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                                                                                           AN INFORMATION BOOKLET
                                                                                           FOR YOUNG PEOPLE

If you do not have the internet at home,
or feel you are unable to ensure privacy in
                                               This information may be photocopied
                                               provided it is credited to Rotherham Mind                            BULLYING
school, remember that your local library has   Young Persons Mental Health Service.
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                                                                                                                                         A BULLY OFTEN
                                                                                                                                        DOES NOT REALISE
WHAT IS BULLYING?                                                                                                                      HOW HURTFUL THEIR
Bullying is when someone intimidates you or picks on you.                                                                                BEHAVIOUR IS.
Bullying can be in the form of physical harassment like
hitting, kicking etc

It can also be in the form of          also take place electronically by
property damage, like taking lunch     cyber bullying through calls/text
money or homework, Bullying            messages, social networking sites
can be via emotional means,            or happy slapping.
  excluding people from groups                                             WHY DO PEOPLE BULLY OTHERS?
     and turning friends against       Unfortunately bullying is very
      them as well as threatening      common and lots of young people     There can be a number of reasons why some people bully others:
      to do something. It can          experience bullying at some time.
                                                                           ●	 A
                                                                              	   bully is often someone who       with the bully, who for some reason
                                                                             has been bullied in the past.         needs to feel powerful and to gain

                                                                           ●	 A
                                                                              	   bully may have problems in       power and status over others.

                                                                             their life that they are struggling
                                                                             to cope with, and so take out
                                                                             their unhappiness on others.          Everyone has a right to:
                                                                           ●	 A
                                                                              	   bully often does not realise     ●	 Say
                                                                                                                      	     no when someone demands
                                                                             how hurtful their behaviour is.         their belongings

HOW BULLYING MAKES PEOPLE FEEL                                             ●	 A
                                                                              	   bully is often someone           ●	 To
                                                                                                                      	    ignore people who are
                                                                             who does not have high self             being mean
‘ANGRY’ ‘SCARED’ ‘DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL ‘WORRIED’                       esteem and feels unhappy with
                                                                                                                   ●	 To
                                                                                                                      	    walk away from difficult
‘FRIGHTENED’ UNHAPPY’ ‘I SAT AND CRIED’                                      themselves – just like those
                                                                             being bullied!
The young people we asked who          However, BEING BULLIED IS NOT                                               ●	 To
                                                                                                                      	    feel safe
had been bullied, said the above.      YOUR FAULT. No-one deserves to      Whatever the reason, a bully
                                                                                                                   ●	 To
                                                                                                                      	    ask for help
Being bullied is frightening and can   be bullied.                         rarely targets just one person. The
make you feel upset and alone.                                             problem, therefore, is not with the     ●	 To
                                                                                                                      	    feel good about themselves
                                                                           person who is being bullied, but
things worse. It can also make it confusing for adults to
decide what the problem is, and who is at fault.

This makes it more difficult to get      This may wind the bully up,
their help. Threatening to get a         lead him/her to seek
friend/brother/sister etc                         reinforcements and
to fight for you is not a                            put your helper in a
good idea either.                                     difficult position.

                                                                                 ●	 If
                                                                                    	    the bullies demand your          K
                                                                                                                        ●		 eep    a diary of when and
                                                                                    belongings and it is not              where the bullying occurs and
SO WHAT CAN YOU DO IF YOU ARE                                                       possible for you to walk away,        who is doing it. A record of what
BEING BULLIED?                                                                      it might be safer to give them        has been happening might come
                                                                                    what they want at that time.          in useful later, when you try to
●	 T       a friend what is happening.     your socks or shoes. You could           Money and belongings can              get help.
   Ask them to help you.                   ask a friend to keep your dinner         be replaced – you can’t!              M
                                                                                                                        ●		 ake    sure you keep any
                                           money/bus fare for you.                  However, a responsible adult          evidence of cyber bullying and
●	 Try
   	       to stay away from the areas
                                                                                    should be told immediately what       show it to a responsible adult
   where the bullies hang out.           ●	 Try
                                            	     to ignore the bully or walk
                                                                                    has happened.
●	 Change
   	           your route to school.       away. The bully may get bored                                                  L
                                                                                                                        ●		 imit   the personal information
                                                                                 ●	 In
                                                                                    	    lessons if you have to leave
   Always try to walk to and from          of bullying someone who doesn’t                                                you share on social networking
                                           stand still to listen. Many bullies      your desk for a moment, then          sites and never share passwords
   school with your friends so that
                                           name call simply to see people           take your belongings with you.
   you aren’t on your own.
                                           get upset. If you do not give
●	 Keep
   	         your money somewhere
   other than in your pockets eg in
                                           them this satisfaction there is a
                                           good chance they will get fed up.
                                                                                          TRY THESE SMALL STEPS TO
                                                                                          HELP STOP BULLING...
GETTING HELP                                                                                                                IN
If you are being bullied, tell a teacher or an adult you trust.                                                          SILENCE
School can’t help unless they know what is happening. THIS
that you have rights!

                    Your school        Sometimes it can be easier to talk     yourself and/or another person,        for another organisation eg a youth
                         will have a   to someone who you don’t see           then we may need to discuss this       club, who you could talk to, or
                          bullying     every day at home or in school.        information with someone else,         perhaps you could try contacting
                          policy       Rotherham Mind Young Persons           although we would let you know         Youth Start who run a counselling
                          which says   Service works in a number of           we were going to do this. On most      service in Rotherham for young
                         how the       comprehensive schools. Our             occasions, however, we are simply      people (see back for details).
                       school deals    service is confidential, takes place   there to give you the chance to
with bullying. There may be a bully    during lesson times and we see         talk to someone and have worked
box, or something else, that you       people on a 1:1 basis. Confidential    with a lot of people who have
can use to get help. It is also a      means that what is talked about        been bullied. Most of these say it
good idea to talk to your parents,     is usually kept private and will not   helped to have someone to talk
They can work with school to help      be shared with anyone. However, if     to. If we don’t work in your school,
you sort things out.                   we feel you are at serious risk from   perhaps there is someone working


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