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download the price list _39Kb_ - The Bees Knees Price by dfsiopmhy6


									price list
waxing                                          hand and foot treatments                        facial treatments
The removal of unwanted hair using Clean        Basic Manicure                         £10.00   Basic                                 £12.50
& Easy patented roller head system for          A hand and arm treatment to                     30 mins - skin is cleansed, washed,
warm wax                                        improve the skin and nail                       toned, exfoliated, massaged and
                                                condition. Includes nail and                    moisturised
Half Leg (including knees & toes)       £7.00   cuticle treatment, hand and arm
                                                massage and enamel of your                      Deep Cleanse                          £20.00
                                                choice                                          1 hour - skin is cleansed, washed,
Three-quarter Leg                      £10.00                                                   toned, exfoliated, warmed,
                                                French Manicure                        £12.00   massaged, mask applied, eye
Full Leg                               £12.00   As above, but with French nail                  care and moisturised. Includes
                                                enamel applied                                  hand or foot massage
Bikini (standard)                       £5.50   Basic Pedicure                         £15.00   Deep Cleanse                          £20.00
                                                A leg and foot treatment to                     young or problem skin
Bikini (high)                           £7.00   improve the skin and nail                       1 hour - as above, but using
                                                condition. Includes nail and cuticle            specialised products which aid in
Full Leg and Bikini                    £15.00   treatment, leg and foot massage                 reducing congestion of skin and
                                                and enamel of your choice                       helping to balance sebum
Chest                                  £12.00   French Pedicure                        £17.00
                                                As above, but with French nail                  Deep Cleanse                          £20.00
Back                                   £12.00   enamel applied                                  dry or mature skin
                                                                                                1 hour - as above, but using
                                                File and Paint                          £5.00   specialised products which aid in
Underarm                                £5.00
                                                                                                rehydrating the skin
                                                Toe Nail File and Paint                 £7.50
Full Arm                                £7.00

Half Arm                                £5.00
                                                For pedicures please bring with you open        eye treatments
                                                toed shoes
                                                                                                Eyebrow shape                          £5.00
Top Lip                                 £4.50
                                                                                                Eyebrow Tint                           £5.00
Chin                                    £4.50
                                                                                                Eyebrow shape and Tint                 £9.00
                                                Makeover for day or evening            £20.00
We recommend for first time waxing the          Makeover Consultation and Trial        £10.00   Eyelash Tint                          £10.00
hairs should be left to grow for at least 2     For that special occasion.
weeks                                           Treatment can be carried out at                 Eyelash and eyebrow Tint              £13.00
                                                your premises, however this may
                                                incur travelling costs if outside of            Eyelash Perm                          £20.00
                                                the Royston area. Includes
                                                cleanse, tone and moisturise prior
                                                                                                24hr patch test is required before carrying
                                                to make-up being applied
                                                                                                out any of the tinting or perming

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