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                     20–24 NOVEMBER 2010 ADELAIDE CONVENTION CENTRE



    set your sights on adelaide
COMMITTEE                          COMMITTEE                                   IMPORTANT
John Crompton (Convenor)           John Grigg (NSW) (Chair)                    DATES
Robert Casson                      Helen Danesh-Meyer (NZ)
Richard Fleming                    Shuan Dai (NZ)
                                                                               NOTIFICATION OF
                                                                               ACCEPTANCE OF
Anna Galanopoulos                  Simon Dean (NZ)
Neil Gehling                       Joanne Sims (NZ)
                                                                               August 2010
Arthur Karagiannis                 Craig Donaldson (NSW)
John Deeth (College Coordinator)   Samantha Fraser-Bell (NSW)                  EARLY BIRD
                                   Sam Lerts (NSW)
                                   Christine Younan (NSW)
                                                                               30 September 2010
                                   Noel Alpins (VIC)
                                   Jonathan Crowston (VIC)                     ACCOMMODATION
                                   Thomas Hardy (VIC)
                                                                               BOOKING DEADLINE
                                                                               15 October 2010
                                   Tim Sullivan (QLD)
                                   Robert Casson (SA)                          ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC
                                   Bill Morgan (WA)                            CONGRESS, ADELAIDE
                                   David Mackey (WA)                           20 – 24 November 2010
                                   Margaret Dunn (Liaison Officer)


12/202 Glen Osmond Road
TELEPHONE: +61 8 8274 6042
FACSIMILE: +61 8 8274 6000                                                          PHOTOGRAPHS courtesy SATC /
EMAIL:                               image 1 by Jacqui Way / images 2-5 by Adam Bruzzone

I look forward to welcoming you to RANZCO’s 42nd Annual
Scientific Congress, to be held in Adelaide this year.

The Congress will provide a unique opportunity to share knowledge
with colleagues, keep abreast of the latest developments and take
part in social activities.

The Scientific Program Committee has developed a stimulating program
of symposia, workshops and keynote addresses from a great selection of
invited speakers.

Adelaide is a wonderful city to visit. The local Organising Committee has
made great use of this in planning the meeting, and the outstanding social
program, for everybody to enjoy. There are many great tourist attractions in
South Australia, all worth visiting.

I am confident that you will find the Congress informative and the social
program most enjoyable.


As RANZCO 2010 Congress Convenor, it is indeed a great pleasure to
welcome you back to Adelaide – nine years since the last congress
here. Adelaide in late Spring will be ablaze with flowers, with warm
days and balmy evenings (if the stars are in alignment!). No wonder
Adelaide was ranked as the third best city in the world and the first
in Australia for Business Travel by the Economist (2009), and is regularly
recognised as one of the world’s top destinations for conferences.

Our two new giant pandas, Funi and Wang Wang, are looking forward to
meeting you – so book early for the Welcome Reception at the Zoo on
Saturday as numbers are limited!

Central Adelaide is quite compact –virtually a square mile, so we expect most guests will want to walk to the
Zoo and on Sunday to the Town Hall for the Opening Ceremony and just across Victoria Square to the President’s
Reception at the Hilton Hotel. If the weather is inclement or you feel no need for exercise take the free tram along
North Terrace and up King William Street.

A veritable “ratatouille of restaurants” will tempt you on the Monday “free night” from the Rundle Street East strip;
O’Connell Street in North Adelaide; The Parade in Norwood; King William Road in Hyde Park and so on.

The National Wine Centre on North Terrace at the far eastern corner of the Botanic Gardens is the venue for the
Congress Dinner, which promises culinary delights.

Before we can indulge ourselves at night we must earn our CPD points. John Grigg and his Scientific Program
Committee have invited excellent speakers and organised some special combined seminars to challenge and up-
skill us.

Don’t forget to bring your “significant other” to enjoy what Adelaide has to offer plus of course, the post-congress
Coonawarra Tour with its “gluttony” scientific theme.


named lectures

IDA MANN              COUNCIL               GREGG                 HOLLOWS
LECTURE               LECTURE               LECTURE               LECTURE
A/Prof Jamie          Dr Noel Alpins        Prof Paul Mitchell    A/Prof Henry
Craig FRANZCO         FRANZCO               FRANZCO               Newland AM
Adelaide, Australia   Melbourne,            Westmead Hospital     FRANZCO
                      Australia             Sydney, Australia     Adelaide, Australia

invited speakers

RETINA                GLAUCOMA              PAEDIATRICS           ANTERIOR
A/Prof Ferenc         Prof Claude           Prof Alex V Levin
Kuhn                  F Burgoyne            Wills Eye Institute   Prof Thomas
International         Devers Eye            Philadelphia, USA     Kohnen
Society of Ocular     Institute Portland,                         Johann Wolfgang
Trauma (ISOT)         USA                                         Goethe-University
Birmingham, USA                                                   Clinic Frankfurt,
social program
The Congress social program will be a time for delegates to catch up with
old friends and meet new ones in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the
hustle and bustle of the scientific sessions.
Magnificent venues, fine wines, delicious food and a relaxed atmosphere
will ensure many nights of entertainment and memories to take home.

DATE: Saturday 20 November
TIME: 6.00pm to 8.00pm
VENUE: Bamboo Forest,
Adelaide Zoo
TICKETS: AUD 75 each*
DRESS CODE: Smart Casual

The Adelaide Zoo will offer
delegates a unique experience,
                                      OPENING CEREMONY                        CONGRESS DINNER
with a cocktail reception taking      AND GRADUATION;
place in the Giant Panda Forest.      PRESIDENT’S                             DATE: Tuesday 23 November
The Giant Panda Forest is a           RECEPTION                               TIME: 7.00pm to 12.00 midnight
purpose built “Forest” and is the                                             VENUE: National Wine Centre
home of Adelaide’s two Giant
                                      DATE: Sunday 21 November                TICKETS: AUD 150 each*
Pandas, Wang Wang and Funi.
Delegates will have the opportunity   TIME: 7.00pm to 10.00pm                 DRESS CODE: Black tie or dark
to enjoy drinks and nibbles with      VENUES: Adelaide Town Hall and          lounge suit
Adelaide’s latest attraction. Coach   Hilton Adelaide
transfers will operate to and from                                            The National Wine Centre is an
the Adelaide Convention Centre.       TICKETS: Full delegates inclusive       architectural treat but what it
                                      Additional Tickets available at         holds inside is the real attraction.
* Tickets are limited                 AUD 75 each                             Situated on the edge of Adelaide’s
                                                                              stunning Botanic Gardens, it is
                                      DRESS CODE: Business Attire and
                                                                              a combination of eye-catching
                                      academic dress (if applicable)
                                                                              architecture and smooth
                                      A landmark heritage building, the       functionality. Delegates will be
                                      Adelaide Town Hall is steeped in        entertained by Chad Romero and
                                      history. Its magnificent architecture   the Cabernets - see you on the
                                      and elegant interiors will provide      dance floor!
                                      the perfect setting for the Opening
                                                                              *Tickets are limited
                                      Ceremony and Graduation. This
                                      will be followed by the President’s
                                      Reception in the spectacular Grand
                                      Ballroom of the Hilton Adelaide
                                      from 8.30pm
provisional program
Subject to change

ASSOCIATED MEETINGS                                                           SUNDAY 21
SATURDAY 20 NOVEMBER                                                          NOVEMBER
0900 – 1200    ORIA Board Meeting                               0700 – 0815
0900 – 1230    QEC Meeting                                      0800 – 0830   ORIA AGM
                                                                0830 – 0900   RANZCO AGM
0900 – 1100    Indigenous and Rural Health Committee            0900 – 0930   ASO AGM
1100 – 1230    Overseas Development SIG                         0930 – 1000   Plenary
1230 – 1400    International Ophthalmology Committee
1000 – 1200    Reconnecting with patients ($150)
                                                                1000 - 1030   Morning Tea
1400 – 1600    Reconnecting with patients ($150)
                                                                1030 – 1100   Council Lecture – Noel
1000 – 1200    An Introduction to The Private Practice ($150)                 Alpins
1400 – 1600    An Introduction to The Private Practice ($150)   1100 – 1130   Glaucoma Update – Claude
1000 – 1200    Principles of Audit ($150)                                     Burgoyne
1000 – 1630    Alcon Registrars’ Club Conference
                                                                1130 – 1300   Plenary Session
1400 – 1600    Introduction to Risk Management ($150)
                                                                              CPD, ORIA and Eye
1200 – 1300    Editorial Board                                                Foundation Research
1230 – 1700    ANZSRS                                           1300 – 1400   Lunch
1300 – 1730    ANZSOPS                                          1400 – 1530   Management of
1400 – 1600    Council Meeting                                                Astigmatism with IOL
                                                                              Cornea Paper Session
0830 – 1730    AOVS Meeting
0900 – 1700    Nurses (AONS) Meeting                                          Education Symposium –
0830 – 1730    Practice Managers Conference                                   Hypotheticals
1300 – 1430    ORIA Board Lunch Meeting                                       Effective Teaching and
                                                                              Assessment – Getting it
1300 – 1400    CPD Committee Meeting
1530 – 1630    Strabismus SIG
                                                                1530 - 1600   Afternoon Tea
MONDAY 22 NOVEMBER                                              1600 – 1730   Lasers in Glaucoma
0700 – 1100    Military Breakfast Meeting
0830 – 1730    AOVS Meeting                                                   Paediatric/Genetics/Uveitis
                                                                              Paper Session
1300 – 1400    ANZSRS AGM
1300 – 1400    Uveitis SIG Meeting
                                                                              Endo-nasal Symposium
1300 – 1400    Women in Ophthalmology
                                                                              Update in Paediatric
0830 – 1730    Practice Managers Conference                                   Ophthalmology
0830 – 1730    Orthoptists Conference
0830 – 1730    Practice Managers Conference
0830 – 1730    Orthoptists Conference
1300 – 1400    ANZGIG Committee Meeting
1300 – 1400    Medicare Advisory Committee
1400 – 1530    Eye Foundation Board Meeting
0830 – 1300    Practice Managers Conference
0830 – 1300    Orthoptists Conference
1300 – 1500    Program Committee Meeting
              MONDAY 22                       TUESDAY 23                        WEDNESDAY 24
              NOVEMBER                        NOVEMBER                          NOVEMBER
              Alcon Breakfast                 Allergan Breakfast                Novartis Breakfast
0830 – 1000   Glaucoma Symposium –            Aesthetic Facial and Eyelid       AMD Update Symposium
              Imaging                         Rejuvenation
              Cataract Paper Session          International Ophthalmology       Adult Strabismus Symposium
              Strabismus Case Presentations Uveitis Case Presentations          Colour Vision Course
              ANZSRS Case Presentations
              Morning Tea                     Morning Tea                       Morning Tea
1030 – 1100   Gregg Lecture – Paul Mitchell   Ida Mann Lecture – Jamie          Hollows Lecture – Henry
                                              Craig                             Newland
1100 – 1130   Retina/Trauma Update –          Paediatrics Update – Alex Levin   Cataract and Refractive
              Ferenc Khun                                                       Surgery Update – Thomas
1130 – 1300   Plenary Session – AAO/          Plenary Session – Cornea and      Plenary Session – Ocular
              RANZCO Symposium                Glaucoma Symposium                Oncology Symposium

              Lunch                           Lunch
1400 – 1530   Retinopathy of Prematurity      Eyelid Reconstruction Course

              Oculoplastic/Epidemiology       Retina Paper Session
              Paper Session
              Scientific Paper and Research   Surgical Management of
              Writing Skills                  Complications from Uveitis
              Practical Ophthalmology         An Idiot’s Guide to

              Afternoon Tea                   Afternoon Tea
1600 – 1730   Diabetic and Non-Diabetic       Cornea Cases: Pearls for the
              Retinopathy                     General Ophthalmologist
              Management of Acute Uveitis     Glaucoma/
                                              Neuro-ophthalmology Paper
              Pterygium Surgery               Infantile Strabismus
              Management of Paralytic         Retinal and Choroidal
              Strabismus                      Dystrophies
registration information
Please read this                             HOW TO REGISTER                               REGISTRATION
page carefully
                                             The preferred method of
before completing                            registering is online via the secure
registration. Any                            Congress website                              Full Congress Delegate
                                                     Registration Includes (Members
intending participants                                                                     and Non Members):
MUST register,                               Alternatively please complete the
                                                                                           •   Attendance at all scientific
including College                            attached registration form and
                                             post it or fax it to the Conference               sessions
Fellows and Trainees.                        Secretariat. Each delegate must               •   Access to the industry
Registration is                              register separately.                              exhibition
restricted to medically                                                                    •   Name badge
                                             Fellows must provide their
qualified persons,                           RANZCO ID Number when                         •   Congress satchel including
unless covered by a                          registering for the Congress.                     program, abstract book and list
specific category.                           If you need to confirm your ID                    of delegates
                                             number, please contact the College
                                                                                           •   Morning teas (Sunday -
                                             on +61 2 9690 1001, or email
                                                                                           •   Lunch (Sunday - Tuesday)
                                                                                           •   Afternoon Teas (Sunday –
                                                                                           •   Opening Ceremony and
                                                                                               President’s Reception (Sunday)

All fees are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and inclusive of 10% GST

                                                          EARLY BIRD RATE          STANDARD RATE            LATE RATE
                                                          Before 30/09/2010        After 30/09/2010         After 2/11/2010
 Fellows in Australia or NZ                               Not applicable           Not applicable           $500
 Fellows – Over 70 years Retired                          Not applicable           Not applicable           $500
 Fellows – Over 70 years In Practise                      $500                     $550                     $600
 Fellows – Retired in Australia or NZ                     $500                     $550                     $600
 Fellows Overseas                                         $500                     $550                     $600
 Trainee Associates in Australia or NZ                    $500                     $550                     $600
 Australian or NZ Trainees Overseas                       $500                     $550                     $600
 Ordinary Associate Members                               $500                     $550                     $600
 International Members                                    Not applicable           Not applicable           $500
 Practice Manager Associate Members                       $250                     $300                     $350
 Ophthalmologists                                         $1500                    $1650                    $1760
 Ophthalmic Nurses                                        $500                     $550                     $600
 Practice Managers                                        $500                     $550                     $600
 *Vision Scientists, Junior Doctors and Medical           $500                     $550                     $600
 Day Attendance (Per Day)                                 $400                     $450                     $500

* Vision Scientists, Junior Doctors and Medical Students may be entitled to concession registration. Written applications, giving
justification for concession should be made, in the first instance to:
DAY ATTENDANCE                                  1. ELECTRONIC FUNDS
                                                                                                CANCELLATION OF
Day Congress Registration                                                                       REGISTRATION
includes the following on the day               BankSA (ST GEORGE BANK)
of attendance:                                  North Adelaide Branch, South                    Cancellations must be made in
                                                Australia                                       writing to the Congress Secretariat.
•   Attendance to scientific                                                                    Delegates whose cancellations
    sessions on the day of                      Account Name: The South                         are received prior to 20 October
    attendance                                  Australian Postgraduate Medical                 2010 will receive a full refund
                                                Education Association Inc.                      less AUD $110 administration
•   Access to the industry
                                                Swift Code: SGBLAU2S                            fee. The Organising Committee
                                                BSB Number: 105 022                             may consider cancellations, less
•   Name badge                                  Account Number: 112596640                       an administration fee, under
•   Congress satchel including                  Reference: ‘9006/Order# or                      exceptional circumstances.
    program, abstract book and list             surname’                                        Substitute delegates will be
    of delegates                                Please forward remittance advice                accepted in writing
•   Morning tea                                 by email to
                                       or fax
•   Lunch                                       through when deposit made via
•   Afternoon Tea                               electronic funds transfer.
                                                                                                DESK AND OPENING
                                                2. CREDIT CARDS                                 HOURS:
ORTHOPTIC                                       Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners
                                                                                                The Registration Desk will be
ASSOCIATE                                       are all accepted. Please note credit
                                                                                                located in Foyer H & G of the
MEMBERS                                         card payments will be listed as a
                                                transaction with sapmea on your
                                                                                                Adelaide Convention Centre at the
                                                                                                following times:
                                                credit card statement.
Please note there is no separate
registration category for Orthoptic                                                             SATURDAY 20 NOVEMBER
Associate Members of RANZCO.                    3. PERSONAL OR COMPANY                          Midday – 6.00pm
Orthoptic Associate Members who                 CHEQUE
                                                                                                SUNDAY 21 NOVEMBER
register for the OAA 2010 Scientific
                                                Australian delegates only. Cheques              7.00am – 5.30pm
Congress, being held concurrently
at the Adelaide Convention Centre,              should be made payable to
                                                                                                MONDAY 22 NOVEMBER
will receive reciprocal registration            sapmea.
                                                                                                7.00am – 5.30pm
for the RANZCO Congress.
Please go to the OAA website                                                                    TUESDAY 23 NOVEMBER
– – and                   CONFIRMATION AND                                7.00am – 5.30pm
click on the link to the Adelaide
Congress                                        RECEIPT                                         WEDNESDAY 24 NOVEMBER
                                                                                                7.00am – 1.00pm
                                                Once your registration has been
                                                processed you will automatically
METHOD OF                                       receive a confirmation email.                   CONGRESS SECRETARIAT:
PAYMENT                                         Please bring this letter with you to
                                                the on-site Registration Desk.
Payment of fees (in full) must
accompany all registrations. No
registration will be confirmed until                                                            sapmea
payment is received. Payment can                                                                12/202 Glen Osmond Road
be made by the following three                                                                  FULLARTON SA 5063
methods:                                                                                        TELEPHONE: +61 8 8274 6042
                                                                                                FACSIMILE: +61 8 8274 6000

Every effort has been made to present as accurately as possible, all the information contained in this brochure. The Organising Committee,
sapmea Incorporated and its Agents act only to procure and arrange these activities and do not accept responsibility for any act or omission
on the part of the service providers. No liability is accepted for any inaccuracy or misdescription, nor for delay or damage, including
personal injury or death, howsoever caused resulting from or arising out of reliance upon any general or specific information published in
this brochure. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Organising Committee reserves the right to change any or all of these details.
general information

                                        THE ADELAIDE CONVENTION CENTRE
                                        The multi-award winning Adelaide Convention Centre enjoys a global
                                        reputation for excellence and is consistently ranked among the world’s
                                        top convention centers. This reputation is the result of world-class
                                        facilities, constant maintenance to exceptional standards and the efforts
                                        of a dedicated and thorough staff to ensure the superb conduct of every
                                        event held at the Centre.

HOST CITY –                             CAR PARKING                             TRANSPORT FROM
ADELAIDE                                                                        THE AIRPORT
                                        The Centre operates both the
Adelaide is a compact city of           Riverbank and North Terrace car         The Adelaide Airport provides a
approximately 1.2 million people,       parks, which are open 24 hours/         choice of transport modes to and
situated between the beautiful          day, 7 days a week. Entry is via        from the airport. These include
Adelaide Hills and the long white       North Terrace. Early bird parking is    self-drive, hire cars, taxis and
beaches of the Gulf of St Vincent.      available for $10 per day if entry is   limousines. A public transport
                                        prior to 9.30am and departure prior     bus service is also available via
Adelaide retains much of the            to 6.30pm. Beyond 6.30pm casual         Adelaide City through to the north/
charm and tranquility of the past       parking charges will apply.             eastern suburbs, with connections
while offering all the vigour,                                                  to rail and other bus routes.
multicultural diversity and                                                     Phone (08) 8210 1000 or visit
conveniences of a modern city.
Adelaide is known for its biennial

Arts Festival, its many churches        REQUIREMENTS                            Skylink Airport Shuttle specialises
and graceful stone buildings and                                                in providing a regular scheduled
its location within an hour’s drive     When you register, please notify        bus service between Adelaide
of some of Australia’s most famous      the Congress Secretariat of any         Airport, Keswick Interstate
and beautiful wine producing            mobility disabilities or special        Railway Terminal and the Adelaide
regions.                                dietary requirements.                   CBD. Set downs and pick ups
                                                                                from most major city hotels.
                                                                                For further information visit
                                                                       or email

sponsorship and exhibition
RANZCO appreciates the ongoing
support given by sponsors and              ALL ENQUIRIES REGARDING MAJOR SPONSOR AND
exhibitors.                                EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO:

A major element of the Congress            Mr Ted Butler
will be exhibition of the latest           National Ophthalmic Suppliers Association (NOSA)
ophthalmic products and services.          PO Box 5515
The scientific program has been            Chatwood West NSW 1515
structured to maximize the                 Australia
opportunity of the delegates to visit      Phone: +61 2 9412 3033
the industry exhibition. All lunches       Fax: +61 2 9411 3242
and refreshments will be served in         Email:
the exhibition area.
Rooms have been reserved for RANZCO registrants at special Congress rates. Accommodation bookings for the
following rates can only be booked through sapmea. To secure your booking you are required to provide credit
card details or full prepayment of accommodation which will be given to the hotel of your choice. Availability of
accommodation cannot be guaranteed after Friday 15 October or if sold out prior to this date.

Rates quoted are per room per night for single/double/twin occupancy. Oaks Embassy, Oaks Horizons, Miller
Apartments and BreakFree on Hindley rates are per apartment/suite per night using existing bedding. Rates
include GST unless otherwise stated and do not include breakfast.

Early Bird Rates are available until 30 September. After this date Standard Rates will apply.

North Terrace – adjacent to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                    BEDDING                       EARLY BIRD RATE              STANDARD RATE
 King/Twin Room               1 King/2 Singles              $210                         $235
 View Room                    1 King/2 Singles              $235                         $260
 Club King Room Single*       1 King                        $280                         $305
 Club King Room Double*       1 King                        $310                         $335

Additional Person: $50 per night in King/Twin and View Rooms and $80 per night for Club Rooms.

*Club King Rooms include access to the Club InterContinental Lounge. The Club InterContinental Lounge serves a
light breakfast and evening drinks and canapés daily.

Breakfast: Full buffet - $34 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 15 October will incur a one night cancellation fee. Bookings cancelled
or reduced on or after 5 November will be non-refundable.

150 North Terrace – three minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                    BEDDING                       EARLY BIRD RATE              STANDARD RATE
 Superior Room                1 Queen/2 King Singles        $205                         $225

Additional Person: $55 per night

Breakfast: Full buffet - $30.50 per person, Continental - $25.50 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 15 October will incur a one night cancellation fee.
120 North Terrace – two minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                    BEDDING                       EARLY BIRD RATE               STANDARD RATE
 Playford Guest Room          1 Queen/2 Queens (Twin)       $209                          $219
 Deluxe Guest Room            1 King                        $229                          $239
 Studio Spa Suite             1 King                        $279                          $289
 Loft Suite                   1 King                        $309                          $319

Additional Person: $35 per night for a roll away (roll away not available in Playford Guest Twin room or Loft Suite).
$50 per night per additional person in Twin Rooms.

Breakfast: Continental - $27 per person, Full buffet - $32 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 8 October will incur a one night cancellation fee.
Bookings cancelled on or after 29 October will be non refundable.

96 North Terrace – opposite Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                                   BEDDING                                                     RATE
 One Bedroom Deluxe Apartment                1 King/2 Singles                                            $179
 Two Bedroom Deluxe Apartment                1 King + 1 Queen/1 Queen + 2 Singles (1 bathroom)           $229

* Rates for Oaks Embassy do not attract GST.
Name changes will only be accepted up to 10 working days prior to arrival.

Additional Person: $30 per night

Breakfast: A la Carte menu available

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 15 October will be non refundable.

104 North Terrace – opposite Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                                   BEDDING                                      RATE
 One Bedroom Deluxe Apartment                1 Queen                                      $179
 Two Bedroom Deluxe Apartment                1 Queen + 1 Double (1 bathroom)              $229

* Rates for Oaks Horizons do not attract GST.
Name changes will only be accepted up to 10 working days prior to arrival.

Additional Person: $30 per night

Breakfast: A la Carte menu available

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 15 October will be non refundable.
164 Hindley Street – three minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                    BEDDING                      EARLY BIRD RATE               STANDARD RATE
 Standard Queen Room          1 Queen                      $155                          $189
 Superior King Room           1 King                       $165                          $199
 Superior King Suite          1 King                       $185                          $209
 Deluxe King Suite            1 King                       $205                          $219

Additional Person: $30 per night (Adult 12+) $15 per night (Child)

Breakfast: Full buffet - $16 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 1 November will incur a one night cancellation fee.

16 Hindley Street – four minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                                 BEDDING                            EARLY BIRD RATE       STANDARD RATE
 One Bedroom Deluxe Apartment              1 Queen                            $160                  $180
 One Bedroom Executive Apartment           1 Queen                            $180                  $200
 Two Bedroom Deluxe Apartment              2 Queens                           $220                  $240
 Two Bedroom Executive Apartment           2 Queens / 1 Queen + 2 Singles     $260                  $280
 Three Bedroom Executive Apartment         3 Queens                           $380                  $400

Additional Person: $40 per night

Breakfast: Continental breakfast packs available in apartments - $10 per person

Cooked or Continental breakfast at Rigoni’s Restaurant located within a short stroll from apartments -
$20 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 15 October will incur a one night cancellation fee.

125 North Terrace – two minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                                   BEDDING                        EARLY BIRD RATE       STANDARD RATE
 Economy Room (3 Star Rating)                1 Queen/2 Singles              $120                  $130
 Standard Room                               1 Queen/2 Singles              $165                  $180
 Deluxe Room                                 1 Queen                        $195                  $210

Additional Person: $44 per night (Not available in Economy Rooms)

Breakfast: Continental - $18 per person, Full Buffet - $25 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 15 October will be charged a one night cancellation fee.
Bookings cancelled or reduced less than three days prior to arrival will be non refundable.
65 Hindley Street – four minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                    BEDDING                       EARLY BIRD RATE              STANDARD RATE
 Standard Room                1 Queen/ 2 Doubles            $180                         $190

Additional Person: $40 per night

Breakfast: Continental - $15 per person, Full Buffet - $19 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 17 September will incur a one night cancellation fee.

18 Currie Street – eight minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                    BEDDING                       EARLY BIRD RATE              STANDARD RATE
 Deluxe Room                  1 King/ 2 Doubles             $160                         $185
 Deluxe Spa Room              1 King                        $190                         $215

Additional Person: $40 per night per additional person in Twin room. Roll-aways are not available.

Breakfast: Cooked or continental breakfast at Café Di Mare- $25 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 1 November will incur a one night cancellation fee.

255 Hindley Street – five minute walk to Congress venue

 ROOM TYPE                           BEDDING                       EARLY BIRD RATE           STANDARD RATE
 Superior Studio Suite               1 Queen                       $144                      $152
 One Bedroom Suite                   1 Queen/2 Singles             $155                      $164
 Superior Two Bedroom Suite          1 Queen + 2 Singles           $191                      $202

Additional Person: N/A

Breakfast: Full - $19.50 per person, Continental - $14.50 per person

Cancellations or nights reduced on or after 6 October will incur a one night cancellation fee.
Bookings cancelled or reduced on or after 15 October will be non-refundable.

EARLY AND LATE ARRIVAL                                       CHANGE OF BOOKING
Check-in at all properties is from 2.00pm. Whilst the        Any change in a booking or cancellation must be made
hotels will do everything possible to accommodate            in writing to the Congress Secretariat and NOT directly
early arrivals, if you wish to be guaranteed immediate       to the hotel.
access to your room, you will need to pay an extra
day’s tariff for the night before.                           * Breakfast rates are an indication only and can
                                                             be booked direct with the hotels upon check-in.
Please indicate if you will be arriving at your hotel        Please let sapmea know at the time of booking
after 6.00pm. Failure to do so might mean your room          accommodation if you require extra bedding at the
will be released.                                            additional person rate.
accompanying person activities
Please indicate which tours you would like to
book when registering. Please note that these
tours are open to the general public as well:
they are not exclusive tours for RANZCO
Delegates and Partners.

                                                                              MORNING CENTRAL
                                                                              MARKET TOUR
                                                                              OPERATES: Saturday 20 November
                                                                              and Tuesday 23 November
ADELAIDE CITY                          TOUR HIGHLIGHTS                        DEPARTS: 9.30am
                                                                              RETURNS: 11.00am
HIGHLIGHTS                             •   Includes: Morning pick up from
Haigh’s Chocolates and                     selected Adelaide hotels           COST is $55 per adult
Glenelg Esplanade                      •   See stunning St Peter’s            and $55 per child
                                                                              The Adelaide Central Market is
OPERATES: Sunday 21 November,          •   The cultural boulevard of North    Adelaide’s unique cultural and food
Monday 22 November, Tuesday                Terrace                            attraction and is always a hive of
23 November and Wednesday                                                     activity where South Australia’s
24 November                            •   University of Adelaide
                                                                              unique, gourmet and organic food
DEPARTS: 9.30am Returns:               •   SA Museum                          produce is offered for sale.
                                       •   Art Gallery of SA
COST: $59 per adult and
$30 per child (14 yrs)                 •   The State Library                  TOUR HIGHLIGHTS
                                       •   The world famous Adelaide          •   Behind the scenes’ walking tour
From the city to the beach
                                           Oval                                   conducted by a food specialist
experience the daily cosmopolitan
life of Adelaide as you journey        •   View the city from Colonel         •   Visit various stalls and talk
through the heart of the city.             Light’s Lookout                        with producers and retailers of
See iconic cathedrals, the North       •   Visit an Adelaide icon – Haigh’s       some of South Australia’s most
Terrace cultural boulevard, visit          Chocolate Factory (except on           unique produce
Colonel Light’s Lookout over               Sundays)
Adelaide and the world famous                                                 •   Delicious tastings
Adelaide Oval, before venturing        •   Then leave the city behind for     •   Stay on and savour more of the
out to Glenelg - the city’s bustling       the famous seaside suburb of           fantastic market atmosphere.
beach. With a quick bite at Haigh’s        Glenelg.
Chocolate Factory included, this                                              Please Note: Tours depart from the
tour is not to be missed!                                                     ‘DOWN’ escalator located in the
                                                                              centre of the Market.


Australia’s oldest German

OPERATES: Sunday 21 November,
Monday 22 November, Tuesday
23 November and Wednesday
24 November
DEPARTS: 1.30pm
RETURNS: 5.30pm

COST is $59 per adult and
$30 per child (14 yrs)                   KANGAROO ISLAND                     TOUR HIGHLIGHTS

Visit the spectacular Adelaide Hills,    HIGHLIGHTS                          •   Morning pick-up and evening
home to the magnificent Mt. Lofty        Cruise/Cruise Tour (Full Day)           set-down at selected
Ranges and dotted with unique and                                                Adelaide and Glenelg Hotels
historic villages and townships. On      OPERATES: Sunday 21 November,       •   Return SeaLink coach and
your tour experience the beauty of       Monday 22 November and Tuesday          ferry travel to Kangaroo
Australia’s countryside and wildlife     23 November                             Island
before exploring Australia’s oldest      DEPARTS: 6.45am
German Settlement: Hahndorf. In                                              •   Full day guided coach tour
                                         RETURNS: 10.45pm
your free time, don’t forget to visit                                            including
the local European cafes, Australian     COST is $238 per adult and          •   Seal Bay National Park
arts and crafts and of course the        $152 per child (14 yrs)                 guided tour
German style Hahndorf Inn! Then                                              •   Birds of Prey Free-Flight
join your tour group again for a quick   Discover National Parks, wildlife
                                         and unspoilt beauty. Enjoy a            Display
bite of afternoon tea (or a classic
German brew if it takes your fancy!)     full day coach tour to the top      •   Flinders Chase National Park
                                         attractions of Kangaroo Island      •   Remarkable Rocks
                                         – Seal Bay, Admiral’s Arch &
TOUR HIGHLIGHTS                          Remarkable Rocks, and a delicious   •   Admiral’s Arch
                                         two course lunch.                   •   2 course lunch
•   Afternoon pick up and evening set
    down at selected Adelaide hotels                                         •   Entry fees to Kangaroo Island
•   Mt. Lofty Lookout                                                            attractions

•   Adelaide’s oldest German                                                 •   Expert commentary by local
    Settlement, Hahndorf                                                         SeaLink Coach Captain

•   Drive past Bridgewater Mill water
•   Afternoon tea or beer tasting in
•   Expert commentary from a local
    Coach Captain

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