
    942      DONNIE OWENS              Need you/If I'm wrong                                                            7inch
                                                                                      damage); E-

    943      LARRY PAGE ORCH.          Imagine/Back off boogaloo                      PEN 815; M; 1973                  7inch

             JACK PARNELL
    944                                77 Sunset Strip/Teen ride                      45-PB.1005; E; 1960               7inch

    945      PASSIONS                  I only want you/This is my love                45-JAR 313; E-; 1960              7inch

             LES PAUL/MARY
    946                                Bye bye blues/Mammy's boogie                   US Capitol 2316; VG+              7inch

                                       I don't believe you ever loved me/Let me be
    947      LYNN PAUL                                                                7N 46026; DJ; M; SLM; 1977        7inch
                                       the one

    948      FRANKIE PAUL              Shub in/RIDIM CONNECTION Dub version           7PA 2; M; 1986                    7inch

    949      PAVEMENT                  Double decker of a man/Saffron                 CR 7005; SLM (stamp); M; 1969     7inch

             MIKE PEDICIN                                                             US Cameo 125; SLM (red lines);
    950                                Shake a hand/The Dickie-doo                                                      7inch
             QUINTET                                                                  G

                                                                                      NEX 701; E/E-; SM (sticker
    951      PENCILS                   Watching the tears/You say you                                                   7inch
                                                                                      tear); 1982

    952                                The whole town's laughing at me/And if I had   PIR S5116; DJ; M; 1977            7inch

                                       She ain't mine anymore+1/HELEN WATSON
    953      PERMANENT WAVE                                                           DAV 001; E/M-; 1981               7inch
                                       Surfacing +1

    954      HAPP PERRY BAND           I got you on my mind/Cheating love             US Zone 1072; M                   7inch

    955      PET SHOP BOYS             West end girls/Pet shop boys                   Epic A4292; DJ; VG+; 1984         7inch

                                                                                      US Warners 7279; DJ; SLM
    956      PETER PAUL & MARY         Day is done/Make believe town                                                    7inch
                                                                                      (sticker); E

    957      PAUL PETERSEN             The cheer leader/Polka dots and moonbeams      US Colpix 707; M                  7inch

    958      PETS                      Cha-hua-hua/Cha-kow-ski                        US Twin; E-                       7inch

    959      WILSON PICKETT            I'm a midnight mover/Deborah                   US Atlantic 2528; E               7inch

    960      WEBB PIERCE               Jilted love/Georgia rag                        US King 5429; E-                  7inch

                                                                                      45-WB 536; SLM (writing);
    961      RAY PILGRIM               Return to sender/It only took a minute                                           7inch
                                                                                      VG+; 1962                                                                               Page 28 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                       You'll never walk alone/STARLINGS Ain't gonna   45-WB 597; SLM (name); VG;
    962      RAY PILGRIM                                                                                                  7inch
                                       kiss ya                                         1963

    963      PIONEERS                  My good friend James/Secrets of you             6007 147; M; 1977                  7inch

    964      GENE PITNEY               Backstage/In love again                         SS 490; M; 1966                    7inch

    965      PLASTIC ONO BAND          Give peace a chance/Remember love               APPLE 13; M; 1969                  7inch

    966      EDDIE PLATT ORCH.         Cha-hua-hua/Vodka                               US Gone 5031; G                    7inch

    967      PLAYBOYS                  Over the weekend/Double talk                    US Cameo142; VG+                   7inch

                                                                                       US Roulette; G (looks worse but
    968      PLAYMATES                 Jo-Ann/You can't stop me from dreaming                                             7inch
                                                                                       plays well)

    969      PLAYMATES                 Beep beep/What is love                          7N 25714; DJ; M-                   7inch

    970      PLURALS                   Goodnight/I'm sold - great doo-wop              US Wanger 188; G; plays OK         7inch

    971      POACHER                   One more fool/Heartaches and promises           RK 1014; M; 1978                   7inch

    972      POETS                     Now we're thru'/There are some                  F.11995; E; 1964                   7inch

    973                                Someone someone/Till the end of time            F.11893; M; 1964                   7inch

    974      COZY POWELL               Theme one/Over the top                          ARO 189; M-; 1979                  7inch

    975      PEREZ PRADO               Tic toc Polly woc/My Roberta                    45-RCA 1129; TC; E-; 1959          7inch

                                                                                       45-RCA 1067; TC; SSLM; E;
    976      PEREZ PRADO               Patricia/Why wait                                                                  7inch

                                       That's why I love you/The night that New York
    977      PRELUDE                                                                   7N 46009; DJ; E; 1977              7inch

    978      PRELUDE                   Oh my soul/Woman to love                        7N 45689; DJ; E; 1976              7inch

                                       Feel like loving you again/Driven me out of
    979      PRELUDE                                                                   7N 45640; DJ; E; 1976              7inch
                                       your mind

    980      ELVIS PRESLEY             Raised on rock/For ol's times sake              RCA 2435; E; 1973                  7inch

                                       If every day was like Christmas/How would       RCA 1557; SLM (sticker); E;
    981      ELVIS PRESLEY                                                                                                7inch
                                       you like to be                                  1966 (Victor)

    982      ELVIS PRESLEY             U.S. Make/Stay Away                             RCA 1688; Victor; M-; 1968         7inch

    983      ELVIS PRESLEY             That's all right/Blue Moon of Kentucky          US RCA Gold Standard 0601; VG      7inch

    984      ELVIS PRESLEY             Love me tender/Anyway you want me               US RCA Victor 6643; E              7inch

    985      ELVIS PRESLEY             Heartbreak hotel/I was the one                  US Gold Standard 0605; VG+         7inch

                                                                                       US RCA Victor 8307; SLM
    986      ELVIS PRESLEY             Kissin' cousins/It hurts me                                                        7inch
                                                                                       (sticker mark); VG

    987      ELVIS PRESLEY             It's now or never/Make me know it               45-RCA 1207; E; 1960               7inch

    988      ELVIS PRESLEY             Teddy bear/Loving you                           45-RCA 1013; TC; VG+               7inch

    989      PRETENDERS                Kid/Tattooed love boys                          ARE 9; M/M-; 1979                  7inch

    990      PRETTY THINGS             Honey I need/I can never say                    TF 537; VG+; 1965                  7inch

                                                                                       45-DB 4340; M-; very nice
    991      DICKIE PRIDE              Primrose Lane/Frantic                                                              7inch
                                                                                       copy; 1959

                                                                                       LIB 10236; DJ; SLM (sticker
    992      P.J.PROBY                 To make a big man cry/Wicked woman                                                 7inch
                                                                                       mark); E; 1966

    993      P.J.PROBY                 You've come back/It ain't necessarily so        LIB 10223; M; 1966                 7inch

                                       Put your head on my shoulder/Momma
    994      P.J.PROBY                                                                 EMBS 328; DJ; E; 1973              7inch
                                       married a preacher

    995      PRODUCERS                 On the shelf/Talking about my baby              EDGE 2; E; 1980                    7inch

    996      Q-TIPS                    A man can't lose/Some kinda wonderful           CHS 2456; E-/E; 1981               7inch

    997      Q-TIPS                    Love hurts/You're gonna love me                 REWIND 15; E/E; 1983               7inch

    998      QUEEN                     Someone to love/White man                       EMI 2565; E-; 1976                 7inch                                                                                 Page 29 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    999      CHARLIE QUINTAL           It's a crazy world we live in/Rock'n'roll mama    US Tuff-Nuff 32796; M             7inch

    1000     QUINTONES                 Times so' gettin' ruff/Softie                     DJ; M-                            7inch

                                                                                         Warners 17789; g/f booklet; M-
    1001     R.E.M.                    Tongue/Instrumental version                                                         7inch
                                                                                         /M-; 1995

    1002     GERRY RAFFERTY            Night owl/Why won't you talk to me                UP 36512; M-/E; 1979              7inch

                                       Get it right next time/It's gonna be a long
    1003     GERRY RAFFERTY                                                              BP 301; M-/E; 1979                7inch

    1004     GERRY RAFFERTY            Bring it all home/In transit                      BP 340; M-/E; 1980                7inch

    1005     JIM RAFFERTY              Good day go by/Peace of mind                      F 13696; E; 1977                  7inch

                                       Rock'n'roll (who needs rock'n'roll)/Do (we love
    1006     RAINBOW CHILDREN                                                            K 11507;SSLM (sticker); E; 1974 7inch

                                       Gonna find me a bluebird/So you think you've
    1007     MARVIN RAINWATER                                                            45-MGM-961; NC; VG+               7inch
                                       got troubles

    1008     RAN-DELLS                 Martian hop/Forgive me darling (I have lied)      HL-U. 9760; E; 1963               7inch

    1009     TONY RAND                 Seven come eleven/It can't be true - or can it    US Columbia 40925; VG             7inch

    1010     RANDY & RAINBOWS          Little hot rod Suzie/Joy ride                     US Rust 5101; DR; E               7inch

    1011     RATT                      Round and round/The morning after                 A 9693; M; 1984                   7inch

    1012     LOU RAWLS                 Trade winds/If I coulda woulda shoulda            PIR A6354; DJ; M; 1977            7inch

    1013     MARGIE RAYBURN            I'm available/If you were                         US Liberty 55102; M-              7inch

                                                                                         US Liberty 55134; SLM(marker);
    1014     MARGIE RAYBURN            Alright but it won't be easy/I would                                                7inch

                                                                                         US Cameo 117; SLM (sticker);G;
    1015     RAYS                      Silhouettes/Daddy cool                                                           7inch
                                                                                         plays fine

    1016     WILMA READING             It's over/Do me wrong but do me                   7N 45631; DJ; M-; 1976            7inch

    1017     EUGENE RECORD             Magnetism/I don't mind                            K 17384; M; 1979                  7inch

    1018     RECORDS                   Teenarama/Held up high                            VS 250; E/M-; 1979                7inch

    1019     RED ALERT6                Break the rules/What do you do for laughs         STAT 101; E-; will clean; 1980    7inch

    1020     MIKE REDWAY               Don't talk to him/I'll keep you satisfied         45-WB 601; VG+; 1963              7inch

                                       BRANDON Nobody I know/MARILYN LEE Sweet           WB 641; SSLM (sticker); VG+;
    1021     MIKE REDWAY/TERRY                                                                                             7inch
                                       William                                           1964

    1022     LES REED PIANO            Minuet mash/Nightfall                             7N 35097; E; 1963                 7inch

    1023     BILL REEDER               Memories of the past/It don't hurt any more       US Voll Para 103; M               7inch

                                       Not one minute more/Soldier won't you marry
    1024     DELLA REESE                                                                 45-RCA 1160; NC; VG; 1959         7inch

                                       Not one minute more/Soldier won't you marry
    1025     DELLA REESE                                                                 45-RCA 1160; E-; 1960             7inch

    1026     JIM REEVES                What I feel in my heart/Losing your love          US RCA Victor 7950; E-            7inch

                                                                                         RCA Victor 41.600; TC; G;
    1027     JIM REEVES                From a Jack to a King/Welcome to my world                                           7inch
                                                                                         country unknown

             MARTHA                    I can't dance to that music you're playin'/I
    1028                                                                                 TMG 669; VG+; 1968                7inch
             REEVES/VANDELL            tried

             MARTHA                                                                      US Gordy 7080; DR; SSLM; E;
    1029                               Without you/Sweet darlin'                                                           7inch
             REEVES/VANDELL                                                              1967

    1030                               One way out/Love bug leave my heart alone         US Gordy 7062; DR; M-; 1966       7inch

    1031                               Heartless/Taking my love (and leaving me)         US Gordy 7094; DR; M-; 1968       7inch

    1032     DIANE RENAY               Kiss me sailor/Soft-spoken guy                    US 20th Century 477; M-           7inch

    1033     DIANE RENAY               Growin' up too fast/Waitin' for Joey              US 20th Century 514; M-           7inch

    1034     DIANE RENAY               Unbelievable guy/Navy blue                        US 20th Century 456; M-           7inch                                                                                  Page 30 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                      11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1035     JODY REYNOLDS             Endless sleep/Tight capris                    45-HL.8651; TC; VG+; 1958          7inch

    1036     PAUL RICH                 I'm gonna get married/Mona Lisa               45-WB 353; VG; 1959                7inch

    1037     PAUL RICH                 Well I ask you/Running scared                 45-WB 457; VG+; 1961               7inch

    1038     PAUL RICH                 Dancin' party/Gotta see baby tonight          45-WB 520; VG; 1962                7inch

                                       My old man's a dustman/Fings ain't wot they
    1039     PAUL RICH                                                               45-WB 387; VG; 1960                7inch
                                       used t'bee

    1040     PAUL RICH                 Tell Laura I love her/Lorelei                 45-WB 411; VG; 1960                7inch

                                                                                     EM 152; M-/M-; Stand=Up outer
    1041     CLIFF RICHARD             Silhouettes/The winner                                                      7inch
                                                                                     + 7x7 print;'90

    1042     CLIFF RICHARD             Congratulations/High'n'dry                    German Columbia 23750; E/E-        7inch

    1043     RICK & KEENS              Be bop a lula/You can't go                    US Troy 1002; SLM (crosses); E     7inch

    1044     DON RIDDELL FOUR          Casablanca/The four corners of the earth      F.11651; DJ; E; 1963               7inch

    1045     RIVIERAS                  California sun/H.B. goose step                US Lana 136; E-                    7inch

                                                                                     US Apt 25070; G; cracked but
    1046     JERRY ROBERTS             Little bitty lover/After awhile                                                  7inch
                                                                                     plays OK

    1047     ROBINSON CREW             Stormalong/Taxi                               F.11706; M; 1963                   7inch

    1048     FLOYD ROBINSON            Tattletale/I believe in love                  45-RCA 1179; VG; 1960              7inch

                                                                                     US Roulette Golden Goodies
    1049     ROCK-A-TEENS              Woo-hoo/REGENTS Barbara-Ann                                                      7inch
                                                                                     GG5; M-

                                                                                     7N 35327; DJ; SLM (sticker); E-
    1050     ROCKIN' BERRIES           Midnight Mary/Money grows on trees                                               7inch
                                                                                     ; 1966

    1051     ROCKIN' BERRIES           Poor man's son/Follow me                      7N. 35236; M; 1965                 7inch

    1052     TOMMY ROE                 Sweet pea/Much more love                      Australian Ampar 1351; VG          7inch

    1053     TOMMY ROE                 Susie darlin'/Piddle de pat                   US ABC 10362; VG+                  7inch

    1054     TOMMY ROE                 Sheila/Save your kisses                       US ABC 10329; VG+                  7inch

                                       While the Angelus was ringing/Climb ev'ry
    1055     JULIE ROGERS                                                            MF 950; VG+; 1966                  7inch

                                       Another year another love another
    1056     JULIE ROGERS                                                            MF 895; E; 1966                    7inch
                                       heartache/Don't waste your

                                                                                     F 12331; NC; E; 1966 (boxed
    1057     ROLLING STONES            19th nervous breakdown/As tears go by                                            7inch

    1058     SONNY ROLLINS             Freedom suite/Cutie                           Italian Jazz 093; E                7inch

    1059     ROLY                      Don't ever change/Yes I do                    GO 310; M-; 1978                   7inch

    1060     ROLY                      Car friends/Roly pin                          GO 327; E; 1978                    7inch

                                                                                     Barbados Total Sounds 103;SLM;
    1061     MAX ROMEO                 Natty Dread take over/AGROVATORS Version                                     7inch

                                                                                     45-DB 4341; NC; LM (sticker
    1062     CHAN ROMERO               The hippy hippy shake/If I had a way                                             7inch
                                                                                     tear); G; 1959

    1063     DON RONDO                 White silver sands/Stars fell on Alabama      US Reo 8160; VG; label scuffs      7inch

    1064     RONNIE & PEGGY            This little heart/Stand tough                 TF 467; M; 1964                    7inch

                                                                                     US Aamco 100; SLM (stickered
    1065     ANDY ROSE                 Just young/Lov-a lov-a love                                                      7inch
                                                                                     name); VG+

                                       Whamboogie/Why do fools fall in love (w.
    1066     DON ROSE BAND                                                           US Philwood 239; M                 7inch
                                       DAVE CHAPMAN)

    1067     DIANA ROSS                Upside down/Friend to friend                  TMG 1195; E; 1980                  7inch

                                       E-string boogie/Bed bug boogie (w. EUNICE
    1068     ROUNDERS                                                                US Burton 100/101; VG+             7inch

                                                                                     US Capitol 4261; LM ( tears); G;
    1069     ROYAL TEENS               Little cricket/Believe me                                                      7inch
                                                                                     plays OK                                                                               Page 31 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1070     JAMES ROYAL               Carolina/Big heat on the loose                   CNS.4021; DJ; VG; 1970             7inch

                                       Let's say goodbye tomorrow/Living in a world     TMG 767;SSLM (sticker); E-;
    1071     JIMMY RUFFIN                                                                                                  7inch
                                       I created for myself                             1970

    1072     RUFUS                     Once you get started/Right is right              ABC 4055; VG; 1974                 7inch

                                                                                        SRL 1059; SLM (Tippex); E;
    1073     WILLIAM RUSHTON           Neasden/The trout                                                                   7inch

                                                                                        2001-256; SSLM; (sticker);
    1074     BARRY RYAN                Can't let you go/When I was a child                                                 7inch
                                                                                        1971; VG

    1075     BARRY RYAN                I'm sorry Susan/L.A. woman                       2001-362; LM (tear); VG; 1972      7inch

                                                                                        F.12567; DJ; SLM (Tippex); E-;
    1076     PAUL & BARRY RYAN         Keep it out of sight/Who told you?                                                  7inch

                                       Don't bring me your heartaches/To remind you
    1077     PAUL & BARRY RYAN                                                          F.12260; M-; 1965                  7inch
                                       of my love

    1078     BOBBY RYDELL              Good time baby/Cherie                            45-DB 4600; E-; 1961               7inch

             BOBBY                     CHECKER Jingle bell rock/What are you doing
    1079                                                                                C. 205; VG+; 1962                  7inch
             RYDELL/CHUBBY             New Year's Eve?

             BOBBY                     CHECKER Jingle bell rock/What are you doing
    1080                                                                                C. 205; VG; 1962                   7inch
             RYDELL/CHUBBY             New Year's Eve?

    1081     RYDERS                    A rose has to die/Count me in                    RCA 2577; DJ; E; 1975              7inch

    1082     SACHA & VENUS             Venus/SACHA DISTEL Joy                           EMI 2786; DJ; M; 1978              7inch

    1083     SAFARIS                   Image of a girl/Steps to love                    US Eldo 0001; VG                   7inch

    1084     SALFORD JETS              Pain in my heart/Alternative version             KA 17; M-/E; 1983                  7inch

    1085     SAM                       Johnny Rebel/He love me he loves me not          7N. 45175; LM (tear); VG; 1972     7inch

                                       Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody/If you got the
    1086     SAM & DAVE                                                                 US Stax 198; DR; E                 7inch

                                       These are the things you are/The old oaken       45-CL 15143; plum; SLM
    1087     TOMMY SANDS                                                                                                   7inch
                                       bucket                                           (Tippex); VG+; 1960

    1088     DON SARTI                 Bernardine/Uike box                              Italian Parlophone 16154; E-       7inch

    1089     TELLY SAVALAS             Try to remember/We all end up the same           DJS 386; M; 1972                   7inch

    1090     JOHNNY SAYLES             I can't get enough/Hold my own baby              US St. Lawrence 15396; VG+         7inch

    1091     BOZ SCAGGS                Dinah Flo/He's a fool for you                    CBS S8341; DJ; M-; 1972            7inch

    1092     BOZ SCAGGS                Hollywood/We're waiting                          CBS S5836; DJ; M-; 1977            7inch

    1093     JACK SCOTT                Baby Marie/There comes a time                    45-HLL 8970; E-; 1959              7inch

    1094     JEAN SCOTT                My happiness/As I love you                       45-WB 323; VG+; 1959               7inch

                                                                                        R 5164; SLM (Tippex); VG+;
    1095     SIMON SCOTT               Move it baby/What kind of woman                                                     7inch

    1096     SEARCHERS                 He's got no love/So far away                     7N. 15878; E-; 1965                7inch

    1097     SEARCHERS                 He's got no love/So far away                     7N. 15878; E; 1965                 7inch

    1098     SEARCHERS                 Sweet nothin's/What'd I say?                     BF 1274; VG+; 1963                 7inch

    1099     SEARCHERS                 Popcorn double feature/Lovers                    7N.17225; M-; 1967                 7inch

    1100     NEIL SEDAKA               I go ape/Moon of gold                            45-RCA 1115; TC; VG; 1959          7inch

                                                                                        F.12123; LM; (sticker damage);
    1101     SETTLERS                  When's it gonna be my turn?/Good news                                               7inch
                                                                                        E-; 1965

                                                                                        7N 17065; DJ; SLM (sticker);
    1102     SETTLERS                  Nowhere man/Call again                                                              7inch
                                                                                        VG+; 1966

    1103     SHADES OF RHYTHM          Ecstasy/Dance to the rhythm                      ZANG 75947; M-/M-; 1991            7inch

    1104     SHADOWS                   Mary Anne/Chu-chi                                DB 7476; SLM (sticker); E; 1965    7inch

                                       Angels with dirty faces/The cockney kids are
    1105     SHAM '69                                                                   2059 023; M; 1978                  7inch
                                       innocent                                                                                  Page 32 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1106     HELEN SHAPIRO             You'll get me loving you/Silly boy (I love you)   7N. 17600; VG+; 1968               7inch

                                                                                         DB 8148; DJ; SLM (sticker); VG;
    1107     HELEN SHAPIRO             Make me belong to you/The way of the world                                           7inch

                                                                                         45-DB 4715; M-; 1961; green
    1108     HELEN SHAPIRO             Walkin' back to happiness/Kiss'n'run                                                 7inch

                                                                                         45-DB 4869; E; 1962; green
    1109     HELEN SHAPIRO             Little Miss lonely/I don't care                                                      7inch

                                                                                         45-DB 4908; E-; 1962; green
    1110     HELEN SHAPIRO             Keep away from other girls/Cry my heart out                                          7inch

                                                                                         45-DB 4908; E; 1962; green
    1111     HELEN SHAPIRO             Keep away from other girls/Cry my heart out                                          7inch

                                                                                         45-DB 4824; M-; 1962; green
    1112     HELEN SHAPIRO             Let's talk about love/Sometime yesterday                                             7inch

                                                                                         45-DB 4824; E; 1962; green
    1113     HELEN SHAPIRO             Let's talk about love/Sometime yesterday                                             7inch

    1114     HELEN SHAPIRO             Look who it is/Walking in my dreams               DB 7130; E-; 1963                  7inch

                                       Woe is me/I walked right in(with my eyes
    1115     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                               DB7026; M-; 1963                   7inch

                                       Woe is me/I walked right in(with my eyes
    1116     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                               DB7026; E; 1963                    7inch

    1117     HELEN SHAPIRO             Not responsible/No trespassing                    DB 7072; M-; 1963                  7inch

    1118     HELEN SHAPIRO             Look over your shoulder/You won't come home DB 7266; E; 1964                         7inch

    1119     HELEN SHAPIRO             Fever/Ole father time                             DB 7190; E; 1964                   7inch

                                       Queen for tonight/Daddy couldn't get me one
    1120     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                               45-DB 4966; E-; 1963               7inch
                                       of those

    1121     SANDIE SHAW               Monsieur Dupont/Voice in the crowd                7N. 17675; SSLM; E; 1969           7inch

                                                                                         US Ember 1029; SLM (sticker);
    1122     SILHOUETTES               Get a job/I am lonely                                                                7inch

    1123     SILHOUETTES               Headin' for the poorhouse/Miss thing              45-R 4425; NC; plum; VG; 1958 7inch

                                                                                         US Spring 190; E-; LM (water
    1124     JOE SIMON                 Love vibration/Disco version                                                         7inch
                                                                                         damage?); '78

                                                                                         US Sound Stage 7; SSLM
    1125     JOE SIMON                 That's the way I want our love/When                                                  7inch

    1126     KELLY SIMS                Betrayed by love/A girl in love                   US Fernwood 116; VG                7inch

                                       You will be my music/Winners (Theme from          US Reprise DJ; SSLM (sticker);
    1127     FRANK SINATRA                                                                                                  7inch
                                       'Maurie')                                         E; 1973

                                                                                         RS 20851; LM (sticker damage);
    1128     NANCY SINATRA             Drummer man/Home                                                                     7inch
                                                                                         E-; 1969

    1129     SINE                      Happy is the only way/Chimi                       CBS S6583; DJ; M; 1977             7inch

             SIOUXSIE &                This wheel's on fire/Shooting
    1130                                                                                 SHEG 11; dbl; M-/M-; 1987          7inch
             BANSHEES                  sun/Sleepwalking/She cracked

    1131     SISTERS LOVE              Mr fix-it man/You've got to make your choice      TMG 828; E-; 1972                  7inch

                                       Goodbye civilian/Monkey McGuire meets
    1132     SKIDS                                                                       VS 373; M-/E; 1980                 7inch
                                       Specky Potter

    1133     SKIP & FLIP               It was I/Lunch hour                               US Brent 7002; VG+                 7inch

    1134     SKIP & FLIP               Willow tree/Green door                            US Brent; G                        7inch

    1135     SKYHOOKS                  B.B.B.boogie/Women in uniform                     UP 36508; DJ; M-; 1978             7inch

    1136     SKYLINERS                 This I swear/Tomorrow                             US Calico 106; SLM (name); VG      7inch

    1137     SKYLINERS                 Pennies from heaven/I'll be seeing you            US Calico 117; VG+                 7inch

                                                                                         US Atlantic 2653; DR; SLM
    1138     PERCY SLEDGE              You're all around me/Self preservation                                               7inch
                                                                                         (name); E-                                                                                   Page 33 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1139     HURRICANE SMITH           Summertime love/And suddenly it's love          7N 45616; DJ; M-; 1976            7inch

    1140     RAY SMITH                 Rockin' little angel/That's all right           45-HL 9051; VG; 1959              7inch

             BILL SNYDER/DICK
    1141                               Fanny/It might as well be spring                45-POP 920; blue; VG+; 1961       7inch

                                                                                       Pagan Media clear flexi; M/M;
    1142     SO & SO                   So near so far/But I'm here                                                       7inch

             SOME OF CHET'S
    1143                               Chet's tune/CHET ATKINS Country gentleman       US RCA Victor 9229; M/M; 1967     7inch

    1144     SONNY & CHER              I got your babe/It's gonna rain                 AT.4035; M-; 1965                 7inch

             SONS OF THE               A fiddle a rifle an axe and a bible/My last
    1145                                                                               US RCA Victor; SDJ; E             7inch
             PIONEERS                  goodbye

    1146     SORROWS                   Take a heart/We should get along fine           7N.35260; VG (no jumps); 1965     7inch

    1147     JIMMY SOUL                If you wanna be happy/Don't release me          US SPQR 3305; VG                  7inch

    1148                               The Spartans/Detroit                            DB 7239; E; 1964                  7inch

                                                                                       US Bearsville 0006; DJ; SLM
    1149     SPARKS                    Wonder girl/(No more) Mr nice guys                                                7inch
                                                                                       (Tippex); M-

                                       Ob-la-di; Ob-la-da/Music soothes the savage
    1150     SPECTRUM                                                                  RCA 1775; E-; 1968                7inch

                                                                                       TF 543; SDJ; SLM (sticker); E;
    1151     SPINNERS                  I've been on the road/Blue nose                                                   7inch

    1152     SPLINTER                  Round and round/I'll bend for you               K 17009; M; 1977                  7inch

    1153     SPLITT RIVITT             Soul limbo; Safe from you/Can't be still        RL 450032; M/M-; 1980             7inch

    1154     DUSTY SPRINGFIELD         Losing you/Summer is over                       BF 1369; M-; 1964                 7inch

    1155     DUSTY SPRINGFIELD         Your hurtin' kinda love/Don't say it baby       BF 1396; NC; E; 1964              7inch

                                                                                       US Buddah 22; SLM (name);
    1156     STAIRSTEPS                Snow/Look out                                                                     7inch

             ROBIN                     Document from cigarette highlights/Double
    1157                                                                               BUMP 002; E                       7inch
             STAMMERS/FLESH            exposure

             STEVE STANNARD                                                            45-WB 415; VG+; SSLM (small
    1158                               Never on Sunday/Walk don't run                                                    7inch
             ORCH.                                                                     red number)'60

                                                                                       45-F 10626; NC; SLM (sticker
    1159     STARGAZERS                Twenty tiny fingers/An old beer bottle                                            7inch
                                                                                       marks); VG+

    1160     STARLINGS                 Then he kissed me/RAY PILGRIM Wishing           45-WB 592; VG+; 1963              7inch

    1161     STARLINGS                 Baby I love you/MARILYN LEE As usual            WB 612; VG+; 1964                 7inch

                                                                                       WB 612; VG+; LM; (sticker
    1162     STARLINGS                 Baby I love you/MARILYN LEE As usual                                              7inch

                                       Island of dreams/KENNY BARDELL Say              45-WB 555; SLM (sticker);m M-
    1163     STARLINGS                                                                                                   7inch
                                       wonderful things                                ; 1963

    1164     EDWIN STARR               H.A.P.P.Y. radio/My friend                      TC 2408; RED; M; 1979             7inch

                                       Stop the war now/Gonna keep on tryin' till I    TMG 764; SSLM (sticker); VG+;
    1165     EDWIN STARR                                                                                                 7inch
                                       win your love                                   1970

                                                                                       US Motown yesteryear 464; E-;
    1166     EDWIN STARR               Stop the war now/War                                                              7inch

                                                                                       TMG 725; SLM (sticker); E-;
    1167     EDWIN STARR               Time/Running back and forth                                                       7inch

    1168     FREDDIE STARR             Ginny come lately/Teen queen                    6121 504; M; 1974                 7inch

                                       Live!: Roll over lay down/Gerdundula/Junior's
    1169     STATUS QUO                                                                QUO 13; M-/E-; 1975               7inch

    1170     STATUS QUO                Ice in the sun/When my mind is not live         7N. 17581; E-; 1968               7inch

             STATUS QUO/BEACH                                                          Polygram 576262; PICTURE;
    1171                               Fun fun fun/Mortified                                                             7inch
             BOYS                                                                      looks E; 1996                                                                                Page 34 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                        11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1172     TOMMY STEELE              The writing on the wall/Drunken guitar         45-F 11372                          7inch

                                       "The truth about me-single sided 6"" 78rpm
    1173     TOMMY STEELE                                                             Weekend magazine; looks VG          7inch

                                                                                      PRO 587; SDJ; SSLM; VG+;
    1174     STEELY DAN                Reelin' in the years/Only a fool                                                   7inch

    1175     BOBBY STEVENS             Halfway to paradise/A girl like you            45-WB 456; VG+; 1961                7inch

                                                                                      45-WB 390; SLM (name); VG;
    1176     BOBBY STEVENS             Fall in love with you/Wild one                                                     7inch

    1177     BOBBY STEVENS             Cradle of love/Heart of a teenage girl         45-WB 397; VG; 1960                 7inch

    1178     BOBBY STEVENS             The lion sleeps tonight/The language of love   45-WB 491; VG+; 1962                7inch

    1179     CAT STEVENS               Lady D'Arbanville/Time-Fill my eyes            WIP-6086; pink label; M-; 1970      7inch

                                                                                      US Crystalette 724; SLM
    1180     DODIE STEVENS             Pink shoe laces/Coming of age                                                      7inch
                                                                                      (writing); VG+

    1181     DODIE STEVENS             A tisket a tasket/No                           US Dot 16103; VG                    7inch

    1182     RAY STEVENS               Indian love call/Piece of paradise             6146 205; E-; 1975                  7inch

    1183                               Jungle rock/Girl in red                        BOB 2; M/M                          7inch

                                                                                      CBS S5234; DJ; SSLM (sticker);
    1184     AL STEWART                Carol/Next time                                                                    7inch
                                                                                      E; 1975

                                       I'm in love (oh yes I am)/Crazy 'bout you      US Chess 2063; DR; SLM
    1185     BILLY STEWART                                                                                                7inch
                                       baby                                           (name); VG+

    1186     STEPHEN STILLS            Sit yourself down/We are not helpless          2091 069; E; 1970                   7inch

    1187     STEPHEN STILLS            Can't get no booty/Lowdown                     CBS S6662; DJ; M; 1978              7inch

    1188     CLIFFIE STONE             Missouri waltz/I'm forever blowing bubbles     US Capitol 40148; SLM; G            7inch

    1189     GALE STORM                I hear you knocking/Ivory tower                US Dot 119; SLM (writing); E        7inch

                                                                                      Epic A 3387; DJ; SSLM (sticker);
    1190     STRANGLERS                Paradise/Pawsher                                                                   7inch
                                                                                      M-; 1982

                                                                                      AMS 7082; DJ; SLM (Tippex);
    1191     STRAWBS                   Shine on silver sun/And wherefore                                                  7inch
                                                                                      VG+; 1973

                                                                                      DNS. 1117; DJ; SLM(sticker);B-
    1192     STRAY                     Smile/Stand up and be counted (VG+; 1975)                                          7inch
                                                                                      label mouldy

    1193     STYLISTICS                Hurry up this way again/It started out         PIR S8907; DJ; M; 1980              7inch

    1194     BRAD SUGGS                706 union/Low outside                          US Phillips Int.; VG+               7inch

    1195     DONNA SUMMER              Last date/With your love                       TGIFS 2; E; 1978                    7inch

    1196     SUPERLATIVES              I don't know how/Lonely in a crowd             US Westbound 144; E                 7inch

                                       Bad weather/It's so hard for me to say
    1197     SUPREMES                                                                 TMG 847; DJ; M; 1973                7inch

                                                                                      TMG 859; DJ;M; 1973; handout
    1198     SUPREMES                  Tossin' and turnin'/Oh be my love                                                  7inch
                                                                                      on bag

             SUPREMES/FOUR                                                            TMG 815; DJ; M; 1972 +
    1199                               Without the one you love/Let's make love now                                       7inch
             TOPS                                                                     handout

             SUPREMES/FOUR             Reach out and touch/Where would I be           TMG 836; DJ; M; 1972 +
    1200                                                                                                                  7inch
             TOPS                      without you baby                               handout

             SUPREMES/FOUR             You gotta have love in your heart/I'm glad
    1201                                                                              TMG 793; M; 1971                    7inch
             TOPS                      about it

                                                                                      LPBO-5037; US pressing.; E-;
    1202     SWEET                     The six teens/Burn on the flame                                                    7inch

    1203     TERRY SYLVESTER           Too bad Lucy Jane/Undecided                    2059 032; M; 1978                   7inch

    1204     SYREETA                   I'm goin' left/Heavy day                       TMG 926; DJ; M-; 1974               7inch

    1205     SYREETA                   Your kiss is sweet/How many days               TMG 933; DJ;M; 1974                 7inch                                                                                 Page 35 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1206     SYREETA                   Spinnin' and spinnin'/Black maybe                TMG 912; DJ; M; 1974               7inch

    1207     SYREETA                   Harmour love/What love has joined together       TMG 954; DJ; M; 1975               7inch

    1208     T.REX                     Solid gold easy action/Born to boogie            MARC 3; E; 1972                    7inch

    1209     T.REX                     The groover/Midnight                             MARC 5; M-; 1973                   7inch

    1210     T.REX                     Light of love/Explosive mouth                    MARC 6; M; 1974                    7inch

    1211     TANK                      Turn your head around/Steppin' on a landmine     KAM 3; M-/E-; 1982                 7inch

    1212     TAURUS                    Time is tight/Strike it out                      RCA 262; M-; 1982                  7inch

                                       I believe in you (you believe in me)/Love
    1213     JOHNNIE TAYLOR                                                             2025-194; E; 1973                  7inch

    1214     R.DEAN TAYLOR             Indiana wants me/Love's your name                TMG 763; DJ; M-; 1971              7inch

    1215     TEMPTATIONS               It's summer/Ungena za ulimwengu                  TMG 783; E; 1971                   7inch

                                                                                        TMG 839; SLM (initials); VG+;
    1216     TEMPTATIONS               Papa was a rollin' stone/Instrumental                                               7inch

                                       I can't get next to you/Running away (ain't      TMG 722; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1217     TEMPTATIONS                                                                                                   7inch
                                       gonna help you)                                  1969

                                       I could never love another/Gonna give her all    TMG 658; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1218     TEMPTATIONS                                                                                                   7inch
                                       the love I've got                                1967

                                                                                        TMG 749;SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1219     TEMPTATIONS               Ball of confusion/It's summer                                                       7inch

    1220     JOE TEX                   I gotcha/A mother's prayer                       6052 129; VG+; 1971                7inch

    1221     THEM                      Here comes the night/All for myself              F.12094; VG; 1965                  7inch

                                       Whisky in the jar/Vagabond of the Western
    1222     THIN LIZZY                                                                 F 13748; M-; later pressing        7inch

    1223     LINDA G.THOMPSON          Ooh what a night/Disco mix                       MAG 46; DJ; M; 1975                7inch

    1224     THOR                      Over to you/Anita                                KA 11; M-; 1982                    7inch

                                                                                        2091 105 (Action Replay);
    1225     THREE CAPS                Cool jerk/Hello stranger                                                            7inch
                                                                                        VG;LM(bada tear)

    1226     THREE D'S                 Let me know/Little Billy boy                     US Paris 503; SLM (name); G        7inch

                                       Mama told me (not to come)/Rock & roll
    1227     THREE DOG NIGHT                                                            US Dunhill 4239; E                 7inch

    1228     THRESHOLD                 Friday on my mind/Tomorrow's sorrow              SDR 011; E; 1976                   7inch

                                       Life turned her that way/If I could only start   HLR 10141; DJ; SLM
    1229     MEL TILLIS                                                                                                    7inch
                                       over                                             (sticker);M-; 1967

    1230     TIMEBOX                   Beggin'/A woman that's waiting                   DM 194; SLM (sticker); E; 1968     7inch

                                                                                        RS. 20802; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1231     TINY TIM                  Great balls of fire/As time goes by                                                 7inch

                                                                                        US Reprise 0985; SLM (sticker);
    1232     TINY TIM                  Why/The spaceship song (with MISS VICKI)                                            7inch

                                       I'm a lonesome little raindrop/What the world    US Reprise 0867; DJ; SLM
    1233     TINY TIM                                                                                                      7inch
                                       needs now is love                                (sticker); M-

                                                                                        US ABC Paramount 9667; DJ;
    1234     TOPPERS                   Honey honey/George Washington                                                       7inch

    1235     TORNADOS                  Love and fury/Pop-eye twist                      45-F 11449; VG+; 1962              7inch

    1236     TORNADOS                  Monte Carlo/Blue blue blue beat                  F 11889; DJ; VG+; 1964             7inch

    1237     PETE TOWNSHEND            Rough boys/And I moved                           K 11460; M-/E; 1980                7inch

                                       Here we go round the mulberry bush/Coloured
    1238     TRAFFIC                                                                    WIP 6025; pink label; E/E; 1967    7inch

    1239     TRAPEZE                   Running away/Don't break my heart                AUS 116; M; 1q980                  7inch

                                                                                        US Garrett 4002; SLM; G; plays
    1240     TRASHMEN                  Surfin' bird/King of the surf                                                       7inch
                                                                                        OK                                                                                  Page 36 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                      11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1241     DAVE TRAVIS               Long black veil/Solid gone                      SRL 1138; M; 1976                7inch

    1242     DAVE TRAVIS               Angela Jones/Alberta                            SRL 1130; M-; 1975               7inch

    1243     TREMELOES                 Helule helule/Girl from nowhere                 CBS 2889; E-; 1968               7inch

    1244     TREMELOES                 Blue suede tie/Yodel ay                         EPC S 1019; DJ; E; 1972          7inch

    1245     TREMELOES                 Silence is golden/Here comes my baby            CBS M5010; DJ; M; reissue        7inch

             JACKIE TRENT/TONY
    1246                               The two of us/I'll be with you                  7N. 17300; M-; 1967              7inch

    1247     TROOPER                   Two for the show/Gypsy wheeler                  EPC S 6121; M; 1976              7inch

                                       What'cha gonna do about it/Just one look
    1248     DORIS TROY                                                                ATM 4; e-                        7inch
                                       /SHARON TANDY Ho

             TRUE LIFE                                                                 SPEED 10; E/E-;SM (sticker
    1249                               Witchdoctor/Having a bath                                                        7inch
             CONFESSIONS                                                               damage); 1982

    1250     SAMMY TURNER              Lavender blue/Wrapped up in a dream             US Big Top 3016; SSLM; VG        7inch

    1251     HENRY TURTLE              Hound dog man/unidentified                      White label promo; M             7inch

    1252     TURTLES                   You baby/Wanderin' kind                         US White Whale; 227; E           7inch

                                                                                       IM 033; SLM (writing); VG;
    1253     TWICE AS MUCH             Sittin' on a fence/Baby I want you                                               7inch

    1254     TWIGGY                    Tomorrow is another day/Brown shoes             6007 159; M; 1977                7inch

    1255     TWINKLE                   Golden lights/Ain't nobody home but me          F.12076; E; 1965                 7inch

    1256     TYMES                     M/s Grace/The crutch                            RCA 2493; DJ; E; 1974            7inch

                                       God's gonna punish you/If I can't make you
    1257     TYMES                                                                     RCA 2626; DJ; M; 1975            7inch

    1258     TYPHOONS                  Um um um um um um/He's in town                  WB 664; VG; 1964                 7inch

                                       I want to hold your hand/BUD ASHTON
    1259     TYPHOONS                                                                  45-WB 605; VG; 1963              7inch

    1260     TYPHOONS                  Charmaine/Rhythm of the rain                    45-WB 556; VG; 1963              7inch

                                                                                       WB 642; SSLM (sticker); VG+;
    1261     TYPHOONS                  House of the rising sun/It's all over now                                        7inch

    1262                               One inch rock/Salamanda palaganda               RZ 3011; SSLM; E-; 1968          7inch

    1263     U.F.O.                    Shoot shoot/Only you can rock me/I'm a loser    CHS 2318; M; 1979                7inch

                                                                                       CHS 2287; CLOUDY MILK!; looks
    1264     U.F.O.                    Doctor doctor/On with the action/Try me                                       7inch
                                                                                       E; 1979

    1265     U.K.                      In the dead of night/mental medication          2001 783; M; 1978                7inch

    1266     UNDISPUTED TRUTH          You+ me = love/Instrumental                     K 16804; E-; 1976                7inch

    1267     UNIVERSAL ENERGY          Universal energy/Christmas for space            HAR 5138; E; 1977                7inch

                                                                                       German Bronze 11650; M-
    1268     URIAH HEEP                Free me/Masquerade                                                               7inch

    1269     U2                        Pride (in the name of love)/Boomerang 11        IS 202; M-/M-; 1984              7inch

                                                                                       WIP 6679; SSLM (sticker); E;
    1270     U2                        Fire/J. Swallo                                                                   7inch

    1271     U2                        Gloria/I will follow                            WIP 6733; VG+/E-; 1981           7inch

             UNIT FOUR PLUS
    1272                               Hark/Stop wasting your time                     F.12211; E-; 1965                7inch

             UNIT FOUR PLUS
    1273                               I've seen the light/I was only playing games    F.12509; E; 1966                 7inch

                                       Causing complications/Run run Belinda/Love is
    1274     V.I.P'S                                                                   GEMS 25; E/E; 1980               7inch
                                       a golden word

                                                                                       45-F 11306; SLM (numbers); E-
    1275     CATERINA VALENTE          Till/Amour                                                                       7inch
                                                                                       ; 1960                                                                               Page 37 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                       Watch where you walk/To give (the reason I
    1276     FRANKIE VALLI                                                            US Philips 40510; DR; M            7inch

                                                                                      TMG 759; SLM (scratched
    1277     EARL VAN DYKE             6 by 6/All for you                                                                7inch
                                                                                      name); E-; 1970

    1278     FRANKIE VAUGHAN           Peace brother peace/You'll never walk alone    CH 125; DJ; VG; 1970               7inch

    1279     MALCOLM VAUGHAN           The wedding/Guardian angel                     45-POP 923; blue; M-; 1961         7inch

    1280     BILLY VAUGHN              La paloma/Here is my love                      45-HL-D. 8703; TC; M-; 1958        7inch

    1281     BOBBY VEE                 How many tears/Baby face                       45-HLG 9389; E; 1961               7inch

                                       When the lighthouse shines across the
    1282     CONRAD VEIDT                                                             POP 2021; M-                       7inch
                                       bay/BINNIE BARNES I lik

                                       He was really saying somethin'/Needle in a
    1283     VELVELETTES                                                              TMG 595; VG+; 1964                 7inch

    1284     VERNONS GIRLS             Funny all over/See for yourself                45-F 11549; M-; 1962               7inch

                                                                                      US Virtue Solid Gold 32873; E;
    1285     VIRTUES                   Guitar boogie shuffle/St. Louis blues                                             7inch

                                                                                      US Hunt 327; SLM;(sellotape);
    1286     VIRTUES                   Flippin' in/Shufflin' along                                                       7inch

                                       I love you/Dreams . Plays virtually without    US Chex 1002; SSLM (name);
    1287     VOLUMES                                                                                                     7inch
                                       crackle on my deck                             VG+

    1288     VOXPOPPERS                The last drag/Wishing for your love            US Mercury 71282; VG+              7inch

    1289     ADAM WADE                 I had the craziest dream/I can't help it       US Coed 530; M-                    7inch

    1290     ADAM WADE                 Speaking of her/Blackout the moon              US Coed 536; M-                    7inch

    1291     WAH1                      Hope (I wish you'd believe me)/Sleep           X9880; M-/E; 1983                  7inch

                                       The sun ain't gonna shine any more/After the
    1292     WALKER BROTHERS                                                          BF 1473; E; 1966                   7inch
                                       lights go out

             JR. WALKER/ALL            Take me girl; I'm ready/I don't want to do
    1293                                                                              TMG 840; E; 1971                   7inch
             STARS                     wrong

             JR. WALKER/ALL                                                           TMG 750; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1294                               Do you see my love/Groove and move                                                7inch
             STARS                                                                    1970

             JR. WALKER/ALL                                                           TMG 637; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1295                               Come see about me/Sweet soul                                                      7inch
             STARS                                                                    1967

                                       Lights of Cincinnati/Two weeks since you've
    1296     SCOTT WALKER                                                             BF 1793; E; 1969                   7inch

    1297     JERRY WALLACE             Primrose Lane/By your side                     US Challenge 59047; VG+            7inch

    1298     JERRY WALLACE             Life's a holiday/I can see an angel walking    US Challenge 9107; E               7inch

    1299     JERRY WALLACE             There she goes/Angel on my shoulder            US Challenge 59098; VG+            7inch

    1300     WAR                       Good good feelin'/Sweet fighting lady          MCA 418; DJ; M; 1979               7inch

                                       "Scullery/do. (WOL says ""record of the        CB 221; DJ only; SLM (writing);
    1301     CLIFFORD T.WARD                                                                                             7inch
                                       century""-and I loved it too!"                 VG+; 1973

             JOHNNIE GUITAR
    1302                               Lover Jones/Tarzan                             US DJM 1029; M-; 1977              7inch

    1303     CARL WAYNE                You're a star/Bluebird                         7N 45290; E-; 1973                 7inch

    1304     REDD WAYNE                Speedy Gonzales/English country garden         45-WB 515; VG+; 1962               7inch

                                       I could easily fall/TERRY BRANDON Pretty
    1305     REDD WAYNE                                                               WB 669; M-; 1964                   7inch

                                                                                      45-DB 4035; plum label;
    1306     TERRY WAYNE               Slim Jim tie/Plaything                                                            7inch

                                                                                      US Fernwood 111; LM (sticker
    1307     THOMAS WAYNE              Scandalizing my name/Eternally                                                    7inch
                                                                                      tear; VG+

    1308     WEATHER PROPHETS          Always the light/Blue roof top                 CRE 056; M-; 1988                  7inch

    1309     JERRY WEAVER              I'm so in love with you/I'm in love            US TMI 0115; M; 1973               7inch                                                                                Page 38 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                                                                      EMI 2141; SLM (stamp+writing);
    1310     BRUCE WELCH               Please Mr please/Song of yesterday                                                7inch
                                                                                      M; 1974

                                                                                      US Banyan Tree 1001; SSLM;
    1311     WESTON/JOHNNY             My time/We try harder                                                             7inch

    1312     WHISPERS                  Once more with feeling/Bingo                   6146 031; SDJ; M; 1974             7inch

    1313     IAN WHITCOMB              The end/N-n nervous                            CL 15418; M-; 1965                 7inch

    1314     SNOWY WHITE               Bird of paradise/The answer                    TOW 42; E/E; 1983                  7inch

    1315     SLIM WHITMAN              Vaya con dios/Ramona                           45-HLP 9302; VG+; 1960             7inch

                                                                                      604027; SLM;(sticker); VG+;
    1316     WHO                       Pinball wizard/Dogs part two                                                      7inch

    1317     WHO                       Join together/Baby don't you do it             2094-102; E; 1972                  7inch

                                                                                      604011; NC; SSLM (sticker);
    1318     WHO                       I can see for miles/Someone's coming                                              7inch
                                                                                      VG+; 1967

    1319     WHO                       Magic bus/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde                604024; SLM (sticker); E-; 1968    7inch

                                                                                      2094-009; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1320     WHO                       Won't get fooled again/Don't know myself                                          7inch

                                                                                      2094-009; SSSLM; VG+/VG+;
    1321     WHO                       Won't get fooled again/Don't know myself                                          7inch

    1322     WHO                       I can't explain/Bald headed woman              0 5926; VG; 1965                   7inch

                                                                                      US Midwest 6005; DJ; M/M-;
    1323     WILD HORSES               Funky noodle/Neighborhood angel                                                   7inch

    1324                               GAIL Happy me - you/Let's face the facts       US Vu 107; M-                      7inch

    1325     ANDY WILLIAMS             Marmalade molasses and honey/Who was it?       US Columbia 45757; M-; 1972        7inch

    1326     HANK WILLIAMS             Hey good lookin'/Why don't you love me         US MGM Golden Circle 108; VG       7inch

                                       You better keep it on your mind/Low down
    1327     HANK WILLIAMS                                                            US MGM 11675; VG                   7inch

                                                                                      US MGM 10226; VG; label
    1328     HANK WILLIAMS             Pan American/I don't care                                                         7inch

    1329     HANK WILLIAMS             You win again/Moanin' the blues                US MGM Golden Circle 112; VG       7inch

    1330     HANK WILLIAMS             Howlin' at the moon/I can't help it            US MGM 10961; VG+                  7inch

                                       Weary blues from waitin'/I can't escape from
    1331     HANK WILLIAMS                                                            US MGM 11574; VG                   7inch

    1332     KENNY WILLIAMS            To know you is to love you/Those girls         EMBS 360; LM; E; 1978              7inch

    1333     MAURICE WILLIAMS          Stay/Do you believe                            JAR-526; SSLM (X); VG; 1960        7inch

    1334     PAUL WILLIAMS             Gin house/Rocking chair                        DB 7421; E; 1964                   7inch

                                                                                      HLR 10136; DJ; SLM (Tipp-ex);
    1335     ROGER WILLIAMS            Love me forever/Sweet pea                                                         7inch
                                                                                      E; 1967

    1336     RONNIE WILLIAMS           Dreamin'/Ain't no sin to lie                   2005 018; M; 1974                  7inch

                                                                                      BELL 1436; SLM (sticker); E;
    1337     AL WILSON                 The snake/Willoughby brook                                                        7inch

    1338     AL WILSON                 Help me/Instrumental                           DDS 107; E-; reissue               7inch

    1339     DAVID WILSON              Jamie/With all my heart                        US Santo 9058; M                   7inch

                                                                                      45-WB 370; SSLM (sticker); VG;
    1340     ERIC WILSON HYDE          Wagon train/Rawhide                                                               7inch

    1341     JACKIE WILSON             Baby workout/What good am I without you        Q.72460; VG+; 1963                 7inch

    1342     L.B.WILSON                Poco loco/Don't                                US Vivid 1002; M-                  7inch

    1343     MERI WILSON               Rub-a-dub-dub/Silver blue Mercedes             7N 25764; DJ; M; 1977              7inch

                                       Mercy mercy mercy/Don't look over your         CL 15508; DJ; SLM (Tipp-ex);
    1344     NANCY WILSON                                                                                                7inch
                                       shoulder                                       E-; 1967                                                                                Page 39 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                           11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                                                                          CL 15485; DJ; SLM (sticker); E;
    1345     NANCY WILSON              That special way/Go away                                                              7inch

    1346     JESSE WINCHESTER          Let the rough side drag/The only show in town K 15527; E; 1976                        7inch

    1347     WISHFUL THINKING          Clear white light/Hiroshima                        CB 184; E; 1972                    7inch

                                                                                          AMS 7004; SSLM (name); M-;
    1348     BILL WITHERS              Lean on me/Better off dead                                                            7inch

    1349     WONDER DOG                Living on a farm/Ruff mix                          FLIP 1; M/E; 1982                  7inch

                                                                                          TMG 666; DJ; SLM (taped
    1350     STEVIE WONDER             You met your match/My girl                                                            7inch
                                                                                          name); M-; 1968

    1351     STEVIE WONDER             I wish/You and I                                   TMG 1054; DJ; M; 1976              7inch

                                                                                          45-CBA 1853; SSLM (name); E-
    1352     STEVIE WONDER             Fingertips 1/Fingertips 2                                                             7inch
                                                                                          ; 1963

                                                                                          TMG 545; SLM (taped name); E;
    1353     STEVIE WONDER             Uptight (everything's alright)/Purple rain drops                                      7inch

                                       Never had a dream come true/Somebody
    1354     STEVIE WONDER                                                                TMG 731; DJ; M; 1969               7inch
                                       knows somebody

    1355     STEVIE WONDER             Sir Duke/Tuesday heartbreak                        TMG 1068; DJ; M; 1976              7inch

                                       If you really love me/Think of me as your          TMG 798; SSLM (sticker mark);
    1356     STEVIE WONDER                                                                                                   7inch
                                       soldier                                            VG+; 1970

    1357     STEVIE WONDER             I was made to love her/Hold me                     TMG 613; SLM;VG; 1967              7inch

                                       Signed sealed delivered I'm your/I'm more          TMG 744; SLM (sticker); VG+;
    1358     STEVIE WONDER                                                                                                   7inch
                                       than happy                                         1970

                                       Gimme little sign/I think you've got your fools
    1359     BRENTON WOOD                                                                 LBF 15021; NC; VG; 1967            7inch
                                       mixed up

    1360     JUDD WOOD                 Old friend/Let me come into your heart             US Black Gold; M-                  7inch

    1361     RON WOOD                  Seven days/Come to realise                         CBS S7785; DJ; M; 1979             7inch

    1362     BRUCE WOOLLEY             Trouble is.../Get away William                     CBS 8314; DJ; M-/E; 1980           7inch

    1363     THE WORD                  Kiss the ground/Kangaroo                           MUM 12; VG; 1989                   7inch

                                                                                          45-WB 393; SLM (sticker); VG;
    1364     JOHNNY WORTH              Someone else's baby/Footsteps                                                         7inch

                                       Handy man/GORDON FRANKS SEXTET Beatnik             45-WB 389; SLM (sticker)VG;
    1365     JOHNNY WORTH                                                                                                    7inch
                                       fly                                                1960

    1366     BILLY WRIGHT              Sing Song just for kicks Pt.1/Pt.2                 45-R 4852; red; E-; 1961           7inch

    1367     MARK WYNTER               Shy girl/Because of you                            7N. 15525; M-; 1963                7inch

    1368     MARK WYNTER               Shy girl/Because of you                            7N. 15525; E-; 1963                7inch

                                       Jezebel/You'll never never know/Bad                EP032; French white label; M-
    1369     YAKETY YAK                                                                                                      7inch
                                       boy/Johnny remember me                             /E; 1984

    1370     YARDBIRDS                 Shapes of things/I'm a man                         US Memory Lane 2247; E             7inch

    1371     YARDBIRDS                 Shapes of things/You're a better man than I        DB 7848; VG+; 1966                 7inch

    1372     ROY YOUNG BAND            Wild country wine/New sun new horizon              MKS 5071; E/E-; 1971               7inch

    1373     VICKI YOUNG               Tweedlee dee/Tears on my pillow                    US Capitol 3046; VG                7inch

                                                                                          MF 848; SDJ; SLM (sticker); E-;
    1374     TIMI YURO                 You can have him/Could this be magic                                                  7inch

    1375     TIMI YURO                 Hurt/Be anything (but be mine)                     LIB 10177; DJ; VG                  7inch

    1376     JO JO ZEP/FALCONS         So young/Rough and ready                           ROCS 215; M-; 1979                 7inch

    1377     ZOE                       Sunshine on a rainy day/Version                    MAGS 14; E/VG+; 1990               7inch

             TAMLA MOTOWN              Extracts from 8 songs - Jackson 5; Gladys;         SPSEP 209; DJ only; VG+(burn
    1378                                                                                                                     7inch
             DEMO                      Temptations                                        on B-side)'73

                                       Title music; Emanuelle's theme; by Giacomo         German Decca 11840; E/E;
    1379     BLACK EMANUELLE                                                                                                 7inch
                                       Deel'Orso orch                                     1976                                                                                    Page 40 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

    1380                               Private Eye flexi                                 VG+                                7inch

    1381                               I'll never love anyone anymore                    IBC/Bell Records s/s acetate; E    7inch

                                       The Animals is Here: House of the rising sun;     SEG 8374; VG; SSLM/E-;SSM
    1382     ANIMALS                                                                                                        7inch EP
                                       I'm crying                                        (name); 1964

                                       Ne boude pas; C'etait plus fort qui tout; ma      French Columbia 1364; E-
    1383     RICHARD ANTHONY                                                                                                7inch EP
                                       melodie +1                                        ;SSLM/E;SSM

                                       Long Tall Sally: I call your name; Slow down;     GEP 8913; VG+;LM(small sticker
    1384     BEATLES                                                                                                        7inch EP
                                       Matchbox                                          tear)/E-;'64

                                       A Tribute to Buddy Holly: It's just a matter of   7EG 8808; VG/VG+(battered);
    1385     MIKE BERRY                                                                                                     7inch EP
                                       time; My little baby +1                           1963

                                       Anyone Who Had a Heart: Just for you; Love
    1386     CILLA BLACK                                                                 GEP 8901; VG+/E; 1964              7inch EP
                                       of the loved; Shy of

                                       Stardust Pt.1: Blueberry hill; Ebb tide; Little   RE-D 1177; TC; SSLM;VG+/E-
    1387     PAT BOONE                                                                                                      7inch EP
                                       white lies                                        ;sellotape; 1958

    1388     RAY CHARLES               At Newport: I got a woman/A fool for you          RE-K 1317; VG+/E; 1961             7inch EP

                                       Do you love me?; I know you; Poison ivy; No
    1389     DAVE CLARK FIVE                                                             SEG 8289; VG/E; 1963               7inch EP
                                       time to lose

             COMPAGNONS                Song Successes in English: Three bells; That
    1390                                                                                 SEG 7829; E-/E-                    7inch EP
             D.L.CHANS                 lucky old sun

                                                                                         German Polydor
    1391     CRAZY OTTO                Medley                                                                               7inch EP
                                                                                         20110;E;SLM(sticker mark)/E

                                       No.2: Tip of my finger; Double shot of my         RE 1429; M-/M-; 1964. Lovely
    1392     DALE & GRACE                                                                                                   7inch EP
                                       baby's love; Love is                              copy

                                       Returns to Germany: Where have all the            7EG 8844; M-; SSLM/M;SSLM;
    1393     MARLENE DIETRICH                                                                                               7inch EP
                                       flowers gone; Lili                                1962

    1394     SACHA DISTEL              Les Mordus - soundtrack music                     French Philips 432475; VG+/E-      7inch EP

    1395     BOB DYLAN                 Like a rolling stone/Gates of Eden                French CBS 6107; VG/E-             7inch EP

                                       Slow down; Rock bop; Be-bop-a-lula; I
    1396     JACK EARLS                                                                  STEP 4; M/M; 1999                  7inch EP
                                       started rockin' a long

                                       Presents..Pt.1: My funny valentine; Everything    EZ-N 19025; TC; E/E-;SSM
    1397     DUKE ELLINGTON                                                                                                 7inch EP
                                       but you; Carnegie                                 (price sticker);'57

                                       In Concert: Airmail special; Moonlight in         7EG 8615; E;SSLM/E; SSM;
    1398     ELLA FITZGERALD                                                                                                7inch EP
                                       Vermont; Goody goody                              1958

                                       A Star is Born: Born in a trunk; I'll get by;
    1399     JUDY GARLAND                                                                BBE 12012; E/E; some sellotape     7inch EP
                                       Black bottom

             STAN GETZ                 The lady in red; My old flame; You stepped        E.P. 16; TC; gold; E-
    1400                                                                                                                    7inch EP
             QUARTET                   out of a dream                                    /VG+;SSM(price sticker)

                                       The artistry of...No.3: You turned the tables     SEB 10063; E/E-;clarifoil
    1401     STAN GETZ                                                                                                      7inch EP
                                       on me; Stella by                                  damage

                                       The Great...: Let's dance; Don't be that way;
    1402     BENNY GOODMAN                                                               US Columbia; M/M- (scuffed)        7inch EP
                                       Stompin' at the

             RUDY 'TUTTI'              Ducktail; The F.B.I. story; Looking at the
    1403                                                                                 STEP 2; M/M; 1997                  7inch EP
             GRAYZELL                  moon; Should I ever

                                       Rock Around the Clock: Mambo rock; R-O-C-
    1404     BILL HALEY/COMETS                                                           OE 9250; TC; E-/E; 1957            7inch EP
                                       K; See you later

    1405     LIONEL HAMPTON            Jam Session: Real crazy; More crazy               EPV 1189; TC; E/VG+;SSM;           7inch EP

             HAWAIIAN HULA             Hawaii Land of Promise: Blue Hawaii; Blue
    1406                                                                                 SEG 8011; E/M; 1958                7inch EP
             BOYS                      Tahitian moon

                                       Rock All Night: Right gal right place right
    1407     GLENN HONEYCUTT                                                             STEP 3; M/M; 1999                  7inch EP
                                       time; Campus love +1

                                       The James Sound: Ciribiribin; You made me
    1408     HARRY JAMES                                                                 TFE 17176; E/E-                    7inch EP
                                       love you                                                                                   Page 41 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                          11/08/2005 01:50 PM

             LAURIE JOHNSON            Plays TV Themes: Sucu sucu; No hiding place;
    1409                                                                                    NEP 24151; VG+/E-; 1961         7inch EP
             ORCH.                     The deputy;

                                       Sincerely Yours No.2: A perfect day; Little          DFE 6339; TC; Gold; M-/E;
    1410     VERA LYNN                                                                                                      7inch EP
                                       house; Beautiful isle                                1955

                                       Deck of Cards: Beyond the sunset; The
    1411     WINK MARTINDALE                                                                DEP 20000; Gold; E-/E; 1964     7inch EP
                                       shifting whispering

                                       La derniere valse; Seuls au monde; Ponts de          French Barclay 71210; E-/E-;
    1412     MIREILLE MATHIEU                                                                                               7inch EP
                                       Paris; Un monde                                      small edge tear

                                       A lover's question; I can't stand up alone;          RE-E.1202; TC; VG/VG+;
    1413     CLYDE McPHATTER                                                                                                7inch EP
                                       Come what may; Let                                   raggedy edged;'59

                                       Round about midnight; Well you needn't;
    1414     THELONIOUS MONK                                                                French Vogue 7183; VG/E-        7inch EP
                                       Humph; Mysterioso

                                       The Monro Style: Softly as I leave you; When
    1415     MATT MONRO                                                                     GEP 8860; E/E-; 1962            7inch EP
                                       love comes along

                                       Restless kid; Old enough to love; It's all in        French Polydor 27704; E/E-
    1416     RICKY NELSON                                                                                                   7inch EP
                                       the game; You tear                                   ;LM(sticker tear)

                                       12 Minuti e 40: Fallait-il; Qu'il etait triste cet   Italian Columbia SEDQ693;
    1417     EDITH PIAF                                                                                                     7inch EP
                                       Anglais; Carmen's                                    E;SSLM/E;SSM

                                       Non Je Ne Regrette Rien: Les mots d'amour;           French Columbia 1312;
    1418     EDITH PIAF                                                                                                     7inch EP
                                       Toujours aimer;                                      E;SSLM/E;SSM

                                                                                            French Columbia 1306;
    1419     EDITH PIAF                Exodus: Marie Trottoir; Dans leur baiser                                             7inch EP

                                       Pick of..No.7: Only you; The great pretender;
    1420     PLATTERS                                                                       ZEP 10070; VG=/VG+              7inch EP
                                       My prayer; The

                                       Calypso: Lost watch; Hollywood calypso;
    1421     JOSEPHINE PREMICE                                                              VE 170126; TC; E/M-             7inch EP
                                       Mommy out de light

                                       Such a Night: It feels so right; Make me know
    1422     ELVIS PRESLEY                                                                  RCX-190; E/E-;SSM; 1960         7inch EP
                                       it; Like a baby

                                       Sings Old Shep: Any place is paradise;
    1423     ELVIS PRESLEY                                                                  RCX-175; E-/E;SSM; 1960         7inch EP
                                       Paralysed; Is it so strange

                                       : I need you so; Have I told you lately that I
    1424     ELVIS PRESLEY                                                                  RCX-104; VG+/E;SSM; 1960        7inch EP
                                       love you; Blueberry

                                       "Cliff Sings: No 4: (2"" by 1"" chunk missing
    1425     CLIFF RICHARD                                                                  SEG 8021; E (will clean); VG    7inch EP
                                       from sleeve front)"

             CLIFF                     Serious Charge: Living doll; No turning back;
    1426                                                                                    SEG 7895; VG/E-; 1959           7inch EP
             RICHARD/DRIFTERS          Mad about you

                                       Got Live if You Want It!: Everybody needs
    1427     ROLLING STONES                                                                 DFE 8620; VG/E; 1965            7inch EP
                                       somebody to love

                                       Italian Serenade Vol.1: Come prima; Non ti           BE 12591; E/E;SSM; Sticker
    1428     HARRY SECOMBE                                                                                                  7inch EP
                                       scordar di me                                        mark; 1966

                                       Helen: Goody goody; The birth of the blues;
    1429     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                                  SEG 8128; E/E-; 1961            7inch EP
                                       Tip toe through the

                                       Sings Cole Porter No.3: Anything goes; Night
    1430     FRANK SINATRA                                                                  EAP1 20419; M-/M-               7inch EP
                                       and day; I get a kick

                                       Sings George Gershwin No.4: A foggy day;
    1431     FRANK SINATRA                                                                  EAP1 20428; E/M-                7inch EP
                                       They can't take that

    1432     JULIAN SLADE              Selections from 'Free As Air' and 'Salad Days'       GEP 8731; M-/M-                 7inch EP

                                       Plays the Blues: Basin Street blues; Bluesette;
    1433     JIMMY SMITH                                                                    VEP 5016; E-/E-; 1964           7inch EP
                                       St. Louis blues

                                       When Tragedy Struck: A drunkard's child; The
    1434     HANK SNOW                                                                      RCX-7125; E-/E; 1959            7inch EP
                                       convict and the

                                       Dear John; I done what you told me; Good
    1435     SPRINGFIELDS                                                                   BBE 12476; E-/E; 1961           7inch EP
                                       news; Breakaway

                                       The Art of the Prima Donna Vol.1: Je veux
    1436     JOAN SUTHERLAND                                                                CEP 706; M-/E; 1960             7inch EP
                                       vivre; O Dieu que de                                                                                 Page 42 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                            11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                       Tout va tres bien; Je sais que vous etes jolie;
    1437     RAY VENTURA                                                                    French Trianon 4513; E/E          7inch EP
                                       C'est toujours ca de

                                       W. Quincy Jones Orch.:The Queen and Quincy:          MCE 10031; M-/M-;SSM
    1438     DINAH WASHINGTON                                                                                                 7inch EP
                                       Makin' whoope                                        (number); 1965

                                       The Good Old Songs: When hour hair has
    1439     DAVID WHITFIELD                                                                DFE 6601; E-/E-; 1959             7inch EP
                                       turned to silver

                                       Irish Songs the Slim Whitman Way: Galway
    1440     SLIM WHITMAN                                                                   LEP 4018; E-/E; 1964              7inch EP
                                       Bay; I'll take you hom

                                       The Hits of...: The wonderful world of the           7EG 8748; E-;SLM/VG+; SSM;
    1441     DANNY WILLIAMS                                                                                                   7inch EP
                                       young; Jeannie                                       1962

             AMERICA'S TOP             Blazers; Kays; Promineers; Bill Evans: teasin';
    1442                                                                                    45XP 1044; VG/E-; 1959            7inch EP
             POPS                      Donna; May you

             BARREL ORGAN
    1443                               PARTY Medleys                                        SEG 7741; E;LM (sticker tear/E    7inch EP

                                       Doris Day; Johnnie Ray; Guy Mitchell; Tony
    1444     THE BIG FOUR No.7.                                                             BBE 12145; G/E-; 1957             7inch EP

                                       Six tracks selected by Simon Dee: Yesterday
    1445     FLAIR                                                                          FL 304; M/M; 1968; 33rpm          7inch EP
                                       has gone; Yummy

                                       Six tracks selected by Simon Dee: High in the
    1446     FLAIR                                                                          FL 305; M-/M-; 1968; 33rpm        7inch EP
                                       sky; Do it again

                                       :The ballad of Bonnie & Clyde; Kites; Walk           FL 301; no Simon Dee!; M-/M-;
    1447     FLAIR                                                                                                            7inch EP
                                       away Renee                                           1968

                                       No 1: Soundtrack: Thank heaven for little
    1448     GIGI                                                                           MGM-EP 735; E/VG+; 1958           7inch EP
                                       girls; It's a bore

    1449     HALF A SIXPENCE           Songs sung by Leoni Page and Paul Rich               WEP 1091; M/M; 1963               7inch EP

                                       Conway Twitty; Mark IV; Brook Benton;
    1450     HIT PARADE 19                                                                  S. African Mercury 1-8; VG+/E-    7inch EP

                                       Sounds Orchestral; Sandie Shaw; Ivy League;
    1451     HITMAKERS                                                                      NEP 24241; E-/E-; 1965            7inch EP
                                       Tommy Quickly

                                       Soundtrack: The Surrey with he fringe on top;
    1452     OKLAHOMA Pt.2                                                                  EAP2-595; E/M                     7inch EP
                                       Out of my dreams

             SINGALONG AT THE
    1453                               'S RETURN: Medleys                                   GTVR 1; M-/M                      7inch EP

                                       Don't let it fie; Pied piper; Pictures in the sky;
    1454     SIX TOP HITS                                                                   NUE 155; E/E-; SSM; 1971          7inch EP
                                       Black and white

                                       Soley soley; Family affair; Brand new key; It
    1455     SIX TOP HITS                                                                   NUE 165; E/VG+; 1971              7inch EP
                                       must be love

             SOUNDS OF                 The wonderful world of the music box; bells
    1456                                                                                    WEP 6004; E/E; 1960               7inch EP
             CHRISTMAS                 and chimes!

                                       Hits sung by Pay Pilgrim; Mike Redway; Bud
    1457     SUMMER HOLIDAY                                                                 WEP 1086; VG+/E-; 1963            7inch EP
                                       Ashton Group

                                       James Wright Orch.: Z Cars; Dr. Kildare;
    1458     TOP T.V. THEMES                                                                WEP 1072; E/E-; 1962              7inch EP
                                       Maigret; Coronation St

                                       James Wright Orch.: Z Cars; Dr. Kildare;             WEP 1072; NC; VG+/E;SSM;
    1459     TOP T.V. THEMES                                                                                                  7inch EP
                                       Maigret; Coronation St                               1962

             WALT DISNEY'S             KINGDOM: Sung by Dotty Evans and Johnny
    1460                                                                                    US Columbia 6722; M/M             7inch EP
             MAGIC                     Anderson

                                                                                            French 20th Century 730004; E-
    1461     ZORBA LE GREC             Soundtrack: Mikis Theodorakis music                                                    7inch EP

                                                                                                                              7inch EP - no
    1462     BACHELORS                 unknown tracks - white label test pressing           VG+

             CHRIS BARBER'S            Sing on; Lawd you've been so good to me;             SEG 7568; NC; SLM (sticker);      7inch EP - no
             JAZZ BAN                  Precious Lord                                        VG                                sleeve

                                       :Contemporary; G'night dearie; Dear mum; Dr.                                           7inch EP - no
    1464     LIONEL BART                                                            DFE 6619; SLM; E-; 1959
                                       Kinsey says                                                                            sleeve                                                                                   Page 43 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                     11/08/2005 01:50 PM

                                       Hits: From me to you; Thank you girl; Please                                    7inch EP - no
    1465     BEATLES                                                                   GEP 8880; VG+; 1963
                                       please me; Love                                                                 sleeve

                                       Twist & Shout: A taste of honey; Do you want                                    7inch EP - no
    1466     BEATLES                                                                   GEP 8882; G; 1963
                                       to know a secret                                                                sleeve

                                       All My Loving: Ask me why; Money; P.S. I                                        7inch EP - no
    1467     BEATLES                                                                   GEP 8891; VG+; 1963
                                       love you                                                                        sleeve

                                       C'mon Everybody: Sittin' in the balcony;                                        7inch EP - no
    1468     EDDIE COCHRAN                                                             RE-U.1214; TC; G; 1958
                                       Summertime blues                                                                sleeve

                                       Never To be Forgotten: Blue suede shoes;                                        7inch EP - no
    1469     EDDIE COCHRAN                                                             LEP 2052; NC; G
                                       Long tall Sally;                                                                sleeve

             SPENCER DAVIS             You Put the Hurt on Me: I'm getting better;                                     7inch EP - no
    1470                                                                               TE. 17444; E-; 1965
             GROUP                     I'd drown in my tears                                                           sleeve

                                       The Sect Sing Sick Songs: I want my baby                                        7inch EP - no
    1471     DOWNLINERS SECT                                                           SEG 8438; VG; 1965
                                       back; Leader of the                                                             sleeve

                                       Getaway: See-saw; Ride your pony; Sitting in                                    7inch EP - no
    1472     GEORGIE FAME                                                              SEG 8518; G; 1966
                                       the park                                                                        sleeve

                                       :Margo; Don't knock upon my door; Maybe                                         7inch EP - no
    1473     BILLY FURY                                                                DFE 6597; VG+; 1959
                                       tomorrow; Gonna                                                                 sleeve

             TONY KINSEY                                                                                               7inch EP - no
    1474                               HARRIOTT Teddi; Chirracahaua                    EP-36; Gold; VG
             TRIO/JOE                                                                                                  sleeve

                                       How About You? Pt.3: Spring has something                                       7inch EP - no
    1475     DENNIS LOTIS                                                              NEP 24055;E-
                                       up her sleeve                                                                   sleeve

                                       Ricky Pt.1: Honeycomb; Boppin' the blues; Be-                                   7inch EP - no
    1476     RICKY NELSON                                                            RE-P.1141; TC; E; 1958
                                       bop baby                                                                        sleeve

                                       Serious Charge: Living doll; No turning back;                                   7inch EP - no
    1477     CLIFF RICHARD                                                             SEG 7895; E
                                       Mad about you                                                                   sleeve

                                       : Jimmy unknown; Too young to go steady;                                        7inch EP - no
    1478     LITA ROZA                                                                 DFE 6386; TC; VG
                                       Hey jealous lover                                                               sleeve

                                       No.2: Five oranges four apples; Tonight my                                      7inch EP - no
    1479     LITA ROZA                                                                 DFE. 6399; TC; VG
                                       heart she is crying                                                             sleeve

                                       What in the World's Come Over You: My king;                                     7inch EP - no
    1480     JACK SCOTT                                                                JKP-3002; VG+
                                       Burning bridges                                                                 sleeve

                                       Helen: Goody goody; The birth of the blues;                                     7inch EP - no
    1481     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                             SEG 8128; E-
                                       Tip toe through the                                                             sleeve

                                       More Hits from Helen: Tell me what he said; I                                   7inch EP - no
    1482     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                             SEG 8174; E-
                                       apologise; Let's                                                                sleeve

                                       Helen's Hit Parade: Don't treat me like a child;                                7inch EP - no
    1483     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                              SEG 8136; E
                                       You don't know                                                                  sleeve

                                       A Teenager Sings the Blues: Blues in the                                        7inch EP - no
    1484     HELEN SHAPIRO                                                             SEG 8170;E
                                       night; St. Louis blues                                                          sleeve

             SOUNDS                    Top gear: Spanish Harlem; Detroit; The                                          7inch EP - no
    1485                                                                               SEG 8360; SLM; VG+; 1964
             INCORPORATED              Spartans                                                                        sleeve

                                       Fortunes; Marianne Faithfull; Chris Andrews;                                    7inch EP - no
    1486     VARIOUS                                                                   DFE 8649; E-; 1965
                                       Lulu                                                                            sleeve

    1487     ABBA                      Lay all your love on me/On and on and on        EPC A13-1456; E-/E-; 1980       12inch

    1488     TORI AMOS                 China/Sugar/Flying Dutchman/Humpty dumpty       EastWest 85905; M/M; 1992       12inch

    1489     BLACK SABBATH             Die young/Heaven and hell-live                  SAB 412; M-/E-; 1980            12inch

                                       Rated X - Doc Scott remix/Jamie Mayerson
    1490     MILES DAVIS                                                               MILES-02; US; sealed            12inch

    1491     MILES DAVIS               Rated X - Bill Laswell reconstruction & remix   Single sided white label; M     12inch

                                       Pacific-202/Pacific State/Pacific -303/Cobra
    1492     808 STATE                                                                 ZANG 1T; E-/VG+; 1989           12inch

                                                                                       JIVE P62; SQUARE PICTURE; M;
    1493     FLOCK OF SEAGULLS         The more you love/Lost control                                                  12inch

             A GUY CALLED                                                                            Page 44 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:50 PM

             A GUY CALLED
    1494                               Voodoo Ray/Versions                                RX 8804; E-; 1989                12inch

    1495     JON & VANGELIS            State of Independence/The friends of Mr Cairo      JVX 5; M/M-; 1981                12inch

                                       Evening star/Beyond the realms of death/The        CBS 12-7312; CLEAR; looks
    1496     JUDAS PRIEST                                                                                                  12inch
                                       green manalishi                                    M/E; 1979

                                       Love has come of age/Junkanoo holiday/This is      US Columbia radio only; M/M-;
    1497     KENNY LOGGINS                                                                                                 12inch
                                       it/Here there &                                    1981

                                       Start talking love/C'est la vie/Back to earth/On   POSPX 920; RED; looks E/E;
    1498     MAGNUM                                                                                                        12inch
                                       a storyteller's night                              1989

    1499     NEFATERI                  So relaxing/Versions                               PROFT 337; M/M-; 1991            12inch

             NOTTING                   Your own sweet way/Bewildered/That's where I
    1500                                                                            NHB 112; M/E-; 1990                    12inch
             HILLBILLIES               belong

                                       West End girls/Version/A man could get
    1501     PET SHOP BOYS                                                                12R 6115; E; 1985                12inch

                                       Jailhouse rock/Young and beautiful/I want to
    1502     ELVIS PRESELEY                                                               French RCA 8403; E-/E-; 1979     12inch
                                       be free/Don't leave

                                       Rock and roll love letter/Wives and mothers of
    1503     RECORDS                                                                      VS 24712; M/M-; 1979             12inch

                                       Street hassle/VELVET UNDERGROUND I'm
    1504     LOU REED                                                                     ARIST 12198; M/E; 1978           12inch
                                       waiting for the man

                                                                                          US Epic1245; DJ; M/M; 1981 +
    1505     REO SPEEDWAGON            Don't let him go/Keep on loving you                                                 12inch

    1506     LIONEL RICHIE             Dancing on the ceiling/Love will find a way        LIO T1; E/E; 1985                12inch

                                       My heart is failing me/Version/Temporary
    1507     RIFF                                                                         12SBK 24; E/M-; 1991             12inch

    1508     ROLLING STONES            Miss you/Far away eyes                             12EMI 2802; PINK; M/M-; 1978     12inch

    1509     ROLLING STONES            Undercover of the night/Feel on baby               12RSR 113; E/M; 1983             12inch

    1510     ROLLING STONES            Harlem shuffle/Version/Had it with you             TA 6864; M/M; 1986               12inch

                                       Almost hear you sigh/Beast of
    1511     ROLLING STONES                                                               TA 656065; g/f; M/M              12inch
                                       burden/Angie/Fool to cry

    1512     ROLLING STONES            You got me rocking/Versions                        VST 1518; M/M; 1994              12inch

    1513     ROUGHNECK                 Guns of Navarone/Version/Jack off                  12MNG 709; M/M; 1989             12inch

                                       Can't let go/My only love/Like a                   German Polydor 2335 269; M-
    1514     ROXY MUSIC                                                                                                    12inch
                                       hurricane/Jealous guy                              /E-; 1983

    1515     SAXON                     Strong arm of the law/Taking your chances          CAR170T; M-/E-; 1980             12inch

    1516     LALO SCHIFRIN             Flamingo/Quiet village/Jaws                        US CTI 2; M/M-; 1976             12inch

                                       Painted moon/Taxi to Disneyland/Here comes
    1517     SILENCERS                                                                    HUSHT 1; E/E; 1987               12inch
                                       the train

    1518     SIMPLE MINDS              Ghostdancing/Version/Jungleland/Version            VS 907-12; M-/M-; 1986           12inch

                                       Don't you (forget about me)/A brass band in
    1519     SIMPLE MINDS                                                                 VS 749-12; E-/E-; 1985           12inch
                                       African chimes

                                       New York New York/That's what God looks like       K14502P; SHAPED PICTURE; M;
    1520     FRANK SINATRA                                                                                                 12inch
                                       to me                                              1986

    1521     SKYSCRAPER                Lovesick/Safer ground/Silicosis                    INCO 4; M/M; 1993                12inch

    1522     SPAGNA                    Call me/Girl it's not the end of the world         CBS 650279; E/E; 1987            12inch

                                       I'll fly for you/Glide mix/To cut a long story
    1523     SPANDAU BALLET                                                               SPANX 4; g/f; E-/E-; 1984        12inch

             BRUCE                     Glory days/Stand on it/Sherry darling/Racing
    1524                                                                                  TA 6375; M/M; 1985               12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               in the street

    1525                               Cover me/Versions                                  US Columbia 5087; M/M; 1984      12inch

             BRUCE                     Tougher than the rest/Version/Roulette/Be
    1526                                                                                  BRUCE T3; M/M; 1987              12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               true-live                                                                                Page 45 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                      11/08/2005 01:50 PM

             BRUCE                     Fire/For you-live/Born to run/No
    1527                                                                               CBS 650381; M/M; 1986            12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               surrender/Tenth avenue

             BRUCE                                                                     WA 6342; FLAG-SHAPED
    1528                               Born in the USA/I'm on fire                                                      12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN                                                               PICTURE; M;1985

             BRUCE                     War/Merry Christmas baby/Incident on 57th
    1529                                                                               CBS 650193; M/M; 1986            12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               Street

             BRUCE                     War/Merry Christmas baby/Incident on 57th       CBS 650193; M/M(POSTER);
    1530                                                                                                                12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               Street                                          1987

             BRUCE                                                                     CBS 651295; OBLONG PICTURE;
    1531                               Tunnel of love/Two for the road                                                  12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN                                                               M; 1987

             BRUCE                                                                     CBS 651141 + POSTER; M/M;
    1532                               Brilliant disguise/Lucky man                                                     12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN                                                               1987

             BRUCE                     Tunnel of love/Santa Claus is comin' to
    1533                                                                               CBS 651295; M/M; 1987            12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               town/Two for the road

             BRUCE                     Tunnel of love/Santa Claus is comin' to         CBS 651295; M/M; +POSTER;
    1534                                                                                                                12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               town/Two for the road                           1987

    1535                               Born in the USA/Versions                        US Columbia 5147; M/M; 1984      12inch

    1536                               Dancing in the dark/Versions                    US Columbia 5028; M/M-; 1984     12inch

             BRUCE                     I'm on fire/Rosalita/Born in the USA/Johnny
    1537                                                                               TA 5342; M/M; 1985               12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               bye-bye

             BRUCE                     Cover me/Version/Shut out the light/Dancing
    1538                                                                               QTA 4662; M/M; 1984              12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               in the dark/Jersey

    1539                               Spare parts/Live version/Cover me/I'm on fire   BRUCE Q4; M/M; 1987              12inch

             BRUCE                     Spare parts/Live version/Pink cadillac/Chimes
    1540                                                                               BRUCE T4; M/M; 1987              12inch
             SPRINGSTEEN               of freedom

    1541                               The river/Born to run/Rosalita                  CBS A13-1179; M; 1981            12inch

    1542     STARCLUB                  Let your hair down/Meditation/World like you    12IS532; M/M; 1992               12inch

                                       Nothing's gonna stop us now/Layin' it on the
    1543     STARSHIP                                                                  FT 49758; E/M-; 1987             12inch
                                       line/We built this city

                                       Fresh Quota: Do you live in fire/Time to        "DOW 2; 6 tracks; 10""; E/E-;
    1544     STATUS QUO                                                                                                 12inch
                                       fly/Josie/Good thinking                         1981"

                                       Ol' rag blues/Stay the night/Whatever you
    1545     STATUS QUO                                                                QUO 112; E/E; 1983               12inch

                                       Burning bridges/Whatever you want/Marguerita
    1546     STATUS QUO                                                             QUO 2512; M-/E; 1983                12inch

    1547     T'PAU                     Secret garden/This girl/You never notice me     SRNT 93; M-/E; 1988              12inch

                                                                                       SRNT 100; E-;E;SLM (punch
    1548     T'PAU                     Road to our dream/Time of our lives/Call me                                      12inch
                                                                                       hole); 1988

    1549     TALK TALK                 It's my life/Version/Does Caroline know?        12EMI 5443; E/E; 1984            12inch

                                       Dum dum girl/Version/Such a shame/Without
    1550     TALK TALK                                                                 12EMI 5480; E-/M-; 1984          12inch

    1551     TEARS FOR FEARS           Mothers talk/Empire building                    IDEAR 712; M/M; 1984             12inch

    1552     TEXAS                     I don't want a lover/Believe me/All in vain     TEX 112; E/E; 1989               12inch

                                       You can't put your arms round a
    1553     JOHNNY THUNDERS                                                           ARE 3; PINK; looks M/E; 1978     12inch

                                       Buk-in-hamm palace/The day the dollar
    1554     PETER TOSH                                                                12RSR 104; E/E-; 1979            12inch
                                       die/Dubbing in Buk-in

                                                                                       WA 3392; SHAPED PICTURE;
    1555     TOTO                      I won't hold you back/Afraid of love                                             12inch
                                                                                       looks M-; 1983

    1556     UB 40                     If it happens again/Nkomo a go go               DEP 11; E; 1984                  12inch                                                                             Page 46 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                         11/08/2005 01:51 PM

                                       Monument/Reap the wild wind/The
    1557     ULTRAVOX                                                                   CUX 1452; M-/M-; 1983              12inch
                                       voice/Vienna/Hymn/Mine for

    1558     UNDISPUTED TRUTH          You + me = love/Version                          K 16804; M; 1976                   12inch

    1559     MIDGE URE                 If I was/Piano/The man who sold the world        URE X1; M-/E; 1985                 12inch

    1560     WANG CHUNG                Don't let go/Ornamental elephant                 TA 4272; M/M-; 1984                12inch

             DELROY                    Give all the praise to Jah/Stand up and be       VDJ 22; M. 1977 (original range
    1561                                                                                                                   12inch
             WASHINGTON                happy                                            bag)

    1562     WHAM                      Last Christmas/Everything she wants              TA 4949; M-/M-; 1984               12inch

                                       Wake me up before you go go/Instrumental
    1563     WHAM                                                                       TA 4440; E-/E-; 1984               12inch
                                       version/A ray of sun

    1564     WHAM                      Bad boys/Instrumental                            TA 3143; E/E; 1983                 12inch

    1565     WHEN IN ROME              The promise/Versions                             TEN X244; M-/E; 1988               12inch

                                       The deeper the love/Judgement day/Sweet
    1566     WHITESNAKE                                                                 12EM 128; E/E; 1990                12inch
                                       lady luck

                                                                                        12YR 6023; M/M-; 1979; special
    1567     WINGS                     Good night tonight/Daytime nightime suffering                                       12inch

    1568     STEVE WINWOOD             Higher love/Instrumental/And I go                12 IS 288; M/M-; 1986              12inch

                                       Hit and miss Judy/I need a situation/Let's go    S12BUY 49; ORANGE; looks
    1569     WRECKLESS ERIC                                                                                                12inch
                                       to the pictures                                  M/M; 1979

    1570     ROBERT WYATT              Shipbuilding/Memories of you/Round midnight      RT 115T; M/M; 1982                 12inch

    1571     BILL WYMAN                (Si si) Je suis un rock star/Rio de Janeiro      AMS 12-9157; M/M-; 1981            12inch

    1572     X RAY SPEX                Oh bondage up yours/I am a cliche                VS 18912; M; 1977                  12inch

    1573     XTC                       Science friction/She's so square/Dance band      VS 18812; M/M; 1977                12inch

    1574     YES                       Going for the one/Awaken                         K 11047; M/M; 1977                 12inch

    1575     YES                       Wondrous stories/Parallels                       K 10999; M; 1977                   12inch

                                       Tomb of memories/Man in the iron mask/Bite
    1576     PAUL YOUNG                                                                 TA 6321; M-/E; 1985                12inch
                                       the hand that feed

    1577     PRESSURE DROP             Pioneers/Jimmy Cliff/Maytals/Skatalites          12MNG 25; E/M-; 1989               12inch

    1578     ACE OF BASE               Living in danger/Versions                        ACECD 3; 1994                      CD single

    1579     ACE OF BASE               Cruel summer/Versions                            ACECD8; 1998                       CD single

    1580     ACE OF BASE               Don't turn around/Version/Young and proud        ACECD 2; 1994                      CD single

    1581     ACE OF BASE               Happy nation/Versions                            Metronome 861927; 1993             CD single

                                       I don't want to miss a thing/Taste of
    1582     AEROSMITH                                                                  Columbia 666408; 1998              CD single
                                       India/Animal crackers

    1583     TASMIN ARCHER             Sleeping satellite/Versions/Man at the window    CDEM 233; 1992                     CD single

                                       Lords of the new church/Version; Hero;
    1584     TASMIN ARCHER                                                              CDEMS 266; dbl; 1993               CD single
                                       Sleeping satellite

                                       One good night with the boys/Guilty/All grown
    1585     TASMIN ARCHER                                                              CDEMS 401; dbl; 1994               CD single

             ASIAN DUB                 Culture move/versions/Naxalite/Free Satpal
    1586                                                                                FCD 348; wallet; 1998              CD single
             FOUNDATION                Ram

             ASIAN DUB
    1587                               Buzzin'/Version/Digital underclass               FFRR 570 165; 1998                 CD single

                                       Rollercoaster/Versions/Get happy/ Video
    1588     B*WITCHED                                                                  Epic 666475; two discs1998         CD single

    1589     BEACH BOYS                Megamix                                          EMI DJ only; no inlay; 1998        CD single

    1590     BLUR                      Tender/French song/Song 2/Video for Song 2       CDFOOD 117; 1997                   CD single

                                       Dry county/It's only rock'n'roll-live/Waltzing
    1591     BON JOVI                                                                   JOVCD 13; GOLD; 1994               CD single
                                       Matilda - live                                                                                Page 47 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:51 PM

                                       From the bench at Belvidere/Hi
    1592     BOO RADLEYS                                                               CRESCD 214P; DJ; 1995             CD single
                                       falutin/Crushed/Almost nearly

                                       Boo Up EO: Everybird/Sometime soon she
    1593     BOO RADLEYS                                                               R 2753; 1991                      CD single
                                       said/Fosters van

    1594     GARTH BROOKS              She's every woman/The red strokes/The dance     CDCL 767; 1995                    CD single

    1595     JAMES BROWN               I'm real/Version/Keep keepin'/Tribute           JSBCD 1; wallet; 1988             CD single

                                       Waiting for the wheel to
    1596     CAPERCAILLIE                                                              ZD 44898; 1991                    CD single

    1597     MARIAH CAREY              Dream lover/Do you think of me/Someday          Columbia 659444; 1993             CD single

    1598     MARIAH CAREY              Vision of love/Sent from up above/Medley        CBS 655932; wallet; 1990          CD single

                                       Butterfly kisses/Version/You must have been
    1599     BOB CARLISLE                                                              JIVE CD 429; 1997                 CD single
                                       an angel

                                       So close/Why did I let you go?/Ain't no
    1600     DINA CARROLL                                                              AMCD 0101; DJ; 1992               CD single
                                       man/Special kind of love

                                       Angel without a prayer/We share a wall/Rita
    1601     DEANA CARTER                                                              CDCL 737; 1995                    CD single

                                       Magic hour/Gypsy song/I never wanna lose
    1602     CAST                                                                      Polydor 561227; 1999              CD single

    1603     CAST                      Walkaway/Fulfill/Mother                         Polydor 576285; 1996              CD single

                                       Guiding star/Version/Keep it alive/Redemption
    1604     CAST                                                                      Polydor 571295; 1997              CD single

    1605     CAST                      Beat mama/Hoedown/Whisky song                   Polydor 563595; 1999              CD single

                                       Flying/Between the eyes/For so
    1606     CAST                                                                      Polydor 575477; 1996              CD single

    1607     CAST                      Free me/Version/Come on everybody/Canter        Polydor 573649; 1997              CD single

    1608     CAT SCRATCH FEVER         Miss Sally/1000 miles/Cocaine blues/Payday      WOW CDS-01; undated               CD single

                                       Delicious/Future boy/Judy staring at the
    1609     CATHERINE WHEEL                                                           CDCHS 5071; digipack; 1997        CD single

    1610     CELTUS                    Every step of the way - radio edit              S2 XPCD 2130; DJ; wallet; 1998    CD single

    1611     CHRISTIANS                Words/Long gone/Funny money                     CIDP 450; 1989                    CD single

                                       When the fingers point/Rebecca/Every town
    1612     CHRISTIANS                                                                CID 335; wallet; 1987             CD single
                                       waltz/Throw a

    1613                               Jennifer she said/Perfect blue/My bag           COLCD 8; g/f wallet; 1988         CD single

                                       Every little thing she does is
    1614     SHAWN COLVIN                                                              Columbia 660774; 1994             CD single
                                       magic/Version/Fearless heart +1

                                       So young/Forgiven not forgotten/Haste to the
    1615     CORRS                                                                     AT0057CD1; 1998                   CD single

    1616     COUNTERMINE               Open your eyes/Version/Rabbit death match       LONCD 429; wallet; 1999           CD single

                                       Take a look at yourself/Versions/Waiting on
    1617     COVERALE PAGE                                                             CDEM 279; 1993                    CD single

                                       Are you out there/Version/Symphonic
    1618     CRESCENDO                                                                 FCD 270; 1995                     CD single

                                       What can I do for you/D'yer mak'er/I'm gonna
    1619     SHERYL CROW                                                               A&M 581221; 1995                  CD single
                                       be a wheel +1

                                       Everyday is a winding road/All I wanna do/Run
    1620     SHERYL CROW                                                               A&M 582023; 1996                  CD single
                                       baby run +2

                                       Everyday is a winding road/Strong               A&M 582021; sealed digipack;
    1621     SHERYL CROW                                                                                                 CD single
                                       enough/Can't cry anymore +1                     1996

                                       If it makes you happy/On the outside/Keep on
    1622     SHERYL CROW                                                               A&M 581885; 1996                  CD single
                                       growing/The book

                                       Strong enough/No one said it would be
    1623     SHERYL CROW                                                               A&M 580919; 1994                  CD single
                                       easy/All I wanna do                                                                              Page 48 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                    11/08/2005 01:51 PM

    1624     DA CLICK                  We are Da Click/Versions                          FFRR 570435; 1999            CD single

                                       Flagpole Sitta: Wrecking ball/The ballad of the
    1625     HARVEY DANGER                                                               London LASCD 64; 1997        CD single
                                       tragic hero

    1626     DEETAH                    El Paraiso Rico/Version/Cosmic people             FCD 356; wallet; 1999        CD single

                                       Roll to me/In the frame/Food for songs/One
    1627     DEL AMITRI                                                                  A&M 581129; 1995             CD single
                                       thing left to do

    1628     DJ DADO                   Coming back/Versions                              Time 570097; 1997            CD single

                                       Happy together/Instrumental/She's in love with
    1629     JASON DONOVAN                                                            PWCD 293; 1001                  CD single

                                       Waster country/The corporate world/The
    1630     GAIL ANN DORSEY                                                             SAM 194; DJ                  CD single
                                       missiles of midnight +1

                                       Thunder/Video mix/Lightning mix/Overture
    1631     E-17                                                                        LONCD 373; 1994              CD single

    1632     EAST 17/GABRIELLE         If you ever/Version/Deep-live/Steam-live          LONCD 388; 1996              CD single

                                       People are strange/Paint it black/Run run
    1633     ECHO & BUNNYMEN                                                             YZ567CD; 1988                CD single

                                       The Peel Sessions: Read it in books/Stars are
    1634     ECHO & BUNNYMEN                                                             SFPSCD060; 1988              CD single
                                       stars/I bagsy yours

                                       Free your mind/Giving him something he can
    1635     EN VOGUE                                                                    A8468CD; 1992                CD single

                                       Ship of fools/When I needed you/River deep
    1636     ERASURE                                                                     CDMUTE 74; 1988              CD single
                                       mountain high

    1637     FAITH NO MORE             Ricochet/I wanna f**k myself/Spanish eyes         LASCD 53; 1995               CD single

                                       Ashes to ashes/Versions/The gentle art of
    1638     FAITH NO MORE                                                               LASCD 63; 1997               CD single
                                       making enemies

                                       Nothing wrong with you/The land torments the
    1639     FINN BROTHERS                                                          Parlophone 816598; 2004           CD single
                                       sea/Dirty creature

    1640     GAME                      Still on the game/The addicted/1995 version       GRA-SCD1; 1995               CD single

                                       Out of the blue/Version/Fallen angel/Shake        "A9091CD; 3"" w. adaptor;
    1641     DEBBIE GIBSON                                                                                            CD single
                                       your love                                         1988"

  FAX: 01276 24595. NO PHONE CALLS . E- MAIL:







  CHRIS BARBER’S Jazz Band (Tempo)
  SHIRLEY BASSEY The Hits of..(Columbia)
  PAT BOONE A Closer Walk with Thee (London)
  PAT BOONE Sings the Hits No.3 (London)                                                                           Page 49 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                  11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  ENRICO CARUSO The Golden Voice of. (ARC)
  SAMMY DAVIS JR. Swings (Brunswick)
  LONNIE DONEGAN Skiffle Group (Decca)
  ERROLL GARNER In Paris (Philips)
  ROBIN HALL Sings Again (Collectors)
  HAWAIIAN ISLANDERS Holiday in Hawaii (Emb
  RAMON HE HERRERA Tango (French Barclay)
  PEE WEE HUNT Dixieland Classics No.3 (Capito
  KING BROTHERS There’s No Business like
  ENOCH LIGHT w. Flo Harper Nixa Library
  ENOCH LIGHT w. Brigadiers Quartet Nixa Librar
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 225)
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 213)
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 227)
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 214)
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 218)
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 212)
  ENOCH LIGHT Light Brigade Orch (Nixa 216)
  MIKI & GRIFF Hit Parade Vol.2 (Pye)
  FRANKIE ORTEGA TRIO At Dino’s (Warners)
  PINKY & PERKY Christmas with (Columbia)
  ALFRED PRAGNELL Laughin’ Sport (Barbados)
  ELVIS PRESLEY Follow That Dream (RCA)
  DJANGO REINHARDT Django’s Guitar (HMV)
  DOLORES VARGAS La Terremoto (Spanish)
  POLL WINNERS JAZZ Paul Desmond, Dave Bru
  STARS PLAY JAZZ No.2 (Embassy)

  No sleeves
  COUNT BASIE ORCH. Tickle- toe (Philips No sl.)
  COUNT BASIE ORCH Shoe shine boy (no sl.)
  BEACH BOYS God Only Knows (Capitol
  CHUBBY CHECKER Twist Around the Clock(no
  ROSEMARY CLOONEY Mambo Italiano (no sl.)
  DRIFTERS Tonight (Atlantic no sleeve)
  BERN ELLIOTT Shake Sherry (Decca no sleeve)
  ROY FOX BAND No.1 (Decca no sleeve)
  BRIDIE GALLAGHER The girl from Donegal (ns)
  ERROL GARNER How high the moon (O.B.)
  CHARLIE GRACIE Fabulous (Parlophone no sl)
  BILL HALEY Rock’n’Roll Stage show 2 (no slee
  JOHNNY HALLYDAY Johnny lui dit adieu (no sl)
  FRANCOISE HARDY Je veux qu’il revienne (ns)
  EARL HINES Plays Fats Waller (Vogue
  JOHN LEE HOOKER It Serve you Right to Suffer
  KINKS Kinksize Hits (Pye, no sl.)
  KINKS Kinksize Session (Pye, no sleeve)
  GENE KRUPA Disc jockey jump (US Columbia)
  CHARLIE KUNZ Piano Medley (Decca no sl)
  FRANKIE LYMON Why do Fools…(Columbia no
  ELVIS PRESLEY Follow That Dream (RCA ns)
  CLIFF RICHARD Love Songs (Columbia ns)
  CLIFF RICHARD Expresso Bongo (no sl)
  DUSTY SPRINGFIELDA Star Dusty (no sl)
  TOMYM STEELE Young Love (Decca no sl.)
  CAROUSEL (Embassy no sleeve)
  KING & I (Embassy no sleeve)

  Sleeves Only
  MIREILLE MATHIEU Quant tu En Iras (Fr. Barcla
  MIREILLE MATHIEU L’amour est Passe (Fr. Bar
  OTTILIE PATTERSON That..Girl 2 (Pye)


  ABC Love conquers all (Parlophone)
  ACT I can’t escape from you (ZTT)
  ALIVE & KICKING Tighter tighter (Pye)                                                         Page 50 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                     11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  HERB ALPERT Carmen (A&M, DJ)
  PEPPER ANGELISS I will see you again (Anchor
  ANIMALS Bring it on home to me (Columbia)
  PAUL ANKA Diana (RCA Maximillion)
  PAUL ANKA Put your head on my shoulder (Col
  PAUL ANKA/ODIA COATES Make it up to me in
  RICHARD ANTHONY If I loved you (Columbia)
  JOAN ARMATRADING Call me names (A&M,
  B.J.ARNAU Live and let die (RCA)
  BUD ASHTON Telstar(Embassy)
  CHARLES AUGINS Baby I need your loving (Mal
  GENE AUTRY The last roundup (US Columbia)
  GENE AUTRY There’s a gold mine in the sky (U
  BACCARA Yes sir I can boogie (Old Gold)
  BAD COMPANY Everything I need (Island)
  BARRON- KNIGHTS Merry gentle pops (Columbi
  BEACH BOYS When I grow up (Capitol0
  BEACH BOYS God only knows (Capitol)
  BELLAMY BROTHERS Bound to explode (Warn
  BELOVED Sweet harmony (EastWest0
  BELTANE FIRE Captain Blood 9CBS)
  BROOK BENTON Mr. Bartender (All Platinum)
  CHUCK BERRY Let it rock (Pye Int.)
  CHUCK BERRY No particular place to go (Pye
  BIBLE Honey be good (Chrysalis)
  BIG COUNTRY King of emotion (Mercury)
  BIG DADDY Dancing in the dark (Making Waves)
  BIG DADDY The eye of the tiger (Making Waves)
  BIG DISH Slide (Virgin0
  BIG DISH Christina’s world (Virgin0
  BLACK I’m not afraid (A&M)
  BLACK BOX Strike it up revisited (DeConstructio
  BLACK FAITH Woman in my life (Philips)
  MIKKI BLEU I promise (EMI USA)
  BLOODSTONE That’s not how it goes (Decca DJ
  BLOODSTONE You know we’ve learned (Decca)
  BLOODSTONE Something’s missing (Decca
  BLOW It’s gonna change (10)
  BLOW/BELVA Change (10)
  BLOW MONKEYS Some kind of wonderful (RCA
  BLUE MAGIC Romeo and Juliet (DefJam)
  BLUE MERECEDES See want must have (MCA)
  BLUE RONDO A LA TURK Klacto vee Sedstein
  BLUE ZONE Love will wait (Arista)
  BLUE ZONE On fire (Arista)
  BLUE ZONE Jackie (Arista)
  BLUES BAND Maggie’s farm (Arista)
  BOILING POINT Let’s get funktified (US Bullet)
  PAT BOONE April love (US Dot)
  PAT BOONE Quando quando quando (Dot)
  DAVID BOWIE Boys keep swinging (US RCA)
  TERESA BREWER I’m drowning my sorrows (V
  BRICK Dazz (Bang)
  DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER Bad for me (Elektra)
  BROKEN HEARTS Wonderful woman (RCA, DJ)
  BROKEN HOME No chance 9WEA)
  ELKIE BROOKS Why don’t you say it (A&M DJ)
  BROTHERHOOD OF MAN United we stand (Der
  DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET Don’t worry ‘bout m
  B.BUMBLE Nut rocker (US Oldies 45)
  C.C.C.P. Hard work (MCA)
  C.C.S. Walking (RAK)
  BOBBY CALDWELL Coming down from love (TK
  GLEN CAMPBELL Wichita lineman (Ember)
  GLEN CAMPBELL Honey come back (Capitol0
  CANNED HEAT On the road again (Liberty)
  CARMEL Bad day (London)
  VIKKI CARR If ever you’re lonely (Liberty)
  CLARENCE CARTER Take it off him (Atlantic)
  JOHNNY CASH Daddy sang bass (US Columbia
  JOHNNY CASH City jail (US Columbia)
  JOHNNY CASH Folsom Prison blues (CBS)
  BOOMER CASTLEMAN Hot day in the south (M
  CHANTELS Sure of love (US Roulette Golden G
  SONNY CHARLES Layla (20th Century)
  CHERRY PEOPLE And suddenly (Black Magic)
  NENEH CHARRY Buffalo stance (Circa)
  CHI- LITES I forgot to say I love you (Brunswick)            Page 51 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                   11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  CHIFFONS Sweet talking guy (London Demand
  CHRISTIE Yellow river (CBS)
  TONY CHRISTIE Don’t go to Reno (MCA)
  CLAIRE & FRIENDS It’s ‘orrible being in love
  ERIC CLAPTON Knockin’ on heaven’s door
  PETULA CLARK The song of my life (Pye DJ)
  PETULA CLARK Round every corner (Pye)
  CLASH Clash city rockers (CBS)
  COLA BOY 7 ways to love 9Arista)
  NATALIE COLE Pink Cadillac (Manhattan)
  PHIL COLLINS Two hearts (Virgin)
  JACQUI COMBIRA A song for all feelings (Mon
  CONCERNED Show some concern (Revolving)
  RAY CONNIFF My cup runneth over (CBS)
  CONTACT Contact one (One Little Indian)
  CONTROL Dance with me (All Around the World)
  SAM COOKE Chain gang (RCA Maximillion)
  COOKIE CREW Come on & get some (FFRR)
  COOL BREEZE You gotta love me more (Bus St
  ALICE COOPER Only women (Anchor)
  ELVIS COSTELLO Watching the detectives (Stiff
  ELVIS COSTELLO Radio radio (Radar)
  PAPA JOHN CREACH Keep on movin’ (DJM)
  PAPA JOHN CREACH Southern strut (US DJM)
  CREAM Badge (Polydor)
  CREW CUTS Sh- boom (Blast from the Past)
  CROSS Cowboys & Indians (Virgin)
  ANDRAE CROUCH You gave to me (DJM)
  DORWOOD CROUCH Your cheatin’ heart (BBC)
  CRYSTALS Da doo ron ron (Warner- Spector)
  D MOB Put your hands together(FFRR)
  HEAVY D/BOYZ Mr. Big stuff (MCA)
  TONY DALLARA Come prima (Italian Music)
  ENGLAND DAN/J.F. COLEY I’d really love to
  DAVE DAVIES Death of a clown (Pye)
  BARRY DAVIS I wish it would rain (Beacon)
  SPENCER DAVIS GROUP Gimme some loving
  DAVE DEE DOZY ETC. Hold tight! (Fontana)
  DAVE DEE DOZY ETC. Touch me touch me
  JOEY DEE/STARLITERS Ya ya (Columbia)
  DEEP PURPLE Fireball (Harvest)
  RICHARD DENTON Hong Kong Beat theme
  NEIL DIAMOND Song sung blue (Uni)
  NEIL DIAMOND Play me (Uni)
  DIAMONDS Little darlin’ (US Mercury Celebrity)
  DIAMONDS Eternal lovers (US Mercury)
  DION Runaround Sue (Philips/Top Rank)
  JASON DONOVAN Rhythm of the rain (PWL)
  VAL DOONICAN If I knew then what I know now
  VAL DOONICAN The straight life (Pye)
  CAROL DOUGLAS Headline news (RCA DJ)
  DRIFTERS Dance with me (London)
  DRUPI Piccola e fragile (A&M,
  EAST SIDE BEAT Ride like the wind (FFRR)
  DUANE EDDY Ring of fire (London)
  DONNIE ELBERT I can’t help myself (Avco)
  ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCH. Evil woman (Jet)
  GEORGE ELLIOTT Pedachord selection(Acetate
  EN VOGUE Free your mind (EastWest)
  ERASURE Blue Savannah (Mute)
  BILL ESHER/BEACONS Baby you’re my doughn
  EURYTHMICS 1984 sex crime (RCA)
  EVERLY BROTHERS The girl sang the blues (W
  FAITH HOPE & CHARITY You’re my peace of m
  MARIANNE FAITHFULL Summer nights (Decca)
  FANTASTICS Is there a doctor in the house (Bell
  FAT LARRY’S BAND Castle of joy (Stax DJ)
  JAY FERGUSON Medicated goo (Asylum)
  FEVERS Onde estao (Prtougese Odeon)
  ALAN FIELDING Scatter- brain (Decca)
  1ST AVENUE Raproad (Dutch EMI)
  5 STAR Stay out of my life (RCA)
  5 STAR All fall down (RCA)
  FLEETWOOD MAC Oh Diane (Warners)
  FLEETWOODS Come softly to me (London)
  FREDDY FLEMING Ol’s man river (US FF)
  EDDIE FLOYD The wine sweeter (Stax)          Page 52 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                   11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  MARTYN FORD Take me to the dance (Mountai
  FOUR TOPS Walk away Renee (Tamla Motown)
  CONNIE FRANCIS I’ll get by (MGM)
  ARETHA FRANKLIN Angel (Atlantic)
  GORDON FRANKS ORCH. Hoots Mon (Embass
  FRESH/LIZZ.E Wishing on a star (10)
  FRIENDS AGAIN South of love (Mercury)
  FULL FORCE Alice I want you just for me (CBS)
  FUNKAPOLITAN In the crime of life (London)
  FUNKY WORM, Hustle (Fon)
  PATRICK GAMMON Party hardy (Galaxy)
  DAVID GEDDES Run Joey run (Antic)
  GEORDIE AID Try giving everything (Help)
  DEBBIE GIBSON Electric Youth (US Atlantic)
  DON GIBSON I can mend your broken heart
  GO WEST The King of wishful thinking (Chrysalis
  PETER GOALBY You are day you are night (Ma
  DOBIE GRAY You can do it (Infinity)
  GARLAND GREEN Bumpin’ and stompin’ (Poly
  GUMBO In the bad bad old days (Bulldog)
  BILL HARRELLL Tragic highway (US Starday)
  JET HARRIS Besame mucho (Australian Decca)
  HEART All I wanna do (Capitol0
  RIKKI HENDERSON I need your love tonight (E
  RIKKI HENDERSON Mais oui (Embassy)
  HERMAN’S HERMITS My sentimental friend (Col
  AL HIBBLER Unchained melody (US MCA)
  HOLLIES Just one look (Parlophone)
  HOLLIES The air that I breathe (Polydor)
  HOT Angels in your arms (Big Tree)
  HOT CHOCOLATE Cheri babe (RAK)
  HOT CHOCOLATE You sexy thing (EMI Golden)
  HOT CHOCOLATE Every 1’s a winner (EMI)
  HOT CHOCOLATE So you win again (RAK)
  BILL HOUSE I found you (Decca)
  THELMA HOUSTON I can’t go on living (Motown
  TOMMY HUNT Crackin’ up (Spark)
  ICEHOUSE No promises (Chrysalis)
  ICEHOUSE Crazy (Chrysalis)
  ICEHOUSE Touch the fire (Chrysalis)
  KRIS IFE Out of time (UA)
  FRANK IFIELD I wrapped her in ribbons (Decca)
  IMMACULATE FOOLS Hearts of fortune (A&M)
  IMMACULATE FOOLS Tragic comedy (A&M)
  IMMACULATE FOOLS Wish you were here (A&
  INCANTATION On earth as it is in heaven (Filmtr
  INCANTATION Sikuriadas (Beggar’s Banquet)
  INCOGNITO Always there (Talkin’ Loud)
  INDIGO GIRLS Closer to fine (Epic)
  INMATES The walk (Radar)
  INNER CITY Do you love what you feel (10)
  IN TUA NUA Don’t fear me now (Virgin)
  IN TUA NUA Wheel of evil (Virgin)
  ZENDA JACKS The Goddess of love (Magnet)
  FREDDIE JACKSON You are my lady (Capitol)
  JOE JACKSON Down to London (A&M)
  MICHAEL JACKSON Rockin’ Robin (Tamla Mot
  MICHAEL JACKSON Dirty Diana (US Epic)
  MICHAEL JACKSON The way you make me feel
  MICHAEL JACKSON Billie Jean (Epic)
  MICHAEL JACKSON Black or white (Epic)
  MICHAEL JACKSON/PAUL McC The girl is mine
  MILLIE JACKSON Loving arms (Polydor)
  STONEWALL JACKSON Waterloo (Philips)
  JACKSONS Enjoy yourself (Epic)
  HALO JAMES Could have told you so (Epic)
  TOMMY JAMES Say please (21)
  TOMMY JAMES Mony Mony (Pye Int)
  STEPHEN JAMESON Take me to the doctor
  JAN & DEAN Surf city (UA)
  LITTLE RICHARD JARVIS Heritage Pt.1 (Capit
  PETER JAY/JAYWALKERS Can can ’62 (Decca)
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP With your love (Grunt)
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP Find your way back (Gr
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP Girl with the hungry ey
  JEFFERSON STARSHIP Count on me (Grunt)
  GARLAND JEFFRIES Matador (Italian A&M)
  KRIS JENSEN Let’s sit down (US Hickory)          Page 53 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                   11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  JETS Hideaway (EMI)
  JIVE BUNNY It takes two baby (CIN)
  ELTON JOHN Grow some funk of your own
  ROBERT JOHN The lion sleeps tonight (Atlantic)
  DON JOHNSON Voice on a hotline (US Epic)
  DON JOHNSON Heartbeat (Epic)
  HOLLY JOHNSON Love train (MCA)
  HOWARD JOHNSON Say you wanna (A&M)
  KEVIN JOHNSON Rock’n’roll (Mainstream)
  JON & VANGELIS State of independence (Poly
  BARBARA JONES Oh what a night (US GG)
  GRACE JONES Love on top of love (Capitol)
  GRACE JONES The hunter gets captured by
  HOWARD JONES What is love?(WEA)
  HOWARD JONES Things can only get better
  RONNIE JONES Soul sister (Mercury)
  TOM JONES Move closer (Jive)
  JONESES Sugar pie guy (Mercury)
  LONNIE JORDAN Junkie to my music (MCA)
  JUDAS PRIEST Take on the world (CBS)
  JUDAS PRIEST Living after midnight (CBS)
  JUDAS PRIEST Breaking the law (CBS)
  PATRICK JUVET Got a feeling (Casablanca)
  TONIO K Without love (A&M)
  KASENETZ KATZ Quick Joey small (Buddah)
  SAMMY KAYE Bella bella donna mia (US Colum
  TOM KEENE What a song (US Angelus)
  PETER KENT It’s a real good feeling (EMI DJ)
  KILLING JOKE Chop chop (EG)
  KING BROTHERS Put a light in the window (Parl
  KING CRIMSON Epitaph (Island)
  RICKY KING Verde (State)
  FREDERICK KNIGHT I wanna play with you (Sta
  MOE KOFFMAN QUARTET Swingin’ shepherd
  KRIS KRISTOFFERSON Loving her was easier
  L.T.G. EXCHANGE Huddle (Atlantic)
  STEVE LAWRENCE Don’t be afraid little darlin’
  HUBERT LAWS The Chicago theme (CTI)
  LEMON PIPERS Green tambourine (Buddah)
  JOHN LENNON Instant karma! (Apple)
  JACQUES LEROY Wee Tom (Embassy)
  JONA LEWIE Kitchen at parties (Stiff)
  CARL LEWIS Can’t get by without you (Warners)
  JERRY LEE LEWIS Great balls of fire (Charly)
  LOBO Soca calypso (Polydor)
  KENNY LOGGINS Celebrate me home (CBS)
  LOVE AFFAIR Rainbow valley (CBS)
  ROBERT LYNN Zip code (Banana)
  MALDWYN POPE If I wasn’t there(Rocket)
  MANHATTANS Am I losing you (CBS, DJ)
  MANHATTANS Don’t take your love from me
  MANFRED MANN Come tomorrow (HMV)
  MARINO MARINI Tango Italiano (Italian Durium)
  BOB MARLEY Iron lion Zion (Tuff Gong)
  MASS PRODUCTION I believe in music (Cotillio
  JOHNNY MATHIS Call me (Fontana)
  DAVID MATTHEWS Shoogie wanna boogie (Kud
  PAUL MAURIAT El bimbo (Philips)
  TOM McCLURE Goodbye Jennie (Columbia)
  McCOYS Hang on Sloopy (London, DJ)
  GEORGE MELLY Nuts (Warners, DJ)
  SANDY MERCER Now that you’re in (H&L)
  FREDDIE MERCURY The great pretender (Parl
  MERSEYBEATS I love you yes I do (Fontana)
  FREDDI MEYER Fool over you (Barn)
  BUDDY MILES Rockin’ & rollin’ on the streets
  NED MILLER Go on back you fool (Capitol)
  TRACY MILLER Forget the words (DJM)
  STEPHANIE MILLS D- A- N- C- I- N (20th Century)
  MIRACLES Spy for brotherhood (CBS)
  MISTA CHARGE Deep love (Target)
  MATT MONRO Beyond the hill (Parlophone)
  DOROTHY MOORE Loving time (Epic)
  JACKIE MOORE Disco body (RCA)
  MR BURNS When I’m asleep (Korova)
  JOHNNY NASH Wonderful woman (Epic)
  NEW BIRTH It’s been a long time (US RCA)
  JIMMY C. NEWMAN Alligator man (Charly)          Page 54 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                   11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  PAUL NICHOLAS DJ Saturday night (Epic DJ)
  NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED Disco choo choo (Casa
  NITZER EBB Shame (Mute)
  NOLANS Gotta pull myself together (Epic, DJ)
  DES O’CONNOR Careless hands (Columbia)
  GILBERT O’ SULLIVAN No matter how hard I
  OHIO PLAYERS Got pleasure (Janus)
  OLYMPICS Hully gully (US Goldies 45)
  TONY OSBORNE Lovely ladies of Milano (HMV)
  MICA PARIS/WILL DOWNING Where is the love
  PATCHES Sixteen and bad (Bradleys)
  PEPPERS Pepper box (Spark)
  PHILADELPHIA SOCIETY 100 south of Broadwa
  WILSON PICKETT International playboy (Atlantic
  WILSON PICKETT Take a closer look at the wo
  WILSON PICKETT Funky Broadway (US Atlantic
  RAY PILGRIM Return to sender (Embassy)
  RAY PILGRIM I like it (Embassy)
  PIONEERS Let your yeah be yeah (Trojan)
  RICHIE PITTS ‘Scuse me ma’am (Bus Stop DJ)
  PLATTERS My prayer (US Mercury)
  PLATTERS Twilight time (Mercury)
  PLAYERS ASSOCIATION Ride the groove (Van
  ELVIS PRESLEY If everyday was like Christmas
  JO PRIVAT Jazz waltz (French Columbia)
  CRAIG PRUESS Too beautiful to cry (EMI)
  QUEEN Play the game (US Elektra)
  QUEEN/DAVID BOWIE Under pressure (EMI)
  RACEY Little darlin’ (RAK)
  RACEY Shame (RAK)
  RAFFLES Life is such a beautiful thing (Monarch
  RAGTIMERS The sting (Pye)
  RAM & TAM Will you still love me tomorrow (Haw
  LOU RAWLS Are you with me (Epic)
  REAL THING Check it out (EMI, DJ)
  EUGENE RECORD Laying beside you (Warners)
  HELEN REDDY Long distance love (Capitol)
  HELEN REDDY Bluebird (Capitol)
  MIKE REDWAY Just like Eddie (Embassy)
  MIKE REDWAY Things (Embassy)
  DELLA REESE I heard you cried last night (US
  MARTHA REEVES I tried (Tamla Motown)
  BOB RELF Blowing my mind to pieces (Black Ma
  REUNION Life is a rock (US RCA)
  CHARLIE RICH A very special love song (Epic
  CLIFF RICHARD Remember me (EMI)
  CLIFF RICHARD Miss you nights (EMI)
  CLIFF RICHARD Mean streak (Columbia)
  CLIFF RICHARD Gee whiz it’s you (Columbia)
  CLIFF RICHARD Heart user (EMI)
  CLIFF RICHARD Shooting from the heart (EMI)
  CLIFF RICHARD Baby you’re dynamite (EMI)
  CLIFF RICHARD Hangin’ on (EMI)
  CLIFF RICHARD A brand new song (Columbia)
  CLIFF RICHARD Sunny honey girl (Columbia)
  CLIFF RICHARD Constantly (Dutch Columbia)
  CLIFF RICHARD It’s all over (Columbia)
  JOSHUA RIFKIN Maple leaf rag (Nonesuch)
  RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Unchained melody
  RITCHIE FAMILY Brazil (Polydor)
  SMOKEY ROBINSON Blame it on love (US Taml
  CLODAGH RODGERS You are my music (RCA)
  CLODAGH RODGERS Save me (Polydor)
  KENNY ROGERS The gambler (liberty)
  DIANA ROSS/SUPREMES In and out of love
  T.T.ROSS Last date (Lucky)
  JOHN ROSSALL You’ll never know (Bell)
  ROXY MUSIC Trash (Polydor)
  DOUGLAS ROY Disco to the King (Polydor)
  DAN RUBIN ORCH The lonely bull (US Hit)
  DAVID RUFFIN Walk away from love (Tamla M
  TODD RUNDGREN Real man (Bearsville)
  SAD CAFÉ Nothing left Toulouse (RCA)
  SARR BAND Magic mandrake (Calendar)
  SAXON Backs to the wall (Carrere)
  LEO SAYER Thunder in my heart (Chrysalis)
  COLIN SCOT Call me Mr. Blue (Warners)          Page 55 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                      11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  PETE SEEGER Little boxes (CBS)
  SHADOWS The war lord (Columbia)
  SHAM 69 If the kids are united (Polydor)
  SHANGRI- LAS Leader of the pack (Kama Sutra
  DEL SHANNON Two silhouettes (London)
  SANDIE SHAW Nothing comes easy (Pye)
  SHEIKETTES You can strike oil (Jet)
  DOUG SHELDON I saw Linda yesterday (Decca)
  JEAN SHEPARD Slippin’ away (UA, DJ)
  JOE SIMON One step at a time (US Spring, DJ)
  JOE SIMON Music in my bones (Polydor)
  JOE SIMON You didn’t have to play no games (U
  FRANK SINATRA Willow weep for me (Capitol)
  FRANK SINATRA I believe I’m gonna love you
  SIOUXSIE & BANSHEES The killing jar (Polydor)
  SKIDS Working for the Yankee dollar (Virgin)
  SLADE Get down with it (Polydor)
  SLADE Nobody’s fool (Polydor)
  SLADE Gypsy roadhog (Barn)
  SLADE Get down and get with it (US Cotillion)
  SLIK Don’t take your love away (Arista)
  SMALL FACES Itchycoo Park (US Memory Lane
  SMALL FACES Whatcha gonna do about it (Dec
  O.C.SMITH Daddy little man (CBS)
  PHOEBE SNOW Teach me tonight (CBS)
  PETE SOLO SINGERS Santo Domingo (Park)
  SOULFUL DYNAMICS Jungle people (Epic)
  SPECTRUM Funky Christmas (Blackbury)
  DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Some of your lovin’ (Phili
  BRUCE SPRNGSTEEN Brilliant disguise (CBS)
  STARISTEPS From us to you (Dark Horse)
  STAPLE SINGERS This is our night (Epic)
  KAY STARR Wheel of fortune (US Starline)
  RUBY STARR Just a little time (Harvest DJ)
  CANDI STATON Music speaks louder than word
  STEAM Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye )Mercur
  TOMMY STEELE Hiawatha (Decca)
  STEELY DAN Reelin’ in the years (Probe)
  RICHARD STEPP Holiday in Hollywood (Harbor)
  BOBBY STEVENS Johnny remember me (Emba
  CAT STEVENS Can’t keep it in (Island)
  HAL STEVENS Theme from A Summer Place (U
  ROD STEWART I don’t want to be right (Riva)
  ROD STEWART Little Miss Understood (Virgin)
  ROD STEWART Sweet surrender (Warners0
  ROD STEWART Some guys have all the luck
  ROD STEWART Another heartache (Warners)
  ROD STEWART Lost in you (Warners)
  ROD STEWART Your song (Warners)
  ROD STEWART In my life (Warners)
  STEPHEN STILLS Sit yourself down (Atlantic)
  JUDY STONE Hasta manana (Power Exchange)
  STYLISTICS Star on a TV show (Avco)
  STYLISTICS You’ll never get to heaven (H&L)
  STYLISTICS You are everything (Avco Embassy
  DONNA SUMMER Could it be magic (GTO)
  SUPERCHARGE I think I’m gonna fall in love(Vir
  SUPREMES Stoned love (Tamla Motown)
  SUPREMES/FOUR TOPS River deep mountain
  SWEET Little Willy (RCA)
  SWEET CITY Dancin’ man (Epic)
  SYLTE SISTERS Summer magic (London)
  T- CONNECTION Disco magic (Seville)
  T REX Zip gun boogie (EMI)
  T REX Children of the revolution (German Ariola)
  TAVARES Remember what I told you to forget
  TAVARES That’s the sound that lonely makes (C
  TAVARES Free ride (Capitol, DJ)
  JACKY TAYLER Tell the truth (Polydor)
  TEASE Firestarter (Epic)
  TEMPTATIONS Happy people (Tamla Motown)
  JOE TEX Give the baby anything the baby wants
  THIN LIZZY Whisky in the jar (Decca)
  THIN LIZZY Rosalie (Vertigo)
  GARY TOMS EMPIRE Drive my car (Epic)
  TORNADOS Robot (Decca)
  TRAMMPS I feel like I’ve been livin’ (US Atlantic)
  TUBES Love’s a mystery (A&M, DJ)
  TWIGGY Here I go again (Mercury)
  UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO Concrete & clay (Decca             Page 56 of 58
Collectors' Vinyl                                                                                                       11/08/2005 01:51 PM

  JUNE VALLI Crying in the chapel (US RCA Victo
  RICKY VAN SHELTON Hole in my pocket (US C
  LUTHER VANDROSS Bad boy (Epic)
  VISCOUNTS Fee- fi- fo- fum (Pye)
  JNR WALKER & ALL STARS Road runner (Taml
  WALLER FAMILY Sweet disco daddy (MCA, DJ)
  WAR I’ll take care of you (MCA)
  JOHNNY ‘GUITAR’ WATSON I don’t want to be
  MAX WEBSTER Let go the line (Capitol)
  LAWRENCE WELK Ridiers in the sky (London)
  CORY WELLS Starlight (A&M)
  HOUSTON WELLS Only the heartaches (Parlop
  MARY WELLS My guy (Stateside)
  WHISPERS A mother for my children (Janus)
  WHITE SOLES Beside you (Satril)
  CHARLIE WHITEHEAD Love being your fool (UA
  JAKI WHITREN Human failure (Epic DJ)
  WHO Won’t get fooled again (US Decca)
  DAVID WILLIAMS Come on down boogie people
  JOHN WILLIAMS Air on the G string (Cube DJ)
  VIOLA WILLS Somebody’s eyes (Sedition)
  NANCY WILSON I’ve never been to me (Capitol)
  EDGAR WINTER GROUP Free ride (Epic)
  STEVIE WONDER We can work it out (Tamla
  BRENTON WOOD Another Saturday night (Epic)
  BRENTON WOOD Sticky boom boom to cold (E
  JOHNNY WORTH Sal’s got a sugar lip (Embassy
  BETTY WRIGHT Shoo- rah shoo- rah (RCA)
  TAMMY WYNETTE I don’t wanna play house
  YAMASUKI’S T=Yamasuki (UK)
  ROY YOUNG BAND Granny’s got a painted leg
  THE CAUSE Do something now! (Sparrow)
  Duelling banjos (Warners)
  BUGSY MALONE Bad guys (Polydor)
  THE KING & I (Embassy)
  RECORD MIRROR Freebie: Derek B etc
  SOUNDS – Guitar Album extracts (Flexi)
  GIRL FLEXI Brother Beyond (Parlophone)

  12” SINGLES for sale at just 75p. First come first served. After this just one outing at 50p and then they’re gone!

  BAND AID Do they know it’s Christmas (Phono
  BIG COUNTRY In a big country (Phonogram)
  BLANCMANGE Don’t tell me (London)
  DAVID BOWIE Blue Jean (EMI America)
  BREATHE Hands to heaven (Siren)
  BROS I owe you nothing (CBS)
  BROS Drop the boy (CBS)
  JAMES BROWN Living in America (Scotti)
  PHIL COLLINS In the air tonight (Virgin)
  DEACON BLUE Real gone kid (CBS)
  DURAN DURAN Planet earth (EMI)
  DURAN DURAN The wild boys (Parlophone)
  FLEETWOOD MAC Little lies (Warners)
  GENESIS Invisile touch (Virgin)
  GTR When the heart rules the mind (Arista)
  BEN E KING Stand by me (Atlantic0
  LEVEL 42 Hot water (Polydor)
  HUEY LEWIS Heart of rock’n’roll (Chrysalis0
  PAUL McCARTNEY Once upon a long ago
  GEORGE MICHAEL A different corner (Epic)
  VAN MORRISON Ivory tower (Mercury)
  VAN MORRISON Cry for home (Mercury)
  VAN MORRISON Celtic swing (Mercury)
  MOTORS Dancing the night away (Virgin)
  BILLY OCEAN Suddenly (Jive)
  ROY ORBISON She’s a mystery to me(Virgin)
  PET SHOP BOYS Opportunities (Parlophone)
  PET SHOP BOYS Suburbia (Parlophone)
  POWER STATION Get it on (Parlophone)
  CHRIS REA I don’t know what it is but I love it

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