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South Australia Endless Possibilities

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					South Australia
      Endless Possibilities...
       Annual Report 2005/2006
Chairman’s Report         3   Appendices                            Appendix C
                                                                    Screen Industry Programs Approvals 43
Chief Executive               Appendix A
                                                                    Appendix D
Officer’s Report          5   Financial Statements
                                                                    Screen Culture Approvals          48
                              Income Statement                 22
Board Members Profiles   13   Balance Sheet                    23   Appendix E
                                                                    Educational Content Fund Approvals 49
                              Statement of Changes in Equity   24
SAFC Overview            15                                         Appendix F
                              Cash Flow Statement              25
                                                                    Digital Media Fund Approvals      50
                              Notes to and Forming Part
                                                                    Appendix G
                              of the Financial Statements      26
                                                                    Program Write Backs               52
                              Appendix B
                                                                    Appendix H
                              SAFC Organisation Chart
                                                                    Committees                        53
                              as at 30 June 2006               38
                              SAFC Staff as at 30 June 2006    39   Appendix I
                                                                    Asbestos Management               55
                              SAFC Staff Details               40
                                                                    Appendix J
                                                                    Freedom of Information            56
               My Last Ten Hours With You

    The 9:13

                          Chairman’s Report
                          What a wonderful year for South
                          Australian screen industries!

                                                                                                 The SAFC engages with the strategic
                                                                                                 and business environment of the industry;
                                                                                                 the recent announcement of the Federal
                                                                                                 Government’s Film Funding Review, changes
                                                                                                 to media laws and continuing technological
                                                                                                 advances, will transform the industry.
                                                                                                 As a response to the changing business
                                                                                                 environment, in a unique collaboration with
                                                                                                 Arts SA, Department of Trade and Economic
                                                                                                 Development and Treasury, we are exploring
                                                                                                 the feasibility of co-locating with industry and
                                                                                                 educational institutions in a screen industry
                                                                                                 hub to strengthen and leverage the screen
                                                                                                 industry in South Australia.
                                                                                                 South Australia’s reputation as a quiet
                                                                                                 powerhouse of the Australian film industry
                                                                                                 continues to grow along with our significant
                                                                                                 contribution to the State’s economic
From the local box office and critical success                                                   development and creative industries.
                                                                                                 2005–06 has been a busy and productive
of Look Both Ways, Ten Canoes and Wolf Creek                                                     year and I take this opportunity to thank my
to the paparazzi lined cinemas of Cannes, South                                                  fellow directors, and our CEO Helen Leake,
                                                                                                 as well as the management and staff of the
Australian features, docos and shorts have been                                                  SAFC for their hard work, enthusiasm and
making their presence felt.                                                                      commitment to the Corporation and to the
                                                                                                 industry. I would also like to acknowledge
                                                                                                 the support of Greg Mackie and Carol Treloar
In the resurgence of Australian film,           International festivals were keen on other
                                                                                                 of Arts SA and Ray Garrand, Department
South Australia has been “punching above        South Australian films this year, with Ten
                                                                                                 of Trade and Economic Development.
its weight”, boldly supported by the South      Canoes, 2:37 and Opal Dream screening
Australian Film Corporation (SAFC) and the      at Toronto, Berlin and European festivals.       Finally I would like to thank the South
Adelaide Film Festival. We congratulate all     Short films from South Australia such as         Australian Government for its commitment
those involved, and we are proud to support     Moustache, Azadi and The 9:13 have also          to the screen industry in this State, and
our industry’s achievements through funding     been acknowledged widely on the festival         in particular the Premier and Minister for
and other non-financial means.                  circuit, which bodes well for the future         the Arts, Mike Rann, for his passionate and
                                                of our young film makers.                        unfailing support for the work of the SAFC
This year has seen a record number
                                                                                                 and our industry. South Australia’s Strategic
of South Australian feature films screened      Of course, our national and international
                                                                                                 Plan demonstrates the priority that the
at the Cannes Film Festival. Two of the three   reputation in post production continues
                                                                                                 Government gives to the screen industries
Australian films featuring in the Un Certain    to grow with companies such as Rising
                                                                                                 and the SAFC will continue to work
Regard competition were from South              Sun Pictures, the Kojo Group and Fusion
                                                                                                 in consultation and collaboration with
Australian directors – Rolf de Heer’s Ten       in demand on the world stage.
                                                                                                 practitioners and industry to achieve these
Canoes taking a special Jury prize, and         One of the most satisfying achievements          targets, respond to the challenges and
Murali Thalluri’s 2:37. Look Both Ways was      this year has been the performance               embrace the opportunities.
screened in Critics’ Week, a fitting tribute    of the developing cross-platform screen
for a film that received best feature film,     practitioners. In particular, we celebrate the
best direction, best screenplay and best        significant advances made by The People’s
supporting actor at the AFI Awards as well      Republic of Animation, Monkeystack and
as awards at acclaimed festivals, including     Kukan Studios and we strongly support
Toronto, Rotterdam and San Francisco.           their efforts and their growth.
                                                                                                 Cheryl Bart

Opal Dream

Ten Canoes   Ten Canoes
                          CEO’s Report
                          I am delighted to report on what has
                          been a very busy and successful year
                          for the Corporation.
                                                                                              Business Travel Loans
                                                                                              These funds allow film, television and
                                                                                              interactive digital media producers to travel
                                                                                              to International and National markets and
                                                                                              appropriate meetings to attract market place
                                                                                              finance for a project or slate of projects.
                                                                                              During this period, eight Business Travel
                                                                                              Loans were approved, providing South
                                                                                              Australian practitioners with the resources
                                                                                              to attend the Cannes Film Market 2006,
                                                                                              the Berlinale European Film Market 2006,
                                                                                              the 2005 American Film Market, specific
                                                                                              meetings in Canada and attendance at the
                                                                                              Electronic Entertainment Expo 06 (E3)
                                                                                              in Los Angeles.

                                                                                              Script Initiative Program (Script Factory
                                                                                              and Rocket Science)
                                                                                              The Script Factory Workshop is one aspect
We continue to work closely with our local industry to                                        of a special program to enhance writing and
deliver programs and initiatives that assist businesses                                       producing skills in the State. Twenty South
                                                                                              Australian writers, producers, directors and
and practitioners to develop and expand in a changing                                         script editors, took part in the 5 day workshop
and somewhat challenging environment.                                                         run by UK Script Factory trainers Lucy Scher
                                                                                              and Justine Hart in March 2006. Due to its
                                                                                              overwhelming success, Script Factory will
                                                                                              be held again in October 2006.
                                                                                              The second part of this program, Rocket
                                                                                              Science, provides the services of two skilled
                                                                                              development, distribution and marketing
                                                                                              executives, Victoria Treole and Sue Murray,
                                                                                              to South Australian project teams with
                                                                                              developed and packaged scripts in order
                                                                                              to assist projects achieve full financing. Six
                                                                                              project teams have accessed this program.

                                                                                              Laboratory for Advanced Media
                                                                                              Production (LAMP)
                                                                                              In 2005 the SAFC partnered with AFTRS
The Year in review                             • Funding for attendance at short courses,
                                                                                              in presenting LAMP, a cross-platform
                                                 seminars, conferences, workshops and
The focus of this report is on the three key                                                  residential workshop in South Australia
                                                 speakers’ and mentoring programs;
areas of SAFC activities: Career pathways                                                     focussed on the development of cross-
and development, production and post           • Attendance grants, for travel to key         platform projects with input from a team
production, and promotions, partnering           festivals and award ceremonies.              of local and international advisors.
and relationship building.
                                               Script/Project Development                     Digital Media Program
                                               This year the SAFC invested in the             Funding – Media Resource Centre
Career Pathways & Development                  development of eighteen film, television       Program funding of $100,000 has been
The diverse portfolio of programs that the     and documentary projects. The Script           provided to the Media Resource Centre
SAFC provides to facilitate career pathways    and Project Development program has            for the purpose of developing digital media
and professional development include:          had strong outcomes this year with a           programs for emerging practitioners.
                                               feature script going into production and
• Funding to support the development                                                          Enterprise Tasman
                                               another script being selected for the AFC’s
  of broad range of projects;                                                                 This national program provides producers
                                               2006 IndiVision Project Lab.
• Support for professional, career and                                                        with the business skills to make their
                                               The SAFC also invested in the development
  industry development;                                                                       companies globally competitive. During
                                               of eight Digital Media Development projects:
                                                                                              2005–06, two South Australian practitioners
• Business travel funding to attract market    three game-based projects, two mobile
                                                                                              attended this program.
  place finance for projects;                  content projects, two cross-media projects
                                               and one interactive DVD.
Brian Hill Documentary Workshop
UK documentary filmmaker, Brian Hill,
conducted an exclusive four-day workshop
at the SAFC with twelve South Australian
documentary practitioners in October 2005.

AFTRS Headlands
One practitioner was funded by the SAFC
to participate in this national development
program for documentary practitioners.

Practitioner Development Grants
This program provides funding for practitioners
to attend workshops, conferences, courses
or other industry-related events that provide
professional development. Forty five
practitioners were supported to attend events
including AIDC, SPAA, SPAA Fringe, ASDA,
Arista Script Development Lecture Series,
Australian Movie Convention, Mediaguardian         Mentors                                         Production Investment and Incentives
Edinburgh International TV Festival 2005 and       These funds allow developing practitioners      Production Investment
various AFTRS and AWG courses.                     to attach a mentor to their project whilst in   The SAFC invests in production across
                                                   production. Three mentors have been funded      a variety of genres such as feature film,
Digital Media Practitioner Grants
                                                   through this scheme.                            television drama, documentary and digital
Funding was provided to sixteen practitioners
to attend events such as Free Play-The Next        Organisation & Industry                         media production. Projects that are creative
Wave Conference, X Media Lab, Digital Media                                                        and original, display good market prospects
                                                   Development Events and Activities
Festival, ACMI Digital Storytelling Conference,                                                    and have significant economic benefits to
                                                   Industry development events and
LAMP Residency and the mEga SA Incubator                                                           South Australian industry are funded by the
                                                   activities such as short courses, seminars,
Workshop Program.                                                                                  SAFC on the basis of a strong pro-South
                                                   conferences, workshops and speakers’
                                                                                                   Australian policy.
Attachment Scheme                                  programs which contribute to South Australian
This Scheme assists individuals with relevant      screen industries are supported through this    In 2005–06, the SAFC provided equity
experience in screen production to progress        program and included a selection of AFTRS       investment in six feature films, three feature
in their profession by obtaining on the job        short courses, Popcorn Taxi Adelaide, Screen    documentaries, one half hour documentary,
experience through an attachment to specific       Strand at Adelaide Fringe, The SHORTS Film      two documentary television series, one drama
production roles. In this financial year the       Festival, SPAAMart 2006, I Can See Queerly      television series and one short animation.
program supported twenty five film, television     Now 4, Best of SA Short Screen Awards,          In addition there are production funds that
and digital media attachments.                     the AWGIE Awards and the SA Australian          can be accessed by South Australian
                                                   Cinematographers Society awards. Seven          practitioners for specific types of projects.
Festival and Awards Grants                         Digital Media Industry Events and Activities
These grants allow South Australian screen                                                         Digital Media Production Investment
                                                   were also supported, including the Nova
practitioners to travel to key festivals and                                                       Four projects received funding through
                                                   Scotia Producer Event, AIMIA and ANAT
interstate awards ceremonies where they are                                                        the Digital Media Production Investment
                                                   Phone Book Masterclass.
being recognised for their work. This program                                                      Program to create two interactive websites
supported fourteen practitioners to attend                                                         and two mobile content projects.
the AFI Awards, the IF Awards, the Sydney          Production and Post                             The Educational Content Fund provides
International Film Festival Dendy Awards,          Production Activities                           funding for the production of educational,
Sony Tropfest, the 7th International Wildlife      The SAFC has a range of programs to support     sponsored and government related projects
Film Festival, the 50th Vallalodid International   production and post-production through          across all platforms. This has been
Film Festival Spain, Animafest World               investment, incentives, the use of the SAFC’s   a busy year with eleven projects going into
Festival – Zagreb, Seoul International             comprehensive facilities and a locations        production, a 120 per cent increase from
Cartoon & Animation Festival, and the St Kilda     service for producers.                          2004–05.
Film Festival. In addition, two digital media
                                                                                                   The SAFC also provides a $3 million
practitioners were supported to attend AIMIA
                                                                                                   revolving loan fund to qualifying applicants.
2006 and one to the launch of Dust Echoes:
                                                                                                   In 2005–06 $600,000 was utilised.
Ancient Stories, New Voices, in the remote
Northern Territory community of Beswick.

La Musica Fantastica

The Caterpillar Wish

         Like Minds    Like Minds
                       Opal Dream
                                                                                                    The mixing facility also supports developing
                                                                                                    practitioners across all areas of the industry,
                                                                                                    including providing “at-cost” facilities for
                                                                                                    education providers, as well as providing
                                                                                                    facilities during down time periods to young
                                                                                                    director/producer/sound designer teams on
                                                                                                    short films and supporting the MRC initiative
                                                                                                    Raw Nerve.
                                                                                                    For the production facilities, the SAFC
                                                                                                    has seen one of the busiest years in recent
                                                                                                    memory. The sound stages were regularly
                                                                                                    booked for long periods by drama productions
                                                                                                    and commercial shoots, and production
                                                                                                    offices were booked for the bulk of the year.
                                                                                                    The mixing theatre was heavily utilised for
                                                                                                    both screening and mixing. Eleven companies
                                                                                                    leased office premises from the SAFC
                                                                                                    during the reporting period.
SAFC Short Film Fund                             Post Production Fund
This competitive fund offers South Australia’s   (Drama & Documentary)                              Locations Service
screen practitioners the opportunity to          The Post Production Fund is a new initiative       This free locations service provides specific
develop their skills as a way of progressing     introduced in 2005–06 to enable South              examples of South Australia’s wide range of
towards feature film, television, drama,         Australian filmmakers to complete post             locations to producers, and there has been
documentary and digital media production.        production on a project that displays creative     an increase of 20.5 per cent in feature film
In 2005–06, two short films were funded.         merit and market potential.                        queries during this financial year. In addition
                                                                                                    a production liaison service connects
Broadcaster Deals                                Incentives                                         producers with facilities and crew.
The SAFC has partnered with the ABC and          The SAFC offers incentives to encourage
SBS on a number of initiatives to provide        productions shot in SA including a payroll tax
broadcast opportunities for emerging South       exemption of approximately 6 per cent on           Promotion, Partnering
Australian practitioners. Three documentaries    the film’s payroll. A 10 per cent Employment       and Relationship Building
were produced under this program.                Rebate was also introduced in April 2005           Promotion of the State’s talent and assets
The SAFC and SBS partnered on the                on all eligible SA labour expenditure on film,     as well as the promotion of screen culture to
Cross-media Documentary Series Initiative.       television and documentary productions             the South Australian community are important
Two cross platform documentary series            produced predominantly in South Australia.         functions of the SAFC. The facilitation
concepts have been developed and approved        Two television series have accessed this           of strategic partnerships and relationships are
for production investment funding, and five      scheme to date.                                    critical to the growth of the screen industry
animated online games produced through                                                              in this State.
                                                 Production Support
the SAFC and ABC New Media and Digital
                                                 Facilities                                         Promotion of Screen Culture
Services Game On initiative were completed
and launched this year.                          SAFC’s comprehensive production facilities         Screen Culture Program
                                                 include a Dolby licensed mixing theatre, Foley     Eleven organisations received operational
In April 2006 SAFC and ABC New Media
                                                 recording facilities, sound stages, production     grants from the Screen Culture Program
and Digital Services called for applications
                                                 offices, art department and wardrobe facilities,   to promote screen culture to the South
for development and production of a 13 X 5
                                                 and short and long term tenancies for              Australian community. Demand for these
minute cross-platform animation series.
                                                 industry practitioners.                            funds far exceed available funds and the
Sound Facilities Investment                      The SAFC collaborates with other sound             SAFC actively encourages organisations
The Sound Facilities Investment is a new         post providers such as Best FX and the             to find additional partners and sponsors.
SAFC initiative offered to South Australian      newly established Tracks Adelaide, to the
filmmakers as in-kind post-production            benefit of clients.
investment using the SAFC’s sound facilities.
A one hour documentary was successful
in securing the Sound Facilities Investment.

Promotion of the South Australian
Screen Industry
Media Liaison
The SAFC works closely with local and key
national media with the objective of creating
positive editorial opportunities to promote
the South Australian screen industry.

The SAFC continued to utilise targeted
advertising to get key messages to audiences.
The SAFC won first place in the ‘Advertising’
category at the Association of Film
Commissioners International (AFCI) Marketing
Awards. This win builds on the first placing
received for the SAFC Branded wine in
2005 and the Ocean to Outback Location
Brochure and DVD in 2004.
                                                 The SAFC website is             Memberships
Inbound Missions
                                                 a cost effective source of information to the     The SAFC is a member of a number
The SAFC provides assistance to screen
                                                 industry and the general public about SAFC        of different business and screen industry
industry practitioners with production for
                                                 policies, programs, services and structure.       organisations to assist with relationship
which SA is established as a viable option.
                                                 This year the website was modified to provide     building and advocacy. It is a member of
This year saw inbound missions from Australia,
                                                 more immediate access, ease of use and            Ausfilm, with the CEO as a member of the
India, UK and the United States. Inbound
                                                 navigation. A survey undertaken to solicit        Ausfilm Board and other staff represented
visits to the State increased by 157 per cent
                                                 feedback regarding key elements of the            on the Marketing Committee. It is also
in 2005–06.
                                                 website was overwhelmingly positive.              a member of the Association of Film
Outbound Missions                                                                                  Commissioners International, which has
                                                 The SAFC also organised visits to Adelaide
and Offshore Promotion                                                                             a worldwide network of more than 300 film
                                                 of key decision makers from various screen
Although the primary focus is on the domestic                                                      commissions. The SAFC is a member of the
                                                 industry organisations to meet with the
market, several marketing exercises overseas                                                       Australia China Business Council and the
                                                 South Australian industry. These included
provided opportunities to promote South                                                            Australia India Business Council (SA Chapter).
                                                 visits from the AFC, ABC, FFC, AusFilm
Australia to international markets. The SAFC                                                       The CEO is also a member of the State
                                                 and the Shanghai Film Group.
sent delegates to G’day LA, the Association                                                        Government Creative Industries Steering
of Film Commissioners International Expo,        The SAFC also assisted in organising and          Committee.
Hong Kong, the Premier’s Trade Mission           launching the SA Screen Sound Group
                                                                                                   In concluding this review, I would like to thank
to India, the city of Austin, Texas and the      to encourage further collaboration within
                                                                                                   all those many people who have given
Shanghai Trade Mission to promote South          the South Australian audio post industry.
                                                                                                   so generously of their time, energy and skills
Australia. The SAFC has also worked closely      Industry Plan/Establishment                       to help the SAFC in its activities, particularly
with Government and screen practitioners         of the Screen Industry Council                    the members of the SAFC Board, Arts SA,
to maximise other promotional and business       The SAFC provided support to hold a               the industry professionals who serve on SAFC
opportunities in key offshore markets.           series of five workshops dealing with various     committees, and other industry members
                                                 elements of the screen industry in order          who support our activities. A special mention
Relationship Building
                                                 to develop an industry plan. The workshops        to our talented staff who make the SAFC
Information and Networking                       resulted in the development of a draft industry   such a rewarding place to work.
Opportunities for the Screen Industry            plan and the establishment of an elected          We particularly value the commitment and
The SAFC held bi-monthly industry drinks         Screen Industry Council at a Forum on 1           support of our Premier and Minister for the
networking events, often partnering with         July 2006. The priorities for the Council in      Arts, Mike Rann, the Government as a whole
screen industry organisations. This year         2006–07 are industry-wide communication,          and the people of South Australia, who help
our partners were AV Central, the Australian     industry promotion to the SA community            make this State such a welcoming and
Film Television and Radio School and             and implementation of the industry plan.          rewarding place for our industry.
Imagination Entertainment.
The SAFC continued to publish its bi-monthly
SAFC newsletter to update subscribers
on industry related news and information.

                                                                                                   Helen Leake
                                                                                                   Chief Executive Officer
             The Amazing Adventures of Gavin The Leafy Seadragon

Wolf Creek                                           Wolf Creek

                                                        The 9:13
    Melissa Murphy's Holiday From Hell

Errorism: A Comedy of Terrors – Series 2   Errorism: A Comedy of Terrors – Series 2
Board Members Profiles

                                                                                                    Barry Fox
                                                                                                    Barry Fox has held a number of high profile
                                                                                                    positions, most recently as Vice President
                                                                                                    of CBS, General Manager of Group W
                                                                                                    responsible for programming and distribution.
                                                                                                    Prior to CBS, Barry held senior management
                                                                                                    positions with Reuters TV International in
                                                                                                    Washington, DC and Fox TV in London and
                                                                                                    New York.

                                                                                                    John Chataway
                                                                                                    John Chataway is the CEO of the Kojo
                                                                                                    Group, managing the eight divisions under
                                                                                                    the Kojo Group banner. With over 20 years’
                                                                                                    experience in the film, video and new media
                                                                                                    industries, John is an accomplished director
                                                                                                    and award-winning cinematographer in his
                                                                                                    own right. John is a board member of the
                                                                                                    Australian Dance Theatre and also serves
                                                                                                    on the SAFC Finance and Audit Committee.

                                                                                                    Gabrielle Kelly
                                                                                                    Gabrielle Kelly is an award-winning
                                                                                                    documentary director and producer with
Cheryl Bart         Pamela Martin        Brian Morris        Jonathan Shteinman
                                                                                                    20 years experience in television and new
                                                                                                    media. Gabrielle founded the Australian
                                                                                                    International Documentary Conference in
                                                                                                    1987, served as a director of the Australian
                                                                                                    Film Finance Corporation and has significant
                                                                                                    senior executive experience in Australia and
                                                                                                    the United States in new media companies.
Barry Fox           John Chataway       Susan MacKinnon      Gabrielle Kelly

                                                                                                    Susan MacKinnon
Cheryl Bart (Chairman)                             Brian Morris
                                                                                                    Susan MacKinnon is an award-winning
Ms Bart is a lawyer and a non-executive            Brian Morris is a partner of Edwards Marshall,
                                                                                                    documentary maker with almost 20 years of
Director on a number of boards including the       Chartered Accountants. He has extensive
                                                                                                    experience in the domestic and international
Economic Development Board, the Defence            knowledge in all aspects of professional
                                                                                                    screen industries. Susan was recently an
Industry Advisory Board, ETSA Utilities,           accountancy, specializing in audit, forensic
                                                                                                    Investment Manager for the Film Finance
EOS Ltd, Global Properties Ltd, Spark              accounting, business investigations and
                                                                                                    Corporation Australia (FFC) where she
Infrastructure Ltd, ANZ Trustees Ltd and           valuations. Brian chairs the SAFC’s Finance
                                                                                                    provided advice and guidance to documentary
the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation           and Audit Committee.
                                                                                                    filmmakers. Prior to her role with the FFC
Foundation. She is also the Chairman
                                                   Jonathan Shteinman                               Susan was Director of her own production
of the Adelaide Film Festival. Ms Bart serves
                                                   Jonathan Shteinman is a Film Producer            company Vivid Pictures.
as a member of the SAFC’s Finance and
Audit Committee.                                   and Executive Producer with a background in
                                                   law and investment banking. Jonathan entered
Pamela Martin                                      the industry as an Investment Manager at
Pamela Martin holds the position of Director,      the Australian Film Finance Corporation and
Commercial Advice, in the Department of            after becoming a film producer was elected
Premier and Cabinet. She has practised for         to be Feature Film Councillor of the Screen
many years as a commercial solicitor, both         Producers Association of Australia, a position
in private practice and within Government.         held for most of the past decade. Jonathan
She is a member of other Government Boards         has many film credits including Like Minds,
and serves on the Council at the University        Oyster Farmer, Rabbit Proof Fence,
of Adelaide and the Walford Anglican School        Thank God He Met Lizzie and Angel Baby
for Girls and the Board of Adelaide to Outback     (AFI Best Film 1995).
GP Training Program. Pamela also serves
on the SAFC Finance and Audit Committee.

Extreme Makeover

  Look Both Ways   McLeod’s Daughters
SAFC Overview
The SAFC is a vital part of South Australia’s
cultural and economic life.

                                                                                                       Studio Services
                                                                                                       Studio Services has responsibility for
                                                                                                       production facilities, sound services and
                                                                                                       tenants. In 2005–06 Studio Services continued
                                                                                                       to build on the advances made during the
                                                                                                       previous financial year, and expanded the
                                                                                                       use and access of the sound facilities for
                                                                                                       training purposes.

                                                                                                       Marketing & Locations
                                                                                                       Marketing and Locations works with local,
                                                                                                       national and international clients to increase
                                                                                                       all types of production in the state. In addition
                                                                                                       it markets the services and competitive
                                                                                                       advantages offered by the local industry and
                                                                                                       the SAFC and works to ensure that the SAFC
                                                                                                       and the SA screen industry have a positive
                                                                                                       profile with key stakeholders. During the
                                                                                                       2005–06 period Marketing and Locations
It is the lead agency in South Australia for the                                                       focused on the areas of ‘relationship’ marketing
development, support and promotion of the screen                                                       (both with industry and key stakeholders).

industries. The South Australian Film Corporation                                                      Corporate Services
(SAFC) is a statutory body established under the                                                       Staff Changes
                                                                                                       In April 2006, Studio Co-ordinator Sally
1972 South Australian Film Corporation Act.                                                            Corcoran left the SAFC and a new position
                                                                                                       of Studio Manager was created. This position
The SAFC has a Board of Directors, which            Executive                                          was filled by Joanne Mulcahy.
is appointed by the State government and            The Executive Directorate comprises the
reports to the Minister for the Arts.               Chief Executive Officer and her support staff      Occupational, Health, Safety and Welfare
                                                    and is responsible for providing strategic         It is good to report that there were no staff
The core functions of the SAFC are to foster
                                                    leadership to the Corporation and the South        injuries this year.
the creation and delivery of critically acclaimed
                                                    Australian Screen Industry as well as the
and commercially successful ideas, moving           promotion of strong national and international     Premises
images and sound for any viewing medium; to         links for the Industry, advocacy, policy           The SAFC is aware of the limitation of its
support the SA screen industry in a dynamic         development and the provision of strategic         premises and is considering options for future
and responsive manner and to optimise               advice to Government.                              relocation where consideration will be given
opportunities for production & post-production                                                         to current OHSW guidelines, more effective
in this state. It does this through providing       Screen Industry Programs                           energy usage and access for the disabled.
programs in the following areas:                    Screen Industry Programs is responsible
                                                    for managing development and investment            Equal Opportunity Employment
• Career pathways and development                                                                      The SAFC supports equal opportunity in
                                                    funds within a suite of programs and initiatives
• Production and post-production activities         which are designed to nurture and support          employment and selects staff on the basis of
                                                    the development, production and delivery of        merit for all positions within the organisation.
• Promotion, partnering and relationship
  building.                                         quality screen content and ensure that South       Fraud
                                                    Australia’s talent base and production industry    There were no incidences of fraud detected
The work of the SAFC is guided by the
                                                    experiences sustaining growth. In 2005–06,         during the year. To minimise the possibility
SAFC strategic plan 2005–2008 and South
                                                    Screen Industry Programs continued its             of fraud, delegations of authority have been
Australia’s Strategic Plan targets that relate
                                                    process of review and consultation so as to        established by the Board for the approval of
to the screen industries.
                                                    best serve and deliver to the South Australian     all financial commitments incurred by the SAFC.
The SAFC is comprised of four directorates          screen industries and in particular made
that perform these functions:                       significant efficiency gains.

Dots & Diamond

Dots & Diamond
     Appendix A

                                                                                   2006      2005
                                                                           Note    $’000     $’000
             Amortisation and write offs – investments and project
             development advances                                            3     2 915     2 901
             Depreciation of plant, equipment and leasehold improvements     4       120       273
             Educational Content Fund production costs                               261       460
             Employee benefits                                               5     1 078     1 168
             Goods and services                                              6     1 317       965
             Remuneration of members and related expenses                    7       103        83
             Screen industry program grants and expenses                             738       762
             Other special grants                                                    524         –
                        Total Expenses                                             7 056     6 612

             Film distribution returns                                       8       851       178
             Interest                                                        9       439       418
             Studio hire                                                             347       319
             Other income                                                   10       235       147
                        Total Income                                               1 872     1 062

     NET COST OF PROVIDING SERVICES                                               (5 184)   (5 550)
     REVENUES FROM SA GOVERNMENT                                            11     4 716     5 700
     NET RESULT                                                                    (468)       150

     The Net Result is attributable to the SA Government as owner


                                                                        2006     2005
ASSETS                                                           Note   $’000    $’000
         Cash assets                                              12    6 310    7 959
         Inventories                                                      26       18
         Receivables                                              13     379      488
         Revolving Film Fund secured loans                        14     865      268
                  Total Current Assets                                  7 580    8 733

         Investments and project development advances             15    1 806    2 532
         Plant, equipment and leasehold improvements             16a     135      227
         Intangible Assets                                       16b      92        5
         Revolving Film Fund secured loans                        14      40         –
         Other                                                    17     119      119
                  Total Non-Current Assets                              2 192    2 883
                  Total Assets                                          9 772   11 616

         Payables                                                 18     102     1 496
         Provision for employee benefits                          19      80       64
                  Total Current Liabilities                              182     1 560
         Provision for employee benefits                          19      14       12
                  Total Non-Current Liabilities                           14       12
                  Total Liabilities                                      196     1 572
NET ASSETS                                                              9 576   10 044

         Capital contribution from State Government                     8 460    8 460
         Accumulated surplus                                            1 116    1 584
TOTAL EQUITY                                                            9 576   10 044
Commitments                                                       20
Contingent Liabilities                                            21

The Total Equity is attributable to the SA Government as owner


                                                                                 Contributed   Retained     Total
                                                                                     Capital   Earnings
                                                                            Note       $’000     $’000     $’000

     Balance at 30 June 2004                                                          8 460      1 434     9 894

             Total recognised income and                                                         6 762     6 762
             (expense) for 2004–05                                                              (6 612)   (6 612)
                      Net Profit                                                                   150       150

     Balance at 30 June 2005                                                          8 460      1 584    10 044

             Total recognised income and                                                         6 588     6 588
             (expense) for 2005–06                                                              (7 056)   (7 056)
                      Net (Loss)                                                                  (468)    (468)

     Balance as at 30 June 2006                                                       8 460      1 116     9 576

     All Changes in Equity are attributable to the SA Government as owner


                                                                                      2006        2005
                                                                                   Inflows      Inflows
                                                                                (Outflows)   (Outflows)
                                                                        Note         $’000       $’000
      Employee benefits                                                            (1 071)      (1 119)
      Revolving Film Fund secured loans                                              (905)       (268)
      Screen industry program grants                                                 (738)       (762)
      Screen industry program investments and advances                             (3 155)      (2 501)
      Other special grants                                                           (524)           –
      Other payments                                                               (1 838)      (1 162)
      GST payments on purchases                                                      (275)       (332)
      GST remitted to Australian Taxation Office                                      (27)         (61)
                 Cash Used in Operations                                           (8 533)      (6 205)

      Studio, film development and documentary sales                                  368          263
      Interest                                                                        459          418
      Repayment of Revolving Film Fund secured loans                                  208          516
      Returns from film investments                                                   831          118
      Other                                                                           265          147
      GST receipts on receivables                                                      27           61
      GST refunded by Australian Taxation Office                                      275          332
      Cash Flows from State Government                                              4 566        5 650
                 Cash Generated from Operations                                     6 999        7 505
                 Net Cash (utilised)/provided by Operating Activities   22(a)      (1 534)       1 300

      Payments for purchases of plant, equipment,
      leasehold improvements and intangible assets                                   (115)         (63)
                 Net Cash used in Investing Activities                               (115)         (63)
NET (DECREASE)/INCREASE IN CASH HELD                                               (1 649)       1 237
CASH AT 1 JULY 2005                                                                 7 959        6 722
CASH AT 30 JUNE 2006                                                    22(b)       6 310        7 959


     1   Objective and Funding
         The core objectives of the South Australian Film Corporation (the Corporation) are to foster the creation and delivery of
         critically acclaimed and commercially successful ideas, moving images and sound for any viewing medium; to support the
         SA screen industry in a dynamic and responsive manner and to optimise opportunities for production and post-production
         in this State.
         The Corporation provides financial assistance by way of grants, loans and equity investments.
         The Corporation’s principal sources of funds are State Government grants, investment income, revenue from studio and
         facilities hire and distribution returns.

     2   Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
         (a) Basis of Accounting
             The financial report is a general purpose financial report. The accounts have been prepared in accordance with
             applicable Australian Accounting Standards and Treasurer’s Instructions and Accounting Policy Statements
             promulgated under the provision of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1987 (PFAA).
             The PFAA and the Treasurer’s Instructions are legislative provisions governing the preparation of financial statements
             and take precedence over Australian Accounting Standards.
             Accounting Policy Statements issued pursuant to Treasurer’s Instructions may modify or clarify accounting standards
             application, disclosure, format and wording to provide certainty and to ensure consistency and appropriate reporting
             across the public sector. For example, AASB 116 requires non-current tangible assets to be measured at cost or fair
             value; an Accounting Policy Statement mandates the fair value option.
             Where modification is required and has a material effect upon the reported results, details of that modification and
             the resulting financial effect are disclosed in the notes.
             These financial statements are the first statements to be prepared in accordance with Australian equivalents to
             International Financial Reporting Standards (AIFRS).
             AASB 1 First time adoption of AIFRS has been applied in preparing these statements. Previous financial statements
             were prepared in accordance with Australian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
             Reporting differences between the two standards have resulted in no material variances and therefore no adjustments
             have been made to last year’s comparative results.
             There are Australian accounting standards which have been issued or amended but which are not yet effective.
             The Corporation has assessed the impact of the new and amended standards and there will be no impact on the
             accounts of the Corporation.
             The Corporation’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Changes in Equity have been prepared on an
             accrual basis and are in accordance with historical cost convention, except where stated, for certain assets that were
             valued in accordance with the valuation policy applicable.
             The Cash Flow Statement has been prepared on a cash basis.
             The financial report has been prepared based on a twelve month operating cycle and presented in Australian currency.

(b) The Reporting Entity
   All funds through which the Corporation controls resources to perform its functions have been included
   in this financial report.
   In the process of reporting on the Corporation as a single entity, all internal transactions have been eliminated.

   Screen Industry Program Fund
   The Screen Industry Program Fund provides investments in approved projects, project development and grants to
   screen industry practitioners. The cost of providing these funds are deducted from the funds received from the State

   Educational Content Fund
   The Educational Content Fund provides funding for the production of non-print communication resources to meet
   the requirements of South Australian Government’s departments and agencies. The participating departments and
   agencies contribute to the cost of productions.

   Revolving Film Fund
   The Revolving Film Fund provides secured loans to film and television producers. The loans are provided on an
   interest bearing basis.

   Administered Items: Disbursement Returns Account
   The Corporation provides a service to film producers for disbursing investment returns to investors. The Corporation
   does not have control or discretion to apply the undisbursed investment returns towards achieving the Corporation’s
   objectives, therefore, the disbursement activities are not recognised in the financial statements but have been
   disclosed in Note 24.

(c) Income and Expenses
   Income and expense are recognised in the Corporation’s Income Statement when and only when it is probable
   that the flow of economic benefits to or from the Corporation will occur and can be reliably measured.
   Income and expenses have been classified according to their nature in accordance with Accounting Policy
   Framework II General Purpose Financial Reporting Framework paragraph APS 3.5 and have not been offset unless
   required or permitted by a specific accounting standard.
   In accordance with Accounting Policy Framework II General Purpose Financial Reporting Framework paragraphs
   4.1 and 4.2 the financial report’s notes disclose income, expenses, financial assets and financial liabilities where
   the counterparty/transaction is with an entity within the SA Government as at the reporting date, classified according
   to their nature.
   Transactions with SA Government entities below the threshold of $100 000 have been included with the non-
   government transactions, classified according to their nature.

   Revenue Recognition
   Government grants and film distribution returns are recognised on receipt. Interest revenues are recognised as they
   accrue. Other revenue is recognised after the service has been provided.

     (d) Non Current Assets
        Assets are initially recorded at cost or at the value of any liabilities assumed, plus any incidental cost involved with
        the acquisition. Where assets are acquired at no value, or minimal value, they are recorded at their fair value in the
        Balance Sheet.

        Intangible Assets
        An intangible asset is an identifiable non-monetary asset without physical substance. Intangible assets are measured
        at cost.
        The acquisition of or internal development of software is capitalised when the expenditure meets the definition and
        recognition criteria of an intangible asset outlined in AASB 138 Intangible Assets and when the amount of expenditure
        is greater than or equal to $10 000, in accordance with Accounting Policy Framework III Asset Accounting Framework
        paragraph APS 2.15.
        All development costs that do not meet the capitalisation criteria outlined in AASB 138 are expensed.

        Plant and equipment items with an initial cost greater than $500 are depreciated over their estimated useful lives
        using the straight line method and the following rates:
        Production, projection, editing and sound equipment                     10–30
        Office furniture, equipment and computers                               10–40
        Depreciation rates and methods are reviewed annually.

        Amortisation of Leasehold Improvements
        Leasehold improvements are amortised over the lease term or estimated useful life, whichever is the shorter,
        using the straight line method.

        Project Investments and Project Development Funding
        The Corporation acknowledges the speculative nature of project investment and development and the low rate
        of return on projects funded through the Screen Industry Program. The Corporation has regard to industry
        standards and applies professional judgment to determine the rates of amortisation of individual investments
        and loans, in relation to recoupment projections.
        The rates of amortisation are aligned with industry standards. Amortisation rates have been set at 80 percent
        of the cost of project investments and 90 percent of the cost of project development.

     (e) Provisions
        Doubtful Debts
        The collectability of trade debts is assessed annually and provision is made for any doubtful debts.

        Employee Benefits
        Provision has been made in the financial statements, where stated, for the Corporation’s liability for employee benefits
        arising from services rendered by employees prior to balance date. This provision includes annual leave entitlements
        and pro rata entitlements for long service leave. No provision has been made for sick leave as it is regarded as an
        expense of the period during which leave is taken.
        Employment related on-costs have been included in payables.
        Liabilities in respect to long service leave entitlements have been calculated at nominal amounts based on current
        salary and wages rates. The Department of Treasury and Finance have advised that a benchmark of seven years
        can be used for a short hand estimation of long service leave liability in accordance with the provisions of Australian
        Accounting Standard AASB 119 ‘Employee Benefits’. This advice has been adopted and the long service leave
        liability has been calculated on that basis.

    (f)   Superannuation
          The Corporation contributes to employee nominated externally managed funds in respect of the provision
          of future retirement benefits for its employees. Pursuant to the Commonwealth Government’s Superannuation
          Guarantee legislation contributions were made at a rate of 9 percent of eligible earnings.
          The Corporation does not guarantee the performance of these funds.
          These contributions are treated as an expense when they occur (refer Note 5). There is no liability for payments
          to beneficiaries as they have been assumed by the fund.

    (g) Inventories
          Inventories are valued at their lower of cost or net realisable value. Obsolete inventories are written off.

    (h) Accounting for the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
          Revenues, expenses and assets are recognised net of the amount of GST except that:
          • the amount of GST incurred by the Corporation as a purchaser that is not recoverable from the Australian
            Taxation Office is recognised as part of the cost of acquisition of an asset or as part of an item of expense; and
          • receivables and payables are stated with the amount of GST included.
          The net GST receivable/payable to the Australian Taxation Office has been recognised as a receivable/payable
          in the Balance Sheet.
          Cash flows are reported on a gross basis in the Cash Flow Statement. The GST component of cash flows arising
          from the investing activities, which are recoverable from, or payable to the Australian Taxation Office, have however
          been classified as operating cash flows.

    (i)   Tax Status
          The activities of the Corporation are exempt from Commonwealth income tax but are subject to other taxes such
          as fringe benefits tax, goods and services tax and payroll tax.

    (j)   Rounding
          All amounts are rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

3   Film Investment and Project Development Amortisation,                                                2006                2005
    Write Off and Impairment Losses                                                                     $’000                $’000
          Film Investments                                                                              2 339                1 827
          Project Development                                                                             516                    588
                                                                                                        2 855                2 415
    Write Off:
          Revolving Film Fund secured loan                                                                   –                   486

    Provision for Impairment Loss:
          Revolving Film Fund secured loan                                                                  60                     –
                                                                                                        2 915                2 901

    An amount of $60 000 remains outstanding on a cash flow loan provided to Peach Films Pty Ltd.
    The Board considered it prudent to make a provision for impairment of this loan in this financial year.

     4   Depreciation and Amortisation of Plant,                                            2006     2005
         Equipment and Leasehold Improvements                                               $’000    $’000
                  Production, projection, editing and sound equipment                         32       152
                  Office furniture, equipment , computers and database                        82       115
                  Leasehold improvements                                                       6         6
                                                                                             120       273

     5   Employee Benefits
         Salary and wages (including annual leave)                                           930     1 032
         Superannuation                                                                       96        88
         Long service leave                                                                     –        2
         Workers compensation (insurance)                                                     10         9
         Payroll and fringe benefits tax                                                      42        37
                                                                                            1 078    1 168

         Remuneration paid to executives was in the following bands:                      Number    Number
                  $120 001 – $130 000                                                          1         1

     6   Goods and Services                                                                  2006    2005
                                                                                            $’000    $’000
         Audit fees for the audit of the financial report *                                   48        32
         Audit fees for disbursement service                                                    –        6
         Computer supplies and related expenses                                               40        34
         Contractors                                                                         172        27
         Cost of goods sold                                                                   97        87
         Doubtful debts                                                                         –        4
         Industry promotion and participation                                                101        97
         Legal fees                                                                           38        13
         Location promotion costs                                                             27        24
         Motor vehicle                                                                        10        11
         Occupancy expenses:
                  Building rent                                                              177       180
                  Contract cleaning and associated expenses                                   44        44
                  Utility expenses                                                            72        79
         Other                                                                               232       144
         Repairs and maintenance                                                              29        23
         Stationery                                                                           28        39
         Telephones and communications                                                        34        29
         Temporary and freelance staff                                                        73        23
         Travel                                                                               95        69
                                                                                            1 317      965
         *the auditors provided no other services

         The total includes goods and services paid or due to SA Government entities
         where the amount paid or due to SA Government entities was less than $100 000.
7   Remuneration of Members and Related Expenses                                                      2006     2005
                                                                                                     $’000     $’000
    Remuneration of members                                                                            64         55
    Board related expenses                                                                             39         28
                                                                                                      103         83

                                                                                                     2006       2005
                                                                                                   Number     Number
    Remuneration paid to Board members for full year ended 30 June 2006                           Members    Members
               $0                                                                                       2          2
               $1 – $10 000                                                                             2          0
               $10 001 – $20 000                                                                        5          5

    The following held office as Board members for the year ended 30 June 2006
    •   C Bart
    •   P Martin
    •   B Morris
    •   B Fox
    •   J Chataway
    •   J Shteinman
    •   H Leake (resigned 31 October 2005)
    •   G Kelly (appointed 25 August 2005)
    •   S MacKinnon (appointed 25 August 2005)
    Board fees are not payable to government employees in accordance
    with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet Circular 14.
    The Corporation entered into commitments during the current year to provide revolving
    film fund loans of $600 000 (2005 $480 000) and investment funding of nil (2005 $475 000)
    in respect of film productions with which Corporation members were associated.
    The relevant members did not participate in the processes of approving those commitments.

8   Film Distribution Returns
    Film distribution returns were high in the current year due to the success of “Wolf Creek”.
    The majority of these returns were used to increase screen industry programs.

9   Interest
                                                                                                     2006      2005
                                                                                                     $’000     $’000
    Deposits with SA Government Financing Authority                                                   431        411
    Revolving Film Fund loans                                                                           8          7
                                                                                                      439        418

     10   Other Income                                                                                2006    2005
                                                                                                      $’000   $’000
          Revolving Film Fund fees                                                                      18      38
          Disbursement Service fees                                                                     37      25
          Production Investment fees                                                                      –     32
          Other income                                                                                 180      52
                                                                                                       235     147

     11   Revenues from SA Government
          Operating Grant:
                      Operating grant                                                                  919     970
                      Operational support grant                                                           –    300
                      Screen Industry Program Fund program grant                                      3 437   3 430
                      Production Incentive grant                                                          –    500
                      Script Initiative grant                                                             –    250
          Educational Content Fund grant                                                               200     200
          Contributions from other State Government agencies                                           160      50
                                                                                                      4 716   5 700

     12   Cash Assets
          Short term deposits                                                                         5 431   7 955
          Cash at bank and on hand                                                                     879       4
                                                                                                      6 310   7 959

     13   Receivables
          Trade debtors                                                                                366     302
          Less: Provision for doubtful debts                                                            45      45
                                                                                                       321     257

          Accrued revenue                                                                                4     199
          Sundry debtors and prepayments                                                                54      32
                                                                                                        58     231
          Total Fees and Charges – Non-SA Government Entities           (1)
                                                                                                       379     488

                The total includes receivables received or due from SA Government entities where
                the amount received by or due from the SA Government entity was less than $100 000.

14   Revolving Film Fund Secured Loans                                                              2006           2005
                                                                                                    $’000          $’000
     Classified as:
              Current Assets                                                                         925            268
              Less: Provision for Impairment                                                           60              –
              Current Assets                                                                         865            268

              Non-Current Assets                                                                       40              –
              Total                                                                                  905            268

     The loans are provided on an interest bearing basis and secured, with due regard to the credit
     worthiness of the producer and the distributors providing distribution guarantees, by a combination of:
     a) a charge over the producer’s assets from the film, including the right to receive income;
     b) a charge over the gross proceeds from exploitation of the film.

15   Investments and Project Development Advances
     Production Investments                                                                         1 765          2 486
     Project Development Advances                                                                      41            46
                                                                                                    1 806          2 532

16   (a) Plant, Production, Projection, Editing, Sound,
         Office Equipment and Leasehold Improvements

     Leasehold improvements – At cost                                                                  49          1 690
     Less: Accumulated amortisation                                                                    27          1 680
                                                                                                       22            10

     Production equipment – At cost                                                                  156           1 666
     Less: Accumulated depreciation                                                                  100           1 615
                                                                                                       56            51

     Office equipment – At cost                                                                      180            698
     Less: Accumulated depreciation                                                                  123            532
                                                                                                       57           166
                                                                                                     135            227

     During the year a fixed asset audit was conducted and on completion the opportunity
     was taken to remove all fully written down assets from the fixed asset register.

     (b) Intangible Assets
         Internally developed computer software                                                        95             5
         Less: Accumulated amortisation                                                                 3              –
         Total Computer Software                                                                       92             5

     The internally developed computer software relates to the SAFC contacts and SAFC locations databases,
     each will have a remaining useful life of 3 years, at carrying amounts of $44 000 and $48 000 respectively.

          (c) Reconciliation of Non-Current Assets
                                                Leasehold      Studio and          Office     Tangible        Internally   Intangible
                                             Improvements          Mixing     Equipment        Assets        Developed        Assets
                                                                  Theatre                        Total       Computer           Total
                                                      $’000         $’000          $’000        $’000            $’000         $’000

          Carrying amount as at 1 July 2005             10             51            166          227                 5            5
          Additions                                      3             51             12           66                48           48
          Assets reclassifications                      15            (11)           (46)         (42)               42           42
          Less: Depreciation and amortisation            6             35             76          117                 3            3
          Add: (rounding adjustment)                      –              –                1             1             –            –
                                                        22             56             57          135                92           92

     17   Other Assets                                                                                  2006                   2005
                                                                                                        $’000                  $’000
          Prepayments                                                                                       119                  119

          The Corporation intends to vacate the Hendon premises at the end of the current lease term.
          The Corporation negotiated an agreed payment for the reinstatement of the premises, which
          was paid during the 2005 financial year. The payment has been shown as a prepayment
          of $118 500 and will be recognised as an expense when the premises are vacated.

     18   Payables
          Trade creditors                                                                                     –                1 200
          Employee on-costs                                                                                   3                   19
          Other payables                                                                                     99                  277
                                                                                                            102                1 496

     19   Provision for Employee Benefits
          Current Liability:
                   Provision for annual leave                                                               80                    64

          Non-Current Liability:
                   Provision for long service leave                                                         14                    12
          The total current and non current employee expense (ie aggregate employee
          benefit plus related on costs) for 2006 is $102 000 and $14 000 respectively.

     20   Commitments
          (a) Screen Industry Program Funds
              The Corporation has entered into commitments of $2 889 000 (2005 $1 879 000)
              to approved applicants in respect of production investments and other industry programs.
              The commitments had not been drawn down at 30 June 2006, or recognised as
              investments or expenses in these financial statements, as criteria for payment had
              not been met at that date.

     (b) Educational Content Fund
         The Corporation has entered into commitments of $532 000 (2005 $175 000) in respect
         of productions of the Fund. The commitments had not been drawn down at 30 June 2006,
         or recognised as expenses in these financial statements, as criteria for payment had not
         been met at that date.

     (c) Revolving Film Fund
         Cash flow loans of $527 500 (2005 $750 000) have been approved by the Board but
         had not been drawn down at 30 June 2006.

     (d) Operating Lease
         The Corporation’s operating lease is for accommodation. The lease has a remaining
         term of two years. This commitment is not recognised as a liability in the financial report
         at reporting date but is payable as follows:
                                                                                                        2006      2005
                                                                                                        $’000     $’000
         Not later than one year                                                                          192       185
         Later than one year but not later than five years                                                200       190
              Total Operating Lease Commitments (including GST)                                           392       375

21   Contingent Liabilities
     The Corporation has no material contingent liabilities.

22   Notes to the Cash Flow Statement
     (a) Reconciliation of Net Cost of Providing Services
         to Net Cash (Utilised)/Provided by Operating Activities
         Net cost of providing services                                                                (5 184)   (5 550)
         Revenues from State Government                                                                 4 716     5 700
         Non-Cash Flows:
              Depreciation, amortisation, write offs and impairments                                    3 035     3 174
              Provision for doubtful debts                                                                  –         4
         Changes in Assets and Liabilities:
              Increase in inventories                                                                      (8)       (1)
              Decrease (Increase) in receivables                                                          109     (352)
              (Increase) Decrease in Revolving Film Fund loans                                          (697)       782
              (Increase) Decrease in investments and project development loans                         (2 129)   (3 850)
              Decrease in plant                                                                             –       207
              Increase in other                                                                             –     (119)
              Increase (Decrease) in payables                                                          (1 394)    1 282
              Increase (Decrease) in provision for employee benefits                                       18        23
                  Net Cash (Utilised)/Provided by Operating Activities                                 (1 534)    1 300

     (b) Reconciliation of Cash
         For the purposes of the Cash Flow Statement, cash consists of cash
         on hand and at bank and investments in money market instruments.
         Cash at 30 June as shown in the Cash Flow Statement is reconciled
         to the related item in the Balance Sheet as follows:
         Cash assets                                                                                    6 310     7 959

     23   Additional Financial Instruments Disclosure
          (a) Accounting Policies and Terms and Conditions Affecting Future Cash Flows
               Financial Assets
               Cash assets are available at call and are recorded at cost. Receivables are recorded at cost. Production investments
               and project development are recorded at amortised cost. Revolving Film Fund loans (refer Note 14) are advanced
               to production companies and are secured by way of a charge or guarantee appropriate to the circumstances of each
               loan. Interest is charged at rates consistent with usual Corporation policy. Revolving Film Fund loans are recognised
               at cost and are classified between current asset and non-current asset elements based on the repayment terms
               specified in each agreement.
               The Corporation has taken the exemption available under AASB 1 to apply AASB 132 and AASB 139 from 1 July
               2005. The Corporation has applied generally accepted accounting principles in the comparative information on
               financial instruments.

               Financial Liabilities
               Payables are raised for all amounts billed but unpaid. Sundry creditors are normally settled within 30 days.

          (b) Interest Rate Risk                                                             2006
                                                     Fixed          Floating                Non-                Total
                                                  Interest          Interest             Interest            Carrying
                                                      Rate              Rate             Bearing             Amount
          Financial Assets:                          $’000             $’000                $’000               $’000
                    Cash assets                                         6 310                                    6 310
                    Receivables                                                               321                  321
                    Investments and project                                                 1 806                1 806
                    Revolving Film Fund loans         905                                                          905
                                                      905               6 310               2 127                9 342
          Financial Liabilities:
                    Payables                             –                   –                   –                    –
                                                         –                   –                   –                    –

          The effective interest rate on cash assets as at 30 June 2006 ranged
          from 5.65% to 5.79%, and for receivables between 4% and 5.6%.
                                                                                             2005                             Weighted
                                                     Fixed            Floating               Non-                Total         Effective
                                                   Interest           Interest            Interest            Carrying          Interest
                                                      Rate               Rate             Bearing             Amount               Rate
          Financial Assets:                          $’000              $’000               $’000               $’000          Percent
                    Cash assets                          –              7 959                   –                7 959             5.45
                    Receivables                          –                  –                 257                  257
                    Investments and project              –                   –              2 532                2 532
                    Revolving Film Fund loans         268                    –                   –                 268             5.64
                                                      268               7 959               2 789              11 016
          Financial Liabilities:
                    Payables                             –                   –              1 200                1 200
                                                         –                   –              1 200                1 200

          (c) Net Fair Values
               The net fair value of financial assets and liabilities of the Corporation approximates their carrying value.

24   (a) Administered Item: Disbursement Returns Account                                2006   2005
                                                                                       $’000   $’000
     Balance at 1 July                                                                  226     194
     Add:    Receipts
             Royalties, distribution advances, etc.                                    2 823    743
     Less:   Expenditure
             Disbursements to and on behalf of investors                               2 171    463
             Producer overhead costs                                                    686     231
             Disbursements fees                                                           8      17
                         Balance at 30 June                                             184     226

     (b) Administered Item: Unclaimed Investor Returns Account
     Balance at 1 July                                                                   91      87
     Add:    Receipts – Unclaimed returns                                                 1       4
     Less:   Expenditure – Returns to investors                                          23        –
                         Balance at 30 June                                              69      91

25   Consultants
     There were no consultants engaged where individual amounts exceeded $10 000.

26   Economic Dependency
     The ongoing activities of the Corporation are dependent on the annual provision
     of grants from the State Government.

     Appendix B
     CHART AS AT 30 JUNE 2006

                                                                                South Australian
                                                                                Film Corporation

                                                                                  Helen Leake
                                                                                                                    Fulvia Lorenzon
                                                                                 Chief Executive
                                                                                                                   Executive Assistant

        Melissa Juhanson           Stephane Ziersch                Lisa Gellie                 Rory McGregor         Shaunee Fox
                                                                                                                                              Tony Young
           Acting Head                   Director                      Head                         Head               Manager
                                                                                                                                                Head IT
     Screen Industry Programs   Director Strategy & Policy     Marketing & Locations           Studio Services     Corporate Services

        Sandy Lepore (.6)                                         Stefan Grun                   Jo Mulcahy           Kevin Hatswell
          Project Officer                                       Marketing Manager              Studio Manager      Distribution Manager

          Emma Forgie                                            Danielle Elliott                                    Louise Berry
          Project Officer                                    Marketing & Events Officer                           Administration Officer

         Sandy Cameron                                                                                                 Kylee Bald
          Project Officer                                                                                        Financial Services Officer

                                                                                                                   Joy Bollmeyer (.5)
     Rebecca Waddingham
                                                                                                                   Leanne Ridley (.5)
      Program Coordinator


Chief Executive Office
        Helen Leake                                  Chief Executive Officer
        Stephanie Ziersch                            Director, Strategy and Policy
        Fulvia Lorenzon                              Executive Assistant

Corporate Services
        Shaunee Fox                                  Manager, Corporate Services
        Louise Berry                                 Administration Officer
        Kevin Hatswell                               Distribution Manager
        Kylee Bald                                   Financial Services Officer
        Tony Young                                   Head of IT
        Joy Bollmeyer                                Receptionist (part time)
        Leanne Ridley                                Receptionist (part time)

Screen Industry Programs
        Melissa Juhanson                             Acting Head, Screen Industry Programs
        Emma Forgie                                  Project Officer
        Sandy Cameron                                Project Officer
        Sandra Lepore                                Project Officer (part time)
        Rebecca Waddingham                           Program Coordinator

Marketing and Locations
        Lisa Gellie                                  Head, Marketing and Locations
        Stefan Grun                                  Marketing Manager
        Danielle Elliott                             Marketing and Events Officer

Studio Services
        Rory McGregor                                Head, Studio Services
        Jo Mulcahy                                   Studio Manager

The SAFC gratefully acknowledges the assistance given by the following
people who left the SAFC during 2005–2006:
        Molly Reynolds                               Head, Screen Industry Programs
        Sonya Vivienne                               Project Officer (part time)
        Kath McIntyre                                Project Officer (part time)
        Cam Rogers                                   Program Coordinator
        Kate Butler                                  Marketing & Events Officer
        Sally Corcoran                               Studio Coordinator


     Persons                                           21
     FTE's                                          19.92

     Gender                                   % Persons        % FTE's
     Male                                            29%           30%
     Female                                          71%           70%
     Number of persons separated from the agency during the 05/06 financial year       6
     Number of persons recruited to the agency during 05/06 financial year             5
     Number of persons on leave without pay at 30 June 2006                           nil

     Salary Bracket                                                                Male     Female             Total
     $0 – $38 000                                                                      1         5                6
     $38 001 – $49 000                                                                 3         3                6
     $49 001 – $6 4000                                                                 2         4                6
     $64 001 – $83 000                                                                 –         1                1
     $83 001 +                                                                         –         2                2
     TOTAL                                                                             6        15               21

                                                                   Male        Female         Total   % of Strategic
     Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander                                 –               –        nil              nil

                                                    Male        Female             Total      % of            SA
                                                                                            Agency      Community
     Number of Employees born overseas                                1                1       4.8
     Number of Employees who speak languages(s)
     other than English at home                                       1                1       4.8

                                                                   Male        Female         Total    % of Agency
     TOTAL                                                             –               –        nil              nil

                                     Ongoing    Short-Term      Long-Term         Casual         Total
                                                  Contract        Contract
Female                                                   2           11.92                      13.92
Male                                                     3               3                          6
TOTAL                                                    5           14.92                      19.92

                                     Ongoing    Short-Term      Long-Term         Casual         Total
                                                  Contract        Contract
Female                                                   2             13                          15
Male                                                     3              3                           6
TOTAL                                                    5             16                          21

Classification                       Ongoing       Contract       Contract
                                                   Tenured      Untenured           Total
                                 Male Female   Male Female    Male Female    Male Female         Total
EXB                                                      1                                          1
TOTAL                                                    1                                          1

Leave Type                                       2005–2006      2004–2005      2003–2004    2002–2003
Sick Leave Taken                                        6.0            4.3            4.6          8.5

Age Bracket                                         Female           Male           Total   % of Total
15–19                                                    –              –              –            0
20–24                                                    1              1              2          9.5
25–29                                                    1              1              2          9.5
30–34                                                    2              2              4         19.1
35–39                                                    2              –              2          9.5
40–44                                                    3              1              4         19.1
45–49                                                    2              –              2          9.5
50–54                                                    2              –              2          9.5
55–59                                                    1              1              2          9.5
60–64                                                    1              –              1          4.8
65+                                                      –              –              –            0
TOTAL                                                   15              6             21          100

                                                                     Male         Female         Total
Part-time Job Share                                                      –             3            3

     Salary Bracket                                  % with a plan negotiated within the past 12 months
     $0 – $38 000                                                                                28.6%
     $38 001 – $49 000                                                                           28.6%
     $49 001 – $64 000                                                                           28.6%
     $64 001 – $83 000                                                                            4.7%
     $83 000 +                                                                                    9.5%
     TOTAL                                                                                        100%

     Below $10 000                                                                    $10 000 – $50 000
     Nil                                                                                             Nil
     Nil                                                                                             Nil
     Nil                                                                                             Nil

     Salary Bracket                                                                       Actual 05–06      Target 05–06
                                                                                                     $                 $
     $0 – $38 000                                                                                   856            2 712
     $38 001 – $49 000                                                                              479            2 712
     $49 001 – $64 000                                                                            1 334            2 712
     $64 001 – $83 000                                                                              485              452
     $83 000 +                                                                                      351              904
     TOTAL                                                                                        3 505            9 492

     Number of Employees                         Destination/s                                 Reasons         Total Cost
                                                                                              for Travel       to Agency
     1                                                  China                     Business Development             5 004
     1                                                 France                       Cannes Film Festival          15 322
     1                                              Hong Kong                     Business Development             1 338
     1                                                   India                    Business Development             2 055
     1                                               LA/Austin                    Business Development             5 758
     2                                               LA/Austin            LA Expo/Business Development            15 976
     1                                                     UK                    Co-production Seminar             4 248
                                                                                & Business Development

     Particulars                                    Number of       Percentage of         Value in $A of   Percentage of
                                                 accounts paid      accounts paid        accounts paid     accounts paid
                                                                      (by number)                              (by value)

     Paid by due date                                    2 121              99.7%             8 047 418           99.9 %
     Paid within 30 days or less from due date               –                  –                     –                –
     Paid more than 30 days from due date                    6               0.3%                 9 558            0.1 %

Appendix C

Production Investment – Feature Films
Date Committed         Applicant                               Project                                               $
24.08.05               Miriam Stein                            Esther Blueburger                               300 000
24.08.05               Craig Lahiff                            Swerve                                          400 000
11.10.05               Camerawork Pty Ltd                      I Love a Sunburnt Country                       100 000
11.10.05               Vertigo Productions                     Ten Canoes                                       19 559
10.01.06               Vertigo Productions                     Dr Plonk                                        250 000
19.12.05               Go Patterson Films/Illumination Films   Kalaupapa – Haven                                50 000
19.12.05               Liberty Productions Pty Ltd             Forbidden Lie$                                  100 000
19.12.05               Puncture Ltd                            Lucky Miles                                     350 000
01.05.06               Grand Bay Films Pty Ltd                 The Looking Glass                               200 000
01.05.06               The People's Republic of Animation      Sweet & Sour                                     30 000
01.05.06               Porthmeor Productions                   What the Future Sounded Like:                    60 000
                                                               The Music of Tristram Cary
29.06.06               First Nation Films Pty Ltd              First Australians                                75 000
29.06.06               Northside Productions Pty Ltd           Rain Shadow                                     300 000
                                                               Sub-Total                                      2 234 559

PI – Legal Costs
20.03.05               Adelaide Motion Pictures                Elephant Tales                                    6 791
02.08.04               Sherman Pictures                        Pobby & Dingan                                    1 787
12.03.04               Richard Becker                          December Boys                                     8 915
11.08.03               Vertigo Productions                     Ten Canoes                                          984
01.07.04               Millenium Television                    McLeod's Daughters                               10 326
20.10.04               RB Films                                Lockie Leonard                                   28 342
28.10.04               Bluewater Pictures P/L                  Like Minds                                        4 505
19.12.05               Go Patterson Films/Illumination Films   Kalaupapa – Haven                                 2 394
24.08.05               Miriam Stein                            Esther Blueburger                                 1 291
11.10.05               Camerawork Pty Ltd                      I Love a Sunburnt Country                         5 520
10.01.06               Vertigo Productions                     Dr Plonk                                          2 485
19.12.05               Liberty Productions Pty Ltd             Forbidden Lie$                                    4 247
19.12.05               Puncture Ltd                            Lucky Miles                                       1 657
                                                               Sub-Total Legal Fees                             79 244
                                                               TOTAL                                          2 313 803

Legal Costs
24.11.05               Kim Mavromatis                          Sacred Ground                                     7 043
13.12.05               Margaret Snelling                       It's All Good                                       554
07.02.05               Enjoy Entertainment                     Run Santa Run                                     2 307
19.01.06               Wayne Groom                             European Film Market 2006                           308
15.09.05               M Piper & C Piper                       Ariadne's Thread                                    640
24.06.05               Cath Moore                              Moving South                                        576
12.12.05               Vicki Sugars                            Writer's Block                                       78
23.05.06               Anne Tsoulis                            My Name is Onassis II                               441
                                                               Sub-Total                                        11 946

Script Project Development
07.09.05               Mark Patterson                          Mindless Ferocity of Sharks                      15 500
07.09.05               Phillip Bowman                          Rhinochasers                                     15 000
15.09.05               Mike Carroll – Planet Earth Films       Long Long is the Road Far Far is the Journey     17 750
07.02.06               Enjoy Entertainment                     Run Santa Run                                    17 750
23.05.06               Anne Tsoulis                            My Name is Onassis II                            12 000
                                                               Sub-Total                                        88 000

     Date Committed         Applicant                           Project                                                 $
     Project Development – New Writers
     15.09.05               K Moliere & S McNeil                Cold Caller                                         16 000
     15.09.05               M Piper & C Piper                   Ariadne's Thread                                    14 000
     07.09.05               Heather Phillips                    Bird                                                23 450
     15.09.05               Kath Dooley                         Detached                                             8 000
     21.11.05               R Grindle & G Gollop                The Bleating                                         9 900
     12.12.05               Margaret Snelling                   It's All Good                                       10 000
     12.12.05               Vicki Sugars                        Writer's Block                                       6 600
     18.04.06               Cath Moore                          A Little Verity                                      1 000
     23.05.06               Neil Molloy                         The Celestial Navigator                             10 000
                                                                Sub-Total                                           88 950

     Project Development – Documentary
     24.11.05               Mike Carroll – Planet Earth Films   The Rise and Rise of Michelle Bachelet              13 000
     22.03.06               Liberty Productions Pty Ltd         Forbidden Lie$                                      30 000
     19.06.06               Katrina Lucas & Mark Anderson       A Fighting Chance                                    3 500
     30.05.06               Sacred Cow Films                    The Marks are Still on the Road                     14 350
                                                                Sub-Total                                           60 850

     Special Project Development
     05.09.05               The Peoples Republic of Animation   Frits Gets Rich – Marketing                          3 000
     05.09.05               Sacred Cow Films                    The 9:13 – Marketing                                 3 000
     05.09.05               Vicki Sugars                        The Body Corporate – Marketing                       3 000
     05.09.05               Closer Productions                  Staying Up – Marketing                               3 000
     09.01.06               Hugh Sullivan                       Man Janson – Marketing                               1 250
                                                                Sub-Total                                           13 250

     Pre-production Marketing Loan
     31.08.05               A Maras & S McDonald                Azadi – Marketing Loan                               3 500
     09.12.05               Chris Faull                         Marketing Loan                                      10 000
     19.01.06               Wayne Groom                         European Film Market 2006                            5 055
     10.05.06               Murali Thalluri                     Cannes 2006                                          8 000
     03.05.06               Craig Lahiff                        Cannes 2006                                          8 887
                                                                Sub-Total                                           35 442
                                                                TOTAL                                              298 438

     Festival and Awards Grants
     19.07.05               Carly Maple                         7th International Wildlife Film Festival             2 500
     05.09.05               Anthony Maras                       50th Valladolid Intern Film Festival Spain           2 500
     30.11.05               Pete Best                           IF & AFI Awards                                        500
     30.11.05               Tom Heuzenroeder                    AFI Awards                                             300
     30.11.05               Peter Smith                         IF Awards                                              300
     30.11.05               Eddie White                         AFI Awards                                             300
     30.11.05               James Calvert                       AFI Awards                                             300
     17.02.06               Ari Gibson                          Sony Tropest 2006                                      290
     10.05.06               Nicholas Matthews                   Cannes 2006                                          2 500
     03.05.06               Eddie White                         Animafest – World Festival – Zagreb                  2 500
     11.05.06               Sam White                           Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival     2 500
     24.05.06               Huy Nguyen                          Dendy Awards                                           293
     24.05.06               Vicki Sugars                        Sydney Film Festival                                   300
     24.05.06               Storm Ashwood                       St Kida Film Festival                                  300
                                                                Sub-Total                                           15 383

Date Committed         Applicant                            Project                                             $
Practitioner Development Grants
06.07.05               Mike Piper                           SPAA 2005                                          795
06.07.05               Christine Sweeney                    SPAA 2005                                          795
14.07.05               Richard Coburn                       Society of Motion Picture & TV Engineers Conf      300
14.07.05               Monica Kordova                       Mediaguardian Edinburgh Int TV Festival 2005     1 043
19.07.05               Melissa Sheldrick                    SPAA 2005                                        1 000
21.07.05               Shayne Sandor                        SPAAmart 2005                                    1 800
27.07.05               Wayne Groom                          Australian International Movie Convention          768
20.07.05               Media Resource Centre                Zoom Awards 2005                                 3 000
22.07.05               Sonya Humphrey                       SPAA Fringe 2005                                   388
22.07.05               Bettina Hamilton                     SPAA Fringe 2005                                   386
22.07.05               Ari Gibson                           SPAA Fringe 2005                                   386
22.07.05               Simon Herden                         SPAA Fringe 2005                                   386
22.07.05               Sean Lahiff                          SPAA Fringe 2005                                   386
22.07.05               Hugh Sullivan                        SPAA Fringe 2005                                   388
08.08.05               Scott McDonald                       SPAA 2005                                        1 000
08.08.05               Andrew Ellis                         SPAA 2005                                        1 000
05.09.05               Russell Alexander                    Pro Tools – AFTRS                                  525
05.09.05               Jess Asnz                            Australian Screen Directors Assoc Conf             498
28.09.05               Michael Clarkin                      AFTRS – Production Management Course               985
29.11.05               Albert Jamae                         Arista Script Development Lecture Series           487
15.12.05               Matt Bate                            AIDC 2006                                          700
15.12.05               Martin Potter                        AIDC 2006                                          700
15.12.05               Sonya Humphrey                       AIDC 2006                                          700
15.12.05               Sandra Cook                          AIDC 2006                                          700
15.12.05               Rachael Thompson                     AIDC 2006                                          700
15.12.05               Louise Pascale                       AIDC 2006                                          507
22.12.05               Carl Kuddell                         AIDC 2006                                          630
03.01.06               Jennifer Lyons-Reid                  AIDC 2006                                          630
03.01.06               Viron Papadopoulos                   AIDC 2006                                          750
04.01.06               Sonja Vivienne                       AIDC 2006                                          660
06.01.06               Claire Harris                        AIDC 2006                                          750
09.01.06               Corey Piper                          AIDC 2006                                          750
16.01.06               Sandra Cook                          AFTRS-Pitch Your Way to a Doc Presale              400
16.01.06               Sonya Humphrey                       AFTRS-Pitch Your Way to a Doc Presale              400
17.01.06               Julianne Pierce                      AIDC 2006                                          700
17.01.06               Beth Neate                           AIDC 2006                                          700
17.01.06               Mike Carroll                         AIDC 2006                                          700
17.01.06               Mike Piper                           AIDC 2006                                          750
17.01.06               Debra Thorsen                        AIDC 2006                                          750
17.01.06               Gillian Norman                       AIDC 2006                                          574
17.01.06               Trevor Norman                        AIDC 2006                                          574
04.05.06               Ali Ashdown                          Visualising the Story – AFTRS                      500
08.06.05               The People's Republic of Animation   SA Short Screen Awards Film Prize                3 000
                                                            Sub-Total                                       33 537

     Date Committed         Applicant                          Project                                          $
     13.07.05               Claire Harris                      ABC                                           1 640
     24.08.05               Melinda Standfield                 Caterpillar Wish Production                   4 320
     15.08.05               Colin Zammit                       Like Minds                                    1 200
     11.08.05               Liz Dooley                         Nylon Films Production                        3 600
     11.08.05               Natalie Kapustka                   McLeod's Daughters Camera                     3 600
     24.10.05               Christine Williams                 December Boys Production Office               3 600
     02.11.05               Russell Alexander                  Elephant Tales Sound Post                     3 600
     02.11.05               Joseph Mallia                      December Boys Art Dept.                       3 600
     06.12.05               Paulina Toro                       2:37 Sound Post                               3 600
     10.12.05               Simone Mazengarb                   December Boys Camera Dept.                    1 320
     24.01.06               Natasha Burfield                   18 Canoes Assistant Editor                    3 600
     21.03.06               Nathan Little                      ABC News Editing Department                   2 400
     26.04.06               Sasha Leonard                      3rd Ad McLeod's Daughters                     3 360
     08.05.06               John Kassab                        December Boys Sound Post                      3 600
     17.05.06               Michael Clarkin                    Lucky Miles Production Office                 1 800
     23.05.06               Corey Mansfield                    Lucky Miles Locations                         1 800
     30.05.06               Daniel McGuiness                   Lucky Miles Art Department                    3 600
     15.06.05               Leeth Keough                       Lucky Miles Art Department                    3 000
     02.06.06               Albert Lovegrove-Buckskin          Last of Wirangu Sound Recordist                 805
     21.06.05               Bettina Hamilton                   Dr Plonk Production Office                    3 600
                                                               Sub-Total                                    57 645

     20.12.05               Jonathan Daw                       Director Animator Mentorship with A Lucas     2 000
     03.01.06               Sharyn Pancione                    Producer Mentorship with S Brown              2 500
     04.01.06               David Ngo                          Editing Mentorship with D Banbury             2 400
                                                               Sub-Total                                     6 900

     Industry Development Events and Activities
     04.08.05               Feast Festival                     I Can See Queerly Now 2                       2 000
     14.09.05               AFTRS                              AFTRS Training Courses                       10 000
     10.12.05               Terowie Citizens Association Inc   Terowie Days of Rail and Screen                 500
     10.12.05               Media Resource Centre              Zoom! Short Film Awards 2006                  4 500
     10.12.05               SHORTS Film Festival               SHORTS Film Festival                          5 000
     10.12.05               Adelaide Fringe Inc                Screen Strand at Adelaide Fringe              5 000
     10.12.05               Australian Writers Guild           Courses                                       8 428
     10.12.05               Popcorn Taxi Pty                   Popcorn Taxi Adelaide                         1 333
     10.12.05               Australian Cinematographers        ACS SA Branch – Cinematography Awards         1 500
                            Society SA Branch
     30.06.06               Australian Writers Guild           2006 AWGIE Awards                             3 500
     30.06.06               Screen Producers Assoc of Aust     SPAAMart 2006                                 3 500
     30.06.06               Feast Festival                     I Can See Queerly Now 4                       4 800
     30.06.06               Media Resource Centre              Best of SA Short Screen Awards                2 000
                                                               Sub-Total                                    52 061

     National Courses
     26.09.05               AFTRS                              AFTRS Headland                               20 000
     11.10.05               Documentary Workshop Initiative    Brian Hill Documentary Workshop              11 114
     28.02.06               M Patterson & P Best               Enterprise Tasman – 2006                     30 000
                                                               Sub-Total                                    61 114
                                                               TOTAL                                       226 640

Date Committed      Applicant                       Project                                            $
Broadcaster Deals
01.07.05            Cathy Beitz                     SAFC/SBSi Inside Aust – Fair Dinka            65 000
01.07.05            S Wishart & R Watt              Blokes & Sheds                                30 000
24.11.05            Kim Mavromatis                  Sacred Ground                                 25 000
                                                    Sub-Total                                    120 000

Short Films
22.07.05            V Sugars & J Daw                Extreme Makeover (aka The Body Corporate)     50 000
22.07.05            S Hyde, B Mason & R Summerton   Staying Up                                    50 000
06.06.06            Short Film Fund                 Short Film Fund Administration                 2 500
                                                    Sub-Total                                    102 500
                                                    TOTAL                                        222 500

01.07.05            Speakers Program                Speakers Program                                 400
01.07.05            Chris Pitman                    The Glass                                        400
25.07.05            Peter D'Andrea                  In Between Gigs                                  300
17.01.06            Shorts Networking               Shorts Networking Event                          300
09.12.06            Popcorn Taxi Pty                Popcorn Taxi Adelaide                          3 000
04.01.06            Media Resource Centre           Zoom Awards                                    1 500
                                                    TOTAL                                          5 900

PROGRAM COST RECOUPMENT                                                                          341 828

TOTALS                                                                                          3 409 109

     Appendix D

     Program Funding
     (Note: Approvals are on a Calendar Year basis)
     January 2006 – December 2006
     Media Resource Centre                            181 752
     Young Media Australia                              8 000
     Australian Film Institute                         19 000
     Australian Writers’ Guild                         21 000
     PY Media                                          21 000
     AIMIA                                                500
     SPAA                                               7 500
     Australian Teachers of Media Inc                   2 000
     ASDA                                               5 000
     AIDC                                              10 000
                                                      275 752

Appendix E

Date        Project                         Applicant                                          ECF
            Title                                                                      Contribution
28.07.05    Bragg About Adelaide            Department of Premier                          100 000
                                            and Cabinet
28.07.05    Upper South East Dryland        Department of Water Land                        50 000
            Salinity and Flood Management   and Biodiversity
            “Drain” Project                 Conservation
24.08.05    Stories of Us – Series 2        Ready Made Productions                          62 250
29.08.05    My Voice                        Sarah Wishart and Quentin Kenihan               65 000
01.02.06    Dodger’s Heart                  Central Northern Adelaide Health Service        53 000
01.02.06    My Child – My Habit/My Child    Sonja Vivienne                                  39 683
            Uses Heroin
10.04.06    Faded Cotton                    Sarah Wishart and Jenni Lee                     40 000
31.05.06    Why Me (aka Bringing            Nunkuwarrin Yunti                               15 000
            Them Home)
14.06.06    The Autism Point of View        Autism SA                                       10 000
14.06.06    Circle of Support               Kath McIntyre                                   40 000
                                            TOTAL                                          474 933

     Appendix F

     Date Committed        Applicant                      Project                                     $
     DM Project Development
     03.11.05              Holly Owen & Robert Marchand   SM Mess                                 35 650
     03.11.05              Ken McLean, Myles Kenihan &    Little Green Men                        29 500
                           Denis Sjostrom
     01.12.05              Re Angle Picture Pty Ltd       I Love a Sunburnt Country               15 000
     06.02.06              Ariel Productions              Read With Me! Play With Me!             15 000
     16.03.06              Champagne for the Ladies       Coolest Girl in School                  40 000
     16.03.06              Adelaide Motion Picture        Elephant Tales – DVD Game               15 000
     16.03.06              Monkeystack                    Double Happy                            14 400
                                                          Sub-Total                              164 550

     DM Pre-production Marketing Loans
     30.05.06              David Nye                      Electronic Entertainment Expo            4 001
                                                          Sub-Total                                4 001

     DM Festival and Awards Grants
     26.10.05              Huy Nguyen                     Dust Echoes Launch                        300
     01.03.06              Huy Nguyen                     AIMIA 2006                                153
     01.03.06              Sam White                      AIMIA 2006                                153
                                                          Sub-Total                                 606

     DM Special Programs
     02.12.05              MRC                            Digital Media Program Funding          100 000
     09.02.06              Adelaide Film Festival         SAFC/AFF Crossover 2007                 70 000
                                                          Sub-Total                              170 000

     DM Practitioner Development Grants
     06.07.05              Ashley Leach                   Free Play-The Next Wave Conf 2005         325
     06.07.05              Andrew Osborne                 Free Play-The Next Wave Conf 2005         325
     06.07.05              Ryan Green                     Free Play-The Next Wave Conf 2005         325
     18.10.05              Nick Deboar                    AFTRS – Shake Compositing 101             148
     22.11.05              Annie Fox                      X Media Lab Professional Day 2005         349
     30.11.05              Justin Wight                   Digital Media Festival                    561
     21.12.05              Martin Potter                  ACMI Digital Storytelling Conference      635
     19.04.06              Jenifer Lyons-Reid             LAMP Residency 2006                       350
     19.04.06              Carl Kuddell                   LAMP Residency 2006                       350
     26.06.06              Heather Jean Moyes             mEga SA Incubator Workshop Program        275
     26.06.06              Christopher Houghton           mEga SA Incubator Workshop Program        275
     26.06.06              Louise Pascale                 mEga SA Incubator Workshop Program        275
     26.06.06              Caroline Man                   mEga SA Incubator Workshop Program        275
     30.06.06              Christine Sweeney              mEga SA Incubator Workshop Program        275
     30.06.06              Yasemin Sabuncu                mEga SA Incubator Workshop Program        275
                                                          Sub-Total                                5 018

     DM Internships
     07.03.06              Nathan Jones                   Rocket Squad Internship                  7 200
     23.03.06              Jasaon Pamment                 Rocket Squad – Concept Artist            7 200
     31.03.06              Rebecca S Harper-Wells         Kojo Interactive Designer                7 200
     03.05.06              John Bowler                    Closer Productions Digital Media         7 200
     15.05.06              Ari Gibson                     Art Department Attachment                7 200
                                                          Sub-Total                               36 000

Date Committed          Applicant                                 Project                                                  $
DM Industry Development Events and Activities
09.12.05                Adelaide Festival Corporation             Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts 2006                  5 000
09.12.05                Australian Writers' Guild                 Australian Writers' Guild                            2 108
09.12.05                Popcorn Taxi Pty                          Popcorn Taxi Adelaide                                  667
09.12.05                Australian Network for Art & Technology   ANAT Phone Book Masterclass, ANAT         9 640
09.12.05                Australian Film, Television and           Courses                                              5 000
                        Radio School
11.01.06                Nova Scotia Producer Event                Nova Scotia Producer Event                           4 550
21.02.06                AIMIA                                     AIMIA                                                2 500
                                                                  Sub-Total                                           29 465

DM Screen Culture
23.12.05                Media Resource Centre                     Screen Culture 2006                                 28 248
23.12.05                AIMIA                                     Screen Culture 2006                                  6,250
                                                                  Sub-Total                                           34 498
                                                                  TOTAL                                              275 586

Production Investment
06.07.05                Jeff Canin & Cathy Henkel                 The Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan               36 600
13.09.05                Wild Candy Productions                    The Thoughts of Nanushka                            48 840
21.02.06                Re Angle Pictures Pty Ltd                                 100 000
11.04.06                The Peoples Republic of Animation         Errorism: A Comedy of Terrors Series 2              12 500
29.06.06                Essential Viewing                         Is Your House Killing You?                         440 000
                                                                  TOTAL                                              637 940

02.12.05                ABC/SAFC Initiative                       ABC/SAFC Digital Animation Initiative              300 000
01.05.06                Alley Kat Productions                     SAFC/SBSi Cross Media Doc Series-Risking it All    250 000
                                                                  TOTAL                                              550 000

14.06.06                Homestart Finance                         Money Management Education Program                  70 000
                                                                  TOTAL                                               70 000

DM Legal Costs
01.12.05                Z Antoniou, C Leslie & M Brown            Tiny Dainty Dancing Fairies                          1 250
02.12.05                ABC                                       SAFC ABC Digital Animation Initiative                1 870
13.07.04                Holly Evans & David Evans                 Coolest Girl in School                               1 464
11.04.06                The People's Republic of Animation        Errorism: A Comedy of Terrors Series 2                 907
16.03.06                Monkeystack                               Double Happy                                         2 285
16.03.06                Adelaide Motion Picture                   Elephant Tales – DVD Game                              566
                                                                  TOTAL                                                8 343

09.01.06                                                                     1 638
15.05.06                ABC                                       Digital Initiative Miscellaneous Expenses            1 500
                                                                  TOTAL                                                3 138

PROGRAM COST RECOUPMENT                                                                                              104 490

TOTAL                                                                                                               1 823 049   51
     Appendix G

     The following Screen Industry Program commitments were written back during the year:
     Applicant                             Project                                          Amount Written Back
     Script/Project Development
     M Rowland & H Barnes                  Lucky Miles                                                    5 000

     Practitioner Development Grants
     AFTRS                                 AFTRS Training Courses                                         3 000
     Michael Clarkin                       SPAA 2005                                                        745
     Inside Australia                      Inside Australia Interview                                       500
     Craig Lahiff                          SPAA Conference 2005                                           1 000
     Robbi Watt                            AIDC 2006                                                        700

     National Courses
     Mike Piper                            Enterprise Tasman – 2005                                       2 272
     Documentary Workshop Initiative       Brian Hill Documentary Workshop                                1 786

     Pre-Production Marketing Loans
     Craig Monahan                         American Film Market – Attendance                              7 863
     Go Patterson Productions              Cannes 2006                                                    7 735
     Mario Andreacchio                     Cannes 2006                                                    6 480

     Production Investment
     Adelaide Motion Pictures              Elephant Tales                                                25 000
     RB Films                              Elise                                                        250 000
                                           Total                                                        312 081

     The following Digital Media commitments were written back during the year:
     DM Production
     SBSi                                  SBSi Cross Media Documentary Series                          419 166

     DM Practitioner Development Grants
     Troy Bellchambers                     Digital Media Festival                                          561

     DM Initiatives
     SBS                                   My Space                                                      13 245
     SBS                                   Production Accord                                            200 000
     SAFC Initiative                       Crossover/LAMP                                                38 708
     ABC                                   Production Accord (Game On)                                   18 223

     DM Contingency
     Thinkers in Residence                 Remote Community Visit                                         1 526
                                           Total                                                        691 429

Appendix H

Finance and Audit
Within the Committee structure adopted by the Board the Finance and Audit Committee oversees
the financial controls and financial and management reporting of the SAFC.
The Committee meets prior to Board meetings and consists of:
Brian Morris              Member and Committee Chairman
Cheryl Bart               Board Chairman
Pamela Martin             Board Member
John Chataway             Board Member

The Finance and Audit Committee meetings are attended by:
Helen Leake               Chief Executive Officer
Shaunee Fox               Manager Corporate Services

Film Development Committee (Drama)
The Film Development Assessment Committee considers applications for funding up to $50 000
(such amounts being cumulative) for script market and project development and production investment.
Helen Leake               Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
Melissa Juhanson          Acting Head Screen Industry Programs
Emma Forgie               Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Sandy Lepore              Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Sandy Cameron             Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Wayne Groom               Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Shane McNeil              Industry Representative
Stephanie McCarthy        Industry Representative
Craig Lahiff              Industry Representative
Tim Pye                   Industry Representative
Andrew Ellis              Industry Representative
Mark Patterson            Industry Representative
Trevor Farrant            Industry Representative
Vicki Sugars              Industry Representative
Rebecca Waddingham        Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

Screen Culture Organisation Funding Meeting
Helen Leake               Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
Gail Kovatseff            Program Manager, Arts SA
Wayne Groom               Project Officer Screen Industry Programs

Film Development Committee (Documentary)
Helen Leake               Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
Melissa Juhanson          Acting Head, Screen Industry Programs
Scott McDonald            Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Wayne Groom               Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Sonja Vivienne            Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Emma Forgie               Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
Andrew Ellis              Industry Representative
Alison Wotherspoon        Industry Representative
Claire Harris             Industry Representative
Mike Carroll              Industry Representative
Mike Piper                Industry Representative
Cathy Beitz               Industry Representative
Rebecca Waddingham        Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

     Short Film Fund Committee
     Helen Leake             Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
     Melissa Juhanson        Acting Head Screen Industry Programs
     Emma Forgie             Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Sandy Lepore            Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Kristian Moliere        Industry Representative
     Bronwyn Kidd            Industry Representative
     Daniel Krige            Industry Representative
     Rebecca Waddingham      Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

     Educational Content Fund Committee
     Helen Leake             Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
     Melissa Juhanson        Acting Head Screen Industry Programs
     Wayne Groom             Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Scott McDonald          Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Helen Richardson        State Government – Industry Representative
     Alison Wotherspoon      Industry Representative
     Christopher Faull       Industry Representative
     Cathy Beitz             Industry Representative
     Tania Nugent            Industry Representative
     Andrew Plumer           Industry Representative
     Ron Bollman             Industry Representative
     Mike Carroll            Industry Representative
     Rebecca Waddingham      Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

     Producer Business Funds Panel
     Helen Leake             Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
     Sandy Cameron           Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Wayne Groom             Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Craig Lahiff            Industry Representative
     Mike Carroll            Industry Representative
     Rebecca Waddingham      Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

     Digital Media Assessment Committee
     Helen Leake             Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
     Melissa Juhanson        Acting Head Screen Industry Programs
     Sandy Cameron           Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Emma Forgie             Project Officer Screen Industry Program
     Karen Vered             Industry Representative
     Dan Thorland            Industry Representative
     Chris Joyner            Industry Representative
     David Evans             Industry Representative
     Shane Bevin             Industry Representative
     Rob Wellington          Industry Representative
     Che Metcalfe            Industry Representative
     Rebecca Waddingham      Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

     Sound Facilities Post Production Investment Committee
     Helen Leake             Chief Executive Officer Committee Chairman
     Melissa Juhanson        Acting Head Screen Industry Programs
     Sandy Lepore            Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Sandy Cameron           Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Emma Forgie             Project Officer Screen Industry Programs
     Rory McGregor           Head Studio Services
     Pete Smith              Industry Representative
     Mike Carroll            Industry Representative
     Shane McNeil            Industry Representative
     Rebecca Waddingham      Program Co-ordinator, SIP (Minutes)

     The SAFC appreciates the contributions made by all committee members and acknowledges
     the expertise and commitment industry members brought to the SAFC’s management.
Appendix I

Site Asbestos                    Priority for Risk   No of sites in Priority for Risk Reduction Program: Quantification of
Presence Status                  Assessment          Assessment category         Activities conducted    Activities (By Item
                                                                                 during 2005/2006        /By Area/By $)
Insufficient data                Urgent
Unstable, Accessible;
Or                           Urgent
Unstable, Damaged or Decayed
Unstable, Inaccessible;
Or                               High
Unstable, Partly Accessible
Stable, Inaccessible;
Or                               Low                 1                          NIL                        $0.00
Stable, Partly Accessible
Asbestos Free                    Not applicable

Site Category Scale           Site Performance Score      1         2       3           4            5           Not
                              Site Risk Level             Severe    Major   Moderate    Minor        No Risk
                                                                                        (threshold   (target
                                                                                        category)    category)
                              % of Sites in Category at                                 100%
                              Year’s Commencement
                              Adjusted % After Annual                                   100%
                              Reduction Activity

     Appendix J

     The following information is provided to satisfy the requirements
     of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.
     1        Agency Structure
             The SAFC was established by the South Australian Film Corporation
             Act 1972 (as amended) to establish a viable film industry in South
             Australia. The SAFC, through its Board of Directors, is subject
             to the general control and direction of the Minister for the Arts.
             It is accountable to Government by:
              • regular reporting to the Minister and also to Arts SA
              • the presentation of its annual budget which requires approval
                by the Minister
              • its annual financial statements and annual report
              • providing information to the Minister of any circumstance
                which is not foreshadowed in the budget.

     2        Agency Functions
             The SAFC’s role in developing the screen industry of South Australia
             includes the provision of funding, the management of a production
             and post-production facility, and representation on behalf of investors
             in the distribution of its own and other product. The SAFC is no longer
             a producer in its own right, except under special circumstances
             approved by the Minister.

     3        Agency Organisation Chart
              Refer to Appendix B.

     4        Documents held by the SAFC
              • Administrative files including all documents relating to the day
                to day running of the SAFC
              • Personnel files
              • Files on projects in development
              • Production files

     5        Documents held by the SAFC and available
              • Annual Reports

     6        Access Arrangements
             Requests under the FOI Act for access should be accompanied
             by a $22.30 application fee and directed to:

              Chief Executive Officer
              South Australian Film Corporation
              3 Butler Drive, Hendon
              South Australia 5014 Australia
              tel (+61) 8 8348 9300
              fax (+61) 8 8347 0385

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