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					                  ! My best holiday Ever!

It was nearly Christmas Day, about 5 days away. My family and I were
getting ready for our long trip to Te Atatu, Auckland. As soon as we
 got our bags into the car we were off. It took a very long time to get
  there…. Once we got off the motorway we tried to look for Royal
  Road. About ten minutes later we were lost, so we had to go back
around. Once we’d found it we were there. I saw my brother sitting on
 the deck down a long driveway. I was happy because I hadn’t seen my
  brother in ages. We went to go in the room and see the kids. They
were both asleep. Kingston and Bailey had both woken up and were in
  a grumpy mood. When my nephew was in a happy mood he opened
              some of the presents I bought. How lucky.

On Christmas Eve we went to Henderson Mall and bought me some
denim ¾ pants. We then took a visit to my sister in-law Jades house to
 get things prepared for Christmas. Everyone was busy. The boys
    were digging the hole and putting up the gazebo, the girls were
 preparing the salads, etc and us kids were looking after the babies. I
 got to know the girls better and we all had a fun time. Apart from the
                        weather it was all good.

It was Christmas Day and I got up bright and early because my niece
  was awake. So we went into the lounge. When my mum woke up we
 opened Baileys present. It was huge. Whilst my mum was helping her
 open it I took a video. She got a play mat with toys connected on it.
We took a while setting it up but we finished it in the end. My brother
  came back from Jades house at about 9:30 and I got ready to go.
  When we got there everyone was up playing with their Christmas
 presents. I was sad because I didn’t get to open any presents until I
 got back to Rotorua. We all helped set up the tables, the food, etc
  until lunch time. People started arriving for the lunch. People were
rushing around everywhere putting food on the table. Once everything
  was done we had a big feast. I went for seconds. Then we had the
dessert. It was yummy. After our feed all the kids were having a squirt
   with their brother Taz. We all had fun and got wet. Later on that
evening everyone was drinking and having a good time. Us girls got to
            have a turn on the computer. I stayed the night.

  On Boxing Day you would never believe what we got to have for
 breakfast. Well, we had cakes and ice-cream before the hangi. It was
delicious. Later on my brother came back and said they’d already been
 to Henderson. I was gutted because they were suppose to take me
                  with them. I had a good time anyway.

My mum and nan went back to Rotorua and I stayed with my brother. I
didn’t really care. We had lots of fun. We went to Jades house almost
everyday whilst Renee and William went to work. We had swims in their
 pool all the time. Once I started on Facebook I always wanted to go
   on the computer but to do that we had to help Jade clean up her
house and watch the babies. Renee did my hair and make-up. I thought
I looked pretty. My younger sister inlaws were always taking for walks
 to the park or the town centre. I also helped my brother inlaw do his
 paper run. I think I lost a lot of weight. I had a fun time with my inlaws.

We went to West Wave and had a big swim. I had fun going down the
slide. I had alot of fun going down the hydroslide. I also made some new
   friends and we went down together on the hydroslide. We got a
 growling from the life guard. We had a feed of hot chips, sandwiches
             and lots of other stuff. We then had to leave.
   I can’t wait to go back there for another holiday. I am feeling sad
because I miss my family in Auckland. That was the best holiday I ever

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