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					                                                      Tenders awarded in April 2008
No      Tender No    Description                                                              Tenderer                Date of award   Value of tender

                                                                                 Cape Seating Manufacturers CC
                     Supply, delivery and installation of office furniture and   Stalph 225 CC t/a
                     equipment for the planning and building equipment for the   Furnitech
     SCMB 09/04/08
1                    planning and development management department:             Parkerson Thomas                      07-04-2008       R1,2 Million
                     period of two years from date of commencement of            Technologies CC t/a
                     Contract                                                    Officetech

                     Supply and delivery of calcium hypo chloride granules                                                            Approximately
     SCMB 10/04/08                                                          Kaizen Chemicals (Pty) Ltd
2                    (HTH) period of two years from date of commencement of                                            07-04-2008      R750 000,00
                     contract                                                                                                         For Two Years

                                                                                 Teloc (Pty) t/a Malume Drain
     SCMB 11/04/08   Loading, transport and off-loading of liquid wastewater     Specialist
3                                                                                                                      07-04-2008     R1 196 000,00
     318S/2007/08    sludge from Gordons'Bay wastewater treatment works
                                                                                                                                      For Two Years

     SCMB 12/04/08   Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of on-line Kemanzi (Pty)
4                                                                                                                      07-04-2008     R2 204 737,20
     323N/2007/08    automatic residual chlorine analysers

     SCMB 14/04/08   Supply and delivery of a 35mm insulated articulating        F & R Phakisa Operations (Pty) Ltd                    Approximately
5                                                                                                                      07-04-2008
     286E/2007/08    telescopic aerial device and heavy duty 8 x 8 truck                                                              R13 060 349,46

                     Supply and delivery of a stm 16/4/1 fibre-optic multiplexers                                                     Approximately
     SCMB 15/04/08                                                                ABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd
6                    and network management system: period of                                                          07-04-2008     R1 900 000,00
                     24 months from date of commencement of contract                                                                  For 24 Months

                                                                                 Ebesa Architects/Parker &
                     For the provision of professional services for the
     SCMB 16/04/08                                                               Associates/ NEW Findo Consulting
7                    renovation and extension of the measurement lab and                                               07-04-2008      R797 846,78
     316E/2007/08                                                                Engineers Joint Venture
                     workshops at Ndabeni
                     Design, supply and delivery, installation, commissioning
                     and upholding during the trial operation period and the
     SCMB 17/04/08                                                               Malutsa (Pty) Ltd
8                    defects notification period of the equipment for the                                                07-04-2008   R8 898 505,98
                     treatment of odours at Potsdam wastewater treatment
                     works (WW11/2007)

                                                                                 Martin & East ( Pty) Ltd                             R68 419 215,49
     SCMB 18/04/08
9                    Construction of Granger Bay Boulevard (2010 Project)                                                07-04-2008   R6 000 000,00
                                                                                 Ninham Shand ( Pty) Ltd                              R6 925 150,59

                                                                                 Messrs Ikapa Construction CC
     SCMB 19/04/08   Reconstruction of Mandela Drive, Imizamo Yethu, Hout
10                                                                                                                       07-04-2008   R2 638 623,79
     249Q/2007/08    Bay

     SCMB 20/04/08   Construction of internal civil engineering services -       Baseline Civil Contractors
11                                                                                                                       07-04-2008   R1 915 049,29
     255Q/2007/08    Scottsdene show village: pocket 9

                     Construction of Linela Road from Walter Sisulu Drive to
     SCMB 21/04/08                                                               Kaulani Civils (South) (Pty) Ltd
12                   Gqabi Street and Widening of Walter Sisulu Drive from                                               07-04-2008   R8 878 142,50
                     Steve Tshwete Road to Ncama Street

     SCMB 22/04/08                                                               Namkwa Horticultural Services (Pty)
13                   Soetwater Landscape upgrade                                                                         07-04-2008   R1 838 280,98
     283Q/2007/08                                                                Ltd

                                                                                   Distinctive Choice 865 CC t/a
     SCMB 23/04/08   The relocation of the existing midblock water reticulation in                                                    R1 972 561,10
14                                                                                 ROK Building and Civil Construction   07-04-2008
     298Q/2007/08    Bishop Lavis - Phase 2 - Area C1                                                                                 For 16 Weeks
                                                                               Reeds Motors Table View (Pty) Ltd
                                                                               Reeds Delta Table View
                                                                               Unitrans Motors (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                                               Williams Hunt Cape Town
                     Supply and delivery of various motorcycles, cars and      Em-en-Services
     SCMB 24/04/08                                                             Associated Automotive Distributors                   estimated
15                   ldv's: Period of two years from date of commencement of                                        07-04-2008
     294G/2007/08                                                              (Pty)                                              R50 000 000,00
                                                                               Ltd t/a AAD Milnerton
                                                                               E & D Motor CC t/a Ottery Toyota
                                                                               Barloworld Motor (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                                               Barons Culemborg
                                                                               Claremont Holdings (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                                               Audi VW Claremont

                                                                                                                                    R219 450 00
     SCMB 30/04/08   Deviation: Restoration of Lion Gateway, Government        Gabriel Fagan
16                                                                                                                  07-04-2008   plus contingency of
     326Q/2007/08    avenue, Company's Gardens
                                                                                                                                     R5 700 00

     SCMB 39/04/08   Provision of professional services for the upgrading of   Messrs Neil Lyners and Associates
17                                                                                                                  14-04-2008     R1 320 690,00
     233C/2007/08    enkanini informal settlement: Phase B1, Khayelitsha

                                                                               P Mokwena Construction (Pty ) Ltd
                                                                               Zelpy 1104 t/a Empower Asphalt
     SCMB 40/04/08   Annual tender for road rehabilitation and resurfacing     (Pty) Ltd- ,                                        R0,5 million -
18                                                                                                                  14-04-2008
     247Q/2007/08    works: Works projects: R0,5 Million - R2,0 Million        Power Construction ( Pty) Ltd                       R2.0 million
                                                                               Zebra Bituminous Surfacing
                                                                               cc/Isidima Civils (Pty ) Ltd JV
                     Design, supply, delivery, installation, testing,
                     commissioning and upholding during the trial operation
                     period and the defects notification period of the upgrading Protocor Twenty Two CC t/a
     SCMB 41/04/08   of the electrical equipment including replacing a main
19                                                                               Automation Specification            14-04-2008   R1 570 077,64
     288Q/2007/08    distribution board / motor control centre and variable
                     frequency drive panels and associated control equipment
                     at the Bridgetown wastewater pumping station ,
                     Bridgetown, Cape (WR2/2008)
                                                                             Roni Engineers cc t/a Greystone 241
     SCMB 42/04/08                                                           (highest adjudication points)                        R 3 874 098 82
20                   Reconstruction of concrete roads in Guguletu - Phase 3B                                         14-04-2008
     232Q/2007/08                                                            Asch Consulting Engineers                              R500 0000

     SCMB 43/04/08   For the construction of a 600MM Diameter bulk water           Asla Magwebu Civils (Pty) Ltd
21                                                                                                                   14-04-2008   R5 333 021,88
     326Q/2007/08    link in Somerset West

                     Provision of professional services preparation of building
                     plans, design of tender specifications and documents
                                                                                   Maketha Development Consultant
     SCMB 44/04/08   according to labour intensive construction methods
22                                                                                 (Pty) Ltd                         14-04-2008    R411 540,00
     164C/2007/08    (EPWP Principles) and the project management of the
                     site preparation, installation of drainage and construction
                     management: Athlone Fish Market

     SCMB 46/04/08   Provision of professional services: Integrated master         GLS Consulting (Pty) Ltd
23                                                                                                                   14-04-2008   R7 644 647,00
     285S/2007/08    planning of water and sanitation services

                                                                                   Southern Projects Maintenance &
     SCMB 47/04/08
24                   Bluewaters resort: Alterations and repairs of buildings       Electrical CC                     14-04-2008   R1 053 425,60
                                                                                                                                     R21 523 200,00
                                                                                                                                     For a period of
                                                                                                                                       Two Years
                                                                                   Africon Engineering International
     SCMB 48/04/08   Supply, delivery and installation of an integrated, spatially
25                                                                                 (Pty) Ltd                            14-04-2008
     338S/2007/08    enabled response management system (ISERMS)                                                                     The maintenance
                                                                                                                                        contract is
                                                                                                                                       R427 500,00
                                                                                                                                        per quarter

     SCMB 49/04/08   Construction of 500MM water main along N7, linking
26                                                                                Messrs Vula Indlela Construction CC   14-04-2008   R11 399 406,47
     359Q/2007/08    De Grendal reservoirs to Montague gardens

     SCMB 50/04/08   Supply and delivery of a direct mercury analysis system      Apollo Scientific CC
27                                                                                                                      14-04-2008    R625 189,68
     325N/2007/08    for total mercury measurements

                                                                                  Martin & East (Pty) Ltd                            R17 465 314,86
                     Construction of Broadway Boulevard between Cornwall
     SCMB 51/04/08                                                                                                                    escalation of
28                   Street and Sir Lowry's Pass Road in Gordon's Bay                                                   14-04-2008
     224Q/2007/08                                                                 HHO Africa                                         R1 200 000 00
                     (Contract Q07/115)
                                                                                                                                     R1 600 000.00

                     Deviation: M12 - N7 to Sandown Road: Provision of            Messrs Kwezi V3
29   SCMB 52/04/08                                                                                                      14-04-2008    R1 211 820,00
                     professional services

                     The promotion, establishment and implementation of a
     SCMB 54/04/08                                                                                                                    Not exceeding
30                   collection and processing of recyclables service in the      Salt River Recycling                  14-04-2008
     280S/2005/06                                                                                                                     R422 747,81
                     Sea Point Area

                     Car lift system to remove abandoned and / or vehicles                                                           R500,00 per lift
     SCMB 55/04/08
31                   causing an obstruction to the flow of traffic: one year      Pinchers (Cape) CC                    21-04-2008    extended for
                     from date of award                                                                                                Six months
                     Purchase of an environmentally friendly vehicle for the use Market Toyota Cavendish                        R260 000 00
32   SCMB 63/04/08                                                                                                21-04-2008
                     of the executive mayor                                                                                      (incl vat)

                     The construction of the dewatering building disinfection
     SCMB 65/04/08                                                               Inyanga Projects CC
33                   infrastructure and associated civil infrastructure at the                                    21-04-2008   R6 000 000,00
                     Athlone wastewater treatment works (WW9/2007)

                     Design, supply and delivery, installation, testing,
                     commissioning and upholding during the trial operation
     SCMB 66/04/08                                                               Odour Control Solutions cc
34                   period and the defects notification period of the equipment                                  21-04.2008   R 9,499,121.93
                     for the treatment of odours at Potsdam Wastewater
                     treatment works (WW11/2007)

                     Annual tender for the supply and maintenance of road
     SCMB 67/04/08                                                               Kohler Signs ( Pty Ltd
35                   traffic signs; city south area (works projects up to R0.5                                    21-04-2008   R1 044 590,55
                     Annual tender for the supply and maintenance of road
     SCMB 68/07/07                                                               Cape Otto Signs cc
36                   traffic signs: City Central Area (Works Projects up to R0.5                                  21/04/2008   R 1 114 704,75
                     Annual tender for the supply and maintenance cue of road
     SCMB 69/04/08                                                            Kohler Signs ( Pty Ltd
37                   traffic signs: City East area (work projects up to R0.5                                      21/04/2008   R1 036 610,55
                     Annual tender for the supply and maintenance of road
     SCMB 70/04/08                                                               Kohler Signs ( Pty Ltd
38                   traffic signs: City South Area (Works projects up to R0.5                                    21/04/2008   R1 044 590,55
                                                                                 Mrs CA Arendse t/a CA Holdings
     SCMB 71/04/08                                                                                                             R1285 478,54
39                   Upgrading of existing gravel roads - Grassy park            WK Gremik Consulting Engine      21-04-2008
     330Q/2007/08                                                                                                               R62 029 50

     SCMB 72/04/08                                                               Shar Civils CC
40                   Upgrading of delft South CBD Uluntu Plaza                                                    21-04-2008   R1 452 976, 64
                                                                                   Civils 2000 ( Pty ) Ltd
     SCMB 73/04/08   Rehabilitation/reconstruction of metropolitan and major                                                         R19 625 100,00
41                                                                                                                      21-04-2008
     334Q/2007/08    roads in Langeberg area                                       Messrs Ninham Shand (South) (Pty)                 R1 194 027 00

     SCMB 74/04/08   Upgrading of Spine and ntlazane roads, intersection           Stewart Scott International
42                                                                                                                      21-04-2008    R304 368.39
     336Q/2007/08    Khayelitsha
                                                                                   Finishing Touch Trading 95 ( Pty )
     SCMB 75/04/08   Renovation and repairs to existing building - the directors
43                                                                                 Ltd t/a FR Maintenance Services      21-04-2008    R777 724, 53
     390Q/2007/08    house and bothy, company gardens Cape Town

     SCMB 76/04/08                                                                 In Focus Trading 134 t/a
44                   Supply and delivery of a core cd collection                                                        21-04-2008    R 451,993.20
     377N/2007/08                                                                  Masiqhame Trading 1057 CC

                                                                                Gemini Moon Trading 348 (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                Gemini       Trading      (Pty)
     SCMB 78/04/08   Supply and delivery of an on load tapchanger analyser test
45                                                                              t/a Ore Energy Product Solutions        21-04-2008    R325 470,00
     291E/2007/08    set for power transformers

     SCMB 79/04/08   Supply and delivery of a circuit breaker analyser for high    HC Control Instruments (Pty) Ltd
46                                                                                                                      21-04-2008    R405 015,76
     293E/2007/08    voltage switchgear

     SCMB 80/04/08   Supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of Devon sheet metal CC
47                                                                                                                      21-04-2008   R1 067 553,00
     337E/2007/08    artificial ventilation systems

                                                                                   Lini-Safe CC
                                                                                   Riskcom RCCT Western Cape (Pty)
     SCMB 81/04/08   Provision of professional service providers, occupational                                                       R1000 000,00
48                                                                                 Ltd                                  21-04-2008
     181C/2007/08    health and safety training for the City of Cape Town                                                            pa for 2 years
                                                                                   J & I Training Services cc

                     Provision of professional engineering consultancy
     SCMB 82/04/08                                                                 Jeffares & Green ( Pty) Ltd
49                   services: various improvements at various wastewater                                               21-04-2008   R2 999 123,40
                     treatment works
                                                                                  Wilding assessing CC
                     Appointment of assessors and loss adjusters for              Inyameko Trading 252 cc t/a RJA
     SCMB 83/04/08
50                   assessment of damage to fixed property and contents          Risk Services                          21-04-2008     R750 000,00 pa
                     applicable to insurance claims                               RJ Assessing Services cc

                                                                                  Octagon marketing (Pty ( Ltd
                                                                                                                                       on a success fee
     SCMB 84/04/08   Appointment of a marketing specialist for the naming         Kaelo Worldwide Media (Pty Ltd Joint
51                                                                                                                       21-04-2008    basis of eight and
     274S/2007/08    rights for the new Green Point Stadium, Cape town            Venture
                                                                                                                                          half percent

                                                                                  Sannas Waste Management &
                                                                                  Cleaning Services - Kuyasa
     SCMB 85/04/08   Servicing of containers toilets and porta-potti toilets in                                                       R40 million over two
52                                                                                Community Agency cc t/a KCA            21-04-2008
     307S/2007/08    informal settlements within the City of Cape Town                                                                    year period
                                                                                  Sannicare CC

                     Appointment of consultant: Upgrading and interior design
                                                                               Industrial General Distributors (Pty)
     SCMB 86/04/08   of 8 Customer interface areas in the district offices for
53                                                                             Ltd                                       21-04-2008     R3000 000,00
     354S/2007/08    strategy and planning and project management of
                     implementation of the proposal

                     Deviation: Appointment of Consultant: Design and
                     installation of an integrated audio-visual network           React Marketing (Pty) Ltd
54   SCMB 87/04/08                                                                                                       21-04-2008      R228 000.00
                     connecting six operational rooms at the Disaster risk
                     management Centre, Goodwood Fire Station

                                                                                  Powertech IST
55   SCMB 88/04/08   Deviation: Procurement of a statistical metering system                                             21-04-2008     R1 955 839,00

                                                                                  Messrs Laubscher & Hatting Inc -
                     Deviation: Vrygrond Housing project, Muizenberg:                                                                    R196 475 00
56   SCMB 89/04/08                                                                Messrs BKS ( Pty ) Ltd                 21-04-2008
                     Transfers                                                                                                           R210 025 00

                     Deviation: Replacement of three chillers and cooling         Johnson Controls
57   SCMB 90/04/08                                                                                                       21-04-2008     R5353 626 96
                     towers at Good Hope Centre
                                                                                 Umzamo Civil
     SCMB 91/04/08   Guguletu low flow diversion of polluted stormwater into the                                                   R1815 375 10
58                                                                                                                    21-04-2008
     258Q/2007/08    local sewerage system                                       PD Naidoo & Associates                            R116 550 00

                                                                              Fineline Designs International CC
                                                                              Inforcomm (Pty) Ltd
                                                                              Vision IT Computer Services cc
                                                                              Logitek Sewentien (Pty) Ltd t/a Sizwe
                                                                              Business Networking
                                                                              Graylink Media (Pty) Ltd (Cape)
                                                                              2 Oceans Computer Consumables
                                                                              Goodhope Office Supplies cc
                                                                              Sahara Systems (Pty) Ltd
                                                                              Option 2 PrintaVision IT
                                                                              Consumables cc
                                                                              Sourcecom Technology Solutions
     SCMB 99/04/08   Supply and delivery of printer consumables: period: from
59                                                                            Sizisa Ukhanyo Trading 660 t/a          29-04-2008   R18 000 000,00
     192G/2007/08    date of commencement of contract until 30 April 2009
                                                                              Genesis Technologies
                                                                              Ikhwezi Lokusa Stationery and
                                                                              Promotions cc
                                                                              Key Stationers cc
                                                                              Mdluli Sharp Office Automations cc
                                                                              Introstat (Pty) Ltd t/a Buy 247 @
                                                                              Xon Coastal (Pty) Ltd
                                                                              Technology Corporate Management
                                                                              (Pty) Ltd t/a TCM (Pty) Ltd
                                                                              Zukumani Technologies (Pty) Ltd
                      Design supply delivery, installation, testing, commissioning
                      an upholding during the trial operation period and the
     SCMB 100/04/08                                                                Inenzo Water (Pty) Ltd                              R21 029 839, 49
60                    defects notification period of the mechanical and electrical                                        29-04-2008
     158Q/2007/08                                                                                                                      (incl VAT)
                      equipment for dewatering facilities at the Athlone
                      wastewater treatment works (WW8/2008)

     SCMB 101/04/08                                                               Brouwers Property Developments CC
61                    For the repairs and maintenance of NY 49 stadium                                                    29-04-2008      R896 278,20

                                                                                  NA Safodien ( Pty) Ltd t/a Business &
     SCMB 102/04/08   Supply and fit New Galvanized steel balustrades at                                                                 R1 444 608,00
62                                                                                Property Services                       29-04-2008
     341Q/2007/08     Wesfleur Flats Atlantis                                                                                              (incl VAT)

     SCMB 103/04/08                                                               Safaz Signs & Electrical CC
                      Painting of Hernus Kriel Old Age Home, Parow                                                        29-04-2008      R236 025,00

                                                                                  Southern Projects Maintenance &
     SCMB 104/04/08                                                                                                                       R286 846,23
                      Construction of reading room Uitsig Flats                   Electrical CC                           29-04-2008
     343Q/2007/08                                                                                                                          (incl VAT)
   SCMB 105/04/08     Upgrade kitchen and bathroom facilities at "treinhuise'     Distinctive Choice 308 CC
                                                                                                                          29-04-2008     R1 3336 339,08
65 334Q/2007/08       Uitsig

                                                                                  Sebenzi Civils CC
     SCMB 106/04/08                                                                                                                      R5 067 414,00
                      Repairs to existing Good Hope Centre Roof                   (highest adjudication points)           29-04-2008
     345Q/2007/08                                                                                                                         R250 915,00
                                                                                  Iliso Consulting Engineers
                      The supply and delivery of various motorcycles, cars, and Mc Carthy Ltd t/a Yamaha
     SCMB 108/04/08
                      LDV,s period of two years from date of commencement of Distributors                                 29-04-2008      R241 006,30
67                    contract

     SCMB 109/04/08   Supply and Delivery of no dumping signs period: from        Cape Otto Signs cc                                        R877,80
     380G/2007/08     date of commencement until 30 June 2010                                                                              (unit price)
                                                                                     A.V.T Installation and Maintenance
     SCMB 110/04/08   First line response - distribution area east for a period of   Brainwave Projects 1342 CC
                                                                                                                          29-04-2008     R11 407 98,20
     313E/2007/08     24 Months from date of commencement of contract                Electro Fit CC
                                                                                     Imvusa Trading 1775 CC

                      Design supply delivery, installation, testing, commissioning
                      an upholding during the trial operation period and the       Exeo Khokela Civil Engineering
     SCMB 111/04/08
                      defects notification period of the mechanical and electrical Construction (Pty) Ltd                 29-04-2008     R1 500 000,00
                      equipment for dewatering facilities at the Athlone
                      wastewater treatment works
                      Re-appointment of a consulting engineer for the design,
                      contract documentation, administration and supervision of Messrs PHIKON Engineers -JV
     SCMB 113/04/08                                                                                                       29-04-2008      R912 000,00
                      the rehabilitation of a section of the 700mm diameter
71                    Pentsz Drive Outfall sewer
                      Deviation: Claremont Boulevard Installation of New             Messrs Civils 200 (Pty) Ltd                       R296 400,00   (incl
     SCMB 114/04/08                                                                                                       29-04-2008
72                    Water Main                                                                                                             VAT)

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