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									                                                                       Upper Canyon Reservations

                                   Transportation and Lodging
Las Vegas, NV to Marble Canyon, AZ Transportation Options

       If you fly or drive into Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS) the day prior to your trip, you have four options:
       $$$     Schedule a flight into Marble Canyon Airstrip. Bar 10 Ranch arranges these flights for you via
       Vision Air. Please check with Bar 10 Ranch for availability and pricing. Reservation lists are updated
       until minimum passengers are met for flights from North Las Vegas and most flights do fill. In general,
       meet Bar 10 employee at 2:45 PM McCarran International Airport zero level located below baggage
       claim for a 40 minute van shuttle to North Las Vegas Airport. Depart between 4:00-4:30 PM. This flight
       with Vision Air to Marble Canyon Airstrip is roughly one hour. Between 5:00-5:30 PM, a Hatch crew will
       pick you up at Marble Canyon Airstrip and drive you for 10 minutes to Cliff Dwellers Lodge.
       $$$    In some instances, there may be a flight available the morning of your trip. Please check
       with Bar 10 Ranch for availability. If you fly in the morning of your trip, we will pick you up in front of
       Marble Canyon Trading Post at 9:00 AM.

       $$     Schedule an executive van shuttle from LAS or local Las Vegas hotels to Cliff Dwellers Lodge
       through Bar 10 Ranch. In general, meet the van at 1:00 PM McCarran International Airport zero level
       located below baggage claim for a scenic five hour van ride with a quick pit stop to purchase your
       beverage for your rafting trip and stretch your legs.
       Bar 10 Ranch                           (800) 582-4139                 
       $$     Rent a car in Las Vegas (through Hertz, Avis, etc.) and drive yourself to Cliff Dwellers, leaving
       your car with us for the trip. Please note that there is no rental car return in the Marble Canyon or Page
       area. This option is good if you are spending more time in our area prior to or after your trip.
       McCarran International Airport (LAS) car rental           
Page, AZ to Marble Canyon, AZ Transportation Option
       $$$     If you fly into Page, Arizona (PGA) the day prior to your trip you can schedule a shuttle service
       to bring you to Cliff Dwellers Lodge. The shuttle from Page to Marble Canyon is roughly one hour.
       Currently, there is no rental car option available in Page.

       Al’s Transportation                    (928) 645-3420                       email:
       Betty Price                            (928) 355-2252                                 End of Trail Shuttle
Marble Canyon, AZ Transportation Option
       $      If you drive your personal vehicle to Cliff Dwellers Lodge, you may park your car between Cliff
       Dwellers Lodge and Hatch River Expeditions warehouse for the duration of your trip.
Lodging at Cliff Dwellers Lodge the night prior to your rafting trip is complimentary. It is free for double or more
occupancy and a nominal fee for single occupancy (with limited availability). We will make the lodging
arrangements for you. However, if you need to extend your stay with Cliff Dwellers Lodge, book a fly fishing
trip or inquire about their restaurant, please use the information below to make your own extended
reservations. We will pick you up in front of Cliff Dwellers Restaurant at 8:30 on the morning of your rafting trip.
Cliff Dwellers Lodge                          (800) 962-9755              
                                              (928) 355-2261
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                                    Return Transportation and Lodging
Las Vegas, NV Return Transportation Option
       $$$        If you want to return to Las Vegas after your trip, you can catch a Tusayan Shuttle** (if
       available) or take a taxi at the South Rim to the Grand Canyon Airport for a flight back to Las Vegas. In
       general, the flights from Grand Canyon Airport to North Las Vegas are at 10:45 AM or 3:30 PM. Make
       reservation ahead of time with Bar 10 Ranch who arranges these flights via Vision Air.

       Bar 10 Ranch                         (800) 582-4139               
Marble Canyon, AZ Return Transportation options

       $      If you want to return to Marble Canyon after your hike out of the canyon to pick up your car, you
       need to reserve a Transcanyon Shuttle from the South Rim to the Marble Canyon area. In general,
       they meet daily at Bright Angel Lodge lobby for 1:30 PM departure which ends at Cliff Dwellers Lodge
       approximately 4:15 PM. The fare is around $65 per person one way.
       Transcanyon Shuttle                  (928) 638-2820          
       $       If you would like to leave your car at the South Rim prior to your launch, you need to reserve a
       Transcanyon Shuttle (see above information) from the South Rim to Marble Canyon area and have
       your car waiting for you at the end of your hike out of the canyon. This option is good if you need to
       travel the day you exit the canyon.
Lodging Options at trips end

       After your hike out of the canyon you may decide to stay at one of the area motels on the South Rim.
       Reservations for these motels can be made at Xanterra Parks and Resorts for the Bright Angel Lodge
       & Cabins, El Tovar Hotel, Thunderbird Lodge, Maswick Lodge or Yavapai Lodge. All motels are within
       walking distance to the Bright Angel Trailhead.
       Xanterra Parks and Resorts           (888) 297-2757         
                                            (928) 638-2631                email:
** Grand Canyon National Park has a free shuttle program (Tusayan Route shuttle bus) that provides service
from Grand Canyon Airport thru Tusayan to the Canyon View Information Plaza located at the South Rim. The
service operates between mid-May and mid-September and takes 20 minutes each way. Please make sure
that this service is operating during your trip by visiting the Grand Canyon website.

Tusayan Route Map             

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Grand Canyon Area Map  

                                                                Lee’s Ferry
                                                                (river mile 0)

                                                                 Phantom Ranch
                                                                 (river mile 89)
                                                                 Hike out:
                                                                 9.6 miles via
                                                                 Bright Angel Trail
                                                                 to South Rim
                                                                 4,000 feet plus
                                                                 elevation gain
                                                                 Steepness is up to
                                                                 15.70% grade

Bright Angel Trail Map

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                                               Hiking Tips
                                             NO FOOD, NO FUEL, NO FUN
 Your body spends an enormous amount of energy (food calories) keeping you cool in the heat. Eating is your
       most important defense against exhaustion and water intoxication. Eat small amounts every 1/2 hour.
                                                       REPLACE IT
 Everyone sweats 1/2 to 1 quart of water and electrolytes each hour hiking in the heat. Don’t wait until you are
 thirsty to start replacing fluids and electrolytes. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Drink
  1/2 to 1 quart of electrolyte replacement each hour you are hiking. 3 quarts of water is required for hiking
  into or out of the canyon. If you bring a hydration pack, make sure that you bring a spare bottle as a back-
       up. Each bottle should have a strap or you must be able to carry it in your pack for hands-free hiking.
         You are responsible to carry all of your personal belongings when hiking in or out of the canyon.
     Hike Out: We provide you with Gatorade and water, snacks and lunch but make sure you bring your own
hydration pack and/or water bottles. Hike In: Please come prepared with water bottles and high carbohydrate
     snacks. Your guide will help supplement what has been forgotten, but in the event that you separate, it is
   important that you have these things with you. It is also important that you eat even if you don't feel hungry.
                                   Eating will help balance the nutrients in your body.
                                                  REST IN THE SHADE
                                     Stop and take a break when you find shade.
                                             STAY WET AND STAY COOL
 Keep yourself soaking wet to stay cool. Anytime you cross a stream or water pump, stop and dowse yourself.
    Allowing your clothes to cool through evaporation will reduce fluid, electrolyte, and energy loss significantly.
                                        SIT DOWN AND PUT YOUR LEGS UP
Every one-half to one hour, take a seven to nine minute break. This break can flush out approximately 20-30%
of the waste products that build up in your legs while hiking. Don't forget to have a snack while you are resting.
                                               DO NOT HUFF AND PUFF
When you huff and puff, your body does not get enough oxygen to function efficiently. If you can talk while you
                                    are walking, you are walking the perfect speed.
                                                    STAY TOGETHER
Staying with the hiking guide and other members in your party is a good idea. This allows everyone to keep an
 eye on each other looking for signs of trouble such as dehydration. If you stick together and one member has
                                 trouble, there will be others to assist or to go for help.
                                                 LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD
The less weight you carry in your pack will make your hike easier and more enjoyable. If you are hiking in, you
are welcome to ship your gear to us 2 weeks prior to your hike in and we will have it on the boat waiting for you
 at the boat beach. If you are hiking out, consider packing clothing you may be willing to leave behind or throw
                                    away, so you don’t have to take it out with you.
                                                BE KIND TO YOURSELF
                       Do not exceed what is your normal level of physical activity or training.
                              BEGIN HYDRATING THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR HIKE
 Drink about 8 glasses of water before you go to sleep. The climate in Arizona is a dry heat. Your perspiration
                         evaporates so fast that you might not realize you are dehydrating.
                             EAT A GOOD DINNER THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR HIKE
This meal will help give you the necessary fuel needed for your hike. Avoid drinking alcohol the evening before
                                        your hike as it exacerbates dehydration.
                                                    EAT BREAKFAST
           Eat a light breakfast with essential nutrients and minerals to give you additional electrolytes.
                                              SHARE THIS INFORMATION
             Sharing this information with others in your group will ensure a healthy hike for everyone.

Please Note: Hiking in the Grand Canyon is a strenuous activity, suitable only for those in good physical
condition. Proper physical conditioning and consistent exercise prior to your departure is essential. Trails in
the Grand Canyon are not maintained and can be rough and rocky and most have a significant vertical
exchange. If you suffer from any medical condition such as asthma, heart disease, foot, knee, or hip problems,
a history of heat related problems, vertigo, or unusual fear of heights, we strongly suggest you visit your
physician and receive their OK before your departure date.

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