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Contents                         01
This is a brief guide to the
Warehousing and Distribution
sector which also covers career
opportunities in Logistics. This
booklet will help you decide if the
Warehousing and Distribution
sector is one you would like more
detailed information on.

Inside you will find details about:-


 What they are and why they are
 needed in the Warehousing &
 Distribution sector


 A brief guide to the jobs
 available and skills needed in


 A brief guide to the jobs
 available and skills needed in


 Showing how much you can
 earn and typical career
 progression routes (wages shown
 are 2004 levels)
 Key Skills                                                                                               03
     Communication skills           Why are ‘Key Skills’ so           Application of number
     There is a need for strong     important?                        Numeracy is required for
     communication skills           Key Skills form an essential      many different tasks within
     throughout the Warehousing &   part of your ‘employability’      Warehousing & Distribution,
     Distribution sector: - for                                       some examples are:
     contact with external          Key Skills are ‘transferable
                                    skills’ because they are used     •   Completing stock checks
     customers and internal team
                                    in almost every job sector.       •   Order picking
                                                                      •   Setting budgets
                                    The information on this page      •   Completing invoices
                                    shows how these skills are
                                    used in the Warehousing &
     Computer skills (ICT)          Distribution sector.
                                    Nowadays people often
     Some computer uses within                                        Improving own learning
                                    change their jobs several
     Warehousing & Distribution
                                    times throughout a career.        With customer power
                                    Transferable skills continue to   increasing (Internet = greater
     • Planning supply routes       develop and improve due to        choice), businesses need to
     • Order detail storage         the common activities that are    employ individuals who are
     • Budget control               found within most work.           keen to continually improve
     • Business strategy                                              their abilities, so they can help
       planning                                                       the company stay ahead of its
     • Staff training                                                 competitors.
                                    Working with others
                                    Warehousing & Distribution
                                    careers require individuals who
                                                                      Problem solving
                                    are self motivated but can also
                                    work well in a team               Employees who show strong
                                    environment. This is because      commitment, are enthusiastic,
                                    there are many different          can resolve problems and
                                    departments needed to deliver     continually try to improve
                                    a quality service to the end      systems are sought after and
                                    customer.                         can often be rewarded with
                                                                      fast promotion.
 Working in Warehousing                                                                                                                       05
                                                                                                            Supervisor level
                               (example - Warehouse Assistant)                                              (example - Assistant Manager)
   Base level
                               Warehouses can store a variety of                                            Progression towards warehouse
                               products from clothing, textiles and                                         management is generally by way of a
                               foodstuffs to chemicals, spare parts or                                      supervisory role, after the completion
                               raw materials. Experience of previous                                        of in-house training. During this time
                               warehouse work isn’t needed to start                                         man-management skills and budget
                               employment as training is given to all                                       control are developed, while the
                             new staff.                                                                     individual gains experience of problem
                                                                                                            solving. Some companies take on
                         Although qualifications aren’t considered                                          external staff at this level (annual
                      essential to gain employment at this level,                                           graduate recruitment drive); however
                   employees will have to check goods in and complete                                       more often vacancies are filled by
 the picking and packing of orders; which requires a high level of                                          internal employees.
 accuracy. Together with good numeracy skills, literacy skills and a
 reasonable memory at interview employers do look for good
 communication skills and individuals who are ‘team focused’, committed
 and enthusiastic. Also computers are now used widely, so having basic       Senior management
 computing knowledge can be an advantage.                                    (example - Stock Controller or Deputy General Manager)
 Opportunities for those leaving school at 16 wanting a career in            Controlling the ordering process, setting budgets, controlling health
 warehousing can start with an Apprenticeship in Warehousing and             and safety, warehouse security and staff management are all senior
 Distribution, leading to an NVQ 3 or Advanced New Apprenticeship.           management responsibilities. So these positions call for individuals
 However larger logistics companies, with vast warehouses, often run 24-     who can organise their time well and follow business plans. Working
 hours a day, 7 days a week; requiring shift work and also frequent use      with other managers requires the possession of excellent
 of Fork Lift Trucks (FLT). These reasons, together with health and safety   communication skills, with leadership and negotiation skills a
 considerations, are given as factors which lead many larger                 necessity, especially in larger organisations, who often employ workers
 organisations to operate a minimum starting age of 18 within their          that are members of a union. Management positions can be filled
 warehouse areas.                                                            either through internal promotions,
                                                                             where full knowledge of an
                                                                             individual’s strengths and proven
                                                                             skills are already known, or from
   Skills that help you to succeed in Warehouse careers                      external sources. Externally
                                                                             recruited managers generally
   • Be customer focused                 • Be confident using computers      need to show they have
   • Be a good communicator              • Be able to solve problems         managerial experience and
   • Be capable of a high level          • Have good forward-planning        frequently high level
     of accuracy                           skills                            qualifications, such as business
                                                                             degrees, can be demanded.
   • Be able to prioritise tasks         • Have good numeracy skills
 Working in Distribution                                                                                                                               07
                                                                                Supervisor to senior management
                                    (example - Logistics Assistant)             (examples - Logistics Coordinator to Distribution Manager)
   Base level                                                                   Supervisors and distribution managers play an essential role in planning
                                    Planning and managing the control
                                    and movement of goods or ‘raw               and controlling the movement of goods. At this level it is important to
                                    materials’ from the supplier, through       communicate regularly with other professionals, such as purchasing
                                    warehouse storage and on to their           officers, warehouse managers and other transport managers; to make
                                    point of sale/point of use, is known        sure goods are received on time, stored correctly, and dispatched on time
                                    as logistics. Goods have to be in           and in rotation (oldest first). You may also oversee the ordering process
                                    place (for example on a supermarket         and packaging of goods ready for dispatch. Managers often start their
                                    shelf) at the right time and in the right   careers as drivers or loaders and work their way up through internal
                                    quantity to satisfy consumer demand;        promotion. However an individual with proven experience and relevant
                                    which often requires a 24 hours a           qualifications (generally equal to NVQ Level 3 for supervisor positions)
                                   day, 7 days a week operation.                may be able to attain employment starting at this level, as the business
                                                                                market today is very competitive. An important part of these jobs can be
                               Knowledge about plane/train/cargo ship                          to study existing ways of working and develop improved
                            timetables, import/export and employment                                new ones - to make the business more effective.
                         laws, relating to issues such as the movement of
 goods and drivers maximum hours are all useful to have. Use of                                       Top management positions may also involve
 computer packages is widespread in larger organisations; enabling the                                 managing clerical, administrative, warehouse
 monitoring of stock levels, re-ordering of goods (as necessary) and                                    and/or distribution staff, and can involve
 allowing the tracking and movement of goods from depot to customer                                     recruitment and staff training responsibilities too.
 to be automated.                                                                                        Distribution managers normally work office
                                                                                                         hours, (Monday to Friday). However, with many
 Logistics assistant positions are often filled internally by employees from                              firms running 24-hour operations, the holder of
 either administration or driving backgrounds but job requirements at                                           such a position may be called upon to
 this level vary, as do job titles. This means a wide range of opportunities                                     work shifts, weekends on a rota basis, or
 exist for any applicant who can show they have the right skills, attitude                                       be ‘on call’ to deal with any emergencies.
 and experience.

 With the wide variety of job roles available, tasks are dependent on the
 size of the employer but duties can include driver route planning,
 documentation management and/or loading of goods for transportation.
                                                                                  Skills that help you to succeed in Logistics careers
 To gain employment you will generally need good communication skills,            • Enjoy responsibility & working      • Have strong forward planning
 together with well developed planning and organising skills. It is often           under pressure                        skills
 also a requirement that some type of route planning experience or
                                                                                  • Be a good communicator              • Have an analytical mind
 logistics background is already held.
                                                                                  • Be capable of a high level          • Be confident using IT
                                                                                    of accuracy
                                                                                  • Be able to prioritise               • Have good maths skills
 Typical job titles, career progression
 routes and wages (2004)
       Apprentice           Warehouse             Supervisor            Senior Manager
   Warehouse Assistant       Assistant                 or                      or
                                 or              Team Leader            Deputy General
   From £55.00 weekly      Stores Person               or                  Manager
    + Apprenticeship                           Assistant Manager
                          £8,000 - £12,000                             £20,000 - £35,000
                           Annual Salary        £12,000 - £25,000        Annual Salary       General Operations
                                                 Annual Salary                                     Manager
                                                                                              District Controller

          Driving        Transport Assistant   Transport Scheduler     Head of Logistics      £40,000 - £60,000
                                 or                     or                      or              Annual Salary
     Not covered here         Logistics        Transport Controller   Distribution Manager
                              Assistant                 or                      or
                                                    Logistics                Logistics
                          £13,000 - £20,000        Co-ordinator            Team Leader
                            Annual Salary
       Administration                           £20,000 - £25,000      £25,000 - £40,000
      (office workers)                            Annual Salary          Annual Salary

     Not covered here                                                                        KEY




                                                                                             Career progression

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