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									                                     May 2009
This is the fifth in a series of monthly Bulletins that will be produced on behalf of the British Softball
Federation in 2009 by BaseballSoftballUK to keep softball organisers and members up to date with news
and opportunities.

We hope organisers will continue to ensure that information in these Bulletins reaches their teams and
players. We are very grateful to those league officials and team captains who make this happen on a regular

This Bulletin is now only sent out electronically so that recipients can easily send it on to team captains,
players and friends. If you know anyone who does not already receive the Bulletin directly and would like
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The other way to ensure receipt of the Bulletin each month is to register on the BSUK website and tick the
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Anyone who wishes to submit material for inclusion in the Bulletin is welcome to do so. Send copy to:
info@baseballsoftballuk.com. The deadline for each month’s Bulletin is the 15th of that month.

Check out the BaseballSoftballUK website on www.baseballsoftballuk.com for a range of information
beyond that presented in this Bulletin. The website is now updated daily.

Contact details for members of the BSF Executive are given towards the end of this Bulletin. General
Softball queries should be directed to:

                        Tel: 020-7453-7055, Option 2
                        E-Mail: info@baseballsoftballuk.com
     GB Slowpitch Team to Stage Annual London Coaching Clinic                      4
     BSUK Secures International Strategy Grant for Softball and Baseball           4
     Twelve Teams to Contest Replayed 2008 C Nationals                             5
     World Softball Day Set for June 13                                            6

     BSF Executive Meeting Report: May 11                                          7

     BSUK Welcomes Regional Coach to the North West                               11
     Baseball/Softball Resource to be Launched in Secondary Schools               11
     Young People and Adults to “Play Ball in the Park” on the London Fringes     12
     Merseyside Softball League to Start at the End of May                        12
     New Adult Slowpitch League to Start at Southgate Hockey Club in Enfield      13
     Teeball League Starts in Manchester with Primary School Tournament in June   14
     Corporate Softball Facilitators Needed                                       15
     Sport England Issues Innovation Challenge                                    15
     Sport England Publishes Practical Planning Guide for Sports Clubs            16

     Women’s Outdoor Summer League to be London-Based                             18
     Fastpitch Playing Opportunities at Diamond Series and in Regents Park        19
     GB Men to Open Against the Philippines at the World Championships            19
     GB Women’s Team Player Honoured at US College                                20

     Diamond Series 1                                                             22
     LSF First Ball                                                               23
     Women’s Slowpitch First Ball                                                 25
     Men’s Slowpitch First Ball                                                   26
     Manchester Thirstball                                                        27

     Entries Now Open for East Midlands Labor Day Cup                             29
     Apeldoorn Baseball and Softball Tournament Open to British Teams             29

     African IOC Member Added to ISF Executive Council                            30
     Softball’s Commitment to Youth and Peace Underlined at IOC Forum             31
     ISF International Relations Coordinator to be Based in Europe                32
     Six Teams Set for World Games Competition                                    32

2009 CALENDAR                                        33


      Essex Arrows Players Become Heroes for a Day   37
      BBF President Resigns                          39

                                  S OFTB A LL
                                     N EWS
                   GB SLOWPITCH TEAM TO STAGE
The Great Britain Slowpitch Squad will run its annual London Coaching Clinic on Sunday, May 24, on
Wandsworth Common.

The clinic is open to players of all standards, including beginners, and offers a full day of coaching covering
all aspects of the game. The clinic is also a lot of fun, and has proved very popular since its inception in

Great Britain Head Coach Mark Saunders will run the clinic, assisted by other members of the GB coaching
staff and players. The clinic location is:

Wandsworth Common North
Accessed from John Archer Way
London SW18

Please arrive at 9.00 am for a 9.30 start. The clinic will finish at about 4.00 pm.

Changing and toilet facilities will be available.

The cost for the clinic is £20 per player, and as places are limited and demand high, the GB Team is asking
players to book and pay in advance.

Booking a Place

If you would like a place on the clinic, email Sara Vertigan on dizzy_16@hotmail.com or phone: 020-8947-

For the second year in a row, BSUK has secured a substantial grant from UK Sport via the Central Council
for Physical Recreation (CCPR) to help the British Softball and Baseball Federations meet their international
strategy objectives.

Although the grant of £4650 is less than last year’s grant of £5950, this was due to an increased number of
applications for an amount of money similar to that available in 2008-2009. The assessment panel praised
BSUK for “producing both a clear and innovative strategy and in showing good use of previous funding”.

UK Sport and the CCPR have specified that £1000 of the grant is to be used to support slowpitch
development in Europe carried out by GB Slowpitch Team coaches and players and £800 is to be used by the
BSF to run a fastpitch umpire course in the UK.

The remainder of the grant will fund the attendance of British delegates at ESF, ISF, CEB and IBAF
Congresses and other meetings in 2009-2010.

                        TWELVE TEAMS TO CONTEST
                         2008 C NATIONALS REPLAY
Sixteen teams were originally entered in the 2008 C-Grade Co-ed Slowpitch Nationals that were rained out
at Keele University last September.

But when the tournament is re-run on the weekend of May 30-31 at Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury,
Manchester, 12 teams will take the field.

These teams will play an initial round-robin in two groups of six on Saturday, and will then divide into Gold
and Silver competitions on Sunday. Each competition will have a second round-robin with results from the
previous day carried forward and then a Page Playoff to determine the winners.

The re-run C Nationals will be contested by:

Ninjas (London Advertising League)
Chalfont Phoenix (Windsor)
Creamers (Bristol)
Lions (Manchester)
Mets (Manchester)
Camels (Manchester)
Chargers (Central Scotland)
Legends (Independent/Central Scotland
Swingers (East Midlands)
Tigers (East Midlands)
Raiders (Newcastle)
Puddings (Leeds)

Teams that were originally entered last September but have dropped out since are:

Raiders (Greater London Mixed League)
Beachcombers (Solent)
Ascot Blues (Windsor)
Phoenix (Manchester). The team disbanded over the winter.

                               WORLD SOFTBALL DAY
                                 SET FOR JUNE 13
The fifth celebration of World Softball Day is only a few weeks away.

Beginning in 2005, the International Softball Federation’s member countries have staged celebrations each
year on June 13 to coincide with the date in 1991 when the IOC first announced that softball would be
included in the Olympic Games starting in 1996.

This year’s celebrations will take on a BackSoftball theme in light of the ongoing campaign to have the
sport reinstated to the Games for 2016, with a decision to be made by the IOC later this year.

World Softball Day 2009 will also come two days before the ISF and the BackSoftball campaign makes its
final presentation to the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In Britain, in keeping with our own softball culture, both a slowpitch and fastpitch event taking place on the
weekend of June 13-14 will be highlighted to mark World Softball Day. The BSF’s League All-Star
Nationals taking place that weekend in Birmingham and the Women’s Fastpitch Summer League games on
June 14 will be designated as World Softball Day events.

All participants at both events will receive flyers explaining the origins of World Softball Day and its special
significance in the year when softball’s fate as an Olympic sport for the foreseeable future will be decided.

The celebration of World Softball Day at these events in Britain will be communicated to the International
Softball Federation and will be part of the series of events held by countries around the world to honour the
sport and to express the hope that softball will have an Olympic future.

                  B SF N EWS A N D
                A N N OU N C E M E N TS
                               BSF MEETING REPORT:
                                   MAY 11, 2009
The BSF Executive held a conference call meeting on Monday, May 11, and will hold further
conference call meetings every three weeks throughout the playing season. Below are highlights of
discussions and decisions at the meeting.

Present: Stella Ackrell (President), Libby Moss (Executive Secretary), Mike Jennings (Treasurer), Liz
Graham (Tournaments Officer), Chris Moon (BASU Representative), Anna Wareing (General Officer).

Apologies: Lesley Morisetti (Tournaments Officer), Carmel Keswick (Youth & Schools Officer).

Guests: Bob Fromer (BSUK).

Admin Matters

Minutes of the BSF conference call meeting of April 14, 2009 were approved, though Minutes are still
awaited from the AGM and the face-to-face meeting of March 21 (delayed through computer problems).

Umpire Guarantees

When GB national or club teams compete in Europe, Britain is normally required to supply an umpire for
that competition, and the cost of getting the umpire to the tournament is paid by the competing British team
(the country or club hosting the tournament pays the umpire’s room and board). The BSF is required to lodge
a number of umpire guarantees with the ESF each year, equivalent to the number of European tournaments
British teams are entering, with each guarantee worth 375 euros. If, for whatever reason, a British umpire
cannot be supplied for a tournament in which a British team is competing, the ESF uses one of Britain’s
umpire guarantees to cover the cost of finding a replacement, and the BSF has to replace that guarantee in
the following year.

All this is background information to the fact that BASU and ESF umpire Spencer Suckling was planning to
accompany the GB Cadette (Under-16) Girls’ Fastpitch Team to the European Cadette Championships in
Holland in July, but is unable to do so, and it may not be possible for another British umpire to replace him –
in which case the BSF will lose one of its umpire guarantees.

Initially, correspondence from the ESF suggested that the BSF would not only lose an umpire guarantee but
would also be required to pay a further 375 euros by way of penalty. But with the help of Mike Jennings, it
was clarified that this only applies if the umpire withdrawal comes within 30 days before the tournament,
which in this case it hasn’t. There is an inconsistency in the ESF regulations that needs to be rectified to
make this clear.

The BSF Executive then discussed who would make up Britain’s 375 euro umpire guarantee that the ESF
will use to find a replacement for Spencer and that will have to be paid to the ESF next year. Since it would
have cost the GB Cadette Team only £77 to get Spencer to the tournament, it was agreed that it was unfair to
ask the team to bear the full cost. But should BASU bear some of the cost along with the BSF? A final
determination on how the cost will be shared will be made at a subsequent meeting.

But the issue has highlighted another problem. Britain has only three BASU umpires qualified to umpire at
ESF fastpitch competitions: Spencer Suckling, Jes Sandhu and Duncan McLean. Duncan has now been
elevated to the role of Umpire Commissioner within the ESF, which means that he supervises umpires at
tournaments, but does not umpire himself. This is good news for Duncan, and a tribute to his hard work and
standing within the ESF umpire community, but it leaves GB with only two possibilities – Spencer and Jes –
for umpiring at European fastpitch competitions. And in a typical year, there could be up to five GB national
and club teams in such competitions.

Clearly, Britain needs more fastpitch umpires qualified at ESF level – but we also need more umpires who
can call the growing number of domestic fastpitch games. To this end, the Executive was pleased to hear that
£800 from the International Strategy grant secured by BSUK from UK Sport through the CCPR has been
ringfenced to run a fastpitch umpire course in the UK – not to lead to a BASU or ESF qualification in the
first instance, but to get more people started on the process that could eventually lead to qualification.

The problem, however, is finding people who want to take the course, which will consist of two days plus
assessment at a fastpitch tournament or league day. GB National Development Manager Hayley Scott and
BSF Youth & Schools Officer Carmel Keswick have undertaken to persuade people within the fastpitch
community to take the course, and it will also be promoted within BASU. Details for the course remain to be

ESF Competition Regulations

ESF Tournament Regulations are currently designed almost entirely for fastpitch, which is why the ESF has
struggled to find suitable formats for European Slowpitch Championships and Cups that give teams enough
games within the constraints of the number of days, pitches and umpires available.

An example is the format published by the ESF for the seven-team European Slowpitch Cup in Bulgaria
this August (BT and Dragons are both competing), which is a single round-robin plus page playoff and
means teams will play only a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine games over four days.

Accordingly, it has been suggested that ESF Tournament Regulations be expanded to include a section
setting out possible formats and other parameters designed specifically for slowpitch competition. As it
happens, the ESF Technical Commission will be meeting in London at the end of May, and will be able to
consider this issue. Bob Fromer has drafted such a section as a “discussion starter” and has been reviewed by
GB Slowpitch Team Head Coach Mark Saunders and GB Level 3 Slowpitch Coach Mark Kerr before
submission to the ESF Technical Commission.

Slowpitch Rules in ISF Rulebook

A related subject is the fact that slowpitch is also very much a second-class citizen in the current ISF
Rulebook, which again was written for fastpitch, with slowpitch rules scattered throughout the document
largely as “exceptions”. Given that the ISF rewrites and reissues its Rulebook every four years, and the
upcoming ISF Congress in October will see the rules rewritten for 2010-2013, the BSF would like to see a
separate section in the Rulebook devoted to slowpitch, and proposes to submit a motion to that effect and a
draft section.

Mike Jennings, Bob Fromer and ESF Technical Commissioner Bob Milosavljevic will meet on May 29, in
conjunction with the ESF Technical Commission Meeting in London, to begin drafting such a section for
submission to the Rules Commission at the ISF Congress.

Attendance at ISF Congress

The 2009 ISF Congress in October will be in Venezuela, which is an expensive destination, and this year’s
CCPR/UK Sport International Strategy only provides enough funding to support one British representative to

The question of whether Britain needs to send a representative at all was raised. But the Executive agreed
that as this is an Election and Rules Congress, and will come shortly after the IOC decision on whether
softball is to be restored to the Olympics, it is important for Britain to be there.

Two of the major issues of concern to British softball at the Congress will be the addition of the proposed
section on slowpitch rules to the ISF Rulebook and the outcome of motions submitted to the ISF Legislative
Commission on reform of the ISF Constitution, designed to make the governance of the organisation more
democratic and transparent. Since Bob Fromer is involved in both issues, it was agreed provisionally that
Bob would represent the BSF at the Congress.

Regional Development Grants

The Executive agreed to award a £250 Regional Development Grant to the Oxford Softball League to
support two umpire training courses the league is running in 2009, a year after setting up an umpiring system
for the first time.

However, the Executive agreed that Regional Development Grants to support umpire training should in
general be confined to smaller leagues that don’t have necessarily have their own umpire trainers or many
potential attendees, which makes an umpire course expensive on a per head basis – and that grants should be
given only as long as these leagues can guarantee a specified minimum attendance.

Mike Jennings said: “A Regional Development grant for umpire courses is particularly useful for small
leagues where there aren’t many trainees and no resident expert, which means that a trainer has to be
imported and a fee, accommodation and travel costs paid.”

Chris Moon noted that six new BASU umpires were assessed at Diamond Series 1 on May 9-10. “This is a
real step forward in terms of having more umpires for tournaments,” Chris said.

The Executive also agreed to resume the practice of requiring reports from all groups in receipt of Regional
Development Grants, to ensure that the money has been spent for the purposes requested and to assess the
benefits obtained.

BSF Representation at Men’s World Championships

Many Federations send “official representatives” to World Championship tournaments in which their team is
competing. The BSF currently has no plans to send a representative to the ISF Men’s Fastpitch World
Championships in Saskatoon, Canada in July, but as BSUK Joint CEO Jenny Fromer may be attending to
report on the tournament for the BSUK website, the question of whether Jenny should be regarded as an
official BSF representative was raised.

After discussion, it was decided not to consider Jenny as an official BSF representative, but it was recognised
that she could play a role in contacting the BSF if any emergency situations regarding the GB Team were to

BSF Website Development

BSUK is holding a one-day conference on June 11 to discuss re-design and re-development of the BSUK,
BBF and BSF websites, and General Officer Anna Wareing will represent the BSF at the meeting.

Anna has requested the rest of the Executive to contact her between now and June 11 with ideas for BSF
requirements from the website re-design.

Cancellation Fee for Richings Park

The 2009 Co-ed Slowpitch A Nationals (now renamed the Premier Nationals) was originally scheduled
for Richings Park Sports Club until the advent of the National Softball League and the enlargement of the
Premier Nationals meant that a bigger venue would be needed.

However, Richings Park had turned away two enquiries for bookings on the weekend of the Premier
Nationals and had done some additional work towards preparing the venue for the Championships.
Accordingly, the club has requested a modest cancellation fee of £100.

The BSF is keen to maintain good relations with Richings Park and would like the cancellation fee to be
paid, but believes that the National Softball League should pay it and will inform the NSL accordingly.

                    B SU K
          D E V E LOP M E N T N E W S
                   BSUK WELCOMES NEW
BaseballSoftballUK has taken on Brendan Cunliffe as the new Regional Coach for the North West.

Brendan is an experienced baseball coach from Canada who is planning to stay with BSUK for at least two

One of BSUK's aims this summer is to work with the Manchester Softball League to improve the level of
coaching in the MSL, as a means to improving the level of play. Brendan will work with BSUK summer
coaches to deliver sessions to MSL team coaches rather than delivering sessions directly to players.

Brendan will also focus on Coach Education courses in the region. He will be happy to share his expertise
with the MSL and to help any team from any division in the league.

Any team interested of taking advantage of this opportunity should contact Luis Arrevillagas via the
Contacts Page on the BSUK website: http://www.baseballsoftballuk.com/bsukcontacts.php.

BSUK National Development Manager Hayley Scott and London & Southeast Regional Development
Manager Emma Ley have been working closely with the Youth Sports Trust (YST) to create an intra-school
resource to encourage the use of softball and baseball in after-school games and competitions.

Surveys carried out on behalf of Sport England have shown that at least at 17% of schools in the UK play
softball and/or baseball in their curriculum, after-school clubs or competition structures. The aim is to get a
resource to all schools that will allow them to compete in intra-school or inter-school competitions using the
same rules, skills and playing principles.

So a games package of traditional, modified and alternative versions of the sports, written by BSUK, has
been added to the yoUR Sport project currently being developed by the Youth Sport Trust.

The YST wants to promote sports that engage and enable all children to participate, to ensure they receive
five hours of physical activity a week beyond school PE lessons as mandated by the government. Softball
and baseball are seen as unique and different, and are being received in schools with great enthusiasm.

The yoUR Sport resource, aimed specifically at secondary school students, will give softball and baseball
equivalent exposure to that enjoyed by other sports. Once complete, the resource will be distributed to all
secondary schools in the UK.

Play Ball in the Park sessions for residents of three Outer London boroughs – Redbridge, Barking &
Dagenham and Bexley – are being run in May and June through collaboration between BSUK’s London and
South East Regional Development Manager Emma Ley and staff at all three Local Authorities.

Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham

Sessions for Redbridge and Barking & Dagenham began on Thursday, May 7 at Goodmayes Park
Extension, Goodmayes Lane, Goodmayes, Ilford, Essex and will run every Thursday for seven weeks,
ending on June 25. There is no cost for the sessions, so people who would like to take part just need to turn
up ready to have some fun in the sun. The coach who runs the sessions will bring all the equipment needed.

A youth session will run from 16.30-17.30 and an adult session from 17.30-19.00 on each occasion.

It doesn’t matter if those who come along have never played softball before – they’ll be able to learn the
basics of the game, including catching, throwing, batting and fielding.


Sessions in Bexley will start on Wednesday, June 3 at Hall Place, Bourne Road, Bexleyheath and will run
every Wednesday for four weeks between 17.30 and 19.00. Again, there is no cost for the sessions and the
coach will bring all the equipment needed.

For more information about any of these sessions, contact Emma Ley through the Contacts Page on the
BSUK website (http://www.baseballsoftballuk.com/bsukcontacts.php).

                      TO START AT THE END OF MAY
BaseballSoftballUK and Sefton Council, through the Active Workforce scheme, are launching a new
Slowpitch Softball League on Merseyside this summer. Games will take place at Litherland Sports Park,
Boundary Road, Litherland L21 7LA.

The league will begin with the delivery of a Softball Foundation Course for teachers, community coaches
and anyone interested. For details on attending this course please contact BSUK North West Regional
Development Manager Luis Arrevillagas through the Contacts Page on the BSUK website
(http://www.baseballsoftballuk.com/bsukcontacts.php). A BSUK-qualified coach will deliver the course.

League sessions will start on Tuesday, May 26, running from 5.30 to 7.30 pm, and will continue until July
28. Players and teams from the Manchester Softball League are invited to come down to join a team or play a
friendly game, and the success of the Merseyside League will depend in part on the support that the existing
softball community in the North West can provide.

Ideally, if the Merseyside League can take root and grow, we can see a Liverpool-Manchester softball rivalry
in a few years time that can parallel the one that already exists in football!

Any person or team interested in playing a game in the Merseyside League or supporting at any level should
contact Luis Arrevillagas.

Last summer, BSUK held a corporate softball event at Southgate Hockey Club in Enfield for North London
Partners. The day was a massive success.

Now, thanks to a collaboration between BSUK’s London and South East Regional Development Manager
Emma Ley, Liz Moss of Southgate Hockey Club and Cathy Carr, Development Manager for Pro Active
North London, a new adult slowpitch league is being set up at Southgate Hockey Club, and some of the
teams that took part in last year’s corporate event will be entering.

Training sessions to introduce the basics of softball, including catching, throwing, batting and fielding, will
be held on June 9 and 16, with league play beginning on Tuesday, June 23 and running every Tuesday night
thereafter through July 28. League games will be played at Southgate Hockey Centre, Trent Park, Snakes
Lane, Oakwood, London EN4 0PS.

Additional teams, and individual players to help fill some of the existing teams, are very welcome, and
should contact Liz Moss on liz@shcentre.co.uk or by phoning 020-8440-7574.

The league will feature:

    •   Games every week for six weeks on summer evenings from 6.00 to 9.00 pm.
    •   Launch evening with training session and BBQ on June 9.
    •   Fixtures, administration, umpires, coaching and guidance provided for all teams.
    •   Results posted on the internet.
    •   Trophies for winning teams and player awards for top individuals.
    •   BBQ nights.

The cost will be £50 team entry fee and £50 per team per week for training sessions and games – or a one-off
up-front fee of £400.

Youth softball activity has come out of its winter hibernation in Manchester, with the Timperley TeeBall
League already underway and a major primary school tournament scheduled for June.

Timperley Teeball League

BaseballSoftballUK is running a TeeBall League at Timperley Sports Club for 8-to-12-year-old children
very Saturday from 10.00 am to noon. The league held its first session on May 2, and will run for eight
weeks in total.

Pupils from the nearby schools have been invited to join in and every child in Manchester is welcome to take

The sessions include 30 minutes of training, where children learn different aspects of the game, followed by
two games of Teeball. The children have formed teams named the Blue Dodgers, Black Rays, Yellow Tigers
and Red Sox.

The eight-week programme is part of an initiative co-funded funded by Sport Trafford through Sport
Unlimited and BSUK.

Volunteers are needed to coach, umpire and encourage the children taking part on the day and are welcome
to attend as many sessions as possible. Please contact BSUK North West Regional Development Manager
Luis Arrevillagas through the Contacts Page on the BSUK website
(http://www.baseballsoftballuk.com/bsukcontacts.php or by phoning 07968-747116.

Parrs Wood Primary School Tournament

The success of last year's Parrs Wood Primary School Tournament prompted a number of primary schools in
the area to play softball during school time, and pupils from the different primary schools in the area will
have another chance to compete against each other during a tournament scheduled for Wednesday, June 24
from noon to 3.00 pm at Parrs Wood High School.

The tournament is aimed at pupils from Years 5 and 6 and a BSUK coach has already been delivering school
sessions to get participants ready for the tournament.

Any additional schools wishing to enter the tournament should get in touch with Luis Arrevillagas as soon as

Volunteers are needed to coach, umpire and encourage the children taking part on the day. Contact Luis
Arrevillagas if you are interested in volunteering.

                              CORPORATE SOFTBALL
                              FACILITATORS NEEDED!
With spring in full bloom and the baseball and softball seasons already in the full swing, Corporate Softball
events in London will soon get underway. Based on previous years, BaseballSoftballUK is expecting to run
more than 40 corporate events in the capital between May and August this summer.

These events usually take place in the late afternoons with groups ranging from 20 to 120 participants. The
level of play is relaxed and low-key, with companies often using these events as a team-building activity or
just a company day out.

BSUK is now looking for people to facilitate these events.

Corporate softball days are great fun and provide a chance to coach slowpitch softball, meet other people and
help run a highly social event - while getting paid for doing so.

Corporate softball facilitators need good organisational skills and the ability to manage a group of up to 20 or
30 people on your own, ensuring that games run smoothly for players who are often beginners. You need a
good knowledge of softball rules, experience in the sport, and basic coaching and umpiring capabilities.

Some the responsibilities involved in running corporate softball events can include setting up and marking
the field, explaining the rules to new players, running drills, umpiring the games, providing guidelines and
offering some basic coaching tips. But most importantly, facilitators need to organise and umpire the games
in a fun, relaxed and fair manner.

Facilitators will represent BaseballSoftballUK during corporate softball events and will be given BSUK
clothing to wear.

Corporate softball events occur in various locations around London. Some of the most popular are Regent's
Park, Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park, Battersea Park, Finsbury Park and others a little bit
further from Central London.

If you would like to find out more about opportunities to facilitate corporate softball events this summer,
please contact:

Pawel Rogalinski
Tel: 020-7453-7040
Email: Pawel Rogalinski

                             SPORT ENGLAND ISSUES
                             INNOVATION CHALLENGE
Sport England is challenging innovators – both within and beyond the sport sector – to come forward with
ground-breaking concepts and solutions that will shape community sport over the next decade. And Sport
England will back up the best ideas with funding.

According to Sport England, this is the opportunity to unearth ideas that will transform grassroots sport and
help create a lasting sporting legacy from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The best innovations, and the people who can turn them into reality, will benefit from expert support and
investment through Sport England’s new Innovation Fund. Five million pounds of National Lottery funding
will be available each year, through a highly competitive process, with up to 20 projects expected to secure

Sport England wants to hear about innovations that will:

    •   Unlock a major barrier to participation in sport.
    •   Exploit technology to deliver sport at new times, in new settings or to new audiences.
    •   Inspire more people to take up a sport by creatively adapting an existing game.

Breakthrough Needed

Sport England Chair Richard Lewis said: “Great ideas are priceless, so we need to do all we can to
encourage innovative thinking if we’re to achieve a genuine breakthrough in growing sports participation.”

Applications to Sport England’s Innovation Fund will be assessed on a competitive basis by a panel of
experts in sport and innovation, including a representative from the Department for Innovation, Universities
and Skills.

Secretary of State for Innovation John Denham MP said: “In a tough economic climate, it’s more important
than ever to innovate, whether you want to improve profit margins or attract more people to sport. By
supporting innovation and reaching out beyond the world of sport for ideas and expertise, Sport England will
ultimately secure a better return on its investment.”

Sport England will only invest in innovations that, if successful, could be rolled out across the country in a
way that is both cost-effective and sustainable. This will ensure that the benefits of the Innovation Fund are
felt across the sporting landscape.

Sport England, in partnership with the Department of Communities and Local Government, has published a
new guide to planning applications aimed at sports clubs who want to improve their facilities.

Research shows that poor quality facilities can be a significant barrier to increasing participation in sport at a
grassroots level. All too often, the planning system is viewed as an obstacle, and when approached
incorrectly can result in frustration, financial loss and damaged relationships.

Making a Planning Application provides practical advice that will help sports clubs across the country
prepare their case and their application to maximise chances of success. Step-by-step guidance is provided
on the five stages of applying for, and securing, planning permission:

    •   Reviewing the options.
    •   Preparing the application.
    •   Submitting the application.
    •   The decision.
    •   Implementing the decision.

The handbook has been drawn up with help from the Planning Officers Society and a working group that
included the FA, the RFU, the ECB and British Tennis.

Welcome for the Guide

Planning Minister Iain Wright MP welcomed the guide, saying: “Small sports clubs can find it difficult to
get planning permission for improving their facilities, from getting floodlighting for tennis courts to
changing the surface of a football pitch. That’s why we asked Sport England to produce guidance for sports
clubs on how to improve the quality of their planning applications.

“This practical and informative guide takes clubs through the whole process, giving them the best chance of
getting the new facilities they need.”

Charles Johnston, Sport England’s Property Director, said: “If community sports clubs want to attract and
retain participants, they need to be able to offer high quality facilities to all their customers. That’s why it’s
vital that we do all we can to help them navigate the planning system.”

Andrew Scoular, the RFU’s Community Rugby Director, said: “It’s fair to say that not everyone running a
sports club would consider themselves an expert in the complexities of planning applications. So this user-
friendly guide will make a big difference to our clubs, many of which have exciting plans to transform the
facilities available to their players.”

To download a copy of Making a Planning Application, go to:

To order a hard copy, email: kate.dale@sportengland.org.

                   FASTPITCH AND
                   GB TE A M S N E W S
Penguins, Monkeys, Colgates and Angels, the four women’s fastpitch teams that competed in the Indoor
Fastpitch League this past winter, will also contest the outdoor Summer Fastpitch League, which began on
Saturday, May 16, in Regents Park.

These teams are always looking for new players and BSUK is looking for more teams to expand the league
further. Anyone interested should contact Hayley Scott through the Contacts Page on the BSUK website

League Schedule

The full schedule of Summer Fastpitch League dates is:

   Saturday, May 16 (Regents Park)
   Sunday, June 14 (TBC)
   Saturday, July 4 (Richmond or Richings Park)
   Sunday, August 9 (Richmond or Richings Park)
   Sunday, September 20: Finals Day (Finsbury Park)

Here’s how the league will work on each of the playing dates that precede the Finals Day:

    •   A full round-robin will be played, so each team will play every other team an equal number of times
        over the summer.

    •   Games will be 75 minutes in length (no new inning after 70 minutes).

    •   Teams will earn 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss. This will rank the teams from 1 to 4
        for Finals Day where a Page Playoff will be used to determine the league winner.

    •   Teams can borrow players if necessary after consulting with the opposing captain. The aim is to have
        all fixtures played.

    •   Each team will be responsible for base umpiring and providing its own scorer. Plate umpires will be
        coordinated by BSUK National Development Manager Hayley Scott.

Hayley Scott will also manage the league table and post weekly results and game reports on the BSUK

An end-of-season formal evening function will be held on Saturday, September 26 at a venue to be

Many slowpitch softball players in the UK are not aware of the small Women’s Fastpitch League that has
been operating for the past several years, mainly based in London but open to all players close enough to
travel to game days.

This year, to widen the league’s appeal, BSUK National Development Manager and GB Women’s Team
Head Coach Hayley Scott is setting up “Pay and Play Fastpitch Days” at selected slowpitch tournaments and
also on Monday nights in Regents Park to encourage the development of more fastpitch teams for both
women and men.

Fastpitch at Diamond 1

The first opportunity for slowpitch players to try playing fastpitch came on May 9-10, with a pitch dedicated
to fastpitch games at Diamond Series 1 at Farnham Park. Fastpitch games were limited to an hour so that
players could have a go and still play a full schedule with their slowpitch teams. The cost was £2 for every
fastpitch game played (to cover the cost for the pitch).

Players were drafted into two teams for each fastpitch game to ensure that a quality game was played. The
games that took place at Diamond Series 1 were designed to provide an introduction to the fastpitch game as
played in the UK, and players who took part have been invited to play on Fastpitch League days and to enter
competitions abroad with travelling fastpitch club teams.

Monday Night Games in Regents Park

Fastpitch games in Regents Park are running every Monday night from May 11-July 13 on Pitch 8 (see map
on http://www.royalparks.org.uk/docs/regentspark/summer_maps_2009a.pdf). Games will begin at 18:30
and 19:40 and are open to men and women. Based on interest, there is the potential to extend these games to
a formal league later in the summer.

The GB Men’s Fastpitch Team will take on the Philippines at 11.00 am on Friday, July 17 at Bob van Impe
Stadium in their opening game at the 12th ISF Men’s Fastpitch World Championships, scheduled to run
from July 17-26 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Sixteen teams will compete in two pools followed by a double Page Playoff.

A much sterner test for GB in their Pool A group games will come on Day 2, when the British take on the
world champions, New Zealand, at 3.30 pm on the same field.

GB will then play European rivals Denmark at 3.00 pm on Sunday, July 19; fifth-ranked Japan at 3.00 pm on
Monday, July 20; Mexico at 3.30 pm on July 21; fourth-ranked USA at 8.30 pm on July 22; and the final
pool game, against Botswana, will be at 3.00 pm on July 23.

The top four teams from each group will advance to the double Page Playoff, and if GB hopes to better its
ninth-place finish from the 2004 World Championships in New Zealand, it will need to earn a Page Playoff
place from Pool A.

Page Playoff games will take place on Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25, leading to the bronze and gold
medal games at noon and 3.00 pm on Sunday, July 26.

BSUK will have a reporter in Saskatoon, and all GB Men’s Team games will be covered on a daily
basis on the BSUK website, along with all the other news from the tournament.

The full list of teams in each pool is:

Pool A
New Zealand
United States
Great Britain

Pool B
Czech Republic
South Africa
Puerto Rico

                           GB WOMEN’S TEAM PLAYER
                           HONOURED AT US COLLEGE
Western Washington University’s softball team in the United States closed out its 2009 season on the
weekend of May 2-3 by honouring two of its senior players, including GB Women’s Team player Morgan

Morgan grew up near Lakenheath Air Force Base in Suffolk, played for Lakenheath High School, and was a
first-team All-Europe selection among players from US Air Force bases in Europe before beginning her
studies at Western Washington University in 2006. She has played for the varsity softball team at Western
Washington for four seasons, and has made the Great Northwest Athletic Conference Academic All-Star

Morgan first played for the GB Women’s Team in the 2006 London Cup, and has now been selected, along
with her 17-year-old sister Ali, for the GB Women’s Team that will compete in European A Pool
Championships in Valencia, Spain in July. Morgan is an outfielder and first base player, while Ali, who
currently plays for Lakenheath High School, is a pitcher and infielder.

Ali Parkerson was a key player in the GB Junior (Under-19) Team that played in European Junior
Championships in Germany in 2008, while Morgan accompanied the team as an Assistant Manager and

Morgan and Ali’s parents, Bob and Teri Parkerson, are teachers for the US Department of Defense, and the
family has been stationed in the UK for many years. Since contacting GB Softball in 2006, the Parkersons
have been tremendously helpful to the programme, and will host a pre-tournament camp for the GB
Women’s Team in July before the team travels to Valencia.

                         TOU R N A M E N T
                           R E S U LTS
                     FORTY-TWO TEAMS HAVE FUN IN
                      THE SUN AT DIAMOND SERIES 1
Despite early fears about lack of entries, a record-breaking 42 teams converged on Farnham Park near
Slough on the weekend of May 9-10 for the first Diamond Series tournament of the season, played mostly in
warm sunshine.

This year, Diamond Softball has introduced a new D-grade competition, and five teams took part, including
Dynamite, a new team from Leeds.

Diamond organiser Dave King said, “Overall, I think D grade was a success and we look forward to seeing
more new teams entering in the future.”

Another new feature was the pitch reserved for open fastpitch games for anyone who wanted to have a go
between slowpitch games. Five fastpitch games were played over the weekend, and fastpitch games will be
available on one day at Diamond 2 in June and Diamond 3 in August.

Fierce Competition

Despite some of the usual suspects unable to attend Diamond 1, competition was still fierce, with the B-
grade final going to an extra inning and only the last group game determining the A-grade finalists.

The Saturday evening party saw the return of the "Mutz Nutz" and Diamond 2 will see the return of
"Undiscovered", who should also bring the house down. Final standings at the tournament were:


Winners: H20
Runner-up: Chromies
Third Place: Dragons
Fourth Place: Pioneers

MVPs: Brett Gibbens (H20) and Michaela Sulcova (Chromies).


Winners: Manchester Lions
Runner-up: Muppets
Plate Winners: London Legends
Plate Runner-up: London Raiders Gold

MVPs: Adam Roberts (Lions) and Carol Whittaker (Lions)


Winners: Ascot Blues
Runner-up: Oxford Spirit
Plate Winners: Vampire Batters
Plate Runner-up: Tainted Glove

MVPs: Pat and Dore (Ascot Blues)


Winners: London Ninjas
Runner-up: Rhythm Bruisers

MVPs: Michael Williams and Helen Dosrious (Ninjas).

Diamond 2 will take place on June 6-7, and places are filling up fast. For entry forms and information,
contact: info@diamond-softball.co.uk.

                     TAKE LSF FIRST BALL TITLES
A brilliant warm spring day in Richmond was the setting for the London Softball Federation First Ball
Tournament on Saturday, May 2 in Old Deer Park.

Tournament Background

The LSF First Ball is the first event of the London calendar, run by the LSF for its member teams and open
to all LSF-affiliated teams across the London leagues. Out of the 450 softball teams in the UK, 350 are based
in London, and in a softball calendar light on London tournaments, this event has become a popular one-day
co-ed slowpitch competition.

Although the tournament doesn't pull many entrants from the corporate leagues, which make up the majority
of these playing numbers, it does attract players from a range of teams and leagues across the capital. Now
coupled on the same weekend with the BSUK Single-Sex First Balls, the LSF First Ball was again held in
Richmond's Old Deer Park, a venue that allows for a good spread of fields. This year, the fields were
clustered in a cloverleaf layout, creating a close and inclusive feel to the tournament. The site also gives the
game high exposure, being visible from the busy A316, the route from the M3 to West London.

On the Day

Nineteen teams came together at the LSF First Ball to compete at two levels, with ten teams fighting it out
for the B Comp title and nine challenging at C Comp. Although most of the teams came from the GLSML,
there was also a representation from the Advertising League-related Legends and the non-league Godzillas.

London's biggest club, the Rainbow Raiders, were responsible for entering three of the 19 teams.

The standard of play in both groups was surprisingly high considering it was the first outing of the year for
most teams.

B Comp

Two groups of four played off for places in the semi-finals. After the round-robin group stage, Thunder met
SPAM in one semi-final and the Swingers faced Breakers in the other. A very strong Breakers team beat
the Swingers 10-6 to earn their place in the final. The other semi-final was hard fought, with the lead
changing hands a number of times. Finally, after two extra innings, SPAM came away 18-17 winners.

The final took place almost straight away and was also a hard-fought battle between the big-hitting Breakers'
line-up and the base-hitting SPAM team. The final score of 20-15 to the Breakers was a good reflection of a
high-scoring game that could have gone either way but was won by the slightly better team on the day. It was
a very positive start to the season for a Breakers team under new management.

The final placings were:

1   Breakers
2   SPAM
3   Thunder and Swingers
5   Agents
6   Coyotes
7   Legends
8   Oddsox
9   Raiders Gold and Raiders Blue

C Comp

After the group round-robin, the nine-team competition divided into placing groups of three. The Mob,
Voodoos and Comers Homers were in the top group and played a second round-robin for two spots in the

Despite drawing with the Voodoos, the Mob fell short, losing to the Comers Homers by 13-7 and leaving the
Homers and Voodoos to contest the final. The Voodoos had won their earlier group encounter 14-6, but the
final was never going to be a repeat of this result. In the end, the Homers stifled a quite offensively-minded
Voodoos team, taking the title 8-2. The final placings were:

1   Comers Homers
2   Voodoos
3   The Mob
4   Gorillas
5   Thunder Cats
6   Heat
7   Meteor Twees
8   Loan Wolves
9   Raiders Red

                                  MAD COWS WIN
                                WOMEN’S FIRST BALL
Despite some ominous clouds and high winds, the weather held for BSUK’s Women's Single Sex First
Ball, played at Old Deer Park in Richmond, London on Sunday, May 3.

This meant that the most common cause of complaint was the schedule, with three groups of three at the start
of the tournament and the first two games of the day determining whether teams got to play for the trophy or
for second or third-tier play-offs. It also meant that a number of teams would face recent opposition in their
final game.

But the decision to accept all entries meant a nine-team schedule, which was never going to result in an ideal

In the end, three teams – Mad Cows, No Balls and Quackers – went unbeaten in their first two games and
advanced to the Trophy Group. Of the three, only No Balls had a close result en route, narrowly beating Pink
Ladies 14-13.

Placing Groups

After the morning's play, Group 2 was made up of Get Your Hits Out, Firebirds and Bluebirds and Group 3
consisted of Pink Ladies, Charmed Chavs and Raidhers. Following the second stage of group play, Get Your
Hits Out came top of Group 2, which meant they would face whichever team lost in Group 1 and play off
against them for third place.

Newly-formed Raidhers came bottom of Group 3 and were finished at that point, though having played
valiantly throughout, scoring in every game.

That left four teams – Firebirds, Bluebirds, Pink Ladies and Charmed Chavs –to play off for places. However
they decided amongst themselves that they'd prefer to play new opposition rather than worry about placings,
and so each finished the day with a friendly.

Exciting Games

Meanwhile, the top group produced some very exciting games on the way to determining the finalists. The
group kicked off with Mad Cows playing No Balls in a close game that went back and forth throughout.
With five minutes to go No Balls were up by two runs, but Mad Cows had a quick four-up-three-down,
finishing the inning with one minute to spare before no new inning. And in the top of the final inning, Mad
Cows held No Balls scoreless and then won the game 10-9 on a three-run homer by Gemma Keenan.

Mad Cows next faced Quackers, who had sat around for a couple of hours, so it may not have been entirely
surprising that Mad Cows beat them by a resounding 24-4. This effectively meant that the final group game
between Quackers and No Balls was a play-off for a place in the final. Early in the game the momentum was
entirely with the Quackers, but No Balls hung in there, chipped away at the score and came through at the
end to win 9-8.

Going into the final, it was the Mad Cows who had sat around for an hour while No Balls were fresh from
their exciting comeback win. But Mad Cows lost the toss and batted first, and at the close of that half inning
were 16 runs up, mainly through consistent hitting. No Balls got a couple runs back in the bottom of the first,
but Mad Cows kept the pressure on, added a few runs each inning and were 22-4 up after the top of the

fourth. When No Balls couldn't pull any runs back in the bottom of the inning to avert the mercy rule, Mad
Cows were Single-Sex First Ball Champions.

In the third place game, Quackers beat Get Your Hits Out.

Final Standings:
1 - Mad Cows
2 - No Balls
3 - Quackers
4 - Get Your Hits Out
5-8 - Pink Ladies/Charmed Chavs/Bluebirds/Firebirds
9 - Raidhers

London Bruisers took the title at the BSUK Single-Sex Men’s Spring Ball, played on Sunday, May 3 at
Old Deer Park in Richmond, and thereby took the lead in the three-tournament Single-Sex Series that will
include Summer Ball 1 on July 12 and Summer Ball 2 on August 9.

On a day that mixed warm sunshine and cloud with the occasional sharp breeze, eight men's teams competed
in the Spring Ball, and a welcome addition to the familiar faces was a baseball team from the Midlands, the
Birmingham Bulldogs (for some comments on their first experience with slowpitch softball, see below). It
was also good to see Kim Comer and Ron van Loo's rookie team back, Los Hombres. With one team
dropping out at short notice, the organisers managed to create a scratch team on the day from interested
individuals and extras from other teams, called Raiders 2.

Group Stage

The group stage saw few upsets, although the Bulldogs made an impact by coming second in Group B
behind Raiders 2. In Group A, Godzillas topped London Bruisers on runs conceded. The group game
between those two teams ended in a 10-10 draw, a portent for a later game.

The shock for both Bulldogs and Raiders 2 came in the two Cup semi-finals, each with similar scorelines.
Godzillas, made up of Japanese baseball players, met the Bulldogs and beat them 25-1, while in the second
semi-final Bruisers thumped Raiders 2 by 27-1.

The Plate semi-finals saw Cockney Rebels and Raiders Men overcome Los Hombres and London 3/4's
respectively to fight out the Plate Final, where Raiders succumbed 32-19 to the Rebels to claim fifth place
overall in the competition.

Cup Final

The Cup Final between Bruisers and Godzillas proved to be almost as tight as the group stage clash between
them. Bruisers jumped to a 4-1 lead after the first inning but the following five innings saw Godzillas halve
Bruisers' lead and, in the top of the fifth inning, even the score at 6-6.

Godzillas then put three runs on the board in the top of the sixth, answered by three runs from Bruisers in the
bottom of the same inning. Although Godzillas managed two singles in the top of the seventh, they failed to
score and the pressure was now on Bruisers to prevent extra innings.

A line out to third base and a fly out to left centre meant only one out separated the teams from going to an
eighth inning. But Duncan Shaw and Simon Gordon both singled sharply to bring up the Bruisers' newest
recruit, Jeff Swindell. Adding to his day's tally of five home runs, Jeff hit a frozen rope into the outfield to
bring in the winning run.

Bulldogs Savour the Delights of Slowpitch

Midlands baseball team Birmingham Bulldogs had decided to try slowpitch softball with some trepidation
by entering this tournament, but came away full of enthusiasm. Team captain Matthew Cartwright wrote:

"Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the tournament at the weekend. You can sign us up for the next
two right away, the whole team are totally won over by softball. Really well organised and above all
competitive and fun!

"Moving to softball from baseball was a concern for many, but not any more -- all our games were tough but
great fun. Everyone gets to contribute in softball. In baseball it usually becomes a match between pitcher and
umpire -- well, at our level it does -- but this was a total team effort.

"The organisation, execution and facilities (a few more toilets, maybe?) were top notch.... The biggest thing
though was the umpires. They were excellent, they made the day. The umps kept it organised and fast-paced,
but moreover they were smart: they umpired to the level and skills of the players on the field and it was a
breath of fresh air. Our ump told us it was clear we were new and he would be generous with the zone for
both teams. He was, he didn’t let guys stand there and walk, kept it moving, kept it to time slots.

"The time limit is perfect. We made the semi-finals, but got hammered by the Godzillas and it was great that
we only had to take it for 60 minutes, otherwise they might still be batting!

"A fourth place finish was pretty good for a first attempt, and we will be practicing hard ahead of the next
one now we know how it all works.

"It's much different from baseball, much more of a team game, I would say. Preventing runners taking extra
bases with good cutoffs and throwing is so important in softball, it's a game of smarts, and pretty much
removed from baseball with all the stealing. We can’t wait for the next one!"

                           STOP PRESS! SUNSHINE AT
                           MANCHESTER THIRSTBALL!
Sixteen teams came and eight left with beer and trophies after two days of play in glorious sunshine on April
18-19 at the 2009 Manchester Softball League Thirstball.

The tournament was held at Parrs Wood High School in Didsbury. Results were:

Cup Upper Champion: Greensox (Manchester)
Runner-Up: Lions (Manchester)

Cup Lower Champion: Whalley Range Speeders (Manchester)
Runner-Up: More Lions (Manchester)

Bowl Upper Champion: Sheriffs (Nottingham)
Runner-Up: Yorkshire Terriers (Leeds)

Bowl Lower Champion: Clangers (Manchester)
Runner-Up: Nottingham Swingers

                      TOU R N A M E N T
                     ENTRIES NOW OPEN FOR
               EAST MIDLANDS LABOR DAY CUP 2009
Even though the softball season has just started and August may seem a long way off, entries for this year's
East Midlands Labor Day Cup are now being accepted.

The one-day tournament will be held on Sunday, August 30 at Grove Farm in Nottingham. It’s the bank
holiday weekend, so plenty of time to recover afterwards, and the organisers are promising guaranteed

 Teams will get a minimum of five games, plus the infamous relay races, and – new for 2009 – the bases
speed challenge. And all this for a bargain £90 per team (for entries received before June 30).

As in previous years, the tournament is open to teams of all standards with four trophies up for grabs as well
as many other prizes.

For more information and application forms please visit www.labordaycup.co.uk or email:

The 21st annual Apeldoorn Baseball and Softball Series, for teams in the 13-16 and 17-22 age groups for
boys’ baseball and girls’ fastpitch softball, will be staged from July 14-19 at the Orderbos Ballpark in
Apeldoorn, in the centre of Holland.

National and club teams from many countries traditionally take part in the event, at a baseball and softball
complex in a unique woodland setting. The tournament will be preceded on July 12-13 by a baseball and
softball clinic.

During the competition, participating teams can enjoy a dance party on the Thursday night, karaoke on
Friday and an evening BBQ on Saturday before the finals and closing ceremony on Sunday, July 19.

For more information, visit www.series.robur58.com or email: series@robur58.com.

                   S OFTB A LL N E W S
                        AFRICAN IOC MEMBER ADDED
                         TO ISF EXECUTIVE COUNCIL
International Olympic Committee Member Beatrice Allen has joined the International Softball Federation’s
Executive Council in a significant move for softball, a month before the ISF makes its presentation to the
IOC Executive Board for the reinstatement of the sport to the Olympic Games programme for 2016.

Ms Allen, who is also President of the Gambian Softball Federation and introduced softball to her country,
recently presided over the first African Softball Forum, where delegates from ten African nations attended
workshops and seminars to discuss the development of softball in Africa and using sport as a peace-building

The growth of softball in Africa, particularly among young people and women, has been the result of a huge
amount of hard work by the ISF and individual African softball federations, with ISF President Don Porter
last month announcing a US$100,000 pledge from the ISF, the International University Sports Federation
(FISU) and the African Student Sports Union (FASU) to aid development of the game on the continent.

A Sport for Humanity

Following her appointment by the ISF, Beatrice Allen said, “I am extremely honoured to join the ISF
Executive Council and I believe that I can help the sport grow even more across the African continent.
Softball is a sport for humanity in Africa. These are hugely important times for the ISF, with the rate of
progress and growth over the past few years providing an incredible testament to the hard work by everyone
associated with the sport, from the ISF president to junior coaches and teams playing at street level across the

“While I can’t comment on the specific 2016 campaign, what I can say is that softball’s growth is no surprise
because it is easy to learn, cheap to play, and draws people together from diverse communities across the

ISF President Don Porter said, “My recent visit to Gambia brought home how much softball has become a
part of the sports culture and I am delighted that Ms Allen has joined our Executive Council. She will bring a
wealth of experience and expertise to the ISF and will be a great asset to us as we continue to move forward
with our growth and development.”

Ms Allen is the second IOC Member currently serving on the Executive Council, along with Melitón
Sánchez from Panama.

University Initiatives

Meanwhile, the ISF’s commitment to the Olympic value of promoting sport to young people is being further
underlined with a series of university initiatives across the globe.

The latest initiatives include:

    •   The ISF actively pursuing the organising of the 3rd World University Softball Championship, to be
        held next year.

    •   The staging this month in Istanbul of the 29th Boğaziçi University Sports Fest, a multi-sport event
        that will consist of 1,500 Turkish and international athletes from 35 universities. The festival
        traditionally has softball on the programme and is being hosted by the first place in Turkey where
        softball was played.

    •   A meeting with the African Student Sports Union (FASU) in Accra, Ghana, to discuss a new softball
        programme for schools and universities in Africa. Marumo Morule (Botswana), ISF Vice President
        for Africa and African Softball Confederation President, attended on behalf of the world governing

    •   The NCAA Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma, which takes place at the end of May.

    •   The national university championships in the Dominican Republic, featuring teams from 13
        academic institutions.

Softball and Student Partnership

President George Killian of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) said, “Softball is an active
and growing partner to the world student sports movement and we look forward to continued growth around
the world.”

ISF President Don Porter said, “The pace of progress softball is making around the world is quite staggering
and confirms the popularity of the sport among young people. The fact that young people from Africa to the
Caribbean to Central Europe are increasingly playing softball is a testament to all the hard work the ISF has
been putting in worldwide. We are busy supporting regional development and the range of events further
confirms that softball offers something for everyone.”

Re-establishing its Olympic Games status will further strengthen softball’s global reputation for building
peace through sport in conflict zones, according to a strong BackSoftball team attending the IOC’s
International Forum on Sport, Peace and Development that began on May 7 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

ISF President Don Porter led the ISF delegation to the Forum, which was attended by IOC President Dr
Jacques Rogge and Wilfried Lemke, UN Special Adviser, and involved discussions on sport’s ability to
contribute to peace and development, particularly among the young.

During the Forum, members of the BackSoftball Task Force met at the ISF office in Lausanne that was
opened earlier this year to act as a base for the growth of the sport in Europe, and discussed the ISF’s role in
helping to promote peace through sport.

Peace Camp

Most recently, a team of softball coaches attended the Generations For Peace Camp 2009 in Abu Dhabi,
where youth workers from troubled communities learned how to use softball, among other sports, to promote
peace and understanding within young people in their homelands. Many of the camp delegates, from
countries such as Iraq, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Sudan, have found that softball is an ideal sport for team-
building, gender inclusivity and mutual respect among young people in conflict.

The ISF, along with the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and their African affiliate (the
African Student Sports Union), also recently announced a $100,000 softball development fund for boys and
girls in Africa, which will not only help the sport develop across the continent, but also further strengthen the
BackSoftball campaign’s focus on youth.

ISF President Don Porter said, “Softball has always been a vehicle for creating sustainable change in
society. The growth of the sport over the past few years has enabled us to use the sport to help communities
develop around the world.”

While at the ISF’s new satellite office at Maison du Sport International in Lausanne, Switzerland earlier this
month, ISF President Don Porter finalised the hiring of Prashant Menon for the new post of International
Relations Coordinator.

Prashant Menon has previously worked for the International Masters Games Association and the
International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation. He is multilingual, and earned his bachelor’s degree
in his native India and a master’s degree in Paris. He will be based at the ISF’s Lausanne office.

                            SIX TEAMS SET FOR
                         WORLD GAMES COMPETITION
Back in the days before softball first became an Olympic sport, it used to be part of an international multi-
sport competition called the World Games, which billed itself as the “Olympics for Non-Olympic Sports”.

When the World Games was held in Britain in 1985, the women’s fastpitch softball competition in the event
consisted of the USA, Japan, Chinese Taipei, the Netherlands and Belgium – but it also marked the birth of
the GB Women’s Team programme, which was created in hopes that we could have a host team (we didn’t
come up to the required standard, but our programme has existed ever since).

Now softball is back in the World Games, and six teams will compete in the softball tournament at the
Games, to be held from July 17-20 in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. The competitors will include Canada,
Chinese Taipei, Japan, Russia, Singapore and South Korea.

                       2009 BASEBALL AND
                      SOFTBALL CALENDAR
                                     ((As off May 22,, 2009))
                                       As o May 22 2009


Slowpitch Softball National Championships & European Championship events in blue.
Slowpitch Softball events (excluding National and European Championships) in black.
Fastpitch Softball events in red.
Baseball events in purple.
Coaching and Umpire courses for one or both sports in green.

Date          Event                                           Venue                      Contact

May 23-25     Guernsey Slowpitch Open (Competitive)           Guernsey                    Curt Taylor
May 23-24     Glasgow Tartan Tournament                       Glasgow                     Laura Cameron
              Bristol Rec Invitational Tournament             Bristol                     Neil Butterfield
May 23        GLSML Superball                                 London                      Darren Prouty
May 24        GB Slowpitch Team Annual London Clinic          Wandsworth Common          Sara Vertigan

May 30-31     2008 C Nationals                                Parr’s Wood,
                 (replayed after rainout in September 2008)   Manchester                 Liz Graham
May 31        Cotswold Spring Tournament                      Stroud, Glos               Mike LeFevre
June 1        Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                      Regents Park               Hayley Scott

June 6-7      Diamond Softball Series 2                       Farnham Park               Diamond Softball
June 6        Open Fastpitch Games at Diamond Series 2        Farnham Park               Hayley Scott
June 8        Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                      Regents Park               Hayley Scott

June 13-14    BSF Slowpitch League All-Star Nationals         Birmingham                 Liz Graham
June 14       Women’s Fastpitch Summer League Games           TBC                        Hayley Scott
June 15       Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                      Regents Park               Hayley Scott

June 20-21    Pioneers Tournament                             Canterbury                 Mary Hughes
June 22       Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                      Regents Park               Hayley Scott

June 27-28    BA Tournament                                   BA Concorde Club           Stewart Butcher
              Guernsey Slowpitch Open (Recreational)          Guernsey                   Curt Taylor
June 29       Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                      Regents Park               Hayley Scott

July 4-5      Bristol Tournament                              Clifton College, Bristol   Saghi Zarbafi
              Ad League/Bankers Tournament                    London                     Alan MacFarlane
              Women’s Fastpitch Summer League Games           TBC                        Hayley Scott
July 4        Play Ball World Series                          TBC                        D Morris-Vincent
July 6        Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                      Regents Park               Hayley Scott

Date            Event                                                     Venue                   Contact

July 11-12      London Baseball Tournament                                Croydon                 Dave Ward
                Dave Allen Memorial Tournament                            RAF Lakenheath          Terry Reaves
                Leeds Tournament                                          West Park RFC, Leeds    Kate Hendrick
                Prague Brawl Men’s Slowpitch Tournament                   Prague          cjwreachout@yahoo.com
July 11         London Regional Championships                             London                  Jenny Fromer
July 12         BSUK Single-Sex Slowpitch Summer Ball 1                   London TBC              D Morris-Vincent
July 13         Open Mixed Fastpitch Games                                Regents Park            Hayley Scott

July 13-18      European Cadette (U-16) Girls’ Championships              Alkmaar, Holland        Carmel Keswick
                   (The GB Under-16 Girls’ Fastpitch Team will compete)

July 17-26      12th ISF Men’s Fastpitch World Championships          Saskatoon,
                   (The GB Men’s Fastpitch Team will compete)         Canada                     Steve Fullan

July 18-19      Windsor Tournament                                        TBC                     Emma Briggs

July 20-25      European Baseball Cadet Ch’ship Qualifiers                Antwerp, Belgium        Will Lintern

July 25-26      BSF Single-Sex Slowpitch Nationals                        Birmingham              Liz Graham

July 27-Aug 2   European Women’s A Pool Championships                     Valencia, Spain         Hayley Scott
                   (The GB Women’s Fastpitch Team will compete)

Aug 1-2         Diamond Softball Series 3                                 Farnham Park            Diamond Softball
Aug 2           Open Fastpitch Games at Diamond Series 3                  Farnham Park            Hayley Scott

Aug 3-5         Tuscany Series Tournament                          Pisa, Italy                    Stanley Doney
                  (A British Under-13 Girls’ Fastpitch Team will compete)

Aug 8-9         Manchester Tournament                                     Manchester              Dan Lord
                Let the Girls Play Women’s Slowpitch Tournament           Richings Park           Sue Thomson
Aug 8           GLSML Lastball                                            London                  Darren Prouty
Aug 9           BSUK Single-Sex Slowpitch Summer Ball 2 (Men)             London TBC              D Morris-Vincent
                Women’s Fastpitch Summer League Games                     TBC                     Hayley Scott

Aug 15-16       BSUK Co-ed Slowpitch Tournament                           London                  Jenny Fromer

Aug 17-22       European Women’s Cup-Winners Cup B Pool        Edirne, Turkey                     Hayley Scott
                  (Angels Women’s Fastpitch Team will compete)

Aug 22-23       Co-ed Slowpitch Premier Nationals                         TBC                     Liz Graham
                Bristol Rec Tournament                                    Bristol                 Neil Butterfield

Aug 25-29       European Co-ed Slowpitch Cup                              Dupnitsa, Bulgaria      Mo Baker
                  (BT and Dragons will compete)                                                   Matthew Slorach

Aug 29-30       Edinburgh Festiball                                       Edinburgh               Liz Graham
                British Baseball National Championships
                 for NBL and Single-A                                     TBC                     Rob Rance
Aug 30          East Midlands Labor Day Tournament                        Nottingham              Hannah Vail

Sept 5-6        Co-ed Slowpitch Platinum, Gold &
                   Silver Nationals                                       Keele University        Liz Graham
                British Baseball National Championships
                 for AAA and AA                                           TBC                     Rob Rance
Sept 5          Publishers Softball League Tournament                     London                  Mike Brown

Date           Event                                           Venue                     Contact

Sept 9-27      38th Baseball World Cup                         7 European Countries      Alan Smith
               (The GB Senior Baseball Team will compete)

Sept 12-13     Softball World Series                           BA Concorde Club          Bob Fromer
               British Baseball Youth National Championships   TBC                       Keith Sherman

Sept 20        Women’s Fastpitch Summer League Finals          Finsbury Park             Hayley Scott
               Solent Lastball                                 Southampton         bbarry@coopervision.co.uk
Sept 19        GLSML All-Star Games                            London                    Darren Prouty

Sept 26-27

Oct 3-4        Cotswolds Autumn Tournament                     Stroud, Glos              Mike LeFevre

Oct 10-11

Oct 17-18

Oct 22-25      2009 ISF Congress                               Margarita Island,         Bob Fromer
Oct 31-Nov 1

Nov 8          Softball League Heads Forum                     Birmingham                Liz Graham

Nov 14-15      2009 IBAF Congress                              Lausanne, Switzerland     Rob Rance

Nov 21-22

Nov 28-29

Dec 5-6

Dec 12-13

Dec 19-20

Dec 26-27

                CONTACT DETAILS FOR
                 THE BSF EXECUTIVE
All BSF Executive members shown below can be contacted by e-mail from the BSF Contacts webpage:

        President                                                 Stella Ackrell
        Executive Secretary                                       Libby Moss
        Treasurer                                                 Mike Jennings
        Tournaments Officers                                      Liz Graham
                                                                  Lesley Morisetti
        National Teams & Fastpitch Officer                        Billie Ivanoski
        Slowpitch Officer                                         Position Vacant
        Youth & Schools Officer                                   Carmel Keswick
        Coaching Officer                                          Position Vacant

        Technical Officer & BASU Rep                              Chris Moon
        Sponsorship, Grants & Media Officer                       Position Vacant
        General Officer                                           Anna Wareing
        Two General Officer positions remain vacant.

Below are some e-mail addresses for general enquiries to the British Softball Federation. Place words in blue
below in front of: (at)britishsoftball.org.

info – For general information or questions about softball in the UK.

news – To send in news stories for posting on the website or inclusion in the Bulletin.

feedback – To make comments or suggestions directly to the BSF Executive.

webmaster – For help with carrying out website processes, such as player or team registration or
management of team or league pages.

              BRITISH BASEBALL
Most Softball Bulletins now include a section with information on British baseball that may be of interest
to people in the softball community. The aim is to encourage knowledge and cross-fertilisation between
the two sports.

                          ESSEX ARROWS PLAYERS
                         BECOME HEROES FOR A DAY
On Sunday, May 3, an ordinary league doubleheader between the Essex Arrows and Burgess
Hill Redhats at Brighton became something totally different and magical for the Essex players
and team. The story is told by Essex Arrows General Manager David Shaer:

It was a regular Sunday morning for the Essex Arrows players on May 3, up early for the journey to
Pavilion Field in Brighton to play the Burgess Hill Redhats, the same trip they have made for the past 20
years or so. However when the players arrived, to their surprise, there was a huge football tournament and
rugby event adjacent to Pavilion Field, with thousands of children involved.

The Arrows had arrived for their doubleheader against Burgess Hill with a 4-0 record in the British Baseball
League AAA Division, and were psyched up for the two games, fielding one of the strongest teams Essex
has put together in recent years.

Unexpected Fans

The first game started on schedule at midday with a scattering of spectators around the boundary fencing.
Both Essex and Burgess Hill had a lot to play for, so the game was tense and the score tied at 3-3 by the
fourth inning.

The next three innings were scoreless, but by the beginning of the sixth inning a number of children wearing
maroon and gold kits had begun crowding around the top of the Essex Arrows’ dugout. Gradually the crowd
grew to around fifty. One of the children asked an Arrows player where the team was from and he replied,
“Essex”. Moments later a raucous chant of “Essex Essex Essex” bellowed across the field. The children were
all from the Westcliff Rugby Football Club (based in Essex!) and were extremely excited that another Essex
team was competing in Brighton that weekend, albeit at a totally different sport.

Every time an Essex player came up to bat, the Westcliff RFC supporters cheered them on and, to the Essex
team’s surprise, started to shout and sing baseball chants normally heard only at Major League Baseball
games. Some of these children had obviously seen baseball before but on this day they were only supposed
to be playing in a rugby event, so none of them had expected to see a baseball game. This compounded the
excitement for them and created the best atmosphere that most of the Essex players had ever been involved
in. The support was relentless and helped Essex to score four runs in extra innings to win the first game 7-3.

The last out was a grounder to the Arrows’ third baseman, who fielded the ball and threw to first. No sooner
had the ball hit the first baseman’s glove and the umpire called the out than the children from Westcliff RFC

stormed the diamond to surround the winning team. The Arrows players suddenly felt like heroes, engulfed
by children, jumping and celebrating with excitement, congratulating their favourite players and then asking
for autographs to be signed on their arms or on anything else they could find.

More Support

It didn’t stop there. The children then wanted to come into the dugout, wear the team’s batting helmets, hold
the baseballs and swing the bats. It was a truly amazing scene. An hour earlier there had just been two
baseball teams playing a league game, with the only shouts coming from the teams’ benches. And then –
what a fantastic transformation! It was a great advert, not just for British baseball, but also for the
involvement of young people in the game, which continues to gain momentum.

Westcliff RFC supported the second game just as enthusiastically. Some of the children asked if they could
be official mascots and join Essex in their dugout so one lucky Westcliff RFC player, Ben Bellows, was
given the privilege. He spent the second game helping out and encouraging the group of newly-acquired fans
to cheer. The game was won quite comfortably by the Arrows, holding Burgess Hill scoreless in five of the
seven innings to take the game with an identical 7-3 score.

An Ongoing Relationship?

After the game, Westcliff RFC children continued to surround the Arrows and joined the team for warm-
down stretches in right field. Overall it was a tremendous day for the Essex Arrows, highlighted by the
involvement of Westcliff RFC and something that they hope will be the beginning of a friendly association
between the two clubs for years to come.

                                                                         The Arrows players have been
                                                                         asked by WRFC to hand out
                                                                         trophies to the children at their
                                                                         annual trophy presentation on June
                                                                         13 as well as giving a one-hour
                                                                         baseball coaching session prior to
                                                                         the event. This is yet to be finalised
                                                                         but will hopefully also be supported
                                                                         by BaseballSoftballUK with the
                                                                         aim of encouraging a group of
                                                                         enthusiastic young players to
                                                                         experience baseball in the UK.

A Personal Note

As a footnote, maybe if the representatives of the International Olympic Committee could have experienced
the support that baseball enjoyed from those young people in Brighton on May 3, as well as the snowball
effect with youth baseball that is happening in schools and clubs around the UK, it would not have been so
quick to take baseball out of the 2012 Olympic Games. It is a shame that so many young people will miss out
on the opportunity to experience what the children of the Westcliff Rugby Football Club experienced in
Brighton, watching the Arrows v Redhats games, because it would have been experienced a thousand fold

during the Olympics and would also have led to the involvement of thousands more British children in this
community-based sport that is becoming more and more popular in the UK.

For more information about Essex Arrows, visit www.essexarrows.com.

                         BBF PRESIDENT ROB RANCE
                           RESIGNS HIS POSITION
BBF President Rob Rance announced on April 25 that he was leaving the role after 26 months in office and
leaving the BBF Board after many years of service.

In departing, Rob Rance wrote an open letter to the Board and the sport as a whole that can be found in the
downloads section of the BSUK website on:

The Board has acknowledged that the appointment of a new President is a matter requiring an AGM or
EGM. The Board will poll the voting members of the Federation to check availability for a weekend EGM
early in June, given that this is in the playing season and not all voting members may be available to attend.
A further announcement will be made shortly.

Meanwhile, the Board agreed that Darrin Muller, the BBF’s Umpire Commissioner, will become the interim
presiding officer until a new President is appointed. Darrin Muller will also replace Rob Rance as one of the
BBF’s three nominated directors on the BSUK Board.

The BBF Board thanks Rob Rance for his many years of service to the sport while on the Board and wishes
him the very best for the future.


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