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Using only sterile disposable needles
for permanent hair removal.                       Bridal Packages
                                                      Package One
10 Minutes                   £10.00
                                              Make-up, File, Polish
15 Minutes                   £13.00            and Eyebrow Tidy
20 Minutes                   £15.00                  ONLY £40.00
60 Minutes                   £25.00                   Package Two
                                                 Make-up, Manicure
                                                 and Eyebrow Tidy
                                                     ONLY £45.00
For temporary removal of facial &
body hair using tea-tree cream wax
Half Leg                     £12.00
                                                    Package Three
                                           Make-up, Weekend Nails
                                             and Eyebrow Tidy
                                                     ONLY £49.00
                                                                                                       Health & Beauty Clinic
Full Leg                     £19.00
Bikini                        £7.00
                                                                                                          WITHIN THINKFITNESS
Underarm                      £7.00
                                                                                                       3 O’Connell Street
Lip                           £6.00
Eyebrow                       £7.00
                                                  Holiday Specials                                      T 01450 378066
Chin                          £6.00                Waxing Special                                       M 07773 301325
                                               Half Leg, Underarm,                                    E
                                                Bikini and Eyebrow
Male Treatments                                      ONLY £25.00
Back Wax                     £20.00         Pre-Holiday Package
                                           Holiday Wax, Lash Tint,
Neck and Shoulders Wax       £15.00
                                           Manicure and Pedicure                                                              AUSTRALIAN
Chest Wax                    £15.00                  ONLY £60.00                                                              BODYCARE®

                                        or with Full Body Exfoliation
                                               ONLY £20.00 extra
 Gift Vouchers Available                                                                               Proprietor Emma Richardson
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       Body Treatments                  Hand & Foot Treatments                        Facial Treatments
Swedish Massage                        Manicure                      £16.00     Mini Facial (30mins)           £15.00
a relaxing massage to relax tense      Including cuticle work, hand and         For all skin types. Ideal pre-make up
muscles, stimulate blood flow and       lower arm massage with application       treatment or as a quick pick me up for
aid removal of waste products          of polish                                those with less time to spare
Back, neck & shoulders      £17.00
                                       Paraffin Wax Manicure          £21.00     Prescription Facial (50mins)   £20.00
Full Body                   £25.00
                                       Ideal for arthritic pain, tired joints   A classic prescription facial tailored
                                                                                to treat individual and specific
Aromatherapy                           and to moisturise neglected hands
                                                                                concerns     such    as   congestion,
Using individual oils to promote a                                              sensitivity and lack of radiance
sense of well being and balance
                                       Pedicure                      £18.00
                                       Including cuticle work, foot and         Conditioning Facial (1hr)      £25.00
Back, neck & shoulders      £20.00
                                       lower leg massage with application of    With massage using lymphatic drainage
Full Body                   £29.00     polish                                   techniques to improve skin texture
Stress Buster                                                                   and tone.
                                       Paraffin Wax Pedicure          £23.00
Ultra rejuvenation and relaxation
Back & Neck Massage
                                       Ideal for arthritic pain, tired joints
                                       and to moisturise neglected feet
                                                                                Beautiful Eyes
+ Mini Facial               £35.00                                              Eyelash Tint                   £10.00
                                       Nail Crystals            £0.50 each      Eyebrow Tint                    £7.00
St Tropez Tanning                      Applied to the nail at the end of        Lash and Brow Tint             £13.00
Tan Like the Stars                     the treatment to add GLAM! to your
                                       finished nails
Air Brushing                £25.00                                              Make-up
30 Minutes on two consecutive days     File & Polish                  £8.00     Cleanse and Make-up            £18.00
                                       Basic file and application of polish      Bridal Make-up (inc Trial)     £25.00
St Tropez Lotion            £25.00
Includes body polish and application   Nail Extensions                          Hopi Ear Candles               £20.00
of tanning lotions, no streaks, no                                              100% pure beeswax candles working
                                       For natural looking nails that are
orange colour                                                                   on the principle that they act as a
                                       strong and don’t damage you nails
                                                                                vacuum drawing all toxins out of the
Half Tan                    £15.00     Weekend Nails                 £20.00     ear, nasal passages and sinuses